: Looking for bronze/silver supp
Application In game name: Hiroteh epical Top five champions in order of comfort: Sona, Ziggs(mid), Lux, Karma, Malzahar When can you play consistently: 3pm to 10 pacific time Strengths and weaknesses as a player: Strengths: Good reaction time and situational analysis, can see opprotunities. Knows cheese strats and how to counterplay. Weaknesses: Sometimes overaggressive. Prone to panicking(despite reaction time). Unreliable technical skill
Calabok (NA)
: no need to. he's fine.
Did you even read the title? I said IF he would in the FUTURE. Please actually read the post before making comments.
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: Inexplicable vindicator vayne edit
Can't have beautiful art here, nuh uh!
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: Not every skin must have the same type of features (or even the same amount). Captain Miss Fortune was priced at 975 RP because it was more than just a new model and texture (which, when bundled together, are usually priced at 750)- They gave her a new Recall animation and new VFX specifically done _for_ her unique Recall (the exploding orange). Sure, that's not as much as a-whole-lot-of-new-particle-effects-975, but it's still that extra effort done for the Recall animation & VFX, that makes it at least one price tier above 750. Think about it- At least two extra artists (one for animation, the other for VFX) and an engineer sat down and worked on this Recall animation, which the rest of the team had to give feedback and possibly iterate on for at least a few more days. -_- Now, a better point for discussion would be, _maybe Riot needs to make new Price tiers, for cases like Captain Fortune?_ -_- Also, come on, Tyrant Swain was made in _2012_. The modern standard that is usually used for each skin type has really changed since. If I'm not wrong, they only started experimenting with the idea of Recall animations (which was _then_ done inconsistently) with Zyra (who, I think, came out in June 2012), if I'm not wrong. So Tyrant Swain is not a very relevant example.
I am talking about how those skins are how the characters are supposed to look in current lore
Ultîma (NA)
: About Winter Wonder Karma's recall animation...
no, they won't. Karma already has a recall animation and if tyrant swain and captain miss fortune have taught you anything it's that riot values money over consistency.
: Inhib and base turrets should definitely have %max health damage.
no i was thinking the opposite approach decrease base damage, increase rampup, and give it negative bonus armor penetration so that tanks are important
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Caítlyn (NA)
: So you want to delete AP Ez from the game. No. What Ez needs is waveclear. Not whatever this mess is supposed to be.
I am aware that this would hurt ap ezreal. that's why I said increase q ratio to .7 please read the entire post before commenting
it actually would since he has incredible poke and works great with mana items, but what would be so bad about support ezreal? this would be kind of intresting. he'd sorta be a karma clone, but that shows that this wouldnt be too bad, considering karma is balanced. Hell karma could even be considered a better version of support ezreal.
: Ezreal's original W was one of the most overloaded and broken abilities in the game, as on release it also healed any allies it hit instead of just giving them attack speed, though he couldn't hit himself with it by e-ing into it. Ezreal + Soraka, when his W healed, was a very powerful lane, with them able to heal each other and Soraka able to give Ezreal free infinite mana and her Starcall hitting all enemies in the range and reducing magic resist made her great at covering up Ezreal's biggest weakness, his lack of pushing power.
Well, im not saying i want to go back to original, and this has nothing to do with soraka, so what is your point?
: Sounds like too much effort and you end up creating more problems than you fix. It's a nice idea though.
sounds like most abilities in this game :)
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: Very high ping after patch 6.9...
Same!!! before 6.9, i got 48-120, usually about 74 and now im getting up to 2000+!!!!!!! wtf!??!?! but the weird part is, when i lagged in the past it was almost all upload speed lag, with very little jitter, where it constantly stayed at about 620 ping, but here its jumping in huge spikes, constantly going from 80 all the way to 2900 in seconds!!!!! and it seems that it only spike whenever i cast a spell near another champion.... hmm... it may be my firewall thinking that the game connection is a low priority/background network, and is trying to slow it down to make way for i dont know, things like my internet explorer, cookie clearing, that dumb stuff.
: Champion Update: Taric, the Shield of Valoran
{{champion:44}} X {{champion:81}} confirmed
: > So with the mage update can we just remove QSS from the game? We've talked about QSS a bit as we began exploring these mages. Hopefully we can either get the item to a spot where it's still useful but not quite so hard-counter-y, or at least get some of the mage kits to a spot where they're not so hard countered by it.
just barf an ap mercurials and be done with it
: > Doesn't this describe every assassin in the game? Possibly, but we'd like it if Malzahar functioned more as a sustained damage threat than an assassin in the long term. He'll need some tweaks to make that a reality or worthy trade-off, however.
: Well, as the Prophet of the Void you don't want to turn your enemies into cupcakes.
he turn them into voidlings!!!!!!!!!!
: Would "making Nether Grasp tenacity--proof silence and '90% true slow (i.e. their movespeed is more like 32-35 than 126-127)' an enemy for its duration instead of suppressing" be in the realm of possibility for Nether Grasp changes?
i like it. take the silence off since he already has one in his q it will foce him to sort of land his q on his enemy, give counterplay, and make his combo less ping reliant
: Mid Year Mage Updates - Malzahar Direction
Completly rework his W. its toxic, niche as fck, optional ult damage and ideas for voidlings-- Taunt enemy champions for 1.25 seconds if malzahar falls below 40% health (12o second cd) furied voidlings mark enemies for 1.5 seconds. malzahar gains movement speed whilst moving towards marked enemies voidlings take 15% more damage from enemy champions (for counterplay) also since malzahar has an...opportunistic playstyle, maybe some damage amplification on his E? which will also make his damage feel less akward and more balanced through his kit early on when your maxing E. but maybe to compensate a higher cd on his E at early levels. also make his voidlings crit and apply on hit effects...season 6 ruined AD malz(rip essence reaver mal)
: Champion Update: Shen
literally every visual updtate ever has been an attack frame nerf.... I fear for Vayne and caitlyn.
: Congrats! I never said you suck. It does %hp damage that shreds tanks. You also don't see Malzahar mains in challenger complaining about his kit, but of course you know better. Since we're not friends I can't see your match history on the client. But I did notice you have a 0/8/2, 3/8/4, and a 1/11/4. You seem a bit far from champion mastery. Source: http://www.lolking.net/summoner/na/62310298#matches/2031643654
Well yea... Ive always sort of had a mental block against veigars, xeraths, luxs, and katarinas which I definately need to iron out before jumping on to the elo train. But since Im not level 30, i dont have deathfire grasp yet, so i hope when i get it it can make up for the nerf. Also, my playstyle, where I max W last, will be mostly unchanged, as the damage output at level 1 is the same. And since its % health true damage, its killing ability staysexactly the same as the game progresses without having to level it, so I guess this really wont hit me at all....
: No. He's already super strong as it is. In Plat+ he's rocking a 54% winrate, second only to brand. You may have a bad time with the champ because you're simply just not good at the champ, try to get better at him before complaining about his kit.
http://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/2024143954/225682032?tab=overview http://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/2004075519/225682032?tab=overview http://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/1942886942/225682032?tab=overview http://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/1939481352/225682032?tab=overview say I suck one more time. I dare you.
calisker (NA)
: Snowdown Preview
so is snow day malzahar, ziggs, and singed gonna just be part of the bundle or what?
: No. He's already super strong as it is. In Plat+ he's rocking a 54% winrate, second only to brand. You may have a bad time with the champ because you're simply just not good at the champ, try to get better at him before complaining about his kit.
Nah I went 18/1 and 28/7 once. Its just that it disturbs me how his W barely exists as a spell. It feels like its literally part of his ultimate. Like its just vanilla damage, and not a spell in its own. And fine then. Nerf damage more and do this buff. Or remove this spell entirely and replace it with an entirely different one. I don't want malzahar to be overall stronger than he was before, just more innovative and skill based. his W is so easy to walk out of he minds well have 3 spells.
: Blah blah blah, he already builds Rylais anyways.
And besides, if you actually read the whole article, you would know that that only supports the fact that it wont make him overpowered, as he usually has a slow on it anyways.
: Blah blah blah, he already builds Rylais anyways.
Yea, but before then his W has no use by itself until then, and it's pretty risky to rush that item, and even if you do, laning phase will be almost over. And i really hope you read the entire piece.
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Jakobi (NA)
: No Counterplay No Comebacks Short UnFun Games RIP League
true hopefully rito will realize the wake they created and fix it(they probably will)
: Patch 5.13 notes
being a {{champion:90}} main who uses the liandry/rylai combo, I am happy.
Labraid (NA)
: ping and internet are 100% fine, toshiba satellite P755-S5393 doesn't tell me your specs... so... im gonna look it up ... 8 GB Ram DDR3 1333 HRz... mmm i7-2670QM 2.2ghz gonna assume thats a quad core just off of intels website. and for graphics... intel HD graphics. I'd say you're fine if these are your specs... if not tell me ur specs.
ok thank you. even my upload speed? most people say theirs is 11 or so
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: Omega Squad Teemo once lived by a code
wait, are his eyes open?{{item:2044}} {{item:2043}}


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