Try learning english or running that through google translate a few more times.
: When Riot says fuck you, we're nerfing half of your mains {{sticker:sg-janna}}
Soraka getting screwed over patch after patch. First Talisman of Ascension, then Warmog's Armor :(
Barkley (NA)
: I am so beyond sick of these 1-sided stomp fests
Yup I agree... This game gets faster and faster, stompier and stompier with every update. I want to see comebacks and out plays, not flip of the coin before 10 minutes. Right now just getting a little ahead gives you so much advantage it's ridiculous.
: Riot is making an attractive female character!? In 2018!?
: I hope cryptocurrency crashes and burns
Are you guys serious? Crypto is literally the future of commerce. Decentralizing commerce and putting it into the hands of the public. YOU control your own money. Not the bank and not the government. Transactions across the world without a third party or converting currencies. Even if you do convert currencies, enjoy instant conversion at market rate with virtually no fees. If you guys don't support mining (which you shouldn't and Bitcoin is a dinosaur technology) you should learn about better cryptos that don't require mining like ICON and NANO. Don't cuck the future just cause you can't get a GPU.
: Getting back Honor level 1
I'm max Honor and 99% of games I don't say a single thing. You literally don't have to do anything for Honor.
gazzo97 (EUW)
: why people write easy at the end of games?
I usually say it as revenge against a really annoying lane or against Yasuo/Zed/LeeSin. I hate those guys SO MUCH.
: Laughing Fish's 200,000 lifetime upvote spectacular! (Come and get your free skins!)
https://media.giphy.com/media/Q0KPf9jKGe4OA/giphy.gif Hope this is OK, Laughing Fish !
: Yeah, it feels crappy. Ive got over 10 mastery tokens sitting in my loot right now (3 m7 tokens for galio) and my plan is im just gonna wait to unlock the m6/m7 till I get a champ shard for that champ. (since we get a lot more champ shards now than in the old system it should happen somewhat faster) Even though I have to wait til RNGeesus favors me w/ the champ shard drop(s) I need it will "save" me around 2k Blue essence on mastery 6's and a bit under 3k for mastery 7s (Math for savings is using a 6300 be cost champ, so these are the LOWEST amounts that you will save by upgrading champ mastery using that champ's shard, for example when i get the galio shard which i believe disenchants for 630 and use it to get mastery 7 i will be saving 3900-630= 3270 be saved). I do understand that you want to be able to show your level of mastery on the champ sooner rather than later, but if you have the patience to wait for a shard in the long run you'll have a lot more blue essence to use how you see fit.
Yeah same here. I have MF and Leona mastery tokens but I've been waiting for their shards because I am NOT going to pay 3250 BE for that. I've been sitting at around 10k BE since the changes came in and I'm scared to spend it now.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ryuumoku no koke,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=6qRbflJf,comment-id=000c0000,timestamp=2017-11-23T01:19:40.380+0000) > > ??? "OmG tHaT 4% mS 2 Str0nG, LiKe NeArLy a SeT oF QuInTs" - while you have a mastery that not only gives a set of quints but more stats than an entire rune page of per level runes. The irony
How is that OP. Mages still suck, assasins still dominate mid, nothing has changed.
: "KYS"=Ban
I feel like i say kys a lot, but i've never even gotten a warning.
Naqel (EUW)
: Surely you meant Yordles, not Jinx. I mean, you even get to pick your flavor with yordles, ~~purple one tastes the best~~.
Yordles are 100% not loli. More like some midget/fantasy fetish.
: Well to be fair we do need to get that legal loli. Edit: lol damn some people here really take offense to this lol.
: I'm just excited for the rune refund. Looking forward to a shopping spree on champs
I used to own every champ before I took a break. Hopefully the other stuff you can buy is just as exciting
: No i like weak towers. makes the games shorter and punishes mistakes more. Every one talks shit when they lose their tower 4v2 bot, but no1 complains when they do that to the enemy team.
Something is wrong when I can literally walk up to the tower as Miss Fortune WHILE 2 people are under it and take out half it's HP in a few shots.
: Other then inting, how can I lower my mmr?
Play with a friend who is worst than you or new.
Eedat (NA)
: > BUt they were harder to close out. Nope. > It was far more common to see teams come back form 10K defficites back then. No it wasnt. Towers were legit half as durable as they are now. Like I said, the nostalgia is strong.
The one thing I remember from the beginning of league many years ago is that almost half the games would easily run 40+ minutes. There were also a handful of games going over an hour. Everyone would get so fed and the game would be so intense that by the end my palms are hella sweaty and I gotta take a break to calm down. Now? Most games end at 30 minutes or less. People can surrender earlier than ever before. I can get 3 of my main items before full scale team fights begin. I haven't had a 75 minute game since Highschool. Now, 75 minute games can be good or bad, depends on the person, but games today are definitely way shorter and punish the losing team way harder.
: Minion block/pathfinding is overdue for fixing. @RIOT
I play both League and Dota and it's really funny seeing people complain about this on League. League's path-finding is like melted butter compared to Dota's path-finding, so I can't really relate to the problem.


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