: New ways to earn Prestige Points
so how much rp will i need to buy the 100 prestige points during an event? like 2000? btw thanks for doing this cause $100+ for a recolor of a skin without any other changes is really not worth it in my opinion, especially when the prestige version doesn't get new taunts, jokes, or dances that are related to the theme of the skin if the base skin is a rare. feel like prestige skins, since they are mythics, should get jokes, taunts, and dances more thematicly appropriate for the skinline
: Champion Weaknesses in 2019
champs shouldn't have their abilities completely altered unless its due to a redesign of the champion. numbers should be the only thing tweaked. by completely changing or even making a significant alteration to an ability without altering anything else, you are effectively telling us to take it or leave it because it means the playstyles and combos that the player has come up with no longer work, or have been twisted. For example, something as simple as preventing players from casting other abilities when riven uses her dash. Such a change could destroy all of her combos that involve dual casting. But riot doesn't do this because its something that is absolutely important to the champion. In patch 9.2, aatrox was sitting at a 46% winrate yet he still was known as a strong champion. With both of these, i thought that was a good thing as it means players really needed to know the champion to win and not just pick him just because people are saying that he is strong and has high winrate. but then again riot seems to think thats not what the game should be like, and decided to really bury this champion
: Champion Weaknesses in 2019
I'm kinda disappointed by the idea that riots idea of a balanced champion is “ generally weak to a significant number of champions (roughly 20+) or a common mechanic (like hard CC).” Shouldn't this game focus be on how skilled a player is with the champion and the game over how good a champion is? champions should provide players with the tools and its up to the player to actually use them effectively. Not team A has champions X, Y, and Z therefore they win or the enemy team just counterpicked so they won
: do you want to have a 30% winrate champ btw`?
> [{quoted}](name=Dein Vorbild,realm=EUW,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=qzzu5y4t,comment-id=004d0000,timestamp=2019-02-06T20:54:11.379+0000) > > do you want to have a 30% winrate champ btw`? which champion? if you are talking about lee then he isn't my biggest problem. he is sitting around 50% winrate. if its nasus, then i am simply making a suggestion. Nasus is sitting at a 50%-52% winrate depending on site used. Of course the numbers i am suggesting aren't the exact numbers that must happen. they are just to express my idea. I don't think my ideas are really destroying going to destroy nasus in the way riot is going to destroy aatrox and akali. just a slowing down his powercreep cause he is always going to be strong late game
: Champion Weaknesses in 2019
I think Lee sin has a several of the mechanics that you defined make a champion overloaded. The ability to dash to allies and enemies, sheilds, go over walls, fairly unrestricted dashes. I feel that nasus also is fits in with your definition of insufficient weaknesses/overloaded. Because he can gain 12 stacks of his siphoning strike large minions, by the time both players reach level 6 he can easily get a minimum of 24 stacks. add to that Wither slows enemies by a large amount since it slows us by 35% and then a much larger amount, he can easily stick onto even ranged champs. especially when wither can slow enemies by up to 95% at rank 5. His spirit fire is very good for poking, especially its initial damage. His ult gives him a generous amount of health along with noticeable amount of armor and magic resist so he becomes this tank with really big burst from his siphoning strike. Since siphoning strike is ranked up first 99% of the time, when he gets to level 6 his empowered auto can be cast every 2.5 seconds during his ult, assuming no additional cooldown reduction. His ult lasts 15 seconds, and for the majority of the time, he seems to have his ult active for the entire team fight every time, even when his entire team dies he seems to still have it active, and he gets tankier the longer his ult is active, nevermind the fact most nasus players prefer to make him very tanky after trinity force. Overall, nasus feels very fairy strong in the beginning and can easily be destructive and unkillable mid-late game, leaving very few windows of vulnerability for this champion If i may suggest, i recommend reducing the slow from his wither, especially at its later ranks, reducing the amount of stacks from killing large minions, champs, and epic monsters to 6-8 so that he doesn't feel indestructable after 1 successful teamfight, and reduce the duration of his ult from 15 to 10 seconds or lower the cooldown reduction to his Q from 50% to 25% which scales up to 50% at rank 3
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 1
losing charges on aatrox's e is gonna make landing the last Q next to impossible and the second Q would be a damn gamble
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 25
aatrox with a 47% winrate still getting nerfed. i see that riot enjoys making champs have low win rates and high ban rates. the E is essential to his Q, leave the charges alone, increase the cooldown. he ain't mobile using q otherwise. so now i gotta decide between landing 2nd Q and giving up 3rd Q or not landing anything. and the healing from minions is so small early anyways. just nerf it, don't take it damn away. might as well nerf vlad and make him not heal with his Q while your at it. aatrox and healing are essential.
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: I have faith you'll find plenty of things you want to complain about.
> [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=RgwqT7KP,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2019-01-25T16:30:36.062+0000) > > I have faith you'll find plenty of things you want to complain about. Been holding back my thoughts on akali's problem ever since she got her rework. Gonna be blunt here and say GIVE HER MORE HEALTH, HEALTH REGEN, ARMOR, AND MORE DAMAGE TO Q AT EARLY LEVELS. My reasoning for this comes from my comparison of akali to talon, zed, and diana at level 1. Of the 4, akali has at least 34 base health less, 7-8 armor less than the 3, and her health regen is 3.5, literally half of zed's level 1 health regen. With the health regen, I'm not suggesting to get her to around 7 unless the healing from Q is removed, maybe around 5.5. I will admit, at first i thought these low stats were somewhat foregiveable because of her true stealth, something the original akali didn't have. But, later i grew to believe that this trade-off was more of a burden than a possible benefit, but i do understand it was a new concept and wouldn't be perfect. However, now that she is losing true stealth, i think she should receive buffs to these stats. Of course with these low level 1 stats her level 18 base stats in these 3 categories are also lower than the other 3. Now her Q at level 1. as the official report states she has a base level 1 ad of 62.4 (82.4 with both adaptive force), the fact that her q does a base of 25 scaling 65% AD and 50% AP, her Q at level 1 does almost the same amount of damage as her regular auto. Zed's Q, talon's W, and Diana's Q, certainly don't have damages that resemble their respective champion's auto damage. I propose that either buff her Q damage or let her Q do bonus damage to minions at all levels, with the bonus damage to minions scaling as the ability is leveled up. The way I her kit, all the focus is on her passive, that is fine, BUT, the fact unless we as the player are using E or Ult, we always have to move back before moving in on the target, yes there is a slow at the end of her Q's range but this is so unintuitive, make the circle smaller, incentivize and reward players who really master landing Q on enemy champs near the end and let those who do, avoid having to walk back. Another issue i see with Akali is her wave clearing. With her Q damage being so low early, it is difficult to clear waves fast and roam. With her kit she should be able to roam but without efficient enough wave clearing (especially if players can't activate her passive) she can't have the chance to do so. On the topic of roaming, i think her passive should also proc when using abilities on epic monsters. Yes i'm asking for potential to be a jng with her kit ganking should be relatively easy, or at the very least this will incentivize players to help with baron because her various stated issues revolving around sustainability and an inability to use her passive (the focus of her kit aside from her Ult of course) makes going for baron and dragon a daunting task. Another reason i ask for this is because akali feels like she can only be an assassin, but at the moment she feels like an extremely squishy one, of course as indicated by her low winrate. All in all, for the TLDR, buff akali's armor, health, health regen, and Q. make the circle to get the empowered auto small enough so that landing a Q around lets say the further half of the region where her Q slows doesn't need players to walk back or make her Q range a little longer to get the same end effect. let her proc/activate her passive when using abilities on epic monsters. Thanks for reading this whole thing on my idea to appropriately balance akali.
: What is a meta? Apparently its 1 rune that is so op, it practically wins you the game no matter what
i know that thunderlords was worse but this is actually disgusting to me. i lost to a fed wukong with dh and he killed me in 2 seconds, I wasn't even feeding. How in the world am i suppose to get a comeback when 1 guy can kill over half the team in 2 seconds?
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