: So Amumu is broken as fuck in low elo
{{summoner:1}} if only ppl knew me
: if ezreal q is a basic attack
it does apply spell effects O.o at least the slow from gauntlet which is all that matters
: Mid Year Mage Updates - Cassiopeia Direction
uhm well this is understandable, though I think it opens a space for another mage focused on poisons perhaps? or is this idea of a purely poison character out of the door without even thinking about it?
Xonra (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=HigeR,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=s1ROXKwa,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2016-02-22T19:23:23.874+0000) > > because people don't understand this game, given this, a well rounder team will steamroll these 4 adcs. > > adcs have good damage, but they're squishy and must know how to position, how will they actually set up a teamfight where 4 of them are safe? pick a malphite and kill them all if they dare to group together, an assasin to burst them one by one, a competent long range adc on the back and a support with good CC. That would be sound logic if it wasn't for the fact that right now, given the balance and itemization of "adcs", they ARE a well rounded team. - Graves can easily clear, gank, and be at the worst a light bruiser as an adc out of the jungle - Quinn is ridiculously mobile, can easily split push, and no melee champ outside of Malphite or Rammus are going to have a good laning phase against her - Corki has the burst of a mage, the dps of an adc, and the engage and disengage of just about anyone, with high poke - Pike a marksman for the adc role and it won't matter too much past that give the other three People understand the game just fine, hence why they are doing this, because it is the state of the meta. If it wasn't working, you wouldn't be seeing adc jungle, top, and mid in pro play as well as dynamic queue.
you are gimping your team by picking this much adcs, understand that adcs alone can't do much since they barely compare in utility to any other class, no matter how much damage they can dish out, once they get suppressed a little their threat dies out. On a lane they might be able to hold themselves enough but once teamfights breakout they MUST use their positioning wisely, once one of them is caught, they'll fall like flies. Also, pro play has NEVER had 4 adcs (2 at best, maybe) and will never have it because they understand that a buttload of damage without ways of applying it successfully is plainly a bad idea and will be heavily punished by coordinated enemy teams. But of course solo queue will showcase low level strategies, I just laugh and proceed to melt faces as I'm an adc main and understand the weaknesses of these champions you think so high off.
: why am i seeing 4 adcs per game
because people don't understand this game, given this, a well rounder team will steamroll these 4 adcs. adcs have good damage, but they're squishy and must know how to position, how will they actually set up a teamfight where 4 of them are safe? pick a malphite and kill them all if they dare to group together, an assasin to burst them one by one, a competent long range adc on the back and a support with good CC.
Lost R (NA)
: "You're support. You don't matter."
I think Riot just opened the can of worms that supporting is by adding dynamic queue... they need to start working on this role asap since even in S1, support has been the "well, there's 4 lanes and 5 players" guy... and now it's becoming way more aparent. Maybe they should make it so supports have another way of earning exp and gold, bard's chimes are a good example of this but you wouldn't want the mechanic to be repeated over and over so there's gotta be something they can add on the map itself... and my best guess would be something akin to Twisted treeline's shrines or even Dominion capture points, hell that'd be one hell of a way of saying good bye to dominion, adding something akin to it into summoner's rift. What if supports could buff turrets by "capturing them"? they could even gain a percentage of the gold from minions that the turret kills, that way the support would be forced to roam and he'd earn experience from helping his team (capturing would produce exp, not killing minions)... Of course there are some things that would need to be polished, the channeling time should be just like dominion and there could also be shrines that has some interactions with support only skills, say for example healing, pulling, shielding, of course this would make certain supports better at taking advantage of the map, but that's the whole point. Edit: Supports could even Heal neutral camps on the jungle (except baron, dragon and herald) in order to decrease spawn time (in tandem the jungle must have higher spawn timings) and capturing the shrines in base could give the allied jungle some cool speed shrines in strategic places. Riot could even tinker with the gate on the base based on support interaction! All in all supports SHOULD be strategists, not ward machines. Changes like these will scare a lot of people but in the long run I think that big changes to the role are a must.
Ñaofumi (NA)
: {{champion:15}} {{champion:223}} {{item:3140}} {{summoner:4}} {{item:3140}} + {{summoner:4}} I hate this champion but it's usually the only way out. As an ADC you should STAND reaally far behind seperated from the team so malphite just wastes his ult on you and if he does you should just clean up afterwards. I think {{champion:222}} would actually work in this situation
I know right? I mean, I stay faaaaar behind but then at some point everything starts feeling like you're running too much and not helping at all :/
: I recommend getting {{item:3102}} vs someone whose intent is to hard focus you like malph. Your team should be able to peel everything else, and if he is full tank you don't have to focus him until the primary targets are dead.
uhm I never thought of a banshee's veil... since you know it's not damage, but you're right, this thing would protect you not only from his ult but from his damage as well, the thing is that very few malphites go full tank, since he scales amazingly with AP
Rioter Comments
: I did some thinking about Lux's magic and now I'm terrified...
So lux is basically Jubilee? xD next thing we know they turn her into a vampire :B
: That sounds cool, but we're not ready yet due to other things we're working on, including some things we want to eventually be more satisfying than your suggestion (as much as I like it). We hope you like what we have in store though.
Sorry in advance, I was doing the rioter rundown and I tilted HARD at this... HOW? How are going to like what you have in store if we barely know what you're working on?!!??!?!!!? ASDASDFASDFASDFA ok, rage aside, I think that the secrecy of the whole thing is a bit (A LOT) overbearing, it's time to put actions where your words are sitting.
Meddler (NA)
: We'll be doing some work on AP itemization with the mage update, focusing on some of the mana, MP5 and/or CDR items. Concern over AP itemization actually leaves me kind of happy in a weird way, in that AP itemization hasn't changed that much over the past year but it's no longer in a clearly better spot than other parts of the item system, unlike this time last year when ADC and fighter items looked comparatively sad next to it. Towers we'll be talking about internally soon. It's possible some changes there might help out with the lack of early interaction in top tier play (lack of laning phases sometimes for example) and we're well aware some players want much more murderous towers. Need to talk about whether that's going to be something that's good for the game or not though, or whether given how much better players have got at juggling agro earlier tower diving's an appropriate and expected part of the game at this point. Death timers I think's a point we'll have to disagree on for now, in that we currently feel they're in the right ballpark, particularly given homeguards being available to everyone for free post 20 minutes.
I don't think I can elicit a response here XD but I have to ask about those death timers... I think that at some point, death timers are a bit off, can't really pinpoint when but it's often after your third-ish death, the time you spend dead doubles incredibly fast and the biggest problem here is not that suddenly you have 30 seconds of inactivity but in reality you don't reach your lane inmediately, it takes you about 10 to 15 seconds to get there, even with tier 1 boots and with towers as frail as they are today a pushing bot will destroy your tower and start snowballing. I think that patience is a feature that few players have, specially from platinum down, anyone who dies 3 times increases the toxicity of their team, people tilt uncontrollably because dying this much means that the difference in gold is huge and soon enough it will snowball out of control. I'm not saying that a player who dies 3 times should be rewarded or something but currently the punishment is way too hard, mostly because of global buffs like dragon. Currently dying this much increases your chances of loosing by a lot and let's be honest 3 deaths is not THAT much, a good gank, a good hook and a dive can net you 3 early deaths and then the snowball begins.
: To All The People Who Have a Main
You know this is something I wonder too, I'm a main Corki, but if you go to my main account in LAN (Hige) you'll see that there's no Corki anywhere in there xD I don't even have the mastery level for him I think, yet I don't mind... I always say that Corki is my main because I know I can win more with Corki than with any other champion, he's currently on the strong side but I've been a Corki main since his UFO skin so that's quite far back... I play a lot of Caitlyn, Tristana, Ezreal, Ashe, Miss Fortune, Sivir and many other ADCs mostly because I fell in love with Corki and decided to be an ADC main, but I play so hard when I play Corki that I keep it only for special occasions or if I'm feeling a bit insecure on my team (which oddly isn't always) so yeah I'm an odd ball I guess.
: > [{quoted}](name=HigeR,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=NL6GnKhF,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2016-02-17T00:40:21.573+0000) > > Is there an actual point to pick intent though? It lets you coordinate your picks without having to call them in (sometimes busy) chat. So if you pick yasuo, I can swap from karma top to malphite.
well this all sounds nice but most of the time pick intent changes based on counterpicking (as it should...) so in the end it's mostly a waste of time :S of course there has been times where I get to swap or whatnot but nowadays people don't even pick anything, I personally go ahead and pick nunu as adc for the lulz but never go through with it (admittedly, this worked better when the enemy could see your pick intent).
: New Champ Select Timers Live
Is there an actual point to pick intent though?
: > [{quoted}](name=HigeR,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=mER6o8iA,comment-id=000700000000,timestamp=2016-02-16T16:55:07.347+0000) > > Yeah I agree, his buff was way too good, actually having his AS on Q was a good way of differentiating good kogs from bad kogs because maxing Q was the way to go, the increase on the shred is... or was, Kog's prime mechanic for melting, people who maxed W were just either trying Kog or they thought that by maxing w he was going to reach his machinegun status inmediately at lvl 5, which is simply not true... or well... it wasn't. Yet for some reason games where Q was maxed first he had significantly lower win rate than when maxing W first, even before the latest change.
Yep, I saw those numbers as well and wondered how was that possible xD I think that Champion.gg has a flaw when showing their data, I mean, take a look at Kog's current page, he has 2 mastery builds, one of them has 3276 games while the other has 162, I think that the pool for the second one is too small in comparison to the first one, mainly because there are games where the kog player has nothing to do with the outcome of said game (afks, trolls, power outage, mistakes on late game, etc), but on the other hand when you have a BIG pool these cases are mostly edge cases, 16 games out of 162 is about 10% while 16 games out of 3276 is about 0.5% These numbers are a good way of measuring popular pathways but sometimes popular doesn't mean most effective. Maxing Q was an instance of kog'maw where you played to his strengths (attack speed first) but was thrown aside in favor of maxing W. For example, in Korea, Ezreal has always been a high valued pick, ever since his release, while in NA, Ezreal has ups and downs in popularity, there has been times when Ezreal was regarded as a troll pick even, but in Korea everyone knew that he was sleeper OP, numbers don't hold this kind of information, especially not in a server as big as NA.
: Thanks for your edit. Anyways, I think the overall point that OP is trying to make is that the rework and recent changes were not good for Kog'maw. He was always supposed to be a hyper-carry. The rework itself had the idea of giving him loads of attack speed to deal insane on-hit damage and instantly blow up any enemy as long as his team protects him from being CC'd or 100-0'd. To be successful he would still need to be a part of a protect-the-kog'maw comp. Except he's received so large of a buff that he's now a lane bully. He's hitting his late-game damage spike at level 9 thanks to everything being on his W. His damage is sufficiently high that it doesn't matter if he doesn't have protection - he can 100-0 the enemy ADC before the enemy assassin can 100-0 him. Sometimes he can 100-0 both? He's still weak to CC which is keeping him under a 90% win rate thankfully, but he's really overtuned right now. He was over 50% win rate before his latest buff - there was no reason for it...
Yeah I agree, his buff was way too good, actually having his AS on Q was a good way of differentiating good kogs from bad kogs because maxing Q was the way to go, the increase on the shred is... or was, Kog's prime mechanic for melting, people who maxed W were just either trying Kog or they thought that by maxing w he was going to reach his machinegun status inmediately at lvl 5, which is simply not true... or well... it wasn't.
: Kog'Maw's Graph is the Opposite of a Hypercarry
Uhm, well, vayne has that HP% thing AND is slippery, Kog, sadly is a machinegun turretpost, he'll melt anyone's face given enough time but by lategame everyone is pretty mobile. The graph doesn't show his damage output on lategame (which is probably way higher than vayne's) but his effectiveness over time. Last time I checked a hypercarry is someone who's damage is scary in lategame but winning depends on many other factors not damage alone and sadly Kog lacks a lot of those in exchange for a LOT of damage. edit: though I realize that your complain is that his early game seems to be pretty reliable nowadays and I must agree, he's too reliable all around to have that winrate.
: Eye items suck, Sightstone problem still persists where tanky sups gain the stat they want
Sooo you're saying that there's supports who don't care about lasting longer in fights?, because last time I checked, health was a pretty neutral stat that anyone would gladly take, I mean, not dying is good, you know? Maybe Soraka because she kills herself, but even then, having more hp means you're more durable.
Lyless (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=HigeR,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=21ylsVUX,comment-id=000d,timestamp=2016-02-16T04:50:30.811+0000) > > In season 1 and 2 there was so little info about this game around that anyone with high elo had to fight with tooth and nails to even get past bronze tier. no trolls and afks and everyone tried to win, instead of trying to lose like they do now!
There were plenty of trolls believe me, search youtube for mclaren anivia
: What does Nunu actually do? (Willump thread)
If you think about it, Willump has no will of it's own, so in a way, Nunu is the conduit to Willump's power, without someone handling Nunu there'd be no champion......................... and then you realize you're the one moving the strings...
Lyless (NA)
: The biggest lie told one here, is you can play 1 vs 9
In season 1 and 2 there was so little info about this game around that anyone with high elo had to fight with tooth and nails to even get past bronze tier.
Elindis (EUNE)
: Like 70 or 80% of his damage is magical, so MR helps alot. Basically everything in his burst is magical... Bork is terrible idea on him, as it does not synergize with him at all
MR will help mitigate some of his damage, Armor too, not as much I guess but still gatling gun will lower any resistances you have EXCEPT health, that's why his only way to fight back against a health tank is in fact a BotRK which, as you kindly pointed out, has no synergy with his kit, by building health you force Corki into a game that he'll loose, next step is simply standing in front of him and your team.
: why does corki outburst burst mages.
he doesn't have that much damage to be honest, the problem here is that itemizing against him requires tanks to be smart, building Armor or MR won't stop him whatsoever, but building health will, even though he can just build a BotRK this will lower his dps quite a bit, tanks like Mundo, Zac, Sion or anyone who scales with HP will give Corki a hard time. Get this in your head, Corki doesn't have burst but he will lower your MR/Armor just enough so that his attacks do almost true damage and the counter to this is health. Of course, the only option an ADC has against him is probably doing damage from range, his only ranged spell is his ult and he relies on this to proc trinity force, if he looses all his rockets his dps sinks quite a lot. As far as the package, I mean... I can't believe people is complaining about this, he has a GLOBAL alert :S just fall back immediately and play defensive, you know he will jump at some point, take advange of this, focus your CC, he's squishy as hell :S
: If Karma's shield bomb wasn't over powered before, why would it be now? I'm unaware of riot expressing such a view so I don't see why it would be a problem. It would be very powerful in some situations but isn't that a good thing? That would give her a reason to be picked. I mean I get your points completely, but it just sounds a lot like "as long as she's balanced, who cares about her theme". Karma barely has player base, and she has even less actual fans who care about her as character. But yeah, whatever, I'm kinda tired of trying to get riot to at least say something about her so I'm done.
I mean, I pick Karma for other reasons though, like her long range poke, which Sona is very good at too but never from that distance. I also pick her as a Mid if there's not enough utility on the team, she works very well in this scenario and her skill floor is way lower than Orianna's so why not? plus she's very mobile with her shield and quite the duelist to be honest.
: > I think karma had too much damage before 5.10 You are the first person I see arguing that. > but this can't happen if all you do is melt faces everytime you hit R+whatever. It's not facemelting. I did see her mantra as a damagespell in itself of around 60-300 (+0.6AP) that needed another ability to be applied. I mean, if other ultimates can have 90-100% AP scaling, this damage on an ability that is available more often and provides utility seems fair to me. > This duality you talk about doesn't seem to be a goal for riot It was written all over her in her old design. A damage spell that could heal and a shield that could hurt. A spell that doubled as speed and slow. Even her dress was yin-yang. This is also a breaking point with the community; Riot seemingly did forget about it, while the community didn't. > a mantra is something you use to increase concentration and focus not something you use to change your intentions. A mantra is a holy syllable, word or vers, that manifests spiritual energy. Thematically it made sense that Karma, who always was seeking a way in between, would unlock the duality effects of her spells by chanting her mantras. It's not about changing intentions. It was meant to show the wholeness of everything, by unifying good and bad, pain and protection.... The whole "give me more of the same" playstyle might be easier to balance, more intuitive for newbies, but it completely lacks depth and neglects Karma's original character. This is against the design philosophy Riot posted a few days ago. Even more so, it gives her less gameplay reasons to be picked, again something that Riot is working against. It's not that I just dislike the changes, it's that they go against what Riot tries to achieve in every other aspect of their game.
When I say too much damage I don't mean big numbers, but she had damage on all her 3 mantra'd skills, so for example you would chunk someone with RE and then Q W for quite some damage and given the fact that you were able to do this at lvl 3 it was a very powerful tool. What I'm trying to say is that she wouldn't delete you but if you add all of it it's a hefty amount of damage, that's why it was too much but not OP, it's something LoL could live with, what is not ok is having that same kit iteration plus a mantra every 10 seconds. Now as far as her old design, yes, duality was there but as you and I know, she was reworked and this aspect of her was taken away, they didn't forget about it, they just took it out, why? well, if I knew the answer I'd be working for Riot right now xD but I don't so, yeah. All I can do is take it as it is and understand that Karma as a champion, works, maybe not for you but design wise, it's as you say, balanceable and intuitive. I'll end up this post by saying that all you said in this answer holds up much better as a thread than what you started with, and I'm glad to have a sane discussion for a change in this forum!
: Thank you for taking the time. > "We feel beaten and ignored" are too over the top Fair enough. I do think that the community is ignored, but it does distract from the main points too much. This shouldn't be an emotional argument. I removed this part. Any other? > Patch 5.10 happened almost a year ago, your complains are a liiiittle bit outdated But are they invalid? I dislike jumping hypetrains and I misstrust my first impression to an extent, so I wanted to make sure. Besides I have been talking about these issues for a few months now, but in the EUW forum. > but I get it, you are complaining about thematics and not balance. Yes, thank you! > remember also that AoE damage is always (base+ratio) x 5, and because of this one of her other abilities must be nerfed to the ground OR the amount of damage on the shield would need to be so negligible that it's barely noticeable and honestly not worth keeping. I don't really get this part. I don't want to add something new or superspecial. Karma was balanced before 5.10, and I don't think the changes should have been made. I would have been more than happy if they just reversed this (alongside with the passive and W buff). And personally I would prefer an increased single target shield and AoE damage over the AoE shield, but that's just me. > a skill that can potentially damage the whole enemy team and protect your whole team is pretty Overpowered So you think Karma was OP before 5.10? > by placing all this damage onto Q Karma is completely divided into 3 categories herself: Q - Offensive, W - Reactive, E - Defensive. Yes, and I think this was a mistake. It destroyed the thematic aspect of her mantra, as it took out the duality. And as I explained, the decision making is just not given anymore. > My last point is just how you miss the only part that is not working for Karma in my opinion, and that's her passive Just my last post was a rework suggestion of the passive because it doesn't work. The post before it highlighted how it fails thematically and discussed what can be done about it. No, I do not miss it, but I only commented on the changes in 5.10 and what didn't work there. This post is already really long so I scrapped the passive discussion in this one.
Ok I won't cite the whole thing, but I'll try to answer as specifically as I can. I think karma had too much damage before 5.10, not necessarily OP though, but she was overloaded with damage and gated in some other areas, mainly she didn't have access to as much mantras as she does today, which goes against her desired playstyle (As Riot has put it though), as Karma, you want to use mantras as much as possible but this can't happen if all you do is melt faces everytime you hit R+whatever. This duality you talk about doesn't seem to be a goal for riot, they're more focused on making your basic skills amped when you use mantra but not changing the purpose of the skill, after all, a mantra is something you use to increase concentration and focus not something you use to change your intentions. Like, her Q is offensive, her RQ is MORE offensive, her W is reactive WR is MORE reactive and so on. I understand though that duality on a champion is a cool concept but it's not Karma's intended one apparently. I obviously don't agree with all the changes though... like the removal of the extra damage on her W without amping her self heal, specially after the changes to her shield. This could be a good love tap for Karma herself but as it stands the only problem I see with the changes in 5.10 is in fact the problem on her passive that I talked about earlier.
: An Open Letter to Ricklessabandon (Karma catches up to you)
Ok, since you want an articulated discussion, I'll bite, I downvoted you for a couple reasons that I'll try to list: 1.- The victim tone of the whole thing is just annoying, just as the Sona threads, I think that you articulate your points very well but things like: "We feel beaten and ignored" are too over the top, because let's be honest, the "Karma community" is definitely not you and 3 people who agrees with you but millions of players worldwide so these generalizations only work against the purpose of this thread. 2.- Patch 5.10 happened almost a year ago, your complains are a liiiittle bit outdated... on Patch 6.2 her win rate for both support and mid soar around 48 - 49% meaning that she's almost perfectly balanced, but I get it, you are complaining about thematics and not balance. 3.- Isolated comparisons are never accurate, given Karma's powerload on Q and E alone, making her shield do damage will warrant a nerf somewhere else, remember she's almost perfectly balanced the way she is, tiping this balance will just screw the champion over, remember also that AoE damage is always (base+ratio) x 5, and because of this one of her other abilities must be nerfed to the ground OR the amount of damage on the shield would need to be so negligible that it's barely noticeable and honestly not worth keeping. It's all about balance here, if her theme steps on her balance, guess who's out the door? I think it's more than obvious what Riot did for Karma, they separated spirit bomb and her shield for one sole reason: If you used your shield offensively you'd loose your shield, this is in fact a noob trap, because the best use case for the shield is ALWAYS doing damage with it and NOT protecting your team, furthermore, a skill that can potentially damage the whole enemy team and protect your whole team is pretty Overpowered, Imagine if Janna damaged everyone she knocked back away... by placing all this damage onto Q Karma is completely divided into 3 categories herself: Q - Offensive, W - Reactive, E - Defensive. 4.- My last point is just how you miss the only part that is not working for Karma in my opinion, and that's her passive, it states that Karma reduces the cooldown of her Mantra charge with her skills and autoattacks but guess what, there's one skill that doesn't proc this! yep, exactly, her shield! now the damage component would have a reason to be there but you miss this because you're too busy thinking of thematics and how "hurt" you are because of the removal of a mechanic.
Reav3 (NA)
: We aren't planning on doing VU's for the roster projects. We want to hit a large amount of champions at once and VU's take a significant amount of time and resources. There will be new FX and anims for some abilities though, but no model updates.
so you won't fix Cass' weird snake belly? :(
: Pretty sure they never said that. The whole area does the damage that it's always done.
you're right, it's only the slow application
: As I watch my roommate stream trying to get out of bronze, he wonders what he does wrong
well, from an objective point of view, yes you are right, yet a good Ashe player can warp the whole game for a bronze lvl enemy team and given the fact that bronze players don't understand much about counterpicking or assassins mechanically, I think Ashe is not that bad idea, the extra utility will come in handy I guess.
: The New Soraka Changes
it was said that the center dmg is no longer applicable but the whole area now does the same amount, which would be a nice change IF some parts of her kit worked ._.
: Stop pushing Alignment on Soraka, it does not make her laning more interactive!
> In order to self heal, you need to stop healing. If you want to heal, you can't self heal. This punishes Soraka for doing her job, and it feels very bad for the person playing Soraka. This is what I think is the worst part of the rework :S maybe if they made it so alignment turned her heal into a half cost or even free cost spell... As it stands right now, Soraka straight out kills herself, everything she does is going to hurt her and naturally her team.
: Patch 6.3 notes
When you said you were going to nerf Zed I expected a LOT more than just 5% dmg amp from his ult, this is ridiculous.
Shriken (OCE)
: Look at the splash art, he's massive. With her current emotes its literally impossible to increase his size without making the model look weird.
well you're right that her splash makes valor look big, though I was based mostly on the valor that was playable before she was changed, he wasn't really that big and that might have been a mistake on Riot's end.
: As the person who made the call to seriously shorten (divided by 4, if memory serves) Azir soldiers' lifetime under tower, I'm not sure Zed shadow should get a similar treatment. Azir can easily get a 100% uptime on his soldiers, meaning he can make the tower not a safe zone for you at all. If we changed nothing about this behavior, Azir would push you in and then force you to back off behind your tower, outside of CS range. We tested this. It was not fun. Zed, by contrast, already has windows around his shadows. I feel it's okay to violate a core gameplay rule like "towers are safe zones" for short windows, but not permanently. If anything, my Azir mechanic brought him closer to Zed. As for distance, the same thing applies. Azir can always have a soldier or two out, and he can move them around as well. It becomes very easy for him to be a screen or two away from his soldiers. At this point even if the soldiers aren't active, they still represent a gameplay element the enemy has to pay attention to (because they COULD become active again at any moment). At some point you have to cut off how much of an attention drain you can be on the enemy. Again, Zed's shadows are windowed plus they can't move and Zed's mobility is intimately tied to them (so he can't move away from them). As a result, Zed doesn't really get to go super far from his shadows. I would also say that the coolest Zed plays I've seen were made possible by the Zed player displaying an astonishing spatial awareness for where his shadows were and what was going on around them. I think that's the kind of play we should reward. I think 4s of uptime every 18-14s can't really qualify as zoning, especially since putting his shadow out into an aggressive position means Zed gives up his escape. You're not wrong: playing against a good Zed is super frustrating, but that's the nature of assassins. As long as we communicate their windows of weakness clearly enough, your play should be to pounce on him when he's weak (i.e. when he's wasted his W looking for poke).
sadly that's the nature of Zed but not of all assassins, because when given the fact that you have a lot of skill with Zed, you probably can play any assassin out there but you pick Zed because his dmg output exceeds that of other assassins, not because you like being a shadowy ninja. Zed has the fastest, strongest and safest execute out of all the assassin rooster {{champion:91}} ? Zed can do everything Talon can but better {{champion:84}} ? same deal, Akali has nothing going on for her that tops Zed {{champion:38}} ? mobility? really? last time I checked Zed uses Energy, so no cost > cost {{champion:245}} ? similar in skill floor but gated by casting times (waiting for the hologram to get in place) he's way more predictable than Zed {{champion:7}} ? the only one that can compare in slipperiness, still, she falls late, hard. {{champion:131}} ? good luck getting out from an all-in alive. {{champion:28}} ? are you kidding? {{champion:55}} ? same weaknesses than Zed but punished harder by them, for some reason she's not played enough either.
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: To all the support mains, why?
I'm not a support main but as an adc main, support is not foreign territory for me, it's my secondary role and I have made bot my little house in the woods... that being said, support is the only position where you get to play against 9 people... yeah xD sounds crazy but it's the reality of the role, you have to be aware of your team health and have to click them many many times in order to save them, more often then not I find myself looking at my teammates more than my enemies, but then again, the enemy kills you so you have to be aware. The vision game I hate, I used to be very good with it on S3 S4 and S5 but this season warding is just such a pain, I forget to change the damn trinket all the time! I've made some rules around it though, when you get your sightstone, buy red trinket... then the red upgrade I keep forgetting :S I can't understand why the freaking thing can't evolve on it's own!
: > ONLY a thousand years is actually quite long. Presumably Xerath worked his magic to warp Renekton's mind or he just wore down on him mentally with constant berrating of his brother; trying to point the blame to him and warp Renekton's perception of events. Take two bitter enemies, add unstable personalities, mix in _copious_ amounts of stir crazy and cabin fever, and simmer in sensory deprivation for ~365000 days and nights. It's amazing that they're anything more than gibbering wrecks, really. I mean, really, even if they were best buddies, a thousand years of being cooped up together would wear really thin, fast.
ooooor they could become lovers because you know... loneliness!
: The whole reason why I picked Karma up is because she was unusual and her whole identity was very very very cool and I thought Riot was very smart for bringing that sort of champion into the game but it seems like they took out her core "soul" if you will and replaced it with the blue-green "energy" and gave her basic abilities. There's nothing special about Karma, not even the level 1 ult. Lol They removed the last special thing about Karma, the shield bomb.
ok, I think I'm not really getting my point across here, YOU experienced old Karma, and I did too, but a lot of people have no idea who old Karma is because current Karma has been out for longer than old Karma since her release date. This is the sole reason why current Karma has a bigger audience than old Karma. Asking the community if they want old Karma back will only gather people who knew how she was in the past, newer players and even players who like her as she is currently wouldn't want the change. When you say there's nothing special about her, I have to say that your bases are purely subjective and I'll add my own counterpoint, I find her extremely enjoyable to play :/ I love her hadouken Q, her green particles, her haste and how awesome it is to chunk someone from range, she has a lot of decision paths to take with her ult and people who play her as a Q bot are missing the greatness of her kit. She definitely doesn't feel soul-less to me and I, once again, rather this iteration than the old one, which I played quite a lot and never felt like it was working properly.
: Most Karma players pref old Karma...or at least that's what I thought...
I honestly doubt it, considering the growing rate of the game, I think a LOT more people have played current Karma than old, it's a shame but current Karma has a lot of people invested on her.
: Karma Rework (Lets bring back her old identity while keeping her "Viability")
I think her old kit would be really viable nowadays, specially since Riot seems to have forgotten about Burden of knowledge and have been enforcing it lately. With that said it's sad but current Karma has gathered a lot of people, me included and I'd pierce the skies in a scream if they touched her... it would be cool though if they could make some other mantra champion.
: The design aspect and why it works that way is because the passive reads, "It fires at a fixed rate.." I think this decreases the burden of knowledge as you said because when someone new reads, FIXED they would understand that it stays that way and doesn't change.
Jhin is the epitome of burden of knowledge, even experienced players have a hard time estimating his damage output, also you'd expect him to be set back when reloading but his ms buff keeps him safe... I was under the impression that AS buffs increased his AD but AS debuffs doesn't decreases it? that's a bit... odd, don't you think?
: So Repertoir wants to talk about Quinn in other threads...
My only concern for Quinn is that her ult looks so SO derpy :S I mean, we know valor is NOT that big, plus she's literally hanging, she looks as if a predator bird was about to take her away... I think Riot could have done a better job at the animation, couldn't she just run with valor by her side or front? maybe give her increase sight now that you're at it, or maybe she could actually ride on top of valor since he's gigantic now and she can't really fight, make her look like freaking Nausicaa of the wind valley, not a kidnapped baby: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/KidnappingBirdOfPrey hello! not that hard? http://images6.fanpop.com/image/photos/33400000/Nausicaa-nausicaa-of-the-valley-of-the-wind-33442105-1600-1200.jpg
: Riot, we need another female Yordle
I agree that we need more female yordles but thinking about yordles I realized how little we know about them, almost every yordle champion is related to other city-state instead of being 100% from bandle city, say what if Demacia didn't had this much archetypes inside but instead every champion was "he was born in demacia, but fell in love with an ionian, now he's in between" that's pretty much every yordle, with piltover taking the incredible amount of 3 yordles in total. I think the only ones that actually stayed in bandle city are Tristana and Rumble, Teemo spends most of his time in the jungle, veigar only shows up to be defeated and sent away, Lulu needs a lore update but I think she'll stay on the glade if anything, and so on and so forth. The freljordian yordle is probably Gnar, since he was found somewhere trapped in ice and he looks pretty barbarian to me. I'd like more archetypes that shape the story inside bandle city, a story that makes it an intrincated place just like Noxus or Ionia, who's its biggest enemy and what are their plans to survive... I don't just want more female yordles but I want more bandle city lore.
Quepha (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Tu Oso Ruso,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=GbxoU2GJ,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-01-30T17:10:35.797+0000) > > You should be. As he is live, maxing his Q is vital. 1 point in W is enough for it to do its job. W max has a winrate of about 49%, barely below average which is probably right where a teamcomp dependent champ like Kog'Maw should be. If Q max is even stronger then it's probably over 50% which means Kog'Maw actually deserves a nerf to that playstyle.
In this case, numbers can be misleading, since as you said, no one maxes Q first, the sample pool is too small in comparison to say that Q first is not effective enough, also, Kog'maw being a late game champ his win rate will tip one way or the other depending not on how he levels his skills but with game time.
: Interesting direction, numbers are way off the mark though. A single use of Astral Infusion costs ~186 hp at level 18, and she will only be able to regain about half of that per Q. And Q has over twice the cooldown of W. If having her self heal be too strong in lane is an issue, they should look into some combination of increasing the AP ratio, add addition base value based on Soraka's level, and making Alignment stronger when at low HP for the healing component. Or cause her to gain multiple stacks of Alignment (reducing mana regain per stack) and be able to hand them out one at a time.
at lvl 18 you should be able to hit more than one target though... here's hoping the buff stacks up to 5 times at least :S
: Cassiopeia Twin Fang expectations
So... uhm, as I see on your edit, you don't plan to remove her E spam but on the last patch you guys made a crazy good change to her and I'm guessing you'll wait to see if that fixes her or not... either way what worries me is that she suddenly becomes viable and that shakes her elegibility for the mid-year mage update, any insight into that?
: These Soraka changes though...
Well these are Air client changes, probably very tentative but honestly I hope they don't come through without a bit more thought because this will destroy soraka :S I mean I understand that Soraka is a pain in the butt and her healing is over the top but in reality making Soraka function is tightly tied with hitting your Q, if not you'll end up killing yourself non-stop. It's cool that her heal now is not instant, what I don't find good is that when you heal a champion, you loose the health regen buff :S so you'll kill yourself even more... of course you can wait until the regen wears off but then your heals will be weaker (heal + regen is more health back)... it's kind of a lose-lose for Soraka Also, hitting Q is not as easy as it seems, yeah you may manage to hit some and regain all your health currently but you spend more mana trying to hit it than actually healing your partner, with this change even if you hit it you'll have to wait until you're able to heal again
: Black Shield is not a spell shield. It's prevents only slows and CC (and absorbs magic damage).
well it makes sense that it triggers cait's self buff, what doesn't make sense is that Sivir's doesn't since well, it's a self buff that happens when the someone steps on the trap, spell shielded or not :S right?
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