: It is just me or Scorch is a beyond abysmal rune?
don't have any problem with the dmg. The only thing they can do is to reduce its cooldown at later level
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Afr0Sam (NA)
: Leblanc burst is actually stupid
I mean, LB is an assassin who's job is supposed to burst you down. She has a relatively short range to unleash her full combo potential. If you ever get on her range, it is mainly your fault for not warding the area. She's no different from Kha or Talon ....
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: Im saying nerf the ability, it shouldn't silence, slow, and disarm a player all in one button press.
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: you mean they removed her and replaced her with a champion of similar theme right?
Well her W and E looks pretty similar to the old Karma. I really do miss her Q though (those hidden fans that had a cone aoe)
: Yeah, it does. His spell costs are so low because they're telegraphed skillshots. When Sona hits her buttons, her spells WILL land. Period. Sion has to put some serious effort into landing his, and there are some champions that he's essentially got no chance of hitting on his own. And also because he's a very slow, very large melee champion, which means he not only has no escapes, he's far easier to hit with skillshots than most of the roster. They're also low because he's a top laner and he has to go against champions who have similar if not cheaper spells, many of which are also easier to hit with than his own. Course, if you had responded to Morgan Freeman Bot up there, you'd have already gone through all this. i didn't mention it because he'd already said all that was needed on the subject, but if you're going to avoid his post because you have no response, and continue trying to fabricate one for my posts, I'll just quote him for you.
Telegraphed spell has nothing to do with ''oh this should cost less''. I took Sona as an example of how unfair early game mana cost was. I could have taken Nami's W if you wanted, or Blitzcrank's grab. Want a top ''telegraph'' champion? Jayce would be a good example, all of this spells cost about 50-70 mana in early game and he can easily run out of mana. Morgan's arguments don't even stand at all. Q dmg range from 12-120 based on charge time. him saying '' Inversely he has to stun himself for at least 1 whole second - upto 2 - in order to get any cc or damage out of it'' is false. No matter how long he charges the Q, if it hits a target, you get a guaranteed 50% slow W's shield is scaling on MAX HEALTH %. That is not a small shield. Sure it looks small on him because of his massive health during late game. Either way, you don't max his W first. **E's initial target range is 725, if it hits a minions, it goes forward up by 775 range for a total of 1500 range. EVEN if this spell a telegraph spell as you would say, IT'S 1500 POTENTIAL RANGE for 35 mana at level 1 that slows for 2.5 seconds, reduces armor by 20% (hidden effect for adc?) does an increased 30% magic dmg to all subsequent ennemies hit by E. Even Xerath's Q range or Jayce's blast aren't that far. Combined with Arcane comet and scorch, you get a 150 dmg spell for 35 mana on a 12 second cooldown** If all you have to do if to Avoid his spells to counter him, heck, that would be the same against a Xerath mid, and life would be easy. But you know what, you can Keep using Morgan's argument against me even if I just proved them wrong. This conversation is over.
: Revert her _what?_ She has been more or less unchanged for years.. Works fine, if not broken, dont change it?
if you didn't play LoL before 2012, you wouldn't know. But to make it short, she was one of the champion to receive a FULL set change. and that post was sarcastic. I know riot won't change back karma
: I play Sion support. I've mained him and played him in every role since his rework. Don't lecture me about how good or bad he is, I know his strengths and weaknesses inside and out.
Lol why the aggresive answer. I know Sion pretty well too. And I believe that his mana cost is way below others especially during early game. This isn't about -- He can hardly land his skills, so his spells shouldn't cost alot ! Your reply hasn't answered anything. You're literally switching the subject's topic which is ''Sion's spell cost are so low''. This has nothing to do with his ult not hitting or being too predictable.
: Reverting what ? Her AoE shield damage with Mantra ? Her new shield is way better imo
nonono! the very old Karma! her Q-W-E had 6 levels and they were slightly different her ultimate had 2 charges her passive would increase her ap based on missing health %!
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: I've never encountered this in 6 years of playing league
: When Tahm flings his tongue, he doesn't have to sit there with a giant "I'M CHARGING MY TONGUE" animation for a full second if he wants to actually land the hit and it be a valuable one. When Thresh or Blitz fire their long-range CC, they don't need a minion as an intermediary for the range to actually be long, and the resulting CC is much better than a slow. And they all have instant ways to protect their ADC even if you get inside their long range. Tahm can eat his ADC and has two health bars for absorbing skillshots, Thresh can flay and ult, Blitz can knockup and ult. Sion can sit there with his I'M CHARGING MY AXE animation, and maybe pop you with a slow, both of which are very difficult to effectively peel with as support in a gank situation because almost everything in this game is just so fast these days. And even if he DOES zone the jungle gank off with a well-timed Q charge that magically doesn't get interrupted, he's going to die himself so his ADC can live if it's early game, because he's got the mobility of a rusty door hinge 95% of the time. And don't tell me his passive makes up for that. Sion's passive is _worthless._ The only time you might get a few hits off with it is level 1 or during a chaotic teamfight, but by the time those come around you're really not doing enough damage to be a threat. Outside of these scenarios, _every_ death to a Sion in his passive is down to a mistake on the part of the enemy.
I feel like you've never played against a Sion support. Sure on paper it looks awful but wait until you see a good one. What division are you? Basically he would shout a minions, damage and slow you (arcane comet hits you + scorch) then axe you. Remember that he can cancel his axe animation early and just swing it. Starting with relic shield provides him with more hp than the average support, heals his allies and his big hit box just tanks everything for the adc. Sion can literally solo push a lane too. Thank kench doesn't clear wave as fast as him, his tongue is easily blocked by minions, Blitz's grab basically cost 40% of his mana. he can't spam it. Thresh depends on how good is your adc.
: Let's Talk About Dark Harvest
Dark harvest works on towers and procs on auto attacks only. Also, it doesn't have a cooldown compared to electrocute. It it weaker in early phase but gets more powerful during late game. Champions (allies OR ennemies) that die near dark harvest user drop a soul that grants 6 souls. Therefore dark harvest can be used pretty much more often during a teamfight and can stack very quickly. A downside of dark harvest, is that it requires you to have a charge ready to use it, otherwise, you're wasting that rune. When you snowball early, dark harvest is the rune by excellence to take. Electrocute, on the other hands offers a more powerful burst at early-mid game. However, it takes 3 uniques source of attack do activate it. Also, it goes on a pretty long cooldown, enough to make it only proc once during a teamfight, or twice during a long teamfight. That being said, they both provide a burst damage, the way of using it however differs greatly.
: I don't feel the same way about a number of yours. The question mark pings and pinging and item let me know you disagree with an item choice. I may or may not agree, but it doesn't bother me a lot if it's just one person's opinion. "Stop feeding" -- if I receive this, I'll think about whether I'm taking unnecessary risks. I might not agree with the sentiment, but sometimes upon reflection, I realize that I need to.... stop feeding. INT is used loosely by the community. I don't appreciate auto gg, but I don't care that much about people using INT loosely. Just... some of the things you list aren't that offensive to me.
Ah. I forgot to say that they spam your item and question mark all game long and whenever they can issue pings. I sure don't mind them pinging once or twice. But spamming questions mark non stop next to your champion is a passive aggresive act. Trying to rage you and get the team on his side. When someone is saying stop feeding when you're already doing your best without knowing the context, I find it insulting. Jungler might be camping you, your jungler might not want to help you, perhaps you're getting dove everytime. A lane that snowballs is how games end this quickly now. Hey i'll just afk in the base, i'll stop feeding if that makes you happy. Also, I do agree that the community uses INT incorrectly, and that is what annoys me. They need to know what is the difference of inting and someone trying to do its best.
Vanjie (NA)
: How Do I play MF Now? She Seems To Be Struggling
Hi, Here's my secret build with MF (ssh don't tell anyone!) I go Dark Harvest with MF, and rush all penetration items (in order - {{item:3142}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3814}} {{item:3036}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3812}} Dark Harvest - It procs with your Q. Since MF has a great roaming potential, you can quickly pick up stacks. MF is all about quick bursting and killing ennemies fast. Taste of blood - it procs with your Q, since you'll won't have fleet, you want a little bit of sustains early Eyeball collections - Just for the extra dmg. Duskblade provides a good way to hunt down wards Relentless hunter - You'll basically run at 500 movespeed out of combat when you got 5 stacks with lvl 5 strut and youmous. On secondary runes, get Precision Triumph - It's a good way to snowball and get back some health. Legend : Alacrity - In compensation of not going attack speed items. you'll need it. This is by far the best snowballing build on MF, Dark harvest procs on tower too. Combo it with your passive Love tap for a massive burst.
: Sona doesn't aim her entire basic kit, though. And has a heal for two. And has a shield for five. And has an 100% ap ratio on her Q (50% x 2) which doesn't need to be aimed.
I was talking on early game.
: I think his point is that Sona can go even *more* devoted to mana and still runs out.
I was giving Sona for example. Nami has a 70 mana spell healing that cost 15 extra mana per level.
Escheton (EUW)
: So you are saying someone spent a runetree and rune on mana sustain, but they aren't allowed to throw a few spells. K
The only thing on mana sustain, is manaflow.
: Sion also has to aim some very telegraphed spells and can't heal his ADC, but I guess we're ignoring stuff like that for the sake of your argument?
I'm not sure why you're saying that. Not all supports can heal their adc too. Tham kench thresh and blitz also have some target spells. None of them cost that few mana
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: {{item:3504}} {{item:3174}} {{item:3222}} {{item:3107}} {{item:3069}} {{item:3092}} {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
Kythers (NA)
: Anyone try the new Shurelyas?
I use it on Karma. Item is pretty good on enchanters (especially the HP part). Sadly, you are sacrificing a little bit of mana regeneration for this. Overall, It's nice. I just don't like the cooldown reduction stats. Yet, ANOTHER cooldown reduction item. Enchanters are plagued with cooldown reduction items and no mana regeneration.
nartin9 (NA)
: Kennen is below 50 % winrate
so huh what about all the other champs below 50% wr?
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: Is this still considered "toxic"?
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Kittèn (NA)
: I dont really know the counter to xayah / rakan bot lane
So i'm just gonna throw how I play against Xayah and Rakan with my supports : {{champion:37}} She has access to diminuendo (the green power chord) which reduces dmg by 25%. I usually stand at 2 stacks of power chord so whenever Rakan engages on my adc, I use diminuendo + exhaust on their adc. Most of the time, this is enough to shut them down and turn back the fight on them. Of course, you don't stay close to your adc or else it's over. {{champion:117}} She can polymorph Xayah and basically shield your adc. Also, if Xayah is not exactly near Rakan, Lulu can slow Xayah down with her Q. After polymorph's duration ends, you can throw exhaust at Xayah. {{champion:25}} Basically one of the biggest counter to Rakan because of her black shield. Timing is very important. If your adc manages to get caught, try to throw a bind on Xayah. {{champion:40}} She can knockup Rakan before his W lands. Also, she can prevent Rakan from shielding Xayah too. if your adc gets caught, simply peel XAYAH back with your ultimate before running away too. {{champion:43}} A little bit harder to counter Xayah and Rakan. But if your adc gets caught, you need to use Mantra shield AFTER the knockup so he can benefit from the movespeed bonus. Try binding Xayah with your W. If she is fed, you can throw an exhaust to damper the damage. {{champion:16}} If you hit someone with starcall, your W will provide rejuvenation on the next healing ally. Try hitting Xayah with your Q and silence before using exhaust.
: How is Orianna still untouched?
Well, Ori's early dmg is pretty low. Unless she manages to get fed, I don't see how problematic she is compared to other snowballing mid champions such as Leblanc, Kassadin or Yasuo. Sure she'll zone you with her Q and that's mainly because you fed her. On top of that, every spell she does revolve around her ball. Juste be smart and time well your attacks.
: Unless I missed them removing it, you left out Crucible. Also, I don't see why you need items to increase an enchanters mana pool when they have a lot of mana Regen items.
Crucible doesn't provide mana. Only mana regeneration. The reason why you only want mana is because you're overdoing your cooldown reduction which basically all mana and mana regeneration item give.
: All I can think is you listed a ton of items that aren't anything most enchanters would buy. Maybe build more AP and be more selective about when you use spells? Quality can beat quantity. You could always study pro supports builds and how they use their champ?
Well uh, that's the point. If you noticed, I've listed all the mana items you can buy from shop and like you said, none of them really applies to enchanters.
InTheory (EUW)
: Sounds like you feel too restricted from other players? I never had a problem with mana unless playing tank supports like Braum or Tahm Kench where I suddenly couldn't spam my Q anymore.
When you play ranked in my elo, you ARE restricted. a simple item out of the meta gets you harrassed for days IF your adc dies. don't even think going mana items with lost chapter when you're a supporter. Anyway, it would be foolish to not go Athene, ardent censer as a mage-supporter like Karma.
InTheory (EUW)
: If you want mana, then buy a mana item. I don't see why one should not do that. But why would you not take the CDR?If you see a problem of having too much CDR then just opt into transcendence and make a formerly weakness a strength.
That's not the point. As a support, you buy items that your team needs and not what you need. And as it turns out, support items all give cooldown reductions and no mana. I don't want CDR, I want MANA. Hell I would have rushed Luden's echo on Karma or Lich bane on Sona if that wasn't the case of being a supporter.
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: Lol @ PBE rageblade only stacking on champs now
I am so sad to see Guinsoo to be built from 2 pickaxes. AP users like Kayle and Varus would be hardly hit by that. It also removes potential AP guinsoo user such as Orianna (Her passive), Ekko, lulu ... (even though it's not a thing). I really wish there was 2 possible path to build guinsoo like this : Pickaxe + Pickaxe + Recurved bow + recipe = guinsoo for 3.4k Blasting wand + Blasting wand + Recurved bow + recipe = guinsoo for 3.4k Also, i feel like this is an indirect nerf for Nashor's tooth because you actually want more AP
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Sunset (EUNE)
: Yes, and even now with 2 kills behind, she still fights and dies. What to do?
What is she supposed to do ? Jungler will refuse to gank a losing lane and she won't be able to farm under turret because it's Rumble vs Riven. She's already tilted and it's only normal to see that kind of gameplay when no one is helping her. You normaly sympathize towards player like this saying how you can't gank for her because x x x reasons (and not because you suck). At least that's gonna mellow her tilt.
Sunset (EUNE)
: Explain the logic
Happens a lot for the top lane. Let's take for example Riven vs Rumble Rivens dies early game giving first blood to the Rumble. Then she quickly comes back in lane with TP in hope of getting back a kill but little did she know that an ennemy shaco was waiting in the bush. Result : Riven died twice in less than 5 minutes, she's titled. Her jungler instead of helping her just ignores the help she needs to get back in the game. Playing ability is reduced by her tilt and it's just a snowball effect. Riven will either ignore her team for the rest of the game and just afk push in form of protest because her team is probably flamming her without knowing what really happened.
: Why does Tristana Q Cost no Mana?
What about Varus and Jinx ?
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: It's been months that you guys have been complaining about the balance in this game, enough.
LoL forum only represent a very small % of all players opinions. If there are more and more players playing LoL, I don't see where they fail. Because if the game would really suck, growth would eventually fall which isn't the case.
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: Karma (Low Winrate 46,46% for a long while) - Please give her a small buff!
Did someone say Karma ?! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
: The Heimerdinger nerf is too much..
Ult E is basically what I always do in a teamfight. They nerfed his big turret beam damage, nothing else. Seems pretty decent for me.
: Malphite player
Just ask for a gank...? You're like asking how a Janna support is supposed to kill Maokai with spirit visage. You don't solo kill him, you gank him.
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