: Cool original idea that had never been stated on this forum before.
i dont browse this shit everyday !@#$
darkdill (NA)
: Has any thought been given to removing surrenders?
Im all for the abolishment of any game that tells me how to play my game
: Is paying for coaching and getting wins by duoing with the coach boosting?
: Chat Restriction - Question
Riot sucks and they dont give a fuck...they just gonna direct you to blitzcrank bot and give us the run around like everyone else. GOD forbid anyones opinions differ from theirs these days....some of yall identify soley on your social justice views and you are about as fun to talk to as a cat turd.
: I dont report to avoid naughty words that are gonna hurt my 32 year old virgin eyes. What does a filter have to do with it? Have you seen the mild chat that tilts the fuck out of people? It doesnt have to be swear words or anything. It just has to be accusatory, or antagonizing. Theres no filter that will block that. Ive seen teammates give up or resort to trolling just because someone gave them a snarky sarcastic "tip" like CoULd YoU SToP fEeDiNg?! And you know that swearing isnt against the rules in the first place right? Like I say fuck and god dammit! And holy shit that damage! All the time. Never been punished.
: > [{quoted}](name=House Money,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=EtoQkBT0,comment-id=000000000000000000010000,timestamp=2019-05-21T22:04:23.644+0000) > > It's not what you know its what you can prove. I'll play devils advocate and say that I can type astericks and make people think im being an ass when really I'm not typing anything reportable. So if i type with astericks....whos to say what the fuck im talking about? You know what you're talking about, the people you're talking to know what you're talking about, we know what you're talking about, and Riot knows what you're talking about. You're not convincing anyone, and if you think you have a chance of doing that, you're only fooling yourself.
Yes! How stupid of me! Your !@#$ perception is everyones reality. Tell me what word I used?
: I wouldn’t appreciate a random stranger saying that to me out in public. I’d enjoy it even less if this was a random person I was expected to work with on a team, and if there was a way to ensure that other people on other teams wouldn’t be subject to this kind of behavior from this person in the future, I would use it.
I can agree to that. Though what you were claiming is that the statement is of itself a toxic one. EDIT: Though I want to be clear this isn't a real life scenario. Though if someone were to do that, them being weird and saying weird shit isnt reportable. You'd be reporting because you dont like them.
Kei143 (NA)
: You know it's not the words that get people punished, it's attitudes.
and i got a big ol stick up my ass as some would say
: > If they had filter enabled all they would see is "you you piece of" No, they'd see "@#$% you you piece of @#$%", with the random characters being replaced by asterisks. (Opted for random characters here due to boards formatting.) The words are censored, not completely omitted. And even still; "piece of x" ("x" being "crap", "shit" etc.) is something so ubiquitous in today's language that it would be immediately understood what's being said, especially with the word "you" directing that comment at someone. It's a directed insult, and that's against the rules. > EDIT: so yes you are getting banned for swearing in essence. No, you're not. In the case described above, you're getting banned for telling someone to fuck themselves and calling them a piece of shit. You're getting banned, in that case, for insulting and harassing a player. The swearing is just emphasis for the insults and harassment. Similarly, you can get banned for telling people they're "useless" and that they should uninstall; you can get banned for calling people "idiots", "morons", etc. You're focusing solely on the use of swears in the example that you're completely ignoring any other behavior that could be punishable. If you refuse to acknowledge that point, then there's no more to be discussed here.
It's not what you know its what you can prove. I'll play devils advocate and say that I can type astericks and make people think im being an ass when really I'm not typing anything reportable. So if i type with astericks....whos to say what the fuck im talking about?
: TL;DR: OP got a chat restriction and is headed for more.
many many more. least i aint droppin money into this shit ever since the first one And nah i dont get restrictions i get bans. I got no problem telling you that I cant ping stupid. Sorry
: That statement is toxic enough to earn a chat restriction if you say it often enough, though.
if you saw a stranger walking down the road and repeating "you you piece of" and you think he is toxic I question your sanity. Bro, you would say what the hell is this dude or wtf or something of the sort. So no I don't agree with the idea that the above statement is inherently toxic. EDIT GRAMMAER STUFF
: Except, you don't ever get banned for curse words. If that were the case, I would've been banned _long_ ago. I've exclaimed "fuck" and "shit" and "dammit" and so on a _lot_ over my League career, and I've been playing for over four years now. Riot doesn't care if you curse; they care if you level swears at other players. There's a big difference between "aw fuck" and "fuck you you piece of shit". The former won't get punished. The latter will.
If they had filter enabled all they would see is "you you piece of" in and of itself not very toxic IMO EDIT: so yes you are getting banned for swearing in essence. This is why filter is broken. and any reports IMO from a player with disbale filter should be null
: > Chat filter is broken. Players willingly turn off chat filter... People turning off the Mature Language Filter isn't an indicator that it's broken. It's an indicator that those people don't care for the filter. > ...then report players for chat that they willingly subject themselves to. It's not an excuse to be toxic but it is fundamentally flawed. Well, here's the thing; the Mature Language Filter is there for people who have lighter/different sensibilities in regards to swearing and curse words. It filters out and censors swearing, but it doesn't do the same for flame and abusive language. Frankly, I don't see how you can 1. determine who voluntarily turns off the Mature Language Filter and 2. leverage that as an explanation for people getting punished. You don't know who reports who, and you don't know who has their Mature Language Filter on or off; and I'd reckon that there are just as many people out there with it on who report misbehavior as there are those who have it turned off that do the same. At the end of the day, the Mature Language Filter isn't flawed; you're simply misunderstanding its purpose. > Players should only be restricted if they manipulate chat to bypass the filter, and are reported. Otherwise how can any chat ban be justified. You willingly turned off your filter and that action may as well say "im ok with seeing anything in the chat" Well, again, read above; the Mature Language Filter censors cursing and swearing, but it doesn't censor abusive language, flaming, etc; And while, yes, the general idea being sent when someone turns off the Mature Language Filter is "I'm okay with seeing swearing in chat", it doesn't automatically translate to "I want chat to be a complete toxic cesspool". And, regardless of what you believe, the rules take precedence over the existence of a Mature Language Filter, and punishments are justified by the rules. You should check out the [Code of Conduct](https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/legal/termsofuse#code-conduct) and the [Summoner's Code](https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/summoners-code) for the rough details of the rules. > If you have filter disabled, any chat related report should be instantly thrown out. No. The Mature Language Filter does not supercede the rules you agreed to, and it absolutely should not deny players the ability to report people for breaking those rules.
I disagree, but I see where you are coming from and you make some valiant points for the other side. I'm specifically talking about curse words. Not excessive flame. I still think if you turned the filter off any report you give for chat should be null... If what someone said doesnt get detected by filter (like non curse flame) and someone reports it. Than its all good. They have filters enabled and the flame bypassed it. .02
: A Hacker Got Me Perma-banned
they dont give a fuck they just gonna send you to blitzcrank bot
WulfWulf (NA)
: ***
again we arent debating whether typing something is right or wrong. i am saying the system is flawed for the reason that you willingly subject yourself to unfiltered chat.
: The chat filter censors curse words and some zero tolerance phrases. It does not prevent other forms of harassment and verbal toxicity. With exception to ZT phrases, words don’t get you punished, but attitude does.
With how big you brain is trying to be this one flew right over you... If you are being banned for curse words...This should be impossible. We aren't debating whether typing it is right or wrong. I am saying it shouldn't be visible > therefore there is no offense. If you disabled it yourself your report should be null and void.
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: Toxic Environment
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