: Annie's prom skin has breasts. She's 7. Rito plz.
ohh... yeah, you're right. That's creepy. Rito, for real. Please fix that. Like, actually fix that.
: The beginnings of League's first varsity team
So... talk about that League of {{champion:119}} .
Mandaari (NA)
: >Morgageddon pops in. >Everyone loves poros. Even other poros. And snacks. Poro snacks! I agree. Poros make delicious snacks.
And furniture... don't forget the furniture.
: Nobody ever remembers Flinn. :/ Poor bird guy... It's a guy, right? {{champion:133}}
The important part is that we know Flinn is around there somewhere... maybe taking a rest face first in the snow...
: has anyone seen winterwonder lulu? poro for a pet
As it seems, not many people care about winterwonder lulu in this thread... maybe they also don't care about lulu as lulu just recently got her face crushed by Poro's new assistant.
: Too Outrageously Manly.
Manly? Taric revels about gems and jewels. I think he's more into shinnies than he is about crushing face.


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