Sydney26 (EUW)
: Who else wishes Tribunal would be brought back?
Oh man, The youtube videos "funny tribunal cases 1-9" were so funny, thanks for reminding me to watch them, its been years
King Lego (EUNE)
: Um...can somebody explain to me how i got honor level 2?
It takes MONTHS of casual play to go up from honor 1 to 2. first you have to unfreeze it, then you get to checkpoints. Riot really needs to make it a exp system so it's easy to tell where we are at. I do think that it's time gated so if you just play 1 game per day
: What's the point of banning ally's yasuo?
There is a good chance he rages at you and dodges the game saving you the trouble that is being with a trashuo. When i do it i don't say a word to prevent myself from getting reported. A part of me wants to type in all caps HAHA WHERE IS YOUR YASUO NOW SCRUB but due to the honor system being tied to rewards i just pretend like i didn't notice and was half asleep.
: The term “overloaded” is being thrown around quite a bit.
{{champion:92}} Overloaded? what does that mean? It means you have a mini dash, a stun, a shield, no mana pool to deal with, a Q that has 3 uses, the third letting you jump over walls, and a ultimate that not only gives you tons of damage but has a long range execute. On top of this you move just as fast as an udyr. Oh i also forgot, her 3rd Q also does a mini stun as well and does aoe damage. All she's missing is built in sustain.
LordZeds (EUW)
: OP Champs That won't be nerfed
Riot needs to remove {{item:3053}} from the game, that item makes jax and irelia broken. The moment a jax has {{item:3078}} {{item:3047}} {{item:3053}} it's over for you. Darius isn't that OP, people just don't respect him enough and he snowballs really hard. He becomes a monster if he gets 5 auto attacks off and gets his passive fully stacked Fizz's ultimate could use a hit box nerf, i feel like that ult just clips into you too easily and guarantees that you die at a certain point. I also hate Riven, she's an overloaded monster that if played in the right hands makes me want to quit league of legends. If i was riot id slap a mana pool on her so she can't just spam abilities forever and outplay with shield + stun.
: how the fuck am i suppose to touch akali?
I used to main akali, but i just couldn't enjoy the new akali. She used to be a 4 ability no ultimate champion like udyr, nidalee, jayce, corki. Riot removed that identity from her and made her a CD ultimate assassin like all the others. She's ruined just like katarina. But ironically enough she's stronger than before for high diamond players. She's so skill expressive now i might as well play diana
: How I would fix Yasuo
Yasuo isn't even that broken. He doesn't have OP parry mechanics like jax, fiora and irelia. These changes would destroy yasuo, you might as well just write "remove him from the game"
: jax rework idea
Or riot could just delete Jax from the game and 95% of the community will say "thank god" and while they are at it, make akali back to her old kit again, New akali just isn't the same nor is it fun to play against.
: top 3 reasons MF will NEVER be LCS material in ANY META
I feel like MF's ult doesn't do enough damage for how hard it is to pull off. So many times she will ult and it will be a HAHA~ CCed Does she get a refund like caitlyn? of course not. I dislike her new Q (not so new anymore) but her old Q just felt better and stronger.
kayochan (NA)
: Limited tokens & pass take away the fun
It's too expensive for something that is akin to gambling. skin shards don't give enough orange essence either. I kind of wish tokens were just a free part of the game, i'm still going to compulsively buy skins for champs that i play, the tokens add a nice incentive to play everyday knowing i can get +15 from my daily win and another 6 from winning and 8 from S rank. You might as well make the game a subscription based game
: New Akali feels weird
It is a new champion. Old akali is effectly removed from the game. It's really depressing. Her Core identity was sticking to people with R and being a 4 ability champion with no ultimate since her ult was never really on CD unless you were spamming it to chase someone down. It would be like removing corki's ultimate and giving him a 90 second CD ultimate.
: Fixing Akali
all bad ideas. a better idea is to just undo the rework entirely and pretend it never happened. but you can keep the new character model, it looks cool. Oh and change her icon, it's the worst icon in league currently. She looks like a fish. And when you go back to the way akali should be pre-rework, make her E proc Q again.
: Nexus Blitz (More like Nexus Trash)
games are so snowbally that surrendering happens every game
: This game would be better off without Yasuo in it
Yasuo isn't that OP. Jax should get removed. I'm glad his late game got nerfed a bit by reducing his ults damage a good chunk but his helicopter is on too Low of a CD, he can use it twice in a duel so you really can't outplay him.
I agree new champs deserve a couple weeks of time to shine as the login screen. They keep making a new screen ever 5 days it seems. Overall it would be ideal if we could just choose which login screen we wanted or make it so lv7 mastery unlocks the option to use a login screen that champ is in. If a new Login screen is made, it's used just once then it goes back to your default.
: Ashe is broken, Or Warwick is weak
Ohhh yeah this game has bots, i completely forgot. Sucks they removed the option to play bots 1v5. That's how i break in all new champs.
Sillae (NA)
: Neeko's Ult
Neeko's ultimate is lulu's ultimate on steroids. Would have been waaaaay cooler if Neeko's ultimate was the champ she was pretending to be on a low CD with 2 charges (but you can only use the one champs ult once per 20 seconds so you can't use two tryndamere ults in a row but you can combine quinn's ult with lux's ult to roam snipe like a boss. And for ults that can't be used due to the champs kit like nidalee or syndra, neeko can just gain a passive AP buff that scales with level.
Zullar (NA)
: Want to Know Why League is Dying?
League dies when burst goes away. It's just like world of warcraft when blizzard completely ruined pvp in mist of pandaria by making burst non-existent. Basically before that expansion everyone took 100% damage from other players, but if you got pvp gear from pvping you got resilience which reduced the damage by a percentage. High end players had high resilience and newer players had almost none so the more geared you got the more damage and resilience you had, the more you owned. It was a great system, 20% skill 80% gear but everyone loved it. you dedicate yourself to getting all the hard pvp items and then the payoff was similar to league when you get super fed and just destroy people. Without the mentality of "i could get fed this game and destroy people" league has nothing going for it. Nobody plays league for skill expression, we play it because we want to gain a unfair advantage and enjoy beating someone else into the dirt. Most people don't like long drawn out 45 minute games where everyone reaches full build and it feels like a coin toss to see who makes a mistake first. I don't mind them once in a while, It's fun to reach the legendary 6th item build. But i agree with the post, off screen Zoe tier burst is not ok. when someone can do over 50% of your health from over 2500 units away, there is a problem
nicnetnoc (OCE)
: Why I Uninstalled After Almost 3000 Hours
I was like that with wow in my senior year of highschool. I mean it was Wotlk, the height of all video games. I missed school one day and got away with it which made me go "i will just stay up sooo late that i'm too tired to go to school and get a day off". Highschool is a waste of life, Grades mean nothing. You should learn to cheat, cheating in highschool is ok, i wish i had cheated more when i was in school, i bet i could come up with some creative ways to cheat and get away with it.
: Design first. Sexuality second.
_<Removed by Moderation>_ I hope league doesn't become garbage like Overwatch. I mean league is already headed there, its only a matter of time. We got a crappy loot box system that isn't fair at all for the player.
: [VOTE] do you want dark harvest removed?
Yes because i don't use it therefor i don't care if it's gone (shyvana main- press the attack)
wolf jade (EUNE)
: no ARURF?
Nexus blitz is way better than ARURF. Arurf is fun and silly but if i had to play 200 games of either game mode i would choose nexus blitz. It should come back for a week though, lots of new champs were added which means new urf possibilities. Akali will be funny, every Q heals her and she can spam Q every second. But sadly she can't double shroud anymore since the CD doesn't start till shroud is finished. would have been funny to be perma invis and untargetable under turret killing minions inside the enemy base spamming Q's to clear the wave and healing every second.
Little Shaq (EUNE)
: Ultra Rapid Fire
One for all is better than Urf imho. URF gets old after a day or two. Nexus blitz is what we should get as a new permanent game mode, I like that slightly more than aram. If they do bring it back they should reduce death timers by a lot since the team who kills rift herald pretty much wins anyways. Plus having nexus deathmatch happen right after an ace is pretty lame. They should remove death timers in URF and keep champ kills at a static 100g. Make TP have no CD but it can't be used on minions or wards. So basically just a way to get back into lane fast and also be able to heal up vs oppressive poke since you can teleport back into base to heal and then teleport back out. OR have death timers be on a charge system where you get 1 instant rez every 25 seconds so teams trying to end get a 15 second window when they kill someone, because turrets fall extremely fast in Urf
: We havnt had a sub 975 RP skin since April fools, 2017.
i think we got hextech crafting in 2016 so that might explain why since were getting maybe 5 free skins per year unless you are a die hard and collect all 52 possible chest each year, in this case you are getting around 14-17 skins depending on price or if you use the turn 3 into random permanent option.
: Imagine if the balance team was as good as the splash arts team?
Jax fiora and irelia would be removed from the game then and we would get old akali back with a couple tweeks like E procing Q and R distance restored
: Smite mid lane
I dislike restrictions riot makes to enforce a meta. Like the Monster hunter change where you get half gold from minions in lane if you have the most gold in the first 10 minutes of the game or however it works.
: True damage and armor pen
I agree Black Cleaver is way too powerful. Garen builds it then goes full tank and just shreds people. Plus his spin builds stacks of BC
: I would like an alternate game mode where it reverts league to patch 4.20
I'm game for that. Season 4 had Feral flare udyr <3 Though riot made lots of changes i like that i would miss if i played season 4 league of legends.
Aamano (NA)
: Just remove Critical Strike Chance from the game.
They could change crit to not be random but rather a charged up constant. Example if you have 25% crit Auto 25% Auto 50% Auto 75% Auto 0% - Crit or if you have 45% crit Auto 45% Auto 90% Auto 35% Crit basically every time you exceed 100% with an auto it's a crit and the remaining % is carried over. This means that nobody will ever crit you 4 times in a row with only 20% crit or you won't not crit for 4 times if you got 80%. if you got 80% crit you will have 100% crit for like 5 autos after the first one fails and brings you to 80%
: no emotes
Try reloading your client. This bug happened with me buying the cat ward.
: A litle Jinx thing.
I'm for it. I think there was a time when Jinx's passive didn't work on inhibitors but riot changed it so maybe we will see dragons, rifts, and barons proc the buff.
Hjelp (NA)
: I put a ":)" face in chat every time I kill someone...
pLèÿ26 (NA)
: rewards
Riots crappy honor system got you, if you are not honor 2 you don't get the skin. A very bad mistake as a single game of bad behavior took me ~200 games to undo I kid you not. luckily all the games of ascension i spammed added up to getting back to honor 2. I wish i had known that a single game of inting in One for all could mean no season rewards, It was late at night (or early morning i should say) and i wasn't thinking straight. OR you didn't get gold DURING season 8 and climbed to gold in those two weeks between the season ending and the reward payout. OR you simply didn't reach gold
: Can we gut Ninja tabi's just a little bit and give a little more flat armor?
Or just buff Pure AD items that top laners won't ever buy. I'm in favor of that. A nerf to ninja tabi's 12% is a major buff for Master yi and Jax...No thanks. lets not forget irelia and fiora or any triforce atk speed abusing bruiser.
: It's been garbage for a long time. The 1.5% bonus is basically only 6 more movespeed when you have 400 base movespeed, and the adaptive force bonus was negligible for champs that didn't fight with lasting speed boosts. Yet so many people still took it for some reason.
> [{quoted}](name=Daddy Issues,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=44GRjTg5,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-12-01T07:01:41.123+0000) > > It&#x27;s been garbage for a long time. The 1.5% bonus is basically only 6 more movespeed when you have 400 base movespeed, and the adaptive force bonus was negligible for champs that didn&#x27;t fight with lasting speed boosts. > > Yet so many people still took it for some reason. It made cloud dragons give an extra 2-3 AD per kill as you were gaining 2% movement speed in combat before preseason. Not that much but on udyr and shyvana it was pretty nice. It also synergizes with the speed from deadmans plate adding a tiny bit more to that first auto when you use your deadmans. Plus if you go triforce on udyr the 7% movement speed means another 1-2 AD as well as the movement speed from zzrot .
: Was the Evelynn Nerf really Necessary ?
My Jg Leona can solo baron at 11 minutes. What baron at 11 minutes?
Ahris (NA)
: Why is Ahri's W soo bad?
datfatguy (OCE)
: Can we please get the smite bonuses back
Yeah i miss it too, But i wouldn't want to jungle without smite heals if i had to choose.
: Neeko skin ideas
Neko Neeko (neko means cat in japanese) Candy Queen Neeko with her tail being a candy cane pepper mint strip. Pool Party Neeko (along with Pool party jinx because lets face it she was in the original splash for the first set as a cameo) Uneeko- Like unique. Neemo- A fish skin, 1 letter from away from lawsuit from pixar. OR it's an emo skin and neeko becomes emumu's first friend Neeko Bellack- GTA4 reference =P Headhunter Neeko Neekosaur- her april fools day skin will be her dressed up like freaking reptar and she makes cute growling noises.
: I will miss you all when the ship that is League finally sinks to the bottom
Season 9 has some dumb changes but at least it's better than what season 8 did to the game with the runes reforged crap. I barely got to enjoy that new wheel they made for the old runes =/
: can someone explain what i did?
You're a toxic player, the kind I hope I never get on my team. Your way of talking doesn't come across as calm. Plus you are swearing, which isn't good for your case. You should try to stop blaming your team, it will make you a better player and you won't get reported by triggered snowflakes.
Auxion (EUNE)
: Buff champion select leave time
remaking cost the afk person LP
You just play too aggressive and push your lane too much making you an easy target.
: I often wonder what the game would be like if Riot never made the mistake of Keystones
Least it's not as bad as wows talent tree system, that was a big mistake. There is still some choice in what secondary runes we use. But i agree i miss being able to adjust the stats but we can sort of get the same result with runes today.
Moody P (NA)
: my gf laughed at me for picking volibear
{{champion:427}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:13}} are the worst champs in the game.
: It takes a real man to make you feel like youre worth something, everyone needs to find their own udyr.
l Poro l (NA)
: When does the World Pass expire?
I'm guessing it's when the tokens expire but it could very well be in 4 hours. I'm sad i'm at 31/35 missions because i took a week break from LoL and missed a couple. Didn't realize that there were exactly 35 missions to do and if one expires its GG for the mission.
: April Fools' Skin: Meowster Yi
Master Yeti Attack Helicopter Jax Goth Zoe Arcade Zoe PROJECT AKALI PROJECT IRELIA PROJECT SHEN PROJECT KENNEN Basically a bunch of ninja project skins to add to the line.
: Sexuality as a whole does not matter.
agreed, why are there people crying because there aren't enough "LGBT" champions in LoL? Like too bad go back to overwatch with your whining. I play champs for their kit and buy skins if they look cool with nice particle effects. When i see a champ i don't want to think "this champ is a boy who wants to be a girl" and "this champ is really gay" and "this champ is a lesbian who likes vi" i'd rather see champs like "oh it's tryndamere, the undying rage viking rip top lane" "oh it's jax, time to QQ on the forums later about his stun" "Oh it's alistar, he's a cow who is super tanky". This is the kind of identity that matters not what they enjoy doing in bed in the lore. How does that help me make decisions in game?
: Any tips for a Yasuo pro wannabe?
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