: Malphite got buffed but no one playing him wut?
: So I'm in my promos and I noticed something
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Eedat (NA)
: Not many left
vel koz is amazing on aram, something to consider
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: Why cant Thresh Flay or other knock up can't interrupt Lux ult?
: Ever since Trundle got changed, no champion embodies plague and disease
: Unable to use R key in game without holding SHIFT
Besides changing key bindings, I have no idea.
: Why does Orianna feel so useless when even or behind?
I wouldn't agree with useless, but she definitely relies on items to do well. At about 10 or 15 minutes she really hits her stride imo.
Dr Poro (EUW)
: Gemstones, do you keep them or cycle them?
: PSA: If you're CS is shit, you're probably not going to get an S
I assumed it was because people wanted a reason to share their good scores and less because they want to know how to get an S.
Eggbread (NA)
: Explain
Terozu (NA)
: W is nothing like blitz noone ever said that, kass has no walls, and gnarr and her qs are nothing alike at all.
no one ever said they were right, but that's what they said. history repeats itself it seems..
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Terozu (NA)
: Noone ever said that about Taliyah, we knew from the beginning that she was yas' pupil, she came from shurima, you literally just said fatter taller void beast with a skeleton kit and no lore, or continuity with canon.
they said she was a blend of blitz (her w), kass (her r), gnar (her q), and look what happened. this is my taliyah.
Terozu (NA)
: What concept? You haven't given him a lore barely any skill description, no physical description or picture, and your name doesnt fit with already established canon, you didn't spen anytime on cdr ranges etc. no stats, there is no concept at least take your time for fan stuff, dont just rush it. Also, his q is mega gnar's q, his w is kassadin's ult his e is rammus' ult and his q is literally blitz' q, there'd be no way to make a good combo, having a grab and a teleport is op af, you listed no special effects, why did you post such an incomplete concept?
that's what they said about taliyah and look what happened, she did not but was. he who has concept need not worry.
: Unacceptable numbers of Non-human players in TT and ARAM
my dog played aram for me once when i had to go to the store
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what is kled's favorite color
Terozu (NA)
: So? They are people who have seen the void they aren't void spawn they're people urs isn't if theyre from the void they have a two syllable name with an apostrophe inbetween.
too much focus on the name, too little on the concept. thanks for trying.
Terozu (NA)
: All void creature's have two syllable names with an apostrophe in between the syllables. Rek'sai Cho'gath Kog'maw etc.
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: You walk into lane and see this
they are not in a proper phalanx, you could beat them.
: Can we get more than 20 mastery pages?
You should consider taking pages that are close enough to the one you are aiming for and editing that one during champ select and then putting an asterisk or the word "modified" in the page name so you can revert it later. Takes very little effort.
Kuzcø (NA)
: Practicing unlocked screen
i agree w/ the comment about dota2, when i had played that for a while i got so used to unlocked screen i couldn't stand to play without it
: S- Rank no mastery token [Crafting/Post Game Client]
what game mode were you playing? you can only earn tokens on summoners rift (in normal or ranked games, temp game modes dont count)
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: Give wither a grounding effect
How about a slight MS boost when moving towards withered champions?
: I'd love if it also came with a thumbs down ping. Say I'm up in top lane and my jungler pings that he's coming my way. Right now I can ping that I'm going in as a makeshift agreement ping, but the closest thing to saying "I don't need a gank right now" is the danger ping, which could also be considered to say "proceed with caution". A straight up yes/no type of ping would be wonderful additions.
: How did you decide what role to main?
In draft pick I always ended up playing support because I wasn't pushy enough to get my favorite (mid) and it grew on me. I started season 3 out as silver 5 and when I switched to playing support I climbed to platinum. I've stuck with it ever since because I've realized I'm good at it (and it's fun). When I'm not playing ranked I don't usually support though.
: > [{quoted}](name=Summoner Grey,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=A7jgWwPw,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-08-01T05:31:02.861+0000) > > especially when the fortification buff doesn't apply to bot lane. Already has mad it snowballier. Adding FOUR HUNDRED gold ON TOP OF THE ORIGINAL TOWER GOLD was a bit of an extreme measure. Now there is nothing in the game that gives as much gold overall as first tower. So now the turret killer recieves 950 gold if he killed it alone.
the 400 is split among team mates whether they were there or not. first tower blood gives 80 bonus gold per player
: How long would it take to get a 6300 champ if i play average 6 game a day including free win.
by the time you level up the new account and get enough rune pages and champions, the season will be over and your rank will reset anyways
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: Buff idea to Nunu R, Galio R, Fiddlesticks R, and Karthus R
: i wish sions passive would gain 105-190 extra movespeed when running towards enemies
why reanimated sion be running away from enemies?
: How to "Ward Bait" to Kill Someone with Twitch
I've fallen for that so many times. :-( I'm greedy for wards.
: Mastery token not being recieved
can only get from summoners rift and it cant be from a temporary game mode either
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: I agree, but quick question, what's the first word? I can't figure it out like I can all the others.
: You allowed a team that had all 5 members connected to vote on a remake, when someone died at 2:38
The player disconnected before first blood was drawn, so they get to remake.
: I'm sure there's a post of it somewhere...
so it grades you relative to other players of the champion in that same role. so your score might be good for like a janna or something but for a yi it's probably below what other yi players get (like let's say top 10% or something, idk)
: > [{quoted}](name=aaronautumn,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=LLB3yF0l,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2016-07-21T23:54:25.389+0000) > > ok sorry. but i still dont get why he has hands. ive never seen a bird with hands... But you have seen horses with hands.
no, that's why I was suggesting hooves
ok sorry. but i still dont get why he has hands. ive never seen a bird with hands...
: he's a bird
i thought he was a horse
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: Kled and his Mount Reunite
Looks too much like Rengar
4renDub (NA)
: yea if fizz cant 100-0 me level 4 that would be nice
What I'd like to see is for his ultimate's projectile to move slower. It's too hard to dodge and even if you play safely pre-level 6, once he hits 6 you can pretty much expect to die whenever it's up.
Lives4U (NA)
: blitz hextech protobelt bug [gameplay]
they changed protobelt last patch, you can see the full change in the patch notes
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