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: Ranked Team
i'm interested, added you in game
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: LF More For My Team
Required: -Age: 17 -Main: adc -Champions: lucian/jhin/ezreal -Strengths: maximizing damage in teamfights, safe player -Weaknesses: sometimes too safe and sometimes too aggro, not very good at shotcalling -Timezone/When available: central time, weekdays 9-12pm, anytime on weekend -Anything you would like to be known: im looking for a competitive team that will play in tournaments and improve
Creek (NA)
: Team Oni Yokai Recruiting Silver/ Gold TOP AND SUPPORT
age:17 role: support Champions: {{champion:432}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:117}}
: Team Eminent Looking For Jungler [Gold][Competitve Team}
IGN:rrodri13 Role: jungle Age: 17 Champion pool(Top 5): lee sin, hecarim, elise, rek sai, and kha What can you bring to the team?: good early game ganks and communication with mid laner Why are you looking for a team?: looking to get into competitive games and tournaments while also improving as a player Rank: silver 1 Time zone: central What times are you able to play from(est):9pm-12pm monday and wednesday/ 7-12pm weekdays/ anytime weekends Are you willing to be a sub: yes Proper English?: yes Do you tilt?: rarely Can you Shotcall? in the early game yes Do You have a Twitter? yes
: New Team for s7
Age: 17 Availability: everyday other than mondays/wednesday and saturday evening Role main/secondary: adc/jung Mic: yea Best Champ(s): lucian/ezreal/jhin strengths: maximizing teamfight damage/staying safe, communicates well with team Weaknesses: sometimes too safe or too aggro Aspirations: to improve as a player and a team, also want to play in tournaments or leagues
HT Helix (NA)
: Making a Team for S7
IGN:rrodri13 Position (Main/Second): adc/jung Top 3 champs: lucian/jhin/ezreal Rank: silver 1 Age:17 Time Zone: central time
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: [LF Members] [Gold +] FBRD: Serious Team | Discord Required, Dedication Required
Role: Player IGN:rrodri13 Age: 17 Rank (S6): s3 (due to taking a break) Main Role: adc Secondary Role: jungle Strengths as a player: good teamfight, can play different styles, communicates with support well Does the schedule work for you (for the most part)?: yeah Will you adhere, as best as possible, to the schedule?: yeah Are you able to be a part of a Group SMS Message? yeah
: Creating a LOW ELO Ranked 5 Team
IGN:rrodri13 Age:17 Main Lane: ADC Main champions: lucian, jhin, vayne We lost terribly, will you be able to keep a smile on your face? Y/N: if i learned something from the loss then yes Why would i consider you over the next? able to play whatever champion necessary and communicate with supports well Strengths: great teamfighter, smart laner, like to maximize damage in teamfights W/e else you'd like to throw in there: i took a break from league last season due too playing so much previous seasons but i'm definetly looking to commit this year and grind.
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: Team Take flyte looking for a adc and a top laner
in game name: rrodri13 champs i can play:{{champion:51}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:222}} Rank: Silver 1

Ht Rot

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