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: Skt uses double exhaust
4 exhausts in this last game... mids and supports getting exhaust... it really is underrated... surprise to see exhaust instead of teleport ignite or heal.. i think exhaust is really strong but most people don't use it properly. Really good summoner spell for LCS
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: My bronze rank experience
looking at my ranked matched history back in 4/1/06 to 4/7/06 i do have some games were i have high KDA and some games were i am garbage and have a horrible KDA ...yes some games i feed some games i seem to carry... based on KDA but that alone is nothing... any ways yea sorry for QQing i was wondering if i will stay stuck in bronze after 200 games lol
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: Spirituality is not at all an indicator of toxic behavior. There are radical religious groups who are devoutly spiritual, such as ISIS, Westboro Baptist Church, and more, and these groups are highly toxic, highly aggressive, and won't listen to reason. Humanity is prone to anger and aggression when you involve people in competition. Competition is the cause of toxic behavior, not whether or not they believe in a god. People want to win, they pour their time, money, and effort into winning, so naturally when things don't go the right way, they lash out and get upset.
sorry i was kind of confusing. I know that religion is all that stuff you said... i don't know if spirituality is the right word....maybe "eastern psychology religion" would be better ? i know that new age spirituality / or eastern religion is a form of psychology but it works with thoughts emotions, experiences and how to remain calm despite anger or experiences effecting your sense of self. Sorry i sounded confusing...i hope it makes better sense now :P
: It's a poorly designed system and reeks of a cash-grab. It's intentionally designed to make it damn-near impossible to get enough keys to open all the chests you earn so you have to buy keys. Not to mention the arbitrary restriction that you cannot earn chests or key fragments with champions you don't own means new players are disadvantaged the most because they can barely afford runes, much less a large roster of champions on which to earn rewards. It also sends a weird message in which the most efficient use of time to earn rewards is to binge a few days every month once your key-drop rate resets, then just not play until the next reset because after about 5 fragments your drop-rate becomes so low it's literally not worth the time to try and earn them. The grind is too real. TL;DR - Hextech Crafting is a predatory system designed to take advantage of naive players. It's also the first step on the slippery slope of pay-to-win games in which beating the game is physically impossible until you pay for the special gems that let you skip waiting. If you just pay 125RP you can open your shiny new chest now!
It's not a bad system. Every month you get a few keys and chests and get free stuff. It IS bad for people who already spent over 1000$ unlocking every thing. Also if you open chest and what not - don't expect to get the loot you want. It's random. Random is nice, you can get a skin you never had or unlock a champion you don't own. It's better for people who have not unlocked everything in the game. Also if you want to get specific skin just pay the 10-20$ and unlock it. It saves you money in the long run. People thought hex tech crafting was a "clever" way to get free stuff and not help the company or support the company. In a way you do get free stuff in you are new or a smurf account or just casual... but people shouldn't try and be greedy and try to expect hex tech crafting is a way to get a lot of loot. It gives "some" loot but it is more of a "support"... what i mean is hex tech crafting and in combination with legacy vault skin sales - you can increase your collection quite a bit. Some people just don't want to spend money on riot. It's fine. But yea i like hextech crafting so far. It's very good. Would i buy a chest or key ? probably not....but i WOULD buy legacy skins with money if they came on sale. Hextech crafting is just a "support" or "side" project that gives me random loot i don't expect much out of it...but i appreciate it.
Aazzlano (NA)
: Are you serious? Are you saying Catalyst is as good as Hexdrinker?
Yea it is good. It's a decent item and it's cheap too. It gives you lots of sustain, mana and health. Very good item for around 1200-1350 gold. Similar to hex drinker.
Aazzlano (NA)
: Hexdrinker/Maw need a meaningful nerf
Well since the mage update...mages can get cdr health and mana for around the same price... and get immortality with that passive to regen mana and health. I won't lie, hexdrinker was an awesome buy because it provided a shield, some mr, some ad for your autos and ad scaling abilities. But mages NOW have their own useful defense / offenses items. This patch made it on even grounds.
: > [{quoted}](name=Dragfin,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1v67lVhE,comment-id=000000010000000000000000,timestamp=2016-05-09T17:53:44.856+0000) > > They are not selling anything. What part of that do you not get? You are thinking into it and creating something that just isn't there in most peoples minds. They need a pill for what you have. Do you also think stores that give out free samples of their products aren't selling anything, and instead are doing it from the kindness of their hearts? "Jimmy Johns gave me a free sandwich? I guess that means they don't want my money anymore." Seriously? Riot will absolutely take a short term loss (which is barely a loss at all, if you think about it) for the long term gains: they can sell a new product (chests, keys, bundles, etc.) while also garnering some goodwill with the community. Not to mention that fact that the smallest RP purchases are springboards, as once a customer has paid for a single micro-transaction their chance of repeat business goes up astronomically. Make no mistake about it -- Hextech Crafting is absolutely designed to wring more money from players. That's the problem people have with it.
I play aram and i "used" to get a key fregment every other game. I don't know if i used my "month" charges or if they nerf key fragment drops in a hot fix but now i don't get any key fragments. My strategy was to farm key fragments in aram, and farm chests in summoner's rift. I unlocked shaco for free and got a mundo skin that way. It was amazing. hextech crafting was profitable for me. Now....i don't find it worth while least not yet...I have to see if the "monthly key fragments" reset...or if aram key fragments are perm nerfed. Who knows.
: If I ult but end up dead mid cast, why do I get full CD timers?
For Champions like fiddles sticks...that is part of the "skill" or mastering the champion. You have to take in account the delay of your ult, and play smart, plan accordingly, and understand how the ult works. I am not angry or trying to insult you - it's just with some champion ultimates you have to know how it works and when to use it...and not get caught off guard. Sorry you had that trouble. Goodluck.
: That's intended. I read the notes, Towers will now "heat up" and if the target changes, the damage still stays at max until champ aggro is dropped completely. Its a good change to prevent people from 3 man diving with great ease. But yeah Aram turrets need to last longer if this post is true, Aram should be 20-30 minutes so we usually see 4 items per game minimum
Well in sommoner's rift if there are no minions (not sure if enemy or friendly) by the tower, then the tower gets 66% damage reduction. The way aram is layed out, minions are pretty much always attack defending the towers so it's impossible for the tower to have 66% damage reduction. And the tower had around 200 armor 150 mr before the patch now it only has like 50 armor 40 mr and casters do damage equal to some of their ap with auto attacks. The way i see "strategy" is ...if we dive / do a team fight and lose... that gives the enemy a good chance to take the 1st layer of towers ...possibly the 2nd if it's over 8 or 10 mins...cuz respawn timers + towers are weaker than wet noodles. (defensively) But offenseively, i do notice towers hit hard. That is some what good, but while melee divers are being hit, the enemy range / ad carry / casters are chugging the tower down. I remember before the patch games could last 20-40 mins depending on team fights, turtling. luck, and player skill. Now they seem very 1 sided...either enemy team wins too fast, or our team beats the enemy too fast and downs towers quickly. I also noticed i get 30-40 ip per game...compared to 60 ip for a "longer" game. If you win aram under 10 mins i don't think anybody gets ip at all. Not sure though. Sorry i am ranting, please forgive me. Just offering some feedback. Thsank you
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Speedy59 (EUW)
: Can someone explain Armour and MR to me please
I am not really good at math - but from my experience playing games - no matter how much armor or magic resist and health you get, there is always items that will help ad carries and mages "out scale" your tankiness. But that doesn't mean armor and mr are useless. It just depends on whether the enemy has enough common sense to counter build against your tanky builds. Also i find that as a tank - you only build mr armor and health to back dive the ad carries and ap mages - yes - but CC is just as important. I usually do cc and - then die. SO if you want to be invincible - it's probably not going to happen. But it will make you harder to kill. Not invincible no - but definitely harder to kill.
: There's another massive issue with towers on ARAM. Sometimes they do maximum damage on the first shot instead of scaling up.
I never noticed that but i up voted you and will make it noted. Thanks i will check it out my self.
: Tell me what about Vlad got buffed. Not his Q. It does less damage than before even with CR procs. It heals less than before. It was made even clunkier. It ate a 25% CD nerf. His E wasn't buffed. It does more upfront damage, drastically less DPS, and over 3x the HP cost. Not to mention its not reliable at all now, and often doesn't give a good payout even when you land it. His R definitely wasn't buffed. It was gutted to insert a heal that accomplishes nothing for Vlad. Almost every aspect of him is significantly weaker without any fun new mechanics. Everything was nerfed, with minor compensation as his new 'tools'. You can't honestly tell me the person who thought a .5 second 16 MS buff still deserves to have his job.
Vladimir is not that "strong" but he is decent. I played a few games of vladimir and let me tell you what i learned. The old vladimir would stack AP and get decent health - maybe like 3000 health and some 500 ability power. THE NEW VLADIMIR - he is useless if you stack ap. Stacking ap on new vladimir is a noob trap. Just stack health. Why stack health ? it adds sustain (life regen and more health more tankiness) it improves the damage of W aoe and it covers the health cost of E AND if you experimented - E's ap ratio is horrible but E's health ratio is ridiculous. So the new way to build vladimir is stack pure health and maybe some armor and mr on the side with your health items. You will live longer, be more deadly, and have more team fight potential. but yes...vladimir gets kited easily, and his laning phase is still shit. You just farm and don't bother for jungle ganks until you complete spirit visage or warmogs. After that it becomes easier but....vladimir gets kited easily unless there is a team fight on top of him. His E scales EXTREMELY good with health - i do about 600-700 aoe magic damage fully charged and do like 50% of everybody's health. If they stack mr get magic pen and a void staff and keep owning. But generally the magic pen comes from masteries. Also ghost is needed and so is flash.....cdr is decent but health runes are best. so is health regen runes. Move speed quintenssences are good. SO TLDR - Don't build any ability power on vladimir. it's a noob trap. Build health and you will see better results.
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: Aram games too short ?
Alright i don't know if this is a bug or not but - When the towers had their armor and magic resist removed and the buff that " adds 66% damage reduction with no nearby minions" Was added - aram became shit. I know aram is not important, but man ad carries can kill a tower in 5 seconds or about 6 auto attacks. Towers lost like 15% of their health pet hit. And there is always minions pushing so the damage reduction is useless. Please change the towers to have more defenses and health while minions are attacking in aram. Makes the games go from 10 minutes to 21 minutes depending on stuff. Hopefully a rioter reads this.
: > [{quoted}](name=Holyfrost Sub,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=j0f9VozA,comment-id=002500000000,timestamp=2016-05-08T04:43:42.501+0000) > > maybe people are building him wrong ? i would never get any ability power on vladimir. Ability power is useless. It doesn't add W damage, and it scales poorly with e damage. Also Q regens good health at 2 stacks but it regens poor health with no stacks. > > People try to build him with ability power but it gives him very poor damage and even poorer sustain. With health he last longer, does more damage, and feels more invincible. > > This is just my experience but it's what i have seen so far playing vlad Building him tank is the obvious solution, and people are well aware of it. It just happens to also be shit, because you're completely reliant on 1 ability that blows off 10% of your HP every time you use it and need 3-4 items just to function Your little E->W combo doesn't even work either, because E popping immediately ends Sanguine Pool, causing you to lose 60% of the pool's damage
well i use w to engage and it works out ok. I know that higher up after bronze people will just run away from the E - w combo. That is fine. I don't know if ghost is needed to engage or you can flash E-W. But vladirmir is a very good fight starter engager in my opinion. well to be fair...vladimir is a Better engager now due to the change of his skills...but old vladimir would have to gather 4 stacks of e before he could fight. I like the new vladimir because he is good at 1v1 and team fight people just run away or dis engage his combo. So i can see where vladimir needs help. If they stay and fight, yea he will obviously win. also i find vladimir to be extremely tanky with health such that i don't need W as an "escape or hide" unless it's to dodge a certain spell skill in the laning phase. I know people build used to build hourglass and use W to do sustain damage and do a "combo" of spells. This newer vladimir feels very strong if you stack health. But he is immobile and gets kited easily. So that is my experience.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Holyfrost Sub,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=j0f9VozA,comment-id=0025,timestamp=2016-05-08T02:21:40.006+0000) > > Here is why. I played vladirir in **aram**. You fucking serious dude? Mind explaining why this unkillable tank has a 40% win rate? Lemme guess, "everyone is just bad at the new kit." Malzahar also has a new kit, but he's at a 56% win rate. Explain.
maybe people are building him wrong ? i would never get any ability power on vladimir. Ability power is useless. It doesn't add W damage, and it scales poorly with e damage. Also Q regens good health at 2 stacks but it regens poor health with no stacks. It can regen decent health with ALOT of ability power, but it's not worth it. Further more once you get spirit visage your sustain is much better due to improve healing and health regen. People try to build him with ability power but it gives him very poor damage and even poorer sustain. With health he last longer, does more damage, and feels more invincible. This is just my experience but it's what i have seen so far playing vlad
sc3n3boi (NA)
: Not to mention the amount of weakness windows his new kit gives him. Oh you wanna dive a vlad, wait for w and you're golden because Q won't do anything to save him. Unless he has a 8+ second 2 seconds to cast moderate heal ready. Even then just bomb him after that. W will still be down for the count. The amount of weak spots to just maul a reworked vlad is immense. Hell he can barely keep up his life with using e. HIS OWN SKILL KILLS HIM. The damage on a normal q is a joke. You might as well build ad and auto someone to death. R.i.p. Vlad. {{champion:8}}
I think vladimir is fine. His q and is "resource bar" are a trap for noobs. Who cares if you get q procs or not. Vladirmir needs to "NOT" scale with health. I am not a pro so take my opinions as noob but um... I played a game where i stacked pure health and my W and E where doing more damage than if i stacked ability power. Change w ratio to scale off ap and increase E's ratio of ability power scaling. Also buff Q's ability usage. The way it is looking, pro players and rank players will sooner or later figure out that stacking health gives more "defense surviability" as well as "offense power" to his w and e. OR nerf his passive. The only "weakness" for vladimir is people will kite him when he starts e and then pools people (team fights) or 1v1 people will run away. Yes that makes him have a weak engage, but his damage is INCREDIBLY strong if you do a team fight on top of him while he stacks only health / amor / mr What experience do i have ? not much i know...i only played a few rank bronze games and aram...but it feels like i do better overall stacking health than even remotely "caring" to want ability power. So i think vladimir is powerful if you stack health, but i think it's un intended game play OP or just flat out broken to a degree. Vladimir is a hard champion to balance and i think riot should make him a pure ap mage with "some" sustain. But making him scale off of health is dangerous. That's my opinion i like to experiment and it seems his E scaling is to high from health. so is W. Un intended way to play him is tank validimir and he gets heavy aoe damage. Sorry i am repeating my self. But yea you should have a look at that riot.
: Anyone tell me how Vlad E is not broken?
Hello all i am going to leave my experience here. I played New Vladimir and i think he is the MOST broken champion in the entire game. Here is why. I played vladirir in aram. I 1v5 the enemy team overs and overs and overs it was crazy. Ok so why is he OP ? first off his Q scales off ap...which is utterly useless. Wait till you get 2 stacks and his Q becomes a decent single target nuke and decent healing. W scales off his bonus health. You can do ALOT of damage with this skill. E scales off ability power AND health. The scaling is messed up because ap gives like no damage, while health gives you like ALOT of damage. SO what you do is build health armor and magic resist. I had about 100 ability power and 4000 health as vladimir at level 18 and ended the game that way. Health gives MORE DAMAGE to his W and E than ability power ever will. KEY WORDS - STACK HEALTH. RUSH IN CAST E THEN W ...E EXPLOSION WILL POP WHILE IN BLOOD POOL AND BOOM DAMAGE. Add your ult for more damage and VLADIMIR IS BROKEN AS SHIT. at 4000 health and 281 armor and 165 mr i was soloing their team and getting penta kills. Vladimir will be nerfed i am sure. Get warmogs, spirit visage, randuin's omen sunfire cape dead man's plate merc treades and pwn NOW i am not very good at summoner's rift but i think you will need gold and health runes and health / tank masteries as well as early ganks to start snowballing. Also movement speed quitenssences are good as well as maybe ghost and flash. My pool was draining about 400 health and my E eas doing 600 magic dagae and my ult was doing an extre 400 damage i was an aoe machine. VLADIMIR is OP play him before he gets nerfed.
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: Starter tier 2 runes to go on 1 IP sale
Hey riot i am very grateful for your decision to reduce tier 2 runes to 1 ip. That is really nice of you for your customers i love it. I have 8 rune pages and i use tier 3 and tier 2 runes. THe 1 ip cost is nice, i hope it effects tier 2 quintessences. Also i admire your hard work. I know you are a business, but also human beings behind the face of the company. Thanks riot i appreciate you as a company and family. Thanks.
: humanity is insane ?
Thanks for the comments. Yes i am a big of a egotistic perfectionists. I stay away from a lot of people in my town community, and even my family sees me as "mentally ill". I just want to say that - yea humans are becoming more evil as we go into the future. What is evil ? you could say every person is unique but i find evil to be - nasty - like anger, hate, fear, doubt, despair, greed, glutting, and a host of other negative traits. The reason for my original post is that in league of legends, i find negativity everywhere. (in ARAM in ranked even in blind pick) Co-Ai is the only mode where people are relaxed mostly. But this is not league of legends alone - i seen in world of warcraft, people are crazy, angry, trollish on /2 trade and generally they are anxious, bored, uneasy, and the AH is greedy and selfish. I am not perfect, but i use my common sense, and my feelings in my heart , not my logic cold rational masculine male mind. So i can be calm sometimes when things go wrong. But i see so much toxicity in video games, media, news, the world, the internet, forums, and also in churches college, parties, clubs, and even work places. It seems for this world, humans are becoming more disrespectful to each other and too life too. FOR LEAGUE i was thinking that maybe if we add people to a (unlike list) we don't get into games with them. I know my list would be huge, would lengthen Q times but it could help. Also people say gold is bad in ranked, but gold has the highest majority of played champions in that tier. Diamond and up only sees about what ...30 of the same champions played, due to mix max ? Yes i see humanity is becoming insane. A mental disease of sorts. But that is my opinion. Thanks for you all guys opinions i can see love and common sense in you guys :) ttyl
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: A comment to the people who compose the music in league.
I agree with you man. I love music that can paint feelings and moods in my mind. The riot orchestra team is very good. I like guild wars 2 and somewhat world of warcraft (wow has great music but terrible balance in pvp and boring gameplay) I also enjoyed starwars and lord of the rings. My favorite instrument is the erhu. A chinese violin. A spike fiddle as they call. Most people analyze music (especially ones with lyrics) but they cannot hear music with their feelings or heart. Thanks riot for making good music. You have spirit and depth.
: Hey! Wanted to pop in here and explain what's going on with Yorick! You're right that he hasn't received a skin since launch and his skin catalog only has two skins. We aren't ignoring Yorick, although from the looks of the amount of skins he has, it may appear that way. For a bit of context here, Yorick needs a rework/update before the Skins team takes him under our wing and gives him more skins. *But why can't you make a skin and give him the rework after?* That's the most common question I see when I explain the rework/update situation, and it's a totally valid question. When a champion is updated (let's use Sion as an example for this), there are a ton of changes made, both in model, as well as the kit. If we were to create a skin for him now, the Champion Update team would need to rip apart the work we did to make it work for the update they create. This could mean making a new set of particles, a new model, etc. It's basically like doing the work twice. So, rather than doing that, the Skins team creates other skins for other champions while we await the go-ahead to work on a new skin. This rule also applied to Poppy (she's eligible for a skin now)! and currently Taric. The other big reason for doing this is because we don't want players to become attached to a skin and then have it completely re-imagined. So, let's say we put out a Crazy Cat Lady Yorick skin (Rito pls), but with the rework, he didn't have a spell that used your favorite cat model. That may ruin how cool the skin is to you, which is a pretty crappy situation. So, rather than taking away things you love, we hold off on creating them until we've got a solid, shiny, new base to work from, which means the skins you purchase won't be changing any time in the near future.
Hello how are you doing riot person ? I am doing good. I just wanted to update sorry i have not logged in the forums in a while. Any ways i understand where you are coming from. I like yorick because he is different. Like nidalee and nunu and orianne. I dislike gameplay has champions deliver their damage in a "boring" fashioned style. Sorry i am ranting. Yea i didn't buy the yorick skin yet. I actually been spending rp on champions and other things. I am a satisfied customer so it's fine. Um also i heard about the yorick remake. I am glad to see he is getting one. Take your time. I rather wait for a decent remake than a not so good one. Any ways i will let you go, take care and be safe irl. Thanks for replaying i appreciate the service bye bye.
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: I'm pretty sure she was not spawning them BEHIND your towers while she was in the brush.
She wasn't in the brush she was by our tower. But when she would go back to her tower, the tentacles wouldn't despawn. I think she has amazing crazy poke for her tentacles but if you just charge her she shouldn't be that hard to kill. But yea i think she has a long range cast for her tentacles.
Tarp96 (EUW)
: Kalista or Jinx?
I think renekton top is fun. YOu can get lots of kills and gold early game, just by being aggressive and bullying out your enemy laner. Just remember that renekton is all about that early and mid game. Late game he falls off and depends on winning team fights in order to be useful. Also jax is pretty good top laner. Can do massive damage and split push with teleport. I always preferred aggressive top laners, but if you ant a more defensive top laner, you can try something like - yorick, garen is ok, maybe tach kench top lane if you really want to be defensive and annoying. I wouldn't know how to itemize him though. Cast top laners are good too. But i don't know much about building them, i just know to be aggressive and win your lane. Goodluck buddy and have fun tarp96 Best wishes :)
: Are Minions even Alive?
Nunu's yeti loves to eat them. So they may not have a spirit, but they do have crunchy bones :)
Penns (EUW)
: Complaining about Illaoi is like complaining because
i was playing aram and Illaoi was spawning tentacles behind are towers while she was mid way to her tower (n between both brushes in the middle of the map) I don't think the damage is that bad, and i get 5 gold per kill, but that long range though. In summoner's rift she probably has awesome (yorick) poking as well as decent sustain. So while i don't think she needs a nerf, i want to see if riot sees her as toxic in laning phase, and if down right annoying, or sleeper OP, or maybe a few tweaks of nerfs buffs. But yea i am mostly concerned with that range. Casting tentacles so far away while being safe from counter poke. That is pretty strong. Of course I WILL PLAY HER because it's so much fun to be a lane bully up top. But yea that's my opinion. EDIT : Spelling
: ILLaoi is better than yorick ?
Yes i was qqing a bit. I love to main yorick in the top lane for fun, but Illaoi seems to have a better pet summoning system than yorick, and a more stronger fighting style. I guess you could say "BUFF YORICK OR REWORK HIM" Hehehe but it's fine. I like Illaoi pretty good. She is like next gen pet summoning with useful tankiness and awesome damage.
: The Infinite Cycle of Toxicity: AKA The Circle of Life Sucks
THis is my experience and is abit ranty, philosophical, but bare with me. It's my opinion. Whenever someone is toxic to me, i try hard to have will power and patience and remind my self they are only human. I know they may have had a bad day and are being ugly to others. Of course i do report toxic behavior because my teammates react and i have honor but um, the key lesson is - i take responsibility for what happens in my mind and body. Over the years of many emotional problems and other painful events, i have become pretty matured, positive, and friendly. I can say that, toxic behavior and painful situations will either - A) Make you are stronger, more positive person - or B) Make you a more worse, monstrous person of anger and dishing and receiving pain. AS to why that happens the way it does - religions, spiritual philosophers, science, medical and psychology all have answers. me personally, i could never figure out why some people grow better from pain and toxic, and many others continue to get worse as they experience toxic and painful experience in their lives. Basically every painful event or experience has the potential to give you more experience and will power, to give you more maturity and self observing power. Every painful situation or toxic person is like a challenge, a trigger, a "test" to see if you can remain aware of your self while anger tries to possess you. I guess you could say that, our minds love to react to others because it feels good and is stronger than us, like a drug or an addicting over powering experience. That is why i say we need "Will Power" because honestly, very few people can stay nice against angry people. I think you could say a fine example is Call centers and customer support services. Angry people always want to rage and yell, and it's your job to remain communicative, peaceful, positive, patience, and very resistant to their reactions. So yea toxicity it very annoying to deal with, BUT it can be a growing experience if you let it teach you. At the end of day, i learn a GREAT deal of valuable skills in my life, like self awareness, patience, peace, honor, trust and fairness, having will power, and Just overall being a positive human being in this world. I gained these skills from being exposed to toxicty, emotional and mental pain, and from a harmful family. The example i am using is that some people (like 30-35% of americans) can actually turn into positive powerful people if they learn in college or (more often then not) if they gain experience exercising their patience in negative painful situations. So you can grow positive but i DONT know what the way or how to "unlock" that growth. I know some people grow positive from their emotional past, and some people stay in a rut. If only we as humans knew how to trigger the growth into negative people. We would have world peace. But why do some people grow into positive people, and some people remain toxic even after being exposed to training, programs, supports, and help. Sometimes i think, fate or a precarious higher power chooses who stays toxic and never grows, and who starts toxic and grows positive from life experience. I mean to say that if there was a way to change toxic people into positive people, it would be such an amazing break through that it would be priceless. World peace would happen. Yea i speak from experience about personal human experience observation. When toxic hits me, i can feel the reaction (anger hate) try to possess me and control me, and with will power and practice, i have been able to "not" say what the anger wants me to say, but to "say" what my heart really wants to say. It's a very extraordinary experience. Well i am done ranting. I hope somebody learns from my experience
: honestly i'm talking like WAY off meta, like taric adc or nami into a solo lane, it wrecks everyone's game. I have no problem with pushing the boundaries, but after some threshold it becomes degrading to your teammates.
Yea i can see that. Playing champions in ineffective roles. I agree with you. I think those people are not toxic, just really noob or maybe not knowledgeable enough to know what they are doing about league mechanics. As you can see, i am level 22, so i haven't came across people who troll a role to make their team lose. That sounds like a really bad person haha.
Nahsti (OCE)
: Are you F!#%#@%@ R@#%@#%??????!?!?!?!?!?
First off, try not to be toxic and work with your team as best as you can. I know your mentally angry, but you need will power and patience to be able to see the situation how it is. second, if you are under gold (i assumed it's like this but) i think you can play whatever you want and still dominated. I think at gold or plat the skill level of players reaches a cap and then you need "Binary OP champions" which is a meta shift of what is strongest due to nerfs and buffs. I think if you want to climb to diamond you should master every role, familiarize your self with every champion, and try to study what is a good match up against your enemy laner. Also it's good to be flexible and also have basic mechanics down. That's pretty much it. Last thing left, is to have faith in your teammates. YOu can be like qtpie, best ad carry na, but solo q team feeds and they are too heavy to carry. Goodluck buddy and be well IRL
: toxic gameplay (rather than general toxicity which most often referes to chat behovior) means things like picking highly off-meta or just plain bad champs (teemo jungle etc), poor item builds, taking revive (well can't do that anymore sorry hinduism), etc
> [{quoted}](name=OdiousMole,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=uuWe5eIH,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-11-28T14:33:54.640+0000) > > toxic gameplay (rather than general toxicity which most often referes to chat behovior) means things like picking highly off-meta or just plain bad champs (teemo jungle etc), poor item builds, taking revive (well can't do that anymore sorry hinduism), etc picking off the meta shouldn't be toxic gameplay. TO me toxic gameplay is when you play unsportsmens like in order to ruin the game, hurt your teammates or enemy teams emotionally, and just trying to get a reaction out of people. But no, i don't think toxic gameplay is picking off the meta. I don't mind or care what people pick as long as they go even in lane.
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: Hey Holyfrost Sub, Unfortunately, there is currently an issue with the platform for redeeming the skin, so we’ll have to go the more manual route instead. To obtain the Unchained Alistar skin for subscribing to the League of Legends YouTube channel, you can either [**submit a ticket to Riot Games Player Support**]( or tweet out to [**@RiotSupport**]( regarding your request! If you choose to submit a ticket, here are some tips that will reduce the amount of time before you join the Rift with your new Alistar skin! 1. Create an account on the Riot Games Support website. It'll save you a lot of time in the future and keep your requests organized and easier to find/access. 2. Be sure to submit as much information in your initial ticket as possible. For obvious reasons, each Player Support Specialist's request for more information will delay the resolution of the issue. 3. Be respectful and polite in your correspondences with Riot Support. (They're doing their best to help you!) 4. Try not create a new ticket or respond to an existing ticket before a Player Support Specialist has had the chance to review your request. New tickets/replies may bump your ticket back to the bottom of the queue, thus increasing the amount of time before a Player Support Specialist is able to review your ticket. **If you're unsure where to put your ticket in, just select:** [*I have a question about League of Legends/Riot Games.*] > [*Game and Features*] > [*General Questions*] If you have any additional questions, please let me know. Good luck!
Thanks riot employee. Be well and goodluck IRL
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: Extra Bonus RP headed your way for a limited time!
Riot when are your chest coming out ? i am going to buy a lot of 50$ rp cards and buy chest with them. You said you need keys from ranked pvp i think ? i cant wait for chest.
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