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: Strong underplayed champions in low ELO?
{{champion:17}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:74}}
: Which midlaners are worth one-tricking?
{{champion:84}} {{champion:39}} are pretty strong (even with the akali nerf this patch), but they get picked/banned too often, but if they're open - I'd play them if you know them. {{champion:85}} He can hard carry a game. His ULT can win team fights and win your team the game if used properly. {{champion:17}} Is underrated. He does a LOT of damage, counters a lot of laners esp melee ones, and he gives you vision with his R, which will help your team out so they don't always die from other lanes/JG collapsing on them. And you can feel good about yourself by getting kills while you're in your base buying items from your shrooms of death around the map. {{champion:91}} {{champion:4}} Both are champions that can burst people. Talon can 1 shot a lot of people. Both can easily roam and help out your team, which means you can get your team ahead if they're losing lanes and carry the game for your team.
: summoner name for leesin main plsssssss
Kei143 (NA)
: I discriminate against yasuo's regardless of what they do. In fact, that champion should not exist.
: Champion discrimination
I've gotten people that trolled me because I'm a heimerdinger top/mid and bot (when that was a thing for non-adcs to be bot like vlad etc) main. Some of the games I did really good, some I did poorly - but definitely had people say the game was my fault for a "troll" pick. Just play what you like, doesn't matter if it's "meta" just matters if you enjoy it and if it works and you're good at it then that should be fine.
: I'm unranked and have never played a ranked game before !!
Yeah the game - in placements - will put you with different people and should adjust as you win/lose games. Don't get down on yourself, just keep playing and trying your best and you'll end up in a good spot where you belong :)
Gogoun (NA)
: I'm not buying any of those skins, half of those are from champs I only played in aram and one for all games. The system should only look at the games where I choosed to play a certain champion plz.
this, i got champs i dont even play XD
: Your Shop is open for business!
It gave me champions i dont even play??
: Please for the love of God let us exclude one role from our queues
I agree. TBH, i'd rather have a draft pick where I choose my main role and wait longer for a game so everyone has their main roles and nobody is autofilled. I'll wait for a good game riot, I'll wait.
occmcm (EUW)
: If im boosting my friend to plat and he is g5 is that bannable?
If you're on their account it's bannable, not if you're duoing with them {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} Boost away
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: For riot
You go to support and click submit a ticket. Scroll down and there's a free skins option (if they're still available that is). {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Want to learn about toxicity? (Toxic player giving his perspective)
I've played on and off since s5. I've never really been a toxic player. If I was having a bad game/bad teammates I tried to look on the bright side and do things to improve myself. Hey last game I died 4 times, let's make it under 3. Last game I had X farm, let's get more this game... ETC.... As I've started to ACTUALLY get into league more, and wanting to play rank i've noticed many things. 1. Warding/MIA; I always ward my lane, I actually rarely ever die from a gank tbh. So when I see my teammates not warding and feeding a jungler to 21/9, I get a little rattled. I tell them to ward, but they don't. I ask for MIA calls, but they don't. I have to call MIA for my other lanes most of the time, otherwise nobody would even know... sometimes people don't even care and still die after the warning signs I give them. 2. Objectives; I don't know what's going on with league atm... but nobody wants to get objectives. Nobody wants to push lane, ward dragon/baron or even contest them. I ask my team, "Hey, can you pressure other lanes so we can get some pushes going". NOPE, nothing. The teams I've had play ARAM mid and just hangout, not even pushing. Say I'm pushing top lane okay, and 3 people rotate to me, that's great right? My team can push other lanes, get dragon, do something usefull... Nope, they rotate to me, either die or by the time they get there they turn around and run back to lane or back when they're at full health. Just no pressure. 3. Team Fights; For some reason I've been getting teams that do NOT want to fight. My one game my team and I agreed to stack in this bush and suprise attack their team near dragon. Guess what, it worked it wasn't warded but you know what my team did?? 2 People panicked and FLASHED away from the team and ran to mid tower, 1 person stood there and died, and 2 of us fought because well... we had no choice. I had a group stun, and we literally could have won. You know what my team said? "Well, you're the ones that died so you guys suck stop playing".. WHAT?!?! They RAN away from our entire team. Or you have those players that wont TF, they just run in after everyone dies and cleans up, for their KDA. Saying the entire team is trash when they literally wont fight with the team. 4. Trying to give advice; When you try to give advice, "hey be sure to ward", "hey play back a little theres a MIA", "hey since you're behind a little try to farm just be safe".. etc... Teammates take it so personally and will either A. Look up your opgg and comment on that, B. AFK, C. say they're going to troll because they don't care, or D. not group just do their own thing It can be really annoying, and yes... At times I started to seem a little toxic. It's only natural TBH, because I'm playing this game for what 30.......45....55+ minutes? Just to lose because my team isn't listening or doing anything productive. When you have people make you intentionally lose, yes... That's annoying and anyone would be mad over it.. because it's wasted time.
Atlªs (NA)
: nerf heimer already
I meannnnn... he does a lot, but if you get close to him as a lot of people he's probably going to die. Like an ADC they do damage, but once you catch up to them they're gone.
Himeski (NA)
: Just coming back to the game, looking for people to practice/play with :)
Just going to send this back to the top {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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