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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 9
In regards to champions going beyond level 18: There are many forms of infinite scaling already in the game (Nasus, Veigar, Sion, for examples). I see no reason Champion Level could not be used as a metric for continued scaling. The primary questions would be: do their Health, Attack, Defense, etc. continue to scale with their level (I would assume so) and can they continue to level up abilities beyond 5,5,5,3? (Again, I would assume so). To use a champion like Nasus as a quick example, while his stats associated with level do not increase, being able to continue leveling his q indefinitely would be pretty functionally similar to his current system. I see no reason even endless* leveling could not exist on a champion (*provided, of course, each level requires more and more experience to reach, surviving as a natural curve to rather than a linear progression).
Keepe (NA)
: Gods damn it, every time I see that name. XD
: Your top 3 mastery champions get in a drunken argument...
{{champion:17}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:36}} Honestly I can't really imagine them not getting along.....
Fillai (EUW)
: Shadow Isles Map ??
....... the 3v3 map is on the shadow isles...
: This yorick rework isn't yorick at all.... like at all?
I played Sion and Mordkaiser before their reworks. I know that feel
: reporting works ? like to inform you its a bot that bans not real ppl anymore.
You got banned = people get banned. You made a bad choice and gave them an excuse to report you. Did you deserve it? Maybe, maybe not. Doesn't matter. Play the game if you want to, or don't.
: Just got Banned for 14 days. Riot, I got you. :D
You brought it on yourself - the fact you were banned is itself evidence that reporting works XD If you don't like trolls and afk's, then not reporting them isnt really gonna help...
: well you see ik what your thinking but for real a tank like {{champion:48}} can easyly 1v3 and win in low-elo. I am in Low elo so if you dislike my reply plz tell me'
I'm s5, so I am not exactly "high elo" XD You just need some hard cc. Ashe can kite him really well, maybe a leona or a nautilus to peel, and you're fine. Just play it safe, don't rush in if you're squishy, stay back and poke when you can, focus on moving.
: Tanks too powerful!!!
I definitely disagree - while tanks become incredibly strong in the late game, its true, other champs are just as strong early. Additionally, tanks are meant to be the kings of 1v1; if tanks are overwhelming you, group up and cc them down/kite them. I'm guessing English isn't your first language - don't worry about it, you were clear enough to understand :D
: Have you ever tried cass?
Cass? Yeah, don't care for her much :/ When I mid, I normally run Veig or Karthus, though I do play lux for her laugh
Keepe (NA)
: Nah, just the Undertale reference in combination with Teemo.
Oh ok. Most people who dont like the name instantly hate me over teemo XD
Keepe (NA)
: Everything in me is saying I should try to tear you limb from limb for that user name. XD Upvoted because you beat me to it AND Cringe/Funny name.
It gets worse: I play top. My mains are Teemo, Singed, Mundo (in that order) with playing around on Rammus, Garen, and Yorick
: What the hell does loss prevented mean?
So if the servers are having issues, or if multiple members of a team dc, things like that, the game goes "loss prevented" - It means that the winning team gets the win, but you don't lose any LP or such over the loss.
: Well depends on how you build him tbh, You Don't NEED to land the 3rd Q and his pet dragon (when you have dominated your lane) can 3 shot the enemy ADC while being tanky to boot
I dont much care for some of the changes to his passive nor his new q nor his nerfed w nor his weak no damage e and his ult is honestly about the same, but with a gimmick
: That would be jungle. And more for Graves.
Hec has been played top off and on over the years
: Old morde was...... hmmm yea old morde was a.......... tbh idk what the fuck he was, atleast the sheen items worked better when they gave AP instead of mana, still good to pick-up a lich or trinity depending on the Morde build you go with now.
Old Morde was fun, and able to deal damage. New morde has a single gimmick that rarely works without flash or heavy cc from an ally. Oh and steals dragon. I guess. Never matters.
: Ok, so the top lane is filled with tanks and juggernauts (and also satan), how do you correlate My Little Pony with that?
I assumed it was a Hecarim reference
: Taking first tower and being 30 cs ahead is a pretty happy win for me
Sweet, most of my singed games count XD A lot of people see a negative singed and right it off as "lost lane" I view it at winning if I am taking turrets and distracting them from objectives
: When Morde's Ghost AI gets buffed
When you remember old mordekaiser
: Getting bashed as a top lanner
Same. but how do you define "winning lane"?
: He's level 22.
he said he had been banned, I am assuming its a newer account
: I carry hard even with feeding useless "teams". I get camped hard in my lane and still solo and outlane my loser opponent, and the very rare times when I don't have 5 top with no team help I snowball and dominate with ease. It amazes me how I get griefing feeders non-stop and am always playing coordinated enemy teams...Riot sucks so hard and can't even make a viable game that's even remotely balanced. I bet the games code is awful too, just like that bug that came out year ago that broke all champions because Riot have hundreds of millions of dollars but still fail hard.
considering I know multiple people who have climbed from the depths of are either exaggerating incredibly hard....or lying. Dont much care which.
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Vencia (EUW)
: Too many toxic players
You did nothing wrong, the veig is an asshole, sorry you had to deal with that
Xelnex (NA)
: Longest Game Of My Life !!!!!
Surprisingly low kill count for such a long game. Yall are super passive.
: How many downvotes can i get?
As a Teemo Main, it was my dutty to up vote you.
: if you cant handle ranked...
Normals are more laid back anyway. If you are on tilt, why are you playing a game type with more stress?
Rozair (NA)
: so i was playing all for one when i realized
Liandrys is actually pretty good. I dont play much Ekko, but I build it a lot on the champs I do play
: Occasionally there are some nifty icons on sale for IP at the store :P
Already got the Special Teemo icon
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: Champion Insights: Kled, the Noxian Meme
FeeNeeX (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Hoi Im Temmo,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=tdE8JXXX,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-08-04T14:01:41.594+0000) > > Look, I get your beef with Riot. Its not entirely unfounded. But two things: > > 1) Dodge times are to prevent people from dodging over things like not getting a lane or champion, to punish people for making everyone else's queue time longer. Just because you have a valid reason to dodge, doesn't mean Riot can identify that reason. > > 2) If you want them to add a feature, create a positive thread explaining the issue, your understanding, and detailing what you think they should add, and how it might be implemented. What you have posted above is just a heap of salt, and everyone reading it will think you are an asshole, and disagree. i am an asshole :)
Then you are never gonna see the problem resolved and get to deal with it. Either way, your post doesnt not belong on the boards
FeeNeeX (NA)
Look, I get your beef with Riot. Its not entirely unfounded. But two things: 1) Dodge times are to prevent people from dodging over things like not getting a lane or champion, to punish people for making everyone else's queue time longer. Just because you have a valid reason to dodge, doesn't mean Riot can identify that reason. 2) If you want them to add a feature, create a positive thread explaining the issue, your understanding, and detailing what you think they should add, and how it might be implemented. What you have posted above is just a heap of salt, and everyone reading it will think you are an asshole, and disagree.
: Your game is TRASH filled with BOTS
Have you tried selecting pvp? XD
: Idk its sorta peer pressure but all the friends i play with often have thier main at mastery 7 and I've gotten SO MANY S- but i cant seem to get S or S+ on darius, I've only gotten S twice on my best champion altho my win streak is sorta absurd
I mean, I main Teemo and Singed right now - both of whom have such a huge target on their backs that I haven't been able to get much S or S+ either. But I don't mind, because the M7 doesn't *do* anything. It's cool to have, but no hurry on getting it. Just my opinion.
: True I definitely could have handled it better. I have grown accustomed to being blamed as a jungler. It comes with the role. I am fine with admitting my mistakes as its the only way to get better. I just get really annoyed when people talk about going afk or spamming max number of pings over & over again. I just decided awhile ago that I am done taking shit from kids in this game. If you going to flame me, I will mute you. If you say you are going to go afk then go afk, but stfu about it because I and most likely the rest of the team don't care. If you need help then ask, but don't act immature about it. Luckily most of the time my teammates have seemed pretty leveled headed lately and usually its only one bad egg that the rest of the team ignores. Have won a lot of games this season doing that. I was probably a little extra angry about it because a game or two before that one I had a vayne say a similar thing. We were behind early and after she died for like the 6th time just said "im done gg..... I am going afk". I just laughed and say why..... we still have this game. Then 10-15 mins later we ace the enemy team and end the game for the victory. Don't know why people just can't chill out a little. Shout out to my mid {{champion:30}} that game. Dude had a clutch flash slow play at the end that helped setup the team Ace and victory. The vayne that complaining and talking about going afk got a Quadra kill in that fight. Pays to stick around (so happy I killed the other member so they didn't the penta. screw em haha).
I am certainly not blaming you - just trying to give you another perspective so you can deal with it in the future. Jungler mains don't get enough love <3
: I am Not Your Baby Sitter
You probably could have handled the example situation a bit better - but I get where you are coming from. What it basically comes down to is that Jungler is a position with an unreasonable amount of demand on the player. You have to be sure to farm the jungle or fall incredibly behind, you need to help winning lanes to keep them ahead, and try and pick up the slack for the player who is behind or has a bad match up. You seem to know this, but the issue comes down to - If a player is losing and not getting help from Jungle, no matter how justified you are in your priorities, they will only see their rising death score and blame you. Its just the nature of frustration. If you can spare the time, try to simply respond (so they know you see them) with something like "bot needs help too, and I can't do both right now" "Kind of behind, need to farm up" "your lane is really ahead, if I attempt a gank, will likely feed them worse" and follow up with encouragement or suggestion, "Play safe, I will be there as soon as I can" "Go ahead and take a couple camps, you cant farm safely right now" etc. True, you can't always babysit, and especially cant type all that out at your leisure, but some level of communication usually helps to lower tensions.
: please do something about surrenders and getting S+ through S-
The rank system wasn't intended for grinding like a WoW skill or something. It's something you get as a reward for playing games. You get the mastery by playing the game because you want to play it, and eventually getting mastery as a side effect.
: Can I play Aatrox yet?
C9 Sharp (NA)
: Waiting for a new skin for Talon...
Most old champions don't get overly much skin attention. You gonna be waiting a long time. Especially since you just "want a skin" rather than pushing a particular idea.
: downvoted cause teemo main kappa
: Please make it so that searching "666" in champ select brings up Teemo
: People may abuse this to get certain roles. If I queue duo bot and my third guy puts secondary as bot or supp, third guy always gets his role because there would have to be priority to the duo bot because of its scarcity. Might work but it would need a lot of rebalancing
I don't claim to be a game designer, but if people were interested in at least a similar system, then I am sure riot could design one.
: Something I've noticed about the new champions
the main reason for the "circles" is that if you have an aoe effect, with the perimeter being a line of equidistant points from a center, it forms a circle (im not being an ass here, I swear XD) - basically, any aoe skill shot will be circle unless it specifically has a particular shape crafted into it, something RIOT would want to minimize.
: Suggestion for Dynamic Queue Update
I kind of intended the other two options on the vote to be their for humor, but the morde revert is picking up steam....I'm down.
: You just have to have 1 person who doesn't have a guaranteed role.
: In dynamic queue if you que up by yourself this might happen. 1) You get in a team and everyone else is solo and the enemy team is solo has well= Fair match 2) You get in a team everyone is solo but the enemy team has 4 premade and 1 random. This is unfair because the enemy team probably using a teamspeak program that mean they can communicate better and can coordinate more efficiently to capture objective.
Ah, I understand what you mean now - sorry, a bit tired. In my experience it attempts to match multi queues with similarly sized ones, that is, a team of a duo duo solo, will probably face the same or maybe a triple and two solos, or a quad and a solo, or some such. But the longer the wait time, the less that seems to happen.
: I can't hit vote button, daf0k. And if you want to duo Q bot lane simply do P1: Adc, Sup P2: Sup,ADC You'll get adc/support almost certainly this way
that works on some cases, but it has given the "fill more roles" requirement in some cases
: what they really need to do is make a solo que option so that solo player vs other solo player only this way everyone has a fair advantage.
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