: Whatever Riot did with it, including a full rework, people didn't play it. Its play rate was barely 2% in NA, its most popular region.
Wait.... When was TT last reworked before it shutdown?
Senamz13 (NA)
: League used to have boot enchantments that you could purchase, but for some reason they removed them. RIP
Were the enchantments a temporary buff to the boots? I was not playing when Enchantments were a thing.
: Yeah this would be nice to slightly boost the stats of boots for a high price, useful for lategame. Ex: Ninja Tabi - ($1100 total) 20 armor, reduce basic attack dmg by 12% Upgrades into: Shinobi Tabi - ($1300 upgrade cost) 40 armor, reduce basic attack dmg by 15% So the boots get a nice stat bonus, and a veeeery small boost to their unique passive. But the cost is very high, so it's only useful for lategame.
I like this idea a lot! You think there should be a timeclock for when they can become available? Just something simple like at the 22 minute marker the boots become unlocked in the store or something.
: This would be so good for the game to add another tier upgrade, if not just readding the old enchantments {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
So I was not playing LoL when they had the enchantments but it seems like a simple solution to the question I posed. How did they work?
: They tried that. It became a race to get the good boots first and then go bot lane. So we have the current boots. Very gold efficient for the stats, but ultimately low slot efficiency, due to low gold cost.
So you wouldn't want to see any changes in boots then? If there were higher gold costs for better boots but didn't want people to rush boots can you think of any ways they could do that? More of just a critical thinking session :)
Rioter Comments
: {{champion:114}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:53}}
So ill just pick one since I haven't seen her a lot here. Fiora: Why do you hate her and what would you change to her kit?
Kenneky (EUW)
: Recourseless/energy assassin like {{champion:84}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:55}}. I despise fighting them, because they can spam their abilities without real punishment. What's that? Akali blow her entire combo? Guess what, she gets her "mana" 10 seconds later as like she never used an ability. With mana assassins, at least I can plat around that, with those 3, pretty much I'm screwed...
So what would be your change for them to make them less hated?
Bârd (NA)
: {{champion:25}} You want to play a melee? You're not allowed to move. You want to play a catcher? Ha, funny joke. You want to play mid? Don't worry, she'll end up being the midlaner and just shove you under tower constantly.
How would you fix her kit to avoid some of this?
: {{champion:142}} I just really dont like her style of walking around then suddenly jumping into my face while tossing her bubble, unable to really be CC´d then while i am sleeping she starts her Q and just deletes 60 to 100% of my healthbar.
So what would you change in her kit to help avoid the Q burst or the sleep bubble?
: Qiyana b/c assassins should not have 2 forms of immobilizing CC. Sylas because he is a failure of design, no champ should ever have had the ability to steal ults (plus his kit on his base abilities is overloaded too, unbalanceable garbage). Mundo- One of the most stat check champs in the game: Can you outdamage his healing or not? Yuumi: B/c enchanters shouldn't be able to basically frontline with poke while taking no risk.
So what would you change on each one?
Speeedy (NA)
: {{champion:145}} is my most hated to play against. Why I hate playing against her: this one moment where I was playing my main cait we saw their support start to roam mid so my support followed while the minions were just outside out turret (very few minions like 2-3 casters only) So Kasai flash W me then instantly ult behind me under my turret presses Q and autos me like 2 or 3 times and still gets out alive after eating 3-4 turret shots plus me hitting her. I had E on cd and i was like ok so she can dive me when i have 90+% hp solo with no minions and can kill me while we both were 1/0/0. To give her credit she did have rageblade fully stacked and {{item:3004}} {{item:3006}}. I did have flash but not heal and even if I did it wouldn't of made a difference.
So is the thing you hate most about her the amount of mobility she has?
: I don't have the greatest eye for balance so this kind of change might either be too strong or too weak so accept it with a grain of salt. The champion that I dislike seeing the most is {{champion:63}} I won't call him OP by any stretch. My issues with him are personal in nature. My best ADC's are pretty much all immobile, so it is difficult to the point of being practically unable to farm well for the first several levels. What I would probably change would either be the size of his pillar of flames, or alternatively increase the time it takes for the ability to pop so that the skillshot can actually function like a skillshot. Secondary to the Pillar of flames is his % max hp burn on his passive. That shit chunks too hard too early in my opinion. So what I would probably change is to make the % hp tie in to the number of abilities hit. Instead of the flat 3% max hp burn, maybe 1.5% hp for one hit ability, refreshed and amped to 2.5% for a second ability, and 4% max hp if you can chain 3 abilities into one another in addition to the normal passive pop. The latter change would make his laning a bit more bearable as well as rewarding successful completion of combos.
Idk that doesn't seem too bad for a change. its small and not making him useless
: Lore-wise, Illaoi. No question. Balance-wise, there are a LOT right now. But the one I absolutely can't stand is Master Yi. He has all the mobility he wants with very little effort. He can heal through soft CC. He can IGNORE soft CC. He gets tons of true damage. He gets a free "nope" card every 2.4 seconds. And none of it so much as requires a skillshot. I hate Yasuo, but at least you can lock Yasuo down if you time things right and predict his movements. You can't lock Yi down unless you're outright lucky. Don't lock him down in exactly two seconds? Say goodbye to your ADC.
Okay I can understand the sentiment. What would be one change you would do on Master Yi?
Juice (EUNE)
: Akali Braindead, OP, too safe, too easy, VERY limited opportunity for counterplaym, no windows where you can capitalize on her mistakes, too many escape abilities Illaoi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZpodU5JtvM 'nuff said. 1 shot me while 1 level down and with +8 ad from doran blade Camille See : Akali Darius Braindead, OP, insta win any melee lane, right click enemy champ inside his own minion wave and kill him, 2000 gold worth passive early game (gets absurd late game), always cheesing bushes, too hard to kill Gangplank Not braindead but OP, annoying, too safe, too cheesy, too unkillable solo, forces you to play his little mini game all laning phase Kai Sa, Xayah Overloaded, too safe, multiple escapes etc Neeko Rengar Evelynn Caitlyn Vel Koz Hate all of these to a certain degree
So lets just pick one. Lets say Illaoi. What would be one change you would make to her kit to help make her seem like a healthier champion?
: Yasuo, Windwall. Rank one it honestly is so powerful it can win teamfights if placed and used right.
Okay understandable. how would you change Yasuo then to maybe balance him a bit?
GreenKnight (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=HubeartheGrizzly,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=VTA4A35A,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-10-18T12:54:45.123+0000) > > Who is the champ you like the least (hate the most)? Do i have to pick only one?
No you can do as many as you feel necessary :)
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Lił Peep (OCE)
: Ivern QOL Change.
Simple and doesn't sound broken. This needs more upvotes :D
: > [{quoted}](name=Vicious Jq,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=VEHV2PUP,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-09-03T17:58:09.676+0000) > > When you cant nerf, you rework it. Ezrreals kit is beying broken in current meta. What is the point in picking any other adc while you can pick ez and spam your q late game that deals up to 1k dmg every 1-2 seconds, where is the logic in that? When you can't nerf, the healthiest option in terms of meta, is to buff counters or champs that could do well with an adequate push. I say that because, going back on existing mechanics just makes the game more stale and regressive, while it doesn't address the problems of other champs. Ezreal faces a bunch of other top tier champs that have nothing to do with his playstyle. Instead of nerfing Ezreal's mechs, give someone like Kog'maw more tools to deal with him. Like a more potent slow or an actually useful passive instead of the joke he is right now.
Wouldn't that just be another sign of power creep which has been a problem for a while now? Not that you should only thing of nerfs but sometimes it is the better option.
: All they need to do is make the freeze zone AoE based on distance you are from your target. They could then increase the AoE when on top of your target and reduce it to nothing at something like 700 range. This would make the slow zone from Ezreal mean nothing if he is at a distance but be effective if he is on top of his target and buff IBG on every melee user. Alternatively, they could also do the same thing with slow effectiveness by increasing it to 40% scaling down to 0% at longer range.
Now that's the kind of creative thinking I like to see! I would want to try this
wowlukas (EUNE)
: Why delete twisted treeline :(
Wish they could just send the map to some game editors to mess around with on a playground to fix it. I will miss TT
: > [{quoted}](name=HubeartheGrizzly,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=BWEw80dw,comment-id=002c0000,timestamp=2019-07-22T14:24:07.289+0000) > > So... more healing? I don't fully understand how Grasp works :p Guessing your not a top main :D but nah, when GP uses his Q and procs grasp he gets full benefits (5 hp, full heal and damage) despite the fact he is basically proc'ing it from range, so many people are calling for the ranged penalty to be applied
Ah ok that makes more sense ty :)
: So here are my top 10 highest mastery champs excluding heimer and sona (need more time to think about them) i don't nessisarily think all of them need the changes below, these are just what i would do if i was in charge of riot. **Rumble:** Hitting 2 E's within 2 seconds causes a root or snare for .5 seconds **Nunu**: E first snowball thrown deals more damage, the rest deal the current pitiful damage. **Kled:** Allow Kled to ping his dismount cooldown. Allow actives and passive that scale off bonus hp to go off of scarls bonus hp (not Kled's 0%) (locket mostly). Allow courage gain vs JG camps. **Singed:** Q deals more damage based on the amount of time spent in poison (max # of stacks not unlimited). Fix Singed's Fling goop combo. Add scaling to ult **Taric:** Rework Q so that I don't accidentally level past 2 (leveling past 2 is pretty much useless and makes the mana increase by a shit ton) **Yorick:** E gives true sight on the target. ( Rework W, 2 ideas) casting Wcauses all ghouls to explode (aoe dmg) **OR** Same skill shot with delay as current W but make it an aoe Snare instead of a wall trap (duration would be short due to its size and somewhat large size) **Gragas:** Currently Q applies slow after the second cast but I would change the slow to affect enemies standing in the barrel before it explodes W reduces damage received and heals hp and passive gives enhanced auto-attack (the good old switcheroo) **Leona:** Make her ultimate a 2 second ground and a slow instead of a stun but give her increased attack speed and ad early game (i want JG Leona) **Warwick:** Lower ult range but allow him to recast if he hits an opponent to jump to another (can be done twice but must be recast in 1 second after latching onto the opponent. deals reduced damage on second and thrid cast (i want to see him jumping from target to target to land on the squishy) **Poppy:** Ult deals increased damage the more it is charged (risky but can be used to secure the kill)
Well I would still like to hear what small change you would want to make to Heimer or Sona :D
Vlada Cut (EUNE)
: {{champion:266}} Bring Back his Revive or Mutikator lassive that let hin de with adc's late game. Revive was last thing Aatrox mains admizt that was left from old Aatrox and yet you just took it away. Bance team you monsters. {{champion:39}} Bring back her late game features - Shieldbreak and Disarm. It's quite rediculous that Irelia has it removed from her but then instantly insntantly given to {{champion:58}} and {{champion:53}}. {{champion:84}} giver her Q healing or W extension back(keep it to invisible stealth tyoe, do NOT revert it back to obacurity). Her Q healing was the obkynthing left from akali besides her E and R being skillshot versions of her old Ultimate. {{champion:67}} Change Vayne's silver volts from max HP true damage to _**max HP physical damage**_(since Demacians aren't into magic type of damage, ESPECIALLY Vayne who's one of the biggest Monster Hunters and Mage Racist). This way her W will deal actually more damage and scale well with her Keystone - Press The Attack, since Press The Attack can't increase true damage(tha mfully). {{champion:92}} Change her passive so her Q xould stop being a 3 tricking auto attack resets. _** If not**_, change her CD around it so she can't spam Q every 3 seconds when fully maxed(her lower CD buff few latches ago was a mistake). {{champion:114}} Revert all of her Q and E unecessary buffs or halve her W's stun duration from 2 to 1 seconds. 2 seconds stun on rank 1 W at lvl 3 is absolutely r%%%%%ed.
Hmmm some interesting thoughts and for mostly melee champions and mostly top laners (at least usual top laners). Ive seen a few people want revive back on AAron. With the shield break on Renek and Blitz it seems the original Shield breaker should get it back. There is so much with Akali but the healing was pretty big for her kit. Vayne would be a simple change and fit the theme and reduce her top lane runs. Im sure there would be riots removing true damage from the kit (let the fire spread lololol). A lot of people agree with the Riven needing to change the Q Fiora W would be nice (Bias cause I can never seem to win against a Fiora)
: AP scaling on Mundo's Q would always be nice :D I'm feeling the .5 ratio would be perfect. But you never know mundo is sleeper op. AD scaling to Blitzcrank's E and Q. .6 AP & .4 bAD scalings would be fantastic to be honest. Add an Armor scaling stat to Malphite's Q ability to fit his theme better. Afterall it's an ability that literally comes out of his body. That or offer a reduced AP ratio on his ult and add some armor scaling to it because you're literally battering them with your body. Rework sona already D:
All Armor Malph would be cool with scaling (and scary to go against). In General it looks like more champs are getting dual scaling so I could see adding it to some older champs What would you do for a Sona rework?
: I would revert {{champion:35}} of course
Might see more Shaco players coming back to the Jg. Scary clown (Jester) being scary again
: {{champion:266}} give him his revive back xD
I have a feeling in a future patch this will happen.
: {{champion:90}} His ult is now a skill shot
I am Biased for this one personally but YES.
: {{champion:161}} ults grounds instead of slows so he can be more impactful in fights and have anti-mobility tools.
Definitely a big change overall with the mobility meta and I think it would be warranted. Good Idea!
: > [{quoted}](name=HubeartheGrizzly,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=BWEw80dw,comment-id=00220000,timestamp=2019-07-22T14:04:55.489+0000) > > There is quite a bit! Overall since there are a lot of champs you covered I wont go into detail for all of them but say that I do like most of them and pick a few that I have questions aboot. > > {{champion:32}} Disarm to channel disrupt? why the change? :) > {{champion:53}} Any reason for slowing the Q? > {{champion:203}} Do you think Kindred has a strong early game to want to make her scale with a weak early game? > > Those were my only real big questions. Amumu change because I think he's in an okay spot and wanted something fairly power neutral. This would still stop things like Lucian's ult which it already does and give some utility against things like Velkoz. The ability has a root but it feels like a stun because of the disarm as well, so changing that to make it less awkward to play against. Mostly it's because of the notion that every champion needed a change. Blitzhook set to be in line with {{champion:412}}'s (thresh's moves faster but also has a 0.5s delay). Add to that the less punishing nature for landing a minion makes his laning more forgiving as well as more interactive. Kindred like you said toning down early power in favor of scaling. Mostly because the scaling helps more in lower levels where she struggles and the early game impacts her more at higher levels where she's been oppressive for the last several patches.
Makes sense. Good simple changes. :D
: {{champion:246}} Reduce the range on her her w, most of her balancing is now done and she is still a challenging champ to play against while still maintaining her fun to play without being stupidly strong with powerful engage and disengage that can be used LITERALLY ANYWHERE on the map. As things stand her W is just too easy to use as a disengage kill with no thought since there are almost 0 locations on the map that do not have a wall within range, and those that are are in the base of the enemy team in a small circle around nexus, also if you are trying to escape and you reach the middle of any lane as long as you are not against the far wall of top/bot it's a free dash team wide root. Right now she has such a low skill cap and it could be fixed by simply making it take thought before you E in on your opponent.
I have not played the new champ so I would not know but making a little change could help with her engage power.
: I was just making a reference with Varus. When Aatrox comes close to Varus in-game, he scolds him for not following “the double-A thing” that he and Rhaast have, saying that there was a memo.
Oh!!! lol okay makes sense :). (Always like to add more fluff like quotes to the game anyways)
: Annie's E Molten Shield to burst around her when it ends, just like old Sion. Will make the skill actually useful for wave clear rather than a passive charger. OR Tibbers AI upgraded to be smarter than it currently is... Or maybe just fixed to allow him to attack wards and inhibitors would be huge for Annie...
I would lean towards the Tibbers QoL changes but not better than an exploding shield!
: Instead of buffing {{champion:84}} give back her healing.
Same ratios on the old healing as well?
: {{champion:41}} Q now procs as a ranged auto attack to balance out his usage of Grasp and the like
So... more healing? I don't fully understand how Grasp works :p
Tanerian (NA)
: AP ratios on Ashe's W. Add in on hit Ap ratio to her Q. Lemme play Ap Ashe ayyyyy.
Lol want to do something a little more so you can build into her Ult while not only building for her ult im guessing?
Busty Demon (EUNE)
: Make {{champion:21}}'s W or something. Edit : sorry. Make it a dash. Sorry.
Trying to keep up with the mobility comp LoL is at nowadays? makes sense
xelaker (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=HubeartheGrizzly,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=BWEw80dw,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-07-19T13:08:53.943+0000) > > A simple question for those who are a little creative or like to think about balancing. What would be the #1 thing you want to change on one champion? Either your favorite champ or a champ you truly hate! And why would you make that change? > > Mine is simple, make the Teemo Q a skill shot and increase its range to 750-800. (I know most Teemo players expressed changing the W so I wanted to think of something different). The reason for the change? Makes AA reliant champs have some ability to dodge the blind but give Teemo some extra range to his low range kit. of all the things that actually need change you went with teemo? who just needs a rework or stupid good numbers to live in mobility, ability nuke land.
YUP! :D Like I said I know the W needs a rework but I wanted to go with something else on his kit. For Teemo in general I would like to see a lot of changes. So with that said, what would you want to change(s) on Teemo?
: If every champion in this exercise gets exactly 1 change, no more, no less, it would mean basically the higher tier ones get a single nerf and the lower ones get a single buff, with middling champions getting a lateral change so let's go with that as the premise {{champion:266}} Q cooldown 14/12/10/8/6s -> 17/14.5/12/9.5/7s {{champion:103}} Q true damage moved to a part of the Charm debuff {{champion:84}} Q cooldown increased 1.5s -> 6/5/4/3/2s {{champion:12}} E shockwave interval 05s -> 0.4s {{champion:32}} R disarm replaced with a channel disrupt {{champion:34}} R mana cost/s 40/50/60 -> 50/55/60 {{champion:1}} Q cooldown up, reduced by 50% if Q kills a minion: 4s -> 7s {{champion:22}} Q mana cost removed {{champion:136}} R cooldown 110/90/70s -> 90/70/50s {{champion:268}} E cooldown 19/18/17/16/15 -> 20/18/16/14/12, but Azir will only dash to the location of his soldier at the time of E cast even if Q is cast after {{champion:432} Shrine (W) prep time 10s -> 10/8.5/7/5.5/3s {{champion:53}} Q missile speed 1800 -> 1300, 25% cooldown refunded on hitting a minion or monster {{champion:63}} E AP scaling 45% -> 60%, deals 50% bonus damage to minions and monsters {{champion:201}} W bonus resistances flat and scaling: 10 / 14 / 18 / 22 / 26 (+ 10 / 11.5 / 13 / 14.5 / 16% ) -> 18/21/24/27/30 (+21%), but allies only receive two-thirds of these bonuses (12/14/16/18/20 +14%) {{champion:51}} E mana cost 75 -> 80/70/60/50/40 {{champion:164}} Pasive Shield: adaptive -> universal, cooldown 16/13/10s -> 18/12/8s {{champion:69}} W nerfed early, buffed late -- cooldown 24/22/20/18/16s -> 25/22/19/16/13s; dps: 20/25/30/35/40 (+ 15% AP) -> 18/26/34/42/50 (17.5 % AP) {{champion:31}} Bonus health per R stack: 80/120/160 -> 100/130/160 {{champion:42}} E resistance shred changed to 1/2/3/4/5% from flat 1 / 1.375 / 1.75 / 2.125 / 2.5, max stacks 8 -> 5 {{champion:122}} E armor pen changed from passively 15/20/25/30/35% -> 3/4/5/6/7% per stack of Hemorrhage, but now E applies a Hemorrhage stack as well {{champion:131}} W base shield amount 40/55/70/85/100 -> 40/60/80/100/120 {{champion:36}} E bonus AD 40/50/60/70/80 (increased by up to 100% based on missing health) -> 40/45/50/55/60% of total AD (+1% total AD per 1% missing health) {{champion:119}} Auto attack windup decreased, and base attack speed 0.679 -> 0.625, basically to make weaving additional autos between axe catches easier while decreasing his general dps I'm also realizing how long this is going to take to go through every single champion so I'll just do the ones I play or find most frustrating to play against for the rest of this post {{champion:78}} W bonus resistances 10% -> 10 / 11.25 / 12.5 / 13.75 / 15% {{champion:203}} E execute damage 8% +0.5% per passive stack missing health -> 4/5/6/7/8% +0.75% per passive stack missing health, slow 50 % for 1s -> 30/40/50/60/70% for 0.5 / 0.75 / 1 / 1.25 / 1.5s {{champion:98}} Q deals magic damage equal to its enhanced auto damage to enemies it passes through {{champion:28}} W arrow indicator appears 1 second sooner, but Evelynn gains 30/40/50/60/70% bonus movement speed when moving toward the target while W primes {{champion:117}} base movement speed 330 -> 335 {{champion:13}} E cast range 615 -> 665 {{champion:157}} W doesn't block projectiles until it reaches 225 range {{champion:74}} Normal turrets take the same modified damage as {{champion:143}} plants from champion attacks and abilities, health against non champions increased 150-575 -> 200-600, turret mana cost 20 -> 60/50/40/30/20 {{champion:17}} blind duration 1.5/1.75/2/2.25/2.5s -> 1.75s mana cost 70/75/80/85/90 -> 80/85/70/65/60, cooldown 8s ->12s {{champion:555}} Grey health ticks down if Pyke remains in vision of enemy champions without taking further damage after 5 seconds {{champion:58}} Q damage 65/100/135/170/205 -> 45/75/105/135/165, Q enhanced damage 100/150/200/250/300 -> 150% normal damage
There is quite a bit! Overall since there are a lot of champs you covered I wont go into detail for all of them but say that I do like most of them and pick a few that I have questions aboot. {{champion:32}} Disarm to channel disrupt? why the change? :) {{champion:53}} Any reason for slowing the Q? {{champion:203}} Do you think Kindred has a strong early game to want to make her scale with a weak early game? Those were my only real big questions.
: {{champion:143}} Replace passive with healing and/or true-damage on-hit from plants. +2 max seed storage, reduced base CD. I hate her rng passive.
Seems like getting rid of the rng passive is pretty popular. Adding healing could be good for Zyra in the Support role though!
: {{champion:1}} 4th cast e now creates a sizable grounding field around both Annie and Tibbers. (Keeps her immobile but allows her too be a counter to highly mobile champions..... Would rewire reworking q into a skillshot to keep her from being too strong in cc). {{champion:143}} passive plants trend to spawn towards the player's cursor giving you slightly more control over one of the most rng passives in the game (with some scaling and base damage tweaks that could pull her from solely support back towards mid) {{champion:26}} at 18 his passive now gives a time scale boost for a short time ( increases movement speed, cdr and attack speed by a small amount) {{champion:157}} w is monodirectional....(like {{champion:201}} considering it lasts longer and Yasuo can act with his up. Back to instantly blocking projectiles from the intended direction. {{champion:10}} passive for level 6 and level 11 swap places allowing her to be a champion early.. Her 16 passive is split damage instead of true damage so she doesn't just delete everyone late game. {{champion:246}} (not so much to her but qol) howling abyss and twisted treeline now allow Qiyana to get water element near the health relics. {{champion:91}} if e is used in open areas and does not use terrain, Talon leaps a small distance and e is put on cd for 20 seconds (give me a reason to ever take this in aram)
I do like the Annie suggestions a lot. A little like Lissandra but still would feel different. The Zyra would be a good change to put it for more skill then RNG though I think would be a little tough to do. Zilean make sense for the late games. The Yas change would be huge for ranged champs going against him but im sure there would be a lot of complaints. Havent seen Kayle a lot but I know her early game is super weak and late game super strong. Never anything wrong with QoL changes (and getting some love for TT!) Talon does need something for ARAM for sure
: {{champion:163}} Remove vector casting on w.
What makes you want to remove it?
: {{champion:161}} Zoom-out on ult. Please. Also {{champion:110}} **_ThERe wAS A meMo_**
Never played Vel but I can see the need for his zoom out ult (eg. Jhins) What about Varus? I like him as a champ personally but would like to see something change a little on his kit.
: For Kled, here’s what i’d do: Remove the healing debuff from his q because it’s a cheesy mechanic that ruins the game in the long run. I’d then remove the -20% damage to champions when dismounted and make adjustments from there.
Remove the Grievous wounds entirely from the Q or just reduce it?
Antenora (EUW)
: {{champion:51}}: Yordle Snap Trap (W) traps placed within range of enemy turrets have their effects and duration reduced by 50%. Reasoning: Being walled behind your turret while Caitlyn and her Support chip away at your turret makes for some unfun and very uninteractive gameplay.
I like it! and it would help with her lane bullying some.
Profirix (NA)
: {{champion:31}} Let this guy scale in size infinitely, but at a reduced rate after 10 stacks.
Who wouldn't want a giant Cho! It would be fun to see
: just fix the shaco bugs and i will be more than happy
Which bug on Shaco annoys you the most?
: Favorite: {{champion:62}} - going off the PBE changes that were up, let his decoy move a short distance in an area to increase it's deceptiveness. Least favorite: {{champion:92}} - Resource bar. As the bar fills up, she gains use of her Q and W CCs (we'll say at 50% of the bar), as well as her E dash range increasing slightly at a max bar. AA'ing increases the bar by a small margin, Taking damage or being out of combat lowers the bar and Ulting fills the bar half way. Random: {{champion:432}} - every time he collects enough chimes to gain an extra meep, he doots
Im a big fan for the Bard extra meep. The resource bar on Riven I like a lot as well.
: {{champion:92}} Q cooldown starts after last dash instead of the first one or just delete her and give Aatrox her name.
Seems to be a popular one! and a simple fix.
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