: good news is that the new kit looks generally less stat-checky, bad news is that Runeterra's Saviour is still not a good title, it makes the champ feel like the centre of the universe and generally just makes me expect a gary stu, I can't really think of any good titles on the spot but if I come up with something then I'll mention it side note: league has no Atlantis
Shoot, well that *is* what Akheilos' role in the universe is. Guess I'll have to come up with something better huh? Hol up a second, didn't Fizz come from Atlantis? Was pretty sure they do have Atlantis, except it's just barren of life for unknown reasons.
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Xcion (NA)
: Removing Warmogs....What?
Honestly, I'd say melee and tanks need Warmogs in ARAM because of all the poke, especially in cases where you're against a team with a shit ton of poke. Here's an example of one I went against as an Amumu: Vel'koz, Brand, Vayne, Ziggs, Quinn. That game was hellish with all their ridiculous poke and cc but with Warmogs it allowed me to back for a moment to be able to take their abilities for my team. With Warmogs, you're able to be given atleast some comfort from the immense bursts of damage against high poke teams like mentioned above. But that's just my grai of salt :P
: Unlucky or bad :thinking:
Yeah, you got unlucky bud. you did just fine. XD
: This Tahm Kench concept though
So cool! I'd say it's an amazing concept. ^w^
: [Champion Concept] Mica & Ivaara
Ooooh, looks like a cool idea! The thing I would change would be the appearance of the abilities. Though, knocking away enemies then returning to your position seems remisicient of Quinn.
: Ideas for a visual rework for amumu (fan art) (community support is needed)
Damn, I'd love to see this in game! While he is a mummy, I'd imagine his wrappings would come off and I love the idea of him being a yordle and more egyptian styled. He could do with a definite re-modle like this. If there's anything, make the fur on one of his ears patchy or one of is hands skeletal. He is undead. Got my full support man.
: Thank you, when I make a concept I try and balance it as best as I can from my game knowledge. What would you improve upon? -StoneWork {{champion:163}}
Maybe you could look at mine and leave some feedback? His name is Akheilos Runeterras savior. Just search akheilos.
: Huon, the Blade Warden (Stance switching concept)
interesting concept! There could be some improvements here and there but he's fine.
: An Idea for a new Mordekaiser skin..!
I completely agree with you, Mordekaiser has been an all time favorite of mine, he could really use a new concept for his character other than his spooky metal lord self (though that's the core of his character). Some cool pixelated effects, an explosion at the end of his third Q strike leaving a small pixelated crater. It sounds glorious. Like the guy up there, I think 'Raid boss Mordekaiser' would be amazing. {{champion:82}}


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