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HT Helix (NA)
: HT team LF MID
Position (Main/Second): ADC/Mid Top 3 champs: Draven Vayne Xayah / Karma Akali Ekko Rank: Gold V SoloDuo / Silver IV Flex Age: 16 Time Zone: PST Comms:Discord
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MrPickle (NA)
: Team NightBreak Silver/Gold Ranked 5's : Need: Top, Mid, Jungle and Support
IGN:DoggyInMicroWay Age:14 Rank:Silver 2 (Climbing) Role:Support 3 weaknesses:Often Forgets to read chat logs, while playing aggressive i often make mistakes, once in a while forgets to buy vision ward 3 Strengths:Good reactions, can play both passive or aggressive accordingly to adc, map awareness Main Champions:Morgana, Thresh, Janna, Bard Things you need to work on:knowing when is the right time to go b When you can play: Everyday from 6:00 - 8:00 Time Zone:PST UTC-8:00 Extra Things to know about you(Optional):im a middleschooler just looking for an average team to support
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: Champion and skin sale: 05.20 - 05.23
: Upgrading the Tribunal
If you're going to give us a chat restriction, at send us the ticket on why we were banned -_-


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