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Pìkachu (NA)
: Login Problems...Anyone having issues trying to login?
Same thing is happening to me all of a sudden, never had a problem up until this week. All of a sudden im having trouble connecting.
: "Attempting To Reconnct"
ITS NOT JUST ME THANK GOD. Ive never had internet issues with league in my entire time playing this game and then all of a sudden my internet is dying 24/7, not only that but I wont be able to just normally use the internet for a while either.
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Yutaji (NA)
: The Current State of League Feels Way To Snowball
: You can't, but you can attempt to go to the Riot games support website or something.
Yea thats not worth my time, FeelsBadMan.
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: New player experience is the least fun i've ever had playing a game.
Yea, when i started mid season 4 I never had any of these problems, I legit built a runaans on naut and nobody said shit.
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: How long did it took you before getting silver (for the first time)
i got silver 5 in season 5 right at the end, then got placed bronze 4 this season and im already silver 2
: Ekko 48% win rate
yes thank you, ekko is a brain dead worthless champion that i wish was never in the game.
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Mautok (NA)
: this game is getting really bad.. they know it.. plus they refuse to give us a state of the game address...whats sad about the whole thing is.. trolls and afks and bots are winning.. SR has turned into Dominion all over again... {{champion:83}}
Yea, i dont even know if its possible for new players to get into this game with all the bots in lower levels, my friend was on a new account and i was playing with him in blind pick atleast 50% of the players were bots.
: Whats with nearly unkillable champions out damaging everyone
I played a game against a team of full tanks when we had all damage dealers and one tank and they all out damaged us, its fucking gross and needs to change
: The removal of the green wards is the most cancerous thing riot has ever done.
How about the rework of graves? I was a graves main in s5, I rarely play him because i hate his new kit. It doesnt feel like an adc what so ever and now everyone hates him as a champion.
: why did i get banned for one game
This is actually sad to see that you are acting like this in a video game lol.
: got trolled I flamed and done the same to them I ended up being banned permanently
Just had a yasuo who was feeding because our garen told him not to buy bork first item, I reported him and moved on ez pz.
: Fizz now builds CDR in pretty much all of his core items and his CD should be adjusted accordingly
lol, out of all the over powered champions right now you want to nerf fizz? wtf just because you lost to him in a game doesn't mean he should be nerfed.
: Help i'm Bronze V do i have brain cancer?
No, Just work super hard on carrying. I was bronze 5 for a while but I started to get much better and after a while i was hard carrying games. Now im climbing through silver to gold :D
: Holy, these Nidalee Splash Arts o_O
Snow nidalee looks like kim kardashian
: It is just me or the average AP on builds is lower than before?
In S4 there were 3 items that gave 120 ap now there is one.
Woook3r (NA)
: yep. we gonna see lucian nerfs before we see zed nerfs.
There is no need to nerf lucian, i feel like there just isnt enough other good adc picks with all the tanks running around being impossible to kill.
: I love playing with 4 man premades!
Something you just have to deal with, riot probably doesn't really care as long as you are still logging in to play and/or spending money on skins its no big deal ;)
: Ekko and Fiz
no not really, i main fizz and just played kass against him. his laning phase is ass and he is ez to counter.
: fizz is the most toxic champ in the game
he has a super shitty laning phase, i played corki into him twice and demolished him and he was fucked the entire game.
Xelnex (NA)
: Now that the URF mode is gone, lets hear your opinion.
Im a fizz main so i was having a fucking field day with urf :D
: I got 6 key fragments in two days
Yea for some reason ive been getting a lot lately, i hadn't got one since the first few days of hextech.
Threxes (NA)
: Dynamic q is bad AF
ive played against A LOT of 5 man queues when im duoing
Bídoof (NA)
: Ok, I don't like CLG but...
didnt c9 win with teemo mid? thats......unique lmao
lynyo63 (NA)
: IMT let down...
How do you think it feels to be a C9 fan, we havent gotten to see our team win since s4 spring FeelsBadMan
Streeton (NA)
: Freesm* kappa i think we all know who is really free (c9)
hey man no need for that :(
Punkkee (NA)
: rito plz
Neidox (NA)
: Why the fuck is Graves a Tanky Assassin Fighter Marksmen all at the same time?
I miss old graves so much ;_; used to main him before his rework, now i hate his auto mechanic and his q is annoying to use for me.
: Nowhere did I say anything about last years log in.
: Ah Darius
Darius is so easy to kite its pathetic, even a super fed darius can lose a game if the other team has any idea how to kite him.
: Say what you will about this year's April Fools event but this log-in was amazing
Not even close to being as cool last year [](
Tranoze (NA)
: Remove Bronze?
......i was put in bronze 4 this season and got out in like a week
: Is there nobody out there that's climbed out of b5 hell? I need help.
I was put in b4 in season 6 and pretty much destroyed, if you are better then you will ez pz climb, once i got into silver it got a wee bit harder tho :D
: why did C9 keep giving Rush Kindred?
C9 losing made me sad, now i have no reason to watch any more play off games or msi FeelsBadMan
: Why isnt URF a perm Feature?
it would get old after a few weeks, a week or two was perfect during april fools
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: [World wide message.] My personal thoughts about The weekly totating Queue for Game modes
I feel the exact same way, these legacy events will lose their meaning and will become boring if you do this rotating game mode.
: So sick of this ADC meta bullcrap
I used to be a graves main pre rework :( now i hate him
: Who misses Doom Bots?
I legit started playing about a week after it ended and never got to play it, actually wish i started playing early because it looked like it would be fun for a game or two.
: Cant Climb Out of Bronze
I climbed my way out of bronze this season super fast,i abused fizz. I got level 3 then first blooded my enemy laner, moved up to top or bottom (depending on where they were in lane) and killed them. The snowballing in lower bronze was almost too easy, but then i hit silver and people started to play a lot more counter champs to fizz.
: so what ? why you write this ?
because has a point, people have been going around on reddit saying RIOT SAID NO URF, I HATE ALL OF YOU GG. :)
: First time really trying to climb in ranked, need help D:
Do what i did to get out of fizz, first blood the enemy laner then go destroy their top laner its actually quite simple.
: Should URF be A perm League Queue game play?
no, after a month or two it would get old, thats why it feels so special when it comes for two weeks
: Ranked makes me depressed. Anyone else share the same sentiment?
one of the reasons everyone loved urf.....made us forget about stuff like this, although draven thing did the same thing but did it by making us not play at all :(((
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