: Riot in 2017: Let's use one of the two major updates of the year to rework assassins so people have a better window to react to them before they get oneshotted. Oh and let's give supports some nice things to make the role more fun, and make people wanna play support. Let's add these fun little quests to support gold items and make it so they can opt to combine the tier 2 gold item with their sightstone to save a mid-lategame item slot. Hey people seem to like these support quests. Cool. Riot in 2018: Let's make it so everything oneshots faster, and fuck supports, they had it too good for like, 8 months. That's long enough. Why not take away a few meaningful build choices from supports, and take these fun support item quests and turn them into "farm gold with this until you can get a sightstone." Oh, and let's make Zoe.
Thats how i feel, Assassins doing one shots are not healthy and should be nerfed. Mages on the other hand, its just called a glass cannon; nothing special.
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: Where's the New Champ Select?
only thing worth waiting
: Updated patch 5.23 notes
Essense Reaver don't appear in match history, and there's a bug when refunding boots upgrade in retrieving time


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