Manxxom (NA)
: This... this is beautiful
GGEazzy (EUW)
: Why am I being matched with a feeder troll I just reported moments ago?
Because the %%%%%s at Riot don't know what they're doing. They're just trying to get that mad eSports revenue.
: "I haven't played in 3 years" - The guy who has an account over level 30. Also...why would they? It'd be an unenforceable rule. It's physically impossible to make a flawless detection system for smurfs.
Um, why would I not be able to have an account over level 30?
: why would smurfs be banable? considering with the "new" placement games everyone starts even lower than ever chances are you will see smurfs in low elo at first anyways.
Because it breaks an already broken game even more.
: >Stopped playing for 3 years, wondering if anything has changed. Yet you have played 80ish ranked games this past few weeks?
No answers yet it seems.
: i don't know about you but i see playful banter every now and then in the chat too
: Are smurf accounts bannable yet?
*3 months? No way I would play 80 in three weeks Side note - Nope, the game still sucks.
: How often do you report?
I pretty much report every game since the community here is hitler.
Rioter Comments
: Is anyone having fun?
I uninstalled a handful of games into this season since none of the balancing issues were addressed.
Top Main (NA)
: Malphite now has the same problem Yasuo had
Yeah, sounds about right. Classic Riot balance.
: A serious question from a tilted veteran...
: @Riot, I think you should take this seriously
: One thing I never understand in this community
I remember when there was a time you would see every champ being played at least once in a while. Now it's just whatever the latest hero released + 4 tanks.
: Soon enough Fortnite will see a decline, here's why
Or perhaps this game is garbage with Riot shitting on its player base every season?
Sirlimps (NA)
: Kai'Sa is Worth 7800 BE?
Riot gotta pad their %%%%% wallets so yeah.
: You're right. This is a good comparison.
You can tell why this game has no balance since their lead designers are trolling forum posts all day.
ZJD123 (NA)
: New Poll: Who should Riot nerf for 8.6?
Rude Name (OCE)
: Seriously not liking Riot’s responses to everything.
F G (NA)
: riot didn't fix the bug where i can't see the energy or mana of other champions when i click on them
No - they are too busy adding garbage heroes so that they can stuff their fat %%%%% pockets.
Rioter Comments
: Kayn's ult doesnt take turret aggro
Because Riot wants people to buy RP so that they can buy their brand new hero. They'll nerf him after they've collected enough money.
Malza (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ráffibomb,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=aWxvP7Rw,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-08-05T02:58:09.303+0000) > > I don't like seeing a Yasuo at all, because when they're on the other team they end up going top and crushing the lane across the map from me or they're feeding on my team. I don't like seeing yasuo at all because I'm a bad player*
> [{quoted}](name=Malza,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=aWxvP7Rw,comment-id=00020001,timestamp=2017-08-05T03:25:15.645+0000) > > I don't like seeing yasuo at all because I'm a bad player* Because Yasuo is broken as fuck.
: I know they are changing runes, but I finished them all anyway
: Why is kayne allowed to do 1600 unconditional damage in a single low-cd rotation?
Because Riot is full of chimps and they just want your money.
: How your attitude can win you more games (LONG)
Velthios (NA)
: Riot, They broke your banning system and it's DISGUSTING
Yeah, I get downvoted whenever I say that Riot is horrible at what they do. They are essentially the same as a Chinese phone-app company that just releases garbage with a freemium system so that they can make money without actually making a good game.
: While I agree the community isn't going to change for a long time, more than likely the whole life of League of Legends, as it's just known as a community where toxicity is in every corner, I think some toxicity will tone down a bit as some people will find it easier to become honored, I know for sure I'm going to try my best not to be rude or have an attitude with someone because I want honors. It won't work completely, nothing can dish out the toxicity in this community, not even Billy Mays, but I think it will help overall.
How about fix the game and perhaps people will have less to complain about? All of the other MobAs that this game ripped off on doesn't seem to have the same problem.
: League of Legends after New Honor system hits Live
So many fanboys. Why don't you just blow everyone at Riot since they can do no wrong?
: Is this Hacking or just Broken Riot Code... Or is this actually intended....
Riot employs the leftovers that can't get hired at actual coding companies.
: This is just making me feel like the new Rune system is focusing on the wrong thing. Gonna be real disappointed if this new system comes out without any way for me to have my 33% Crit Damage. I thought every player should be playing each champion the way they like, allowing offmeta stuff and all, but it seems like Riot is going out of that way to line up with "play this champion that way only" instead. Sad. I guess no more magic pen-attack speed Gnar for me either. ;(
Of course it's going to be shit. This is Riot we are talking about.
: +3 LP for a remake?
Because that would make sense, and Riot is filled with college dropouts.
: Before you make a post about balance...
Cool story. But the new heroes are always rigged and overpowered because Riot wants people to pay money for them.
: League of Legends after New Honor system hits Live
Cool to see that after 2 seasons, nothing has changed here and the game still sucks. Riot is still addressing non-problems while trying to cash-grab. A+ work Riot.


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