Meddler (NA)
: I haven't talked to the people involved about that statement specifically, I believe it was a case of good intent that proved much harder than they expected to follow through on. Some of that was that Zyra proved to be more of a balance challenge as a support post update than expected. Some of it is also that even of release Zyra was better as a support. We did expect her to be a mid laner primarily, especially given common wisdom at the time was that that was just what mages did. Looking back though her kit's one that matches support play a lot better than mid so we unintentionally mislead people about what they should expect from her. To get her to both support and solo lane I believe we'd need to get a number of levers onto the kit that offer solo/CS based power to make her more effective there without creating support problems again.
Thanks for responding to this! I play zyra almost exclusively mid lane and it is definitely a challenge, so I would love to see her get a bit of help for mid lane. My biggest fear is that you guys will nerf her in to the ground so that she will only be viable as support. The changes to support items seem to have pushed mages out of the bot lane. The go to supports right now are those that have shields and heals because of items like ardent, redemption, and locket which don't exactly help ap mages, but do a lot for teamfights.
: I just picked up my favorite zyra skin and would love to main her mid, but how far would i get?
I main zyra mid and the furthest I've gotten is Plat 3. That's my current plateau.
: Zyra/Brand players don't like playing Zyra/Brand in the support role
I actually think this is a good thing. Riot needs to move mages out of the support role and back into mid lane. I'm happy to see traditional supports performing better and I'm hoping that Riot will spend more time tweaking champs like Zyra, Brand, Malz, etc to make them stronger in mid.
Doozku (NA)
: I've never seen Riot fuck a community as hard as they fucked Rengar's
I don't play Rengar, but I'm also unhappy with how Riot has been treating its player base with these reworks. I main Zyra and one of the big promises they made to Zyra mains was to keep her viable mid and continue to balance her around mid-lane. Yet she is now classified solely as support and each new patch pigeonholes her into that role even further. It doesn't help either that her passive is completely RNG and Riot's recent (albeit reverted) PBE changes were built completely around her passive. Makes no sense. I'm also pretty disgusted with that Rioter's response on Reddit. THIS sort of disregard for players is unacceptable. @Meddler, your team has got to do better. Deceiving players and disregarding valid opinions is not a good business strategy.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 23
@meddler, so glad to hear that the Zyra changes won't be going through to live. As a mid Zyra main, it was very frustrating that Riot wanted to make changes around an RNG passive. In future, it would be great if the team could consider how potential changes might impact Zyra mid lane as well as Zyra support & communicate how potential patch updates may impact her presence in both roles. As a player, it feels like you guys just forget about Zyra mid players and it kind of sucks :(
: In no particular order: The R plant Health bonus applies to all plants once R is learned. Q mana cost is something we've got our eye on, that's decently likely to change. You're right that the pressure to reduce duration in lane is gone, only restricting factor left would be lategame zoning with Rylais and Liandry. Could see this being a good place to buff solo lane Zyra since plant duration in lane would mainly benefit minion control. Higher plant damage comes from there being more when they spawn. Typically this is most impactful when spawning several plants at once. W seeds are placed at times where the opponent is under the highest pressure, and so least able to attack, making Health less important for them. Unless she's laning against the damage aura that won't change at all. Laning against it, aoe periodic does partial damage to plants so it'd depend on how quickly it ticks.
A few questions based on this response: > The R plant Health bonus applies to all plants once R is learned. Does this mean that the plants only gain that health when paired with her ultimate? Or will the plants have increased health once she learns R, regardless of if the plants are placed with the ultimate? > Higher plant damage comes from there being more when they spawn. Typically this is most impactful when spawning several plants at once. W seeds are placed at times where the opponent is under the highest pressure, and so least able to attack, making Health less important for them. The problem for Zyra players is that we often have no control over the passive seed spawns. In solo lane, they can spawn behind tower, on the sides of lanes, and even in jungle camps. None of those seed spawns are helpful when laning. Additionally, against assassins, it's really important that the seeds be clustered closer to's how she survives. Unreliable passive spawns are problematic when you make changes that rely precisely on that mechanic.
: Happy to give context. Our goal here is to improve the early level laning experience against Zyra without harming her experience or changing her play later in the game. It's easy to have the changes sunset as Zyra gains levels, the challenge is making 1 hit plants work for Zyra in lane from levels 1 to 5. The main controls on Zyra's plants are fun, power, and frustration -- getting a good exchange rate. If we can make plants less frustrating for the enemy, we can get more power and fun. The same HP that lets plants survive at all lategame makes fighting them in lane crazy. Fixing this bit of derp buys us a fair bit. So what do we buy? Plant damage! Plants are core to Zyra's identity and we've just made them cheaper. We spend that power back into the plant system, giving Zyra a bigger garden and so conditionally more damage-- about 50% more plants overall in lane. The linked article is missing that bit of the changes -- Garden of Thorns is much more likely to spawn two seeds at once when Zyra is low level. For Zyra, it's functionally equivalent to making the plants squisher and more dangerous. For enemies, it lets them play too -- the plant damage starts higher and it's more often smart to fight them some. Balance wise, our intent is to keep her at current power levels, so further changes are likely to be along those lines.
As a zyra mid lane main, how do you expect this to impact her there? Please answer ><
LankPants (OCE)
: @Meddler, Could we get some Context on the Zyra Changes on the PBE?
@meddler please reply! I'm a mid-lane zyra main and I'm pretty concerned about the health reduction of her plants. Riot promised to keep her viable mid, but the recent strings of nerfs to her kit, the problems with the rng of her passive, and the recent change to her plant ai are making it increasingly hard to take her mid and win. Can you give an explanation as to the thought process behind these changes? How do you expect them to impact her mid lane?
: I miss Zyra Mid Lane
I'm a zyra mid lane main. I got to plat 2 with her last season and I admit that the recent plant ai nerf hit her mid lane pretty hard this season. I'm currently in gold 2, but she's still viable...just takes a lot more skill than normal to pull off mid. You also have to rely on your team a bit more, so you can rarely solo carry a game. That said, you can reliably pump out an insane amount of damage and your kit brings a lot of utility.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 3
I'm wondering about the last nerf to zyra and her plant ai. It seems to have done fine in regards to her support role, but really took a toll on her mid lane. As a zyra main who prefers playing her mid (as many zyra mains do), will anything be done to help her cope with the ai change so that she remains viable there?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick gameplay thoughts: Feb 17
What about zyra mid? How has she been impacted by patch 7.3? As a zyra main with 750K mastery points, I think he mid lane was hit really hard by the plant ai change. Do you have plans to address this?
: Mid Season Tanks Update - Sejuani
I know this is about the mid-season tanks. But will Riot be examining the 7.3 plant ai change and it's impact on zyra mid lane?
JoeMG (NA)
: Title should be "Zyra now takes some skill"
If anything, zyra requires a stupid opponent. This isn't about skill of the zyra player, it's about how her kit no longer works with the ai. Rng for passive seeds and damage output based on the number of seeds you proc, while plants no longer prioritize champions. She's the only champion in the game right now who has absolutely zero control over her primary source of damage. At least with heimer, he can place every single turret where he wants them. With zyra, your seeds can spawn behind you or way out in river where they are absolutely useless. If the plant ai change sticks around, then Riot must give zyra more autonomy over her passive seed spawns. Simple as that.
Vekkna (NA)
: Afaik, they still prioritize the nearest enemy, even if it's a champ, right? At least that seemed to be the case in a few recent mid games I had. I could spawn plants closer to the river entrances, and they would prioritize the enemy laner as long as they were between the plant and the wave.
That's the problem though. With this update, it's less about skill with zyra and more about the stupidity of your lane opponent. If they are dumb enough to stay close to your seeds so you can proc them or dumb enough to be the closest thing to your plant, then you'll do damage. I think this change would be far less of an issue for mid zyra if she had more control over her passive seed spawns, or shorter cooldowns + either a faster aa missile speed or a longer aa missile range.
: > [{quoted}](name=Hoosakiwi,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=GyjeuWEW,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2017-02-13T19:28:58.804+0000) > > You clearly don&#x27;t play zyra much. > > The problem is not her support lane. It&#x27;s her mid lane viability. > > In the mage rework, they changed her kit to have a passive with random spawn seeds and made it so that she maximizes her damage from proccing as many plants as possible. Now, she has to choose between either spawning those plants and adding a SLOW as balls aa to her rotation in order to attack an enemy, or landing a q/e on a single w seed. > > She has incredibly long cds and her aa range is much shorter than that of her plants. So as a zone mage, she legit has to walk closer to an opponent to get her plants to attack them. > > So;s a massive problem for her mid lane viability. Her mid lane viability is fine. Players who played Zyra prior to her dumb rekit wouldn't notice a thing because that was WHAT you had to do in order to wreck mid lane opponents. Coming back from a long hiatus, current Zyra is just stupidly easy mode. If anything, her passive just made zone control a lot easier than her old kit. Because back in the day, she only had 2 seeds available and you didn't have the luxury of throwing out Q or E in the general direction to summon her plants. Sorry that you actually have to think a little now to abuse her for freelo.
Her e and q back in the day did a ton more damage and you placed the seeds. The new kit nerfed her damage on individual procs and increased it by the number of plants you have up. Her new passive is completely rng and you only control the 1-2 seeds using w (just like with her old kit) except that you get less damage out of the plants if you only proc those. The more plants you proc, the more damage you do. I have 750k mastery points with zyra, primarily playing her mid and got to plat 2 with her last season.
Vekkna (NA)
: I have 700-ish Zyra games, and I didn't even notice the change. If your goal is to do damage, it's kind of a waste of seeds and mana to spawn plants when you can't follow up with an aa. I still don't really have a clear idea of what the change actually was. The patch note description of plant behavior doesn't match anything I've witnessed in 700 games, and nothing appears to be different after the patch.
I have 750K mastery points with her, primarily in mid lane. It's definitely noticeable there. She just doesn't have the same harass and it's especially problematic with her many counters. As support, it's much less of an issue. :/
Meddler (NA)
: Nothing currently planned. Azir's always been particularly problematic in pro play and we're seeing him get fringe play there right now which means we don't have any room to buff him at present.
Hey Meddler, Are you guys going to look at how the recent plant ai change is impacting zyra's mid lane viability? I'm a zyra main and she's by far my favorite champion. I prefer playing her mid and this recent nerf seems to have hit her mid lane the hardest. Please respond :(
: awww poor zyra players. Must suck to not be able to deal absurd damage from a safety zone way behind your plants. I feel so bad for them... oh wait, nope i dont
As an immobile zone mage, that's exactly how the champion is supposed to work. Like that's her champion design. If you get inside her zone, she dies.
: Some Zyra players right now.
The problem is not her support lane. It's her mid lane viability. In the mage rework, they changed her kit to have a passive with random spawn seeds and made it so that she maximizes her damage from proccing as many plants as possible. Now, she has to choose between either spawning those plants and adding a SLOW as balls aa to her rotation in order to attack an enemy, or landing a q/e on a single w seed. She has incredibly long cds and her aa range is much shorter than that of her plants. So as a zone mage, she legit has to walk closer to an opponent to get her plants to attack them. So's a massive problem for her mid lane viability.
Hige (NA)
: Enemies won't walk around your seeds, yeah, do you not consider this a zoning skill? how about trying to get rid of your seeds? they must walk over it or face a dangerous lane filled with plants very soon. Zyra's concept is that of a flytrap and not an aggressive one, you walk into her zone and you're dead but you can't expect Zyra to be able to walk up to someone and burst them down too. They made them prioritize enemy champions because they wanted to buff Zyra but it's been proven over and over again that she didn't need this much free power tacked on, you have your autoattack to guide your plants, why would plants need to do this on their own if the player has a way to actually direct them? Also, this is not my only account but feel free to pick straws.
Lol. You are just so wrong here. Her plants have ALWAYS prioritized champions. It was never a buff. It was how her kit worked. This was a nerf intended for support zyra, but it made her mid lane obsolete. Please, play the champion a bit before you offer commentary.
Hige (NA)
: I have two things to say here 1.- Understand that riot cares not where a champion is played as long as they see some play, for example: {{champion:104}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:6}} they used to have a home in bot lane but now they have both been moved (unintentionally) towards other lanes and no one has cried one bit about that 2.- Zyra's passive is not a tool for you to deal free damage, this passive skill is meant to warp your gameplay. if you wanna be successful at Zyra, you NEED to use your seeds to your advantage, you cannot simply throw a seed below an enemy's feet and expect the RNG god to bless you with 3 plants that occupy the same space, you can however position yourself with a favorable passive seed, place one of your W and spawn several plants that hits like a truck. But there's more, your plants won't target the enemy on their own because of a mechanic that Zyra has had ever since she was released, the only way to control plants targets is through your autoattacks, when you auto someone, you leave a mark on them that guides plants to attack them, so your free WQ harass now requires you to be more invested simply because Zyra is NOT a long range mage, she has always been a mid range mage, you must use your autos in order to maximize your damage output If this makes you think she isn't viable on mid lane anymore just because she became harder to play, I suggest you make the change for a champion that requires less skill to play
By your logic, you expect enemy champions to simply walk over and stand by where your seeds spawn. And until the latest patch, the plants prioritized enemy champions. Riot originally set that up because she is a zone mage who relies on her plants as her primary source of damage. Legit can't stand when people come in to a chat thread with what they think are all the answers when they have rarely played said champ.
: I mean if they are able to "walk right past your plants and straight at you" it should be a free E snare. Don't even need to AA at that point >.>
People seem to think her skills are up all the time. She has extremely long cool downs. If you miss the skillshot, then yes...they can legit walk past your plants (which use to zone them) and chase you down, because your e won't be up for another 12 seconds.
: Better than being ridiculously viable. "Oh I missed my skillshot?" It's okay my TLD + plants = bye bye half your hp. I wasn't even there but get rekt. The worst part was that it was completely anti-melee and anti-ap/short-ranged champs that have slow AA or longer cds for wave clear. I'm sorry that you're no longer playing a no-brainer champ lol
Lol if this was true, she would have been played mid by everyone. She's always struggled a bit in mid because she is an immobile mage with long cool-downs. Now, they've taken away her most reliable source of damage while forcing her to ignore her passive seeds. You clearly don't play zyra much if you think you are right here.
: Honestly, if Sona has to deal with CONSTANTLY having to dip near enemies to fight, Zyra can spare one AA assuming her spell *missed*, especially since Zyra has a snare in a basic ability.
You are thinking about this from a support perspective. This change is fine for support zyra and makes sense...but it has destroyed her mid-lane. Riot promised zyra mains that they would balance her with mid in mind, but this latest nerf was done solely with her support role in mind. As a result, she's been pushed out of mid lane and pigeon-holed in to support.
: Zoning's fine, like when it's out of lane and teamfights are threateningly close. But zoning in lane by just Q'ing plants doesn't lend itself many favors.
No. He's right. Zoning is the issue. Champions can now just walk by her plants and come straight for her. They used to zone out champions and that's the only thing that kept her viable mid. Right now her aa missile speed is low and so to proc a plant and then aa a champion, often means you are dead before you finish the rotation....or on the run. The other problem here is that Riot specifically made it so that she gets the most damage out of procing multiple seeds at once. So it's retarded to say that she "just needs to land her skills" because she has no control over where her passive seeds spawn. So you can either proc the w seeds you put down and hit a champion, or you can hit the highest concentration of seeds, but they won't hit your enemy. Riot either needs to revert the ai change or they need to lower cds *and* make her passive seed spawns more reliable.
Rioter Comments
: I have a question about that: you know Riot has a class and a secondary class for most champions? Well... how can they say that when she is SECONDARY SUPPORT!?!? Like why is she even secondary support? She has no supporting capabilties. Aside from her E, which just a snare that can go through minions, otherwise cc, she is NOT a support.
She has plenty of support abilities, her e is the primary one, though her r is also nice in a support role. Her old w was nice too since if stepped on it gave vision, but now you get temp vision when your passive spawns in a bush. All of those are nice support elements. The problem here is that she was intended for mid, most zyra players enjoy playing her mid, and now with this latest patch, she is no longer viable mid. It's a real kick in the teeth to zyra mains who have stuck with the champ through all her kit changes.
: > [{quoted}](name=Zerglinglol,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=7IPuYidw,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-02-09T01:04:41.745+0000) > > I don&#x27;t think it was ever intended for plants to auto-target champions when you don&#x27;t even land your skill shots. The entire point of a &quot;skill shot&quot; is that you have to hit it, which is all the change does. If you land your Q or E the plants will still target the champion. Then revert the old Q back then or increase the range of her Q by 50-100 units? if they want her to land skill shot, especially in mid lane where other mages have longer range compared to her Q. For example, Brand's W, Syndra's Q, Ziggs Q, and so on.
Or reduce her cooldowns. You can't give her massive cooldowns and nerf the plant ai. I just don't see how she can survive midlane now as an apc.
5050BS (NA)
: And yet when polled 75% of Zyra players want her as a midlaner not a support
Exactly. And Riot promised zyra players during the mage update that they would keep her viable for mid lane and not pigeon-hole her into support. But this nerf does exactly that.
: Patch Chat with the Playtest Team - 7.3, nerfing permabanned champs
The zyra nerf has really impacted her mid lane in a big way. I'm a zyra main and I'm not sure she's even viable mid anymore. What happened to the promises to keep her healthy for both mid and support?
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Elikain (EUNE)
: _**Muting**_ a player only stops their communication in game, because sometimes you just want to play in peace and certain people don't respect that. _**Blocking**_ a player post-game is permanent and a block list exists for a reason. If you felt offended by a certain player's chatting, you only have to block them and never see their chat again.
I think you are missing the point though. If I have already ignored someone, why do I have to read their flaming after the game? The mute should continue after game and I can then block them in addition to that. Makes no sense that Riot allows you to mute flaming in game, but then subjects you to it post-game.
Elikain (EUNE)
: I don't see the reason why post-game chat should be deleted, just because certain few turn it sour. By that logic, all chatting options should be removed from the game and voice chat should never be a thing. You have tools to deal with such people ranging from muting, blocking and even reporting.
No...the point is that we can't mute people in post-game chat. If we could, then I wouldn't have posted this.
: You can leave the post game chat. You can't leave the game.
True, but I still have to load in to it....and if I want to check my stats for the game, then I have to see the chat too. They could just remove the post-game chat all together.
: I prefer to just leave the lobby, but if you want to stick around and have them muted, add them to your block list; blocked players will be muted in all chat rooms and future games.
Honestly, it seems like it would make sense for them to just get rid of post-game lobby. We can honor people who played well, report people who were toxic, and add ppl who we want to play with in future. :/
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Rioter Comments
: Yes! post game chat is nothing but flaming and cussing out eachother anyways since it is not monitored. In my opinion post game chat should be disabled anyways it serves no purpose other than to support trolling and raging
I could get behind this change. If ppl liked their team, they can honor them or add someone after.
Rioter Comments
: Patch 6.13 notes
How do you think zyra mid will be impacted by these changes? As a zyra main, I think that these changes make a ton of sense for bot lane, but I worry that it could have consequences for her mid lane strength (especially the w cd increase). Thoughts?
: shes the same except her q-e width to wake up plants are ebtter and she gets more seeds from hher passive...
She's not the same...that's why she was part of the bigger mage reworks. For someone playing against her, the elements all seem relatively the same. For someone playing her, they are very different...and not all of them are good.
Rioter Comments
Reav3 (NA)
: Sure does!
Gah please give her a new skin. She hasn't had one in ages and other champs have 5+. Some of the new skins you've just put out seem like perfect themes for her: death blossom and elderwood for example.
: Mid Year Mage Updates - Zyra Direction
I want to second what many others have already said: Zyra is a mid laner and always has been. I've played her in both support and mid, but I vastly prefer playing her mid. The only reason she has seen increased play bot is because of the nerfs that Riot gave her. Those who play Zyra a lot will always prefer to play her mid. That's where she shines. I'm really disappointed that you want to balance her for support, when that is not where the majority of players want to see her. Such a shame to see this post and then compare it to the other mage updates.....
: My biggest concern is that there are two goals being aimed at with ranked dynamic queues: * The goal of playing ranked (and being able to compare yourself to other players by extension) * The goal of playing with your friends I believe these two are mutually exclusive (outside of ranked 5's of course, but in there, you compare your TEAM with other teams and not your team with solo players). **Measuring skills, solo vs teams, in a trading card game** I have done some statistics and measured elo ratings for a well sized population in another game (yugioh, around 200 players). When comparing single players with a system like that, it is very quickly possible to determine their skills. We ran two "leagues", one for solo play and one of tag team dueling. Our seasons lasted a month after which everyone was reset. 1500 Elo was the standard. During one of the seasons, I asked a good player (2403 rating in the previous season) to play with a "poor" player (around 1100 rating in the previous season) in the tag team league for a season. Their individual ranks were around the same for that season (the good player dropped slightly, but not much), but their "ranked team" ended up at 1927 rating. This was not an accurate reading of either player's skill level, but as they only played together in that league, it was impossible to determine where each of them were. If you compared the low-placed player with the people he played with in the solo league, he looked to be head and shoulders above them (like bronze vs plat above them), but his actual skill wasn't anywhere near that; he was just being carried. **Dynamic Queue in Heroes of the Storm** In Heroes of the Storm they used to have dynamic queue, but honestly, it just wasn't working. There were several reasons for this: The premades rose insanely high, far higher than the individual players were fit for and the second they no longer played with their premade they were a huge deficit for their team. I have friends who, before the reset and removal, were ranked around rank 1-4, who can't get below rank 20 when they only have duo queue. This, apart from meaning their rank did not reflect their skill level, meant that there were fights that were hugely imbalanced because the match making had no way to account for the MMR of the player not being valid. All harassment issues aside (and yes, the 5th player when there was a 4 man premade did face quite a bit of harassment), there was a different problem for the solo player in a 4 man premade; They hardly got a say in what the team did. You might say "Oh, but you don't do that in solo queue at the moment either", which might be true, but neither does the rest of your team. But when the rest of your team is on skype/VT/Whatever together, they can plan, discuss and coordinate without you. We all know that ganks work best when well coordinated and at high levels of play, this can be done wordlessly with 2 or 3 pings. Not so much at lower elos. Hands on your hearts, junglers who play with your friends at bronze, silver, gold level; How much more likely are you to gank the lane your premade is in than another lane, if both lanes are doing equal? Now imagine only the top laner is not on your team. He is the only one you can't coordinate your ganks with at the same level as you can with the others. The last problem was the frequency with which players got matched in a 4-5 man premade vs all solo queue. These games were no fun, and usually stupidly quick stomps. You say you will prevent this in 95 % of the cases, and that number is still too low to me. That's 5 % almost guaranteed win for the premades by default. **Suggestions** Rather than looking to destroy the idea of ranked meaning anything about the player's skill, how about we look to improve ranked 5 man instead? I agree that the current system is far too rigid and has way too many problems, but I have an alternative solution, because Heroes of the Storm actually fixed it, imo. Their ranked system has two queues: * Ranked solo/duo * Ranked team How is this different from how League does it at the moment, you might ask. The difference is that you don't make a team to play ranked teams. You just group up, press play and then it finds you a match. You then have a rank, not for a specific team, but for your skill in teams. So, if I have 4 friends (A, B, C and D), we can just go play a few games of ranked team. We then get a rank of, let's say... Silver 2. Then B has to leave, but another guy E asks if he can play. We then invite him, and go play team league without any hassle at all. His and our ranks are combined to make a MMR (like dynamic queue would do it) and we are then matched with someone approximately equal. No hassle, no great big barrier of entry. edit: Just a small extra question for Lyte: Have you considered that asking players who are playing ranked at the moment is not a good indicator? People playing ranked at the moment is probably people excited with the new system while many solo players might skip out on it, hoping it will be changed back soon.
I really love how HoS handled their ranked dilemma. Sounds pretty awesome to just queue ranked 5s with a random group every time. I would totally play that mode.
Lyte (NA)
: Let’s talk about dynamic queues and ranked play
I'm sorry to say it, but I'm not a fan of these changes. There are several issues that need to be addressed: 1. The ability to queue ranked solo with a team is not fair. It takes away all individual skill measures when you are solo queue with other solo queues, against a premade with voice comms. It's happening and will continue to happen. 2. Toxicity from premade groups that go in as a 3 or 4 man and then flame the solo players on their team. This happens all the time in the normal games and it will happen in ranked games. 3. I really loathe that I am pigeon-holed into two roles each game. I usually go into ranked and will volunteer to play anything but jungle. I miss being able to do this. Additionally, if you select support as a secondary choice, you will almost always land in the support role. I like support, it's one of my strongest roles, but I don't want to play it every single game. The variety in the old ranked system made ranked interesting. Change can be good, so my critiques are not simply on the basis of "oh my god, it's different." There are major issues and I hope they'll be investigated and fixed before dynamic queue and the new champ select become a permanent fixture.
: Community! Tell me your skin ideas.
This has always been one of my favorite skin concepts: [Stealth Bomber Lissandra]( I also really love Riot leona, Day of the Dead orianna, and Crazy Cat Lady Yorrick, but they have already been mentioned elsewhere in this thread. It would be cool to see some champs who only have a few skins get a little love (like Nautilus for instance).
: How about RIOT Leona? (not mine) Here is another idea from other artist:
I've been scrolling through looking for this skin. I'm surprised it wasn't mentioned sooner. I prefer the second skin concept.
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