PhRoXz0n (NA)
: Crit Item Explorations
Why does crit dmg have to start at 200%? Crit dmg should be nerfed overall and crit based champions should be buffed to be compensated. Instead of doubling crit dmg, make it so it only has 150% dmg, and IE can make it 200%. That way, crit based champions aren't OP once they get IE and have to get their early game completely crippled to compensate. It seems that keeping crit at 200% base dmg is tunneling in the decisions and itemization. The problem is that if crit items are buffed, then crit based adcs are OP as teams will funnel into them to make them hit item spikes. If crit items are nerfed, then they are completely useless, and caster based ADC are OP while they ignore crit completely. Just decrease crit dmg and buff ADC base stats, so they actually have agency in the game early on, instead of being completely item reliant. At this point, any support destroy "carries" in lane for no reason other than their impossible to reach "late game" is more powerful. Making "marksmen" more powerful early on, while lowering their dmg potential lategame to increase their agency. I am sure this will indirectly buff tanks but at least 1 role isnt absolutely useless now for 25 minutes.


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