: Recent changes to Quick Cast with Range Indicators
Hello! First off I want to say that I'm glad that this problem was identified and acknowledged :) One more thing that I was curious about was the fact that you could cancel your range indicator by right clicking causing you to move wherever you clicked. I'm not sure if this was mentioned in this post, but I was wondering if that was something that changed or I'm just going crazy. To put it simply, I would bring my range indicator up, then cancel it by moving. Now when I have my range indicator up and right click to move, it cancels the range indicator, but the champion doesn't move where I right clicked, causing him to aimlessly walk forward. The adjustment was having to double click, which sounds simple enough I guess. But I just didn't see any problem with the old way. Like I said earlier, I'm not sure if its something that has always been around that I'm just noticing now, or if it was changed in the most recent patch. Thank you for taking the time to hear me out.
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: Casting/Canceling spells with left/right click BUGGED
Can we at least get a Rioter to recognize this problem? The last time they said they couldn't reproduce this on live. I'm hoping that they don't ignore this.
: I believe it has something to do with right clicking while casting abilities. I noticed that when I right click to move that it cancels the ability and "stutters" as seen above, especially when right clicking rapidly.
I think something that is important to note is that before this current patch, you could cancel your range indicator by right clicking and you would instantly move in the direction you clicked on. I believe now after you bring your range indicator on and right click, you don't move where you right clicked. So for someone like myself who constantly brings up the range indicator for precision and then canceling it with a right click to move, it seems like a stutter. I'm not sure if that's what you said and I'm reiterating, but I think its important for Riot at least acknowledge this bug :/
: [GAMEPLAY] Normal Cast Abilities Cancel Improperly
This thread needs much more attention. I don't think riot realizes how much this affects play styles of many players. Personally, I wouldn't want to jeopardize my teams ability to win the game due to this bug changing my gameplay with something I'm not entirely use to or comfortable with. This change doesn't seem like it was on purpose, so I'm not really going to blame Riot. Respectfully, I think many summoners including myself would like this issue to be resolved as soon as possible.
: Stuttering and movement breaking with standard casted abilities.
As you can see that this bug affects many peoples gameplay, whether you use regular range indicators or smart cast with range indicators. There was nothing wrong with the way it was before. Frankly I don't really feel confident in my play and I wouldn't want to jeopardize my team due to this. I'm gonna just hold off on playing till this bug gets fixed, and I hope I don't have to for another entire patch. :/


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