Zelorxon (EUW)
: I saw you are the highest mastery points shyvana main on NA :^) Discord? :^)
join the shyvana mains discord demacian dragons
Meddler (NA)
: She did. The reason for that is that we've put a lot of power into other parts of the kit, the ult in particular (bonus health and uninterruptible). We've got a bit of room to buff Shyvana probably (pre-season's a harder time to judge balance). Our conclusion from balance testing though is that we need to remove some power somewhere to partially pay for other buffs though. Conclusion was that the passive was one of the best places to do that.
So you: -Nerfed her Q -Removed Devour -Removed SotA -Nerfed Fervor -killed farm jungling as a viable method -Removed Scaling Arm/Mr -Nerfed Human form E -Made a less reliable and worse version of her current passive +Made ulti unstopable +Made ulti give HP +Buffed E on immobile targets -------------------------------- I fail to see how she is in any way a spot where removing power is necessary. her entire play style of jungling is a style you're trying to kill but you wont compensate her in a way that makes her playable the way you want jungle played. I think she could stand to use a little more love Have you considered giving her stackable buffs based on dragon kills like how old season 5 dragon worked (so her getting a buff wasnt RNG based, just based around if she got the dragon) and keeping the dragon damage boost? these changes really hurt shyv top the most which a lot of other shyvana mains i talk with really hurt from
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: Champion Reveal: Kled, The Cantankerous Cavalier
So i notice the thing says even tho kled is kinda squishy you also mention his second HP bar scales off bonus HP so like a few questions about that Firstly: is it a 1:1 scaling off his bonus HP or its it a percentage and second with two max HP damage moves , a shield and a second hp bar that scales with hP do you expect me to build him like an assassin? because im pretty sure im gonna go TriTanic Full tank and burst people down god forbid titanic hydra count scaarls HP bar in its formula. also if all f the above is true dont change it pls it actually sounds pretty fun lmfao. All in all i love this new champ he looks really fun
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Meddler (NA)
: We believe CDR's something all classes should have good access to. In a lot of cases scaling with CDR, rather than raw offensive stats, can lead to healthier gameplay for other players (less bursty damage patterns). We do still want some degree of trade off for CDR to be made, particularly regarding when in your build you get it though, or exactly how much you get (what's more important, bigger crits from IE or max CDR early from ER? Rylai's slow early or getting to 30% so blue buff will cap you out?). The mid-season patch changes were intended to give better access to CDR to mages, particularly those willing to give up some early offensive stats for more CDR/defensive builds. Athene's was changed because of how heavily overlapped with Morello's it was, the two items had always occupied very similar spaces to the extent only one was ever popular. It's not intended to be appealing to most mages at this point, only those with shields/heals who already play somewhat like supports, hence its use of mana regen.
What's your take on 40~45% cdr on recourseless champions IE Riven Garen Kat Shyvana Renekton etc who aren't gated by mana costs. But instead are just use it when it's up kind of champions
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ebildebl (NA)
: There is a lot of power in this kit, so much of it is hidden. The reason I felt comfortable giving Shyvana higher percent health damage is because it takes a while to stack up. Getting it at the start gives too much burst. It also has no counterplay is is just as low interaction as her current passive. Putting the dash on burnout is Overpowered especially when You are making her ult dash more powerful. Having the extra Movespeed on her E makes the overbearing mobility even worse. she will now have nearly 100% bonus move speed towards enemy champions, not balanced, and the Attack speed is just pushing the power level. The damage reduction is even more hidden than Armor and MR and less powerful until level 11 Your Idea has some serious design problems. The biggest being that she is just as much if not more of a pure stat ball and you giver her more mobility on top of It. You can't have both crazy combat power and amazing mobility. She has to be kite-able because otherwise her extraordinary power would be unbearable.
Tbh a 7s max cdr mini vayne passive that changes to an EXPONENTIALLY weaker channed 'single target' ability as well as a passive tthat has an arbitrary scaling on a recourse that constantly depletes isn't exactly Good game design either. Rally is completely useless in JG. You'll never hit the 4/5/6% damage on her passive since you have to be at exactly 150/200/250 fury with a 6 per second drain and trying to aid this will cause her fury gains to be so high there was no point in the drain in the first place. As far as my idea goes. You could just as easily say " hitting an enemy with a spell applies molten touch for 7 seconds "passive effect here" and be nearly th same thing you have with less scaling and more reliability. Dash on W is not as bad as it sounds for a number of reasons. 1. Shyvana is a diver. She lacks the cc of other divers for more of a damage threat. It doesn't mean she shouldn't be able to reliably dive the back line. 2. It costs a constantly depleting resource on top of its minimum cool down of 7.2 seconds. 3 the condition that must be met is situational and not always readily available. E can be reduced to 5/10/15/20/25 ~x2 but I still stand by this ability. R being unstoppable is a given for her subclass. Damage reduction can be increased if it'd too weak but it's still stronger against all the true damage running around these days. She gets really tanky anyways increase it to 10/15/20~ x2 if you must but I don't think it needs to be that high. It's basically a free bond of stone keystone and that is at 3 or 4% iirc I honestly would be suprised if they gave shyvana higher mobility in the diver rework
MotrColt (NA)
: Keep it item bound in my opinion, seems way to powerful to have as something you don't have to itemize for. However, it also doesn't really feel right at the moment on rageblade. I'd rather have the old rageblade and no phantom hit at all than the current situation. Though I think phantom hit should be able to have a place on some item, just doesn't feel right how it is at the moment. I think having the phantom hit on the jungle item like devourer was the right way to go, however devourer was much too strong in many peoples mind. I would put it on a jungle enchantment again and make it so you need stacks, but take of the on hit damage you get from every stack that you had prior. I think this would do 2 thing: 1 it would take away a ton of the damage of course but 2 it would also make it so that stacking up would be something you'd do passively, not sit in your jungle and powerfarm. I think it would discourage powerfarming because you wouldn't be gaining the strength you do from every single stack like you used to with devourer, topped off with the huge on phantom hit at the end. Without this constant power increase from every single stack, and only having the topper at the end of the phantom hit I think it would encourage more teamplay than power farming. **My solution** If you only had the phantom hit at the end however, this wouldn't be powerful enough for anyone to buy, this is why what I think would be best would be to have the current bloodrazor % max health dropped fro 3% to 1.5%, maybe 2% and add a phantom hit after 30 stacks, but don't any of the individual stacks grant anything, also keep the current 40% attack speed. Revert rageblade to its previous state
I agree with a lot of your statement though I think with some tuning it could work as a keystone. My problem with it now is it's on a very Shitty item. The only reason you ever buy quinsoo is for its stacked passive and 3600 is way too much just to get an item with ramp up time and Shitty build path.bid honestly rather them make a new item with something like stinger to give PH to than leave it on
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: > [{quoted}](name=Hinata Rabbit,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=Pj5RO1Aw,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-05-03T19:17:25.581+0000) > > Ihitting 800 myself :( Damn you college, you have let someone else get ahead of me in my mastery of Shyvana.
> [{quoted}](name=Raiku Kawisa,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=Pj5RO1Aw,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2016-05-03T19:59:08.378+0000) > > :( Damn you college, you have let someone else get ahead of me in my mastery of Shyvana. I work full time and go to school full time as well as do art commission on the side, there is no excuse lol
Swampert (EUW)
: Why can't shyvana get a decent 1350 rp skin with cool particle changes and vfx. She always gets 975 ones :(
> [{quoted}](name=Flaming Fangs,realm=EUW,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=Pj5RO1Aw,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-05-03T20:02:36.723+0000) > > Why can't shyvana get a decent 1350 rp skin with cool particle changes and vfx. She always gets 975 ones :( SG shyvana is 1350
: W - Not quite maybe once per Dragon Form. But giving Shyvana a constant gapcloser would make her extremely powerful. It does cost Fury, sure, but with how much Fury she can generate that cost means even less than Energy does. E - If you are going to make the mark mega-powerful. It needs to be single target. 80% Movespeed and Attackspeed towards the marked target/targets is godlike. That is fine, but only if it is single target. R - I'm not quite sure how effective the Dmg Reduction would be. It would help for sure, but I think she could use a more offensive ability. But yes, GIVE THE ULT UNSTOPPABLE!
W can be mitigated by costing more fury tho it still has a 7.2s cool down at 40% max rank which is slightly longer than most gap closers on other diving fighters that don't require them to be on ultimate as well as offering some sort of cc. E being single target or multi target is irrrelivent since I could still mark a low priority target in a teamfight and gain all the same buffs to take down a high priority target first. If anything the scaling need to be cut back Damage reduction is more powerful than armour/ Mr at any stage of the game. Plus she doesn't need an offensive ability on ultimate since she has a %hp passive a Ms steroid / gapcloser that does on hit dot and a buff that grants her another ms steroid and an as one as well
: You sir, are a saint! (im a 400k Mastery Shyvana main)
> [{quoted}](name=Raiku Kawisa,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=Pj5RO1Aw,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-05-03T18:36:13.271+0000) > > You sir, are a saint! (im a 400k Mastery Shyvana main) Ihitting 800 myself
ebildebl (NA)
: Shyvana needs a Rework and Visual Update
My revisions/changes Passive: Molten Touch - Basic attacks against enemy units deals 1/2/3/4% (based on level of Ultimate) of the enemy's max HP in magic damage Q: Twin Bite- Same as current W: Burnout/Dragon's Rush - Burnout works the same in live except for the dragon form -> Expend 10 Fury to leap 850 units in the target direction (can hop over walls) before applying the effects of burnout E: Flame Breath - Shoots a ball of fire travelling trough all units hit. While within 1000 units of a marked target shyvana gains 20/25/30/35/40% bonus movement speed towards marked units and 20/25/30/35/40% bonus Attack speed (this bonus is doubled while in Dragon form) R: Passive - gain 1/2/3% damage reduction-- doubled while in dragon form Dragons Decent -- Same as current but is unstoppable
Nekusen (NA)
: his stacks look OP as fuck **Permanent** AP for: HITTING enemy champs +1 Killing minions +1 Kills/Assists +5 Large monsters/minions +2 I hope he at least gets only, like 10% AP scaling on spells.
1. Hitting champs only applies on one of his 4 spells (if it also counted AA's that would be dumb) 2.Take-downs now only grant 3 instead of 1-5 and doesn't scale with his Q level. His ap ratios are the same except for his ulti which is pretty much a guarenteed 1 shot on just about any champ at the 25 minute mark (35 minutes ittle do about 2700+ to 50%hp targets provided you arent mega behind)
: > [{quoted}](name=The Sword Dancer,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=AhcWzTYl,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-04-21T14:02:47.131+0000) > > Because they don't want a chalice passive on a midlane burst mage when they are revamping mage items to be heavy on mana not regen. They didn't want veigar to lose effectiveness but they also didn't want him to grab the mana mage items and have infinite mana unlike everyone else, so they gave him a little more kick to his spells so that he can use them less often later an and get similar damage output. Also it's a neater thematic than his old passive. Could have still just been on last hitting and just bound it to Q
> [{quoted}](name=C9 Feel The Bern,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=AhcWzTYl,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-04-21T16:01:55.019+0000) > > Could have still just been on last hitting and just bound it to Q because he is weak and they wanted to buff him while a) fitting his thematic and b) they like his stacking. honestly his passive forces him to use up a lot of mana as a trade off for gaining damage. however he is a team fight monster at the moment especially if the enemy team has enough hp to survive his rotation he can gain a minimum of 28 ap per team fight
Wolfeur (EUW)
: Rabadon and Blue Buff are additive, it has been confirmed. I assume it is also true for fire stacks. And Cassio lost her Rabadon-ish passive.
Getting red dragon and then elder dragon upgrades your current red dragon buff into the 50%, it doesnt add to the elemental buffs all the buffs would be retarted if it worked the way you are saying Red Dragon =86% ad/ap increase Blue Dragon = 25% hp/mana regen per 6 Brown Dragon = 80% true damage to structures and monsters (wtf???) White dragon 45flat +50% ms
: Veigar mains will just secretly smile in the back, hoping that people would rather be too busy complaining about Brand, Malz, and Vel'Koz. Because we all know what will happen when Rito finally finds out how truly OP it is... oops.
Malzahar is kinda big so well hide behind him for a while
: Veigar is probably going to be a permaban on my watch. Sure his passive won't allow him to spam, but the reworks for the mage items will make it straight up ridiculous and he won't run oom in lane. What we're probably going to see is little bitches playing 100% passive and just farming all lane while repeatedly trying to cage stun you to proc their free AP. He's current Veigar on steroids and that is already unfun enough to deal with.
everything's fine ~~totally not a 1.1m veigar main~~
: He doesn't get nearly as much AP from assists anymore, and his ult is taking a huge hit. Fair's fair, honestly. Not to mention mana regen is dead, so farming for stacks is harder, especially early.
1.Takedowns account for both Assists and Kills 2. His ulti is getting powershifted. will still kill enemies with 80%hp in the late game kills just about everything if theyre at the 33% threshold (3kdamage roughly) 3. Tear + Morellos is actually extremely strong plus wuth the blue buff change your likely to get that as often as possible and then there is still water drag assuming it spawns that game and you take it. Also it should be mentioned that landing a team wide W/E will gain 1 ap PER CHAMPION
: oh yeah, under 50% hp its an instakill anyway, I still see him bursting people in a second but instead of flash r dead leblanc, ittle be q>auto>r>thunderlord proc
at that point in the game hed most likely one shot her if he landed the Q regardless of auto TL. Q alone will bring her close to half around the 25 minute mark where veigars average ap is around 150-200 more than live. the average 30minute veigar in 6.9 can rack up to 1500 ap making his ulti on champions with 33% or less ap do roughly 3k damage. that would destroy even a tank.
Fischen (NA)
: Does riot think that giving Veigar more AP to stack will fix his gameplay?
Except that buying Tear gives you free sustain. the mana costs have been reduced by 20/10/10/25 iirc (Q/W/E/R) at all ranks and going tear/morello is really REALLY strong on veigar in 6.9. Veigar is now gets stronger as fights are happening even if no one dies hes gained power which is infinity stronger than his current passive. With that in mind he is designed to be much more active in lane than just a farm bot which is not a bad thing. previously enemys (assassins especially) would zone you from farm and try to make you waste a Q to counter harras with the worst outcome being they take miniscule damage and you lose on precious farm/ap while your Q is on CD. now your opponent has tothink twice about doing that as you now gain free permanent damage just from tagging them as they try to walk up to you. and now Q- hitting a minion into an enemy gives you 2 ap and also doesnt push the wave farm from your turret while dealing harras damage. its a win win that being said youll definitely have to play much smarter and much more active than a farm bot which im happy about. especially since the average ap for an active veigar at 35 minutes is roughly 1500 which is insane
: 2 things I've realized about the new Veigar.
he only gains AP from minions and neutral monsters with his Q same as live (except cannons/largemonsters/epic monsters now give 2) Also if he lands a full rotation on 5 people and they all die he gains Q - 2 W - 5 E -5 R - 1 K/A - 15 for a total of 28. if he gets two kills with his Q in that rotation then he will have gained 30AP from that fight. Personally I see veigar going Tear/Morello and spamming all his abilities in teamfights. if the enemy team doesnt die immediatly in a full rotation or the fight is prolonged you can get a load of ap from that teamfight
: > [{quoted}](name=Sciela,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=1AwJKqAI,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-04-17T08:39:58.894+0000) > > How can you play Veigar that much and not be like, permanently asleep from boredom? xD > > Congrats though, I guess. Lol right? Its like being a Nasus main. How do they do it?
when you have the "play like a bitch until i can win a statcheck mentality" it's not hard to play champs like that. ofcourse if you're the "i need the level 2 all in FB" then veigar and nasus are very boring
Sciela (NA)
: How can you play Veigar that much and not be like, permanently asleep from boredom? xD Congrats though, I guess.
the late game fantasy is enough to keep me going. removing people from the game in one or two abilities will never get old in a ranked. i do play new champs in normals tho (whenever i play normals)
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Meddler (NA)
: Initial rundown article around the time hits PBE, a bunch of forum discussion from us and of course the PBE itself.
Is there any things you can shed some light on about certain characters slated for updates? _*cough specifically veigar cough*_ sort of how you've stated what you wanted ziggs W to affect towers in a really cool way. IE: is veigars passive getting completely changed or is it going to be just another mana sustain passive (would rather the former. mana regen passive is boring and forgettable). what sort of things have you guys looked at to replace his Ulti's 0.8 scaling
: Yes
As a huge Veigar fan (30k away from 1mil mastery) I have a few questions if you are able to answer them for me at this time as well as my personal thoughts-- 1. I'm glad you guys are looking at his passive. it's super boring and I never even remember I have it because all it does is keep me from being too oom to cast Q longer than 3 seconds in the early game and by the late game youve got the infinite mana set up it never mattered so the ability was trash at all stages of the game. sure with mages moving to max Mana rather than mp/5 it will probably get stronger in the mid game but it's still something that you don't even remember. My question for this one is-- are you still going to do some form of mana regeneration on his passive or are you going to make it something more offensive ala lux? i personally hope it's something that supports his burst and not "here's some mana back buddy" 2. Removing the .8 AP scaling on his ulti is something i thought would be necessary and im, glad you are it leaves more power budget for him to deal with AD champions too. My question for this one is-- are you planning to add another effect to his ulti or simply scale the ap ratio on it really high (1.3-1.5?) or a mixture of both? (1.1 scaling and X effect) I think it would be cool if his ulti killed a target it made a small aoe burst for 50-80% of the damage 3. His E I like it's game state right now but it's weaker against opponents with even half a brain. i definitely dont want insta stun back but rather id like it if his abilities interacted with his E in different ways (even if its just a simple numbers buff) so i feel like im menecing when i catch players in a cage and not like "cast all my skills and hope they land" my question here is if thats something you guys have thought about as well or if the dash disruption is too much of the power budget for this ability to get anything else. thank you so much for your time {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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Meddler (NA)
: We'll be talking more about all the different sub classes we've been looking at soon (ish). For juggernauts though: Sub Class Strengths * Extreme tankiness (primarily via raw health). Constant, not windowed, defense. * Sustained damage (threat/influence primarily through damage) Sub Class Weaknesses * Low mobility (kiteable in combat in particular) * Low range (overall very melee dependent compared to most classes) * Low initiation potential (lack of aggressive CC, difficulty getting onto desired targets. Main argument against Shyvana being a juggernaut's the dash on her ult, she's got the ability to get onto a target from a significant range. Olaf's ult makes him very hard to kite by contrast, so he also doesn't fit the criteria. With these subclass definitions though it's very much a spectrum, not a set of hard rules where champions are either entirely one thing or entirely another. Udyr and Skarner are on the boundary of juggernaut, but still ultimately best described as juggernauts, while Shyvana and Olaf has elements of juggernaut but are better described as divers.
I hope Diving Fighter gets a better name. Also can we get some unstoppable on shyvana R and better clarity on the 'displacement'. Shyvana's Kit is really solid (albiet, her passive is boring and most the time i forget it's even there) but with Botrk Nerfed and TH not giving any AS there really aren't any good options to optimise her AS reliant kit. The most effective way to use her kit ive seen is Sated RageBlade Botrk which leaves you a little squishy as a " imma jump into your entire team :D" type of champion. Are there any plans to explore her self proclaimed title as the on-hit queen without making her undesirably squishy?
: [FOLLOWUP] Juggernaut Items
@ Riot Axes. What are your thoughts on Shyvana and how she interacts with the juggernaut items, specifically Titanic Hydra. The shyvana dream is to get sated asap and Ulti into the back line and aa the enemy to death, but with Botrk getting the nerf it did and it barely being built on her anymore, titanic hydra was the go to item, especially how well it does with HP stacking but now shyvana has lost a good 40% attack speed which is the best stat for her to have (it literally empowers every ability on her kit besides her boring ass passive. ...pls make her passive more interesting) . Now youre left in a spot where you just get peeled off before doing anything significant or die immediately because you have more AS items and aren't really that much of an asset to your team aside from split pushing all game and soloing baron at level 15 for shits n giggles. TLDR are there any plans to aid shyvana either vis her kit or through items such as like, an HP item that gave like 20-30% AS and an interesting passive. Im interested to see where shyvana goes as i was a little disappointed when she ended up not getting juggernaut changes :(
: No, no, please cry. Your tears fuel my Q, your hatred my W, your anguish my R. As you wail at your computer screen, my smile only grows wider. As my W takes off half of your life, I draw in a deep breath and hold it in, taking in your woe. Every time you see your AP midlaner evaporate instantly, my power grows. Every time you see your ADC crushed under the weight of a 2000+ damage combo, my power grows. Your futile rage keeps my pimp hand strong.
except that Im the second most used veigar NA. used him to climb out of bronze. 5 and would like to not have him permabanned so i can make dit out of plat into diamond. so all these lcs sheep fuccbois arr ruining it for me
: Dat R skill shot tho.
Lux does have a Skill shot ulti. that's who they were talking about... unless veigar is a she now.
: Ban him and move along.
Why ban a champion that isnt ban worthy? sure if you want to have that type of team who likes to go heavy AP no tank comp then sure ban him. but hes litterally being banned because he was picked in the lcs
: Thats just how this community is, so petty and pathetic that when a champ comes out that requires TEAMWORK and STRATEGY, these egotistical little children demand the champ be nerfed so they can get thier precious "Penta" and show how superior they are to the other 4 players on thier team. All they care about is "I'm the best, I got the best score, I am so OP because I got a penta! who cares about the rest of the team. As a support I have had my contributions to the team get completely dismissed for going 1/6/19. It wasnt the 6 deaths and the 19 assists didnt even come into play. The thing that completely dismissed me as a support was...I got ONLY 1 (one) Kill! Yup, I am a bad support and dont know how to play league because I only got a single kill, even though I helped my team get fed. These kids are So full of themselves, they think the world revolves around them. No one is willing to tell them to sit down, stfu and let some air out of that swollen headmeat. I laugh when people try and talk about how "Great" the community is. You want me to consider your community great. start slapping around these arrogant P.O.S's and stop feeding into thier ego. But as I said, The end result is this: They DONT WANT a challenge, they dont want to deal with any champ that requires you to think around how they work. They would rather just whine and complain and throw a tantrum so the champion is nerfed to the point they attack you with marshmallows. Its all about them feeling superior to anyone else. Having to work TOGETHER with thier team? Nah, that takes the spotlight away from THEM. Thats why they cry Veigar is OP. They want him to be nerfed so they DONT NEED A TEAM to take him down.
idk if thats the root of the reason but i do agree that most these players want things to be handed to them on a silver plate, thats why people boost accounts , thats why people threaten to mid or feed thats why people spite ban in champ select. people are terrible by nature and honestly if you cant be bothered to look for ways to counterplay a champion that does indeed have many counterplay options or simply play smarter/better. you don't deserve to win that match. it's that simple
Lugg (NA)
: Veigar got significant buffs with AP off of assists and his W landing sooner. The thing is that he wasn't that bad before the buffs, they just pushed him over the edge to very strong. So he definitely isn't the same champ as 8 patches ago. I have no problem with him being a late game terror. The problem is that he is stacking AP a little too fast and is reaching that point much earlier.
To be honest. his recent Q buff may have put him a bit over the edge but, it's encouraging him to join fights and not "AFK nasus farm be back in 20." however, even that puts a good veigar on average 100 more ap than normal which usually doesn't amount to much anyways considering they were already relavent to the game. I'm a veigar main. climbed from bronze 5 to platinum 5 this season over the corse of 1000 games with him so ofcourse i can be expected to know how to deal with him than most other people (i just usually go tahm kench mid and rush banshee since tahm is really easy to pick up). the thing is, veigar is a very linear champion and this playing around him doesn't take a whole slew of thought. I think lowering the base damage across the board on his Q and W will balance him alot better than getting his ap ratios or his stun any more. and for the ulti, that's a nerfed version of what is was before so idk why people feel the need to all of a sudden QQ about it. If they gave it a 1.3 ap rario and removed the oppressive "hello ap champ, good bye ap champ" .8 scaling id be happier with it that way tbh
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Meddler (NA)
: We were previously looking to do work on both Shyvana and Olaf in the preseason. We came to the conclusion both were in fairly reasonable spots though and that we'd be better off putting that time into other champions instead, at least for now.
I agree with them both being in a reasonable spot in terms of balance. and i love how shyvana works now but i just feel some aspects of her kit (passsive) is just really boring and her laning in the top lane is really bad compared to the other juggernauts that take over top now. I want to see her changed so you guys can fulfill the "everyone is different" role more so than to see her power balance get shifted but, it seems a tad disappointing when i hear you guys say these things but don't actually follow through with them (Remember when veigar was meant to "torment" the enemy inside his new E after the delay but nothing in his kit promoted that play aspect and instead just remained the "aim for a stun but now with a delay" -- PS veigar isnt broken. people are just whining because he won an lcs match and now hes suddenly pick ban in yoloQ) You guys are breaking my heart here. but i understand there are many more characters that could and should get some changes first (Taric, Yorik, Poppy) but you already started the #Juggernaut Thing. go ahead and finish it with Shyv and Olaf. they deserve to be treated with special AoE 30% missing health heals and true damage autos too!
  Rioter Comments
: shyvana is doing well right now. shes one of the best junglers around due to her recent changes and synergy with devourer.
Her kit practically forces her into the jungle so id hope shed excel there. However the discussion is not whether or not she's in a good spot because i honestly like where she is no (as a jungler) but it was stated around 5.16 that her and olaf would be slated for juggernaut changes like garen darius skarner and morde before them, however recently they said "no plans for olaf" aside from " new items may be _too_ strong on him" My question is if she is still slated for some juggernaut changes to make her feel more unique and interactive (especially in regards to her effective but extremely stale passive)
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: Shyvana: Jarvan, want to come over for a night of Enter the Dragon? . . . . . . . . I'll see myself out...
300 fan fics depicting this are currently being made because of you. Good job.
: Just because it hasn't happened, doesn't mean it can't in the future! :D
Preferably before season 9 please (': i need another awesome 1820+ skin to go with my final boss veigar skin (amazing skin) so that i may be inspired to finally get to platinum :O
: YES PLS Although she needs more headgear to actually look like Shyvana, right now she looks like a random anime chick lol
I don't think so with the headgear. iron scale as her with no head gear "aside from her armored ponytail which shouldn't really count cuz its for her hair. I do agree this looks less like shyvana and more like an anime chick that resembles shyvana but what i want from this concept is the hairstyle, the outfit style and the style of her dragon
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: > [{quoted}](name=Hinata Rabbit,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=rOvIkfsE,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-09-12T06:17:10.541+0000) > > (Also can someone tell me why im level 6 on the boards when ive been level 30 in game for a long time now?) You posted on the boards so now it is updated. You're 30 now. Also, I have seen this concept floating around. I love the idea of a Chinese dragon skin, but overall I think Shyv herself look waaay too different - it doesn't *look like Shyvana* to me. It could certainly take a similar direction, but her human form would need to look more like "Shyvana visits Hong Kong" and less "Random anime girl with dragon fists"
I Agree with it being a bit out of her character, but what i mainly want from this skin is the hair style shes wearing, some sort of Chinese inspired dress and the look of the dragon in the above image. I particularly like the Gold/White/Cyan colors here
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