Ehhhh (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Hungry Cancer,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=1Xd7mZOU,comment-id=00000002,timestamp=2019-11-27T22:00:25.240+0000) > > He's really not that hard man. > I played him on PBE and the complexity is way overhyped. Yeah, well that was before his gameplay was shown, and just a couple minutes after the kit primer was released
I got you man. I was just letting you know; didn't mean it as anything other than an informative message.
: That is going to be the OLD generation that will refuse everything about this champion. This guy is absolutely going to draw the lines between old generation of league players and the new. The old generation is going to attempt to stop ANYONE from playing this champion at any level. he will be ban on your own team if you so much as declare him in champ select. If you pull something sneaky and change last minute,then people will outright refuse to work with you. You will likely be false reported as well. The newer generation may actually get very good with him. The problem is most popular you-tubers and pros..the people who basically shape the play habits and attitudes of the community are of the OLD generation of league players. They are going to rally against this champion pick serverly. What this champion is going to do is possibly create an entirely new set of league personality's,who are fine with more complex champions and the changes in the game,hopefuly there are enough of them to sway public oppinen.
I'm part of the "Old Generation" and I've played him on the PBE and think he's way over hyped. He's really not hard, he has a high skill ceiling but his skill floor is fairly low.
: i just cant wait for people that want to first try him and then say he sucks. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
He's really not hard, I've played him on the PBE and he's way overhyped.
: Yes, but their kits still have a defined role with easily accessible weaknesses. And they stayed true to their old characters and still simple to follow play styles. Qiyana release and Akali reworks were pretty awful just by design of the abilities. They're fighters with assassin damage, qiyana has a low-cooldown poke that also acts as a root/stun/invis and an ult that impacts teamfights way too much. Akali's shroud used to dodge turrets, her ult used to have a stun, her q is arguably more busted than her old q, all because the design team have been given too much freedom.
Akali is technically supposed to be a Slayer in the Skirmisher sub-class not a fighter. I believe Qiyanna is a skirmisher too but they haven't released a class list since her release. Slayers breakdown into Assassins and Skirmishers. Skirmishers are mobile assassin-esque champs that are supposed to dip in and out of fights and whittle the enemy down until someone is in kill range or out of resources. That said they should have less all-in burst damage than Assassins like Zed; Quinn and Ekko are good examples of balanced Skirmishers.
: I get your issue. But isn't that why they have been "reworking" old champions over the last few years. So older champions can look and feel as cool as the newer champions they have been releasing? And they have done really well on a lot of reworks: Pantheon Swain Urgot Aatrox Kayl, just to name a few
They've also seriously fucked the poodle with reworks like Galio, Kog Maw, Maokai, Skarner, Akali, Zac, LeBlanc, and Ryze to name a few.
: This is Omnistone: The Champion, I'm gonna need flashcards to learn these weapon names, and I'll take 7 years to master him until he gets reworked and I have to start again. It's pretty much free publicity for MCR coming back too.
He's really not that hard man. I played him on PBE and the complexity is way overhyped.
: Well he does, it's a passive skill though. Not having an active ability is different from having a key to press at all
You can still spam E and get nothing on both Aphelios and Satan, the only difference is the visual since Aphelios doesn't have an attached passive like Satan's on-hit poison. You can still press the button on both champs to no avail it really isn't different.
Ehhhh (EUW)
: Well this is gonna take a while to understand. With these seemingly global basic abilities {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
He's really not that hard man. I played him on PBE and the complexity is way overhyped.
: Riot: Balance can be difficult with all the champions, items, and other moving cogs we have going on. It's a gradual process. Also Riot: Here's Aphelios, who's got like 30 different abilities.
He's really not that hard man. I played him on PBE and the complexity is way overhyped.
: This is gonna take a lot longer than 2 weeks
He's really not that hard man. I played him on PBE and the complexity is way overhyped.
: I really like this direction, the game needs depth to stay intersitng imo. I like that senna and this champ came out so close together. I look forward to more and more overloaded kits and do not mind it becoming the new norm. God bless riot When you get down voted for liking the champ lol haters
I agree with you mate, I think it's dumb that people find Senna overloaded. If you can't read for <2 minutes before playing a champ then you shouldn't play that champ.
: how is senna overloaded?
Because newbs don't like reading more than a single sentence for passives.
: Like how senna was a marksman
How is she not a marksman?
: ^ its a juggernaut.. and little do you know @mlgmasta, people played first person league Season 6 with a camera mod
I miss that; was so much fun
: If you opponents have time to regen their health lost from you blowing a spell at them before you get them again you're probably not blowing spells frequently enough.
All enchanters except Soraka have additional auto attack damage and above average range to remedy this issue. During lane phase a Lulu or Janna does about as much AA damage as most ADC's, the obvious exceptions being the snowball ADC's like Lucian and Draven.
: Well when they later release a new item with the same name, maybe you'll like it, too.
Nah, it was the active that made it awesome.
: where you think all them bots gonna go now mang? Aram? Urf? SR?
They'll go back to ARAM, SR has preventative measures except for in blind pick.
: Of course, if your bot feeds then...
That has to do with the jungler too, if your bot lane is in a rough matchup then it's the jungler's responsibility to help offset that in one way or another.
: Im hoping thats sarcasm
if you haven't noticed then you aren't paying attention. ADC's don't have much agency while Top has plenty of agency.
Sora Omo (NA)
: F for Ohmwrecker
Not gonna lie I actually liked Ohmwrecker as a support item, nobody expected that shit. I loved it with Pantheon, Trundle, J4, Pyke, Skarner, etc.
: Honestly good. Supports are already too strong in deciding lanes.
They're supposed to be the deciding factor for bot lane, Marksmen all do the same thing it's the support that opens up strategic options for their gun with legs.
: Meh. You don't have to spend money on upgrading the support item anymore. Now you can just buy a mana regen item.
but you lose a lot of more important stats for that. Supports now can get one item plus the free upgrades and then they drop off way hard, for a role that wants to scale into late game that really hurts.
: Amen! Like I play as Sona and Nami and even Biscuit Delivery isn’t a proper solution to our Mana issue. Then they go ahead and take out both, Mana Regeneration and Cooldown Reduction from Spellthief’s which is like WHET :-/ The only reason I’m incentivised to play aggressive with that item and complete my quest in 10-12 minutes (depending on who I’m up against) is so I can get that Regeneration and CDR buff. + now they want us to make 1,000 gold instead of 500. The latter was also a pain in the ass if you ask me but now this is just worse. Then you have the whole thing about ‘Poaching Penalty’ which is like..... pretty sure the person who came up with this one was an ADC whose Support kept taking his/her CS and was mad about it. So hard so slow push now/ get my CS when ADC isn’t around or whatever! -_-
I'm an enchanter support main too and if you need more than biscuits then you're probably blowing spells too frequently.
: You pick a damage champion, and then try to spoonfeed the kills over to the adc. What kinda build path do you follow for zyra, because I usually only see pure damage for brand, neeko, annie and other burst "supports".
Zyra wants to rush Rylai's unless she's just already stomping hard, she levels W first then E. The plants give lots of vision and coupled with Rylais they get extremely oppressive and are perfect for helping your carries to kite.
: Lets be fair, those are less supports and more kill lane partners. They don't save an adc through anything but killing whats in front of them. I say this as someone who plays neeko support and is guilty of the same. I'd likely still pick up the tank item instead just to take 1 extra hit before death over 20 ap.
Then you're doing it wrong. I'm a Zyra main and my job is to help peel and catch while churning out consistent damage. I don't want the kills and get annoyed when my partners don't secure the kills, because I'm there to protect my battle buddy.
: except you still get gold after tier 3 so what are you smoking?
Only from Gp10 which comes to a grand total of a whopping 180 gold every 10 minutes, when you hit tier 3 you lose the gold making passive that provides the majority of a support's income. 180 gold every 10 minutes is negligible at best. What the hell are you smoking?
: So I am totally on board with you, I'm bummed TT is leaving. At the same time though, you really shouldn't be misleading with this kind of thing. According to Mobalytics you have only played 10 games of Twisted Treeline over the last 6 months, compared to the 60 games of ARAM over the same time period. You also didn't play a single game of Twisted Treeline from 6 months ago to at least 8 months ago, just nothing but ARAM (I am an ARAM lover as well). I am just as bummed about Twisted Treeline being removed, but let's be honest, yes?
A lot of people have been waiting on the promised fix of the bots issue and then Riot decided to just remove it instead.
TreeLPer (NA)
: This post is more for me coming to terms with twisted treeline's removal, so please disregard it. I have loved playing both Co-op vs Ai on Twisted Treeline and pvp on it for the last 5 years about one game every day or so until the announcement of its removal. It is pretty depressing for me to be leaving especially with the stresses of regular life getting heavier the last few weeks. I likely won't return to this page anyway, I just need to type this out to let myself accept and move on. "With Twisted Treeline being removed in 'tonight's' patch, that likely means its the last day for me on this game as well. This game was a great way for me to destress at the end of the day, and have a good time with some close family and friends. Thank you League of Legends for the many fun years. Hopefully with twisted treeline's removal you can bring more joy to those that play summoners rift and teamfight tactics. I will truly miss this game. To all who read this, good luck in your future endeavors and I hope you all have a lot of fun with the new season. I hope one day to comeback to this game, or that somehow the new changes make me change my mind about summoners rift so I don't end up leaving, but in the likelihood that it doesn't, thanks for the fun years and see you all in the future."
It's a shame, I really hope they reconsider.
: Spend that extra 1400g on regen that you would've spent on Coin upgrades! Problem solved!
Except that supports now lose our main source of gold after lane phase so you can spend that "extra 1400g on regen that you would've spent on Coin upgrades" but after that you can't get gold for shit. Basically for supports the game is now all about who can do the most with 1500g in the early-mid game as scaling really isn't much of an option anymore.
: That's what I thought at first too, but to be honest most of your gold later comes from assists and ward kills anyway. It might be worse for us if the game goes beyond 30-40 minutes, but I think early-mid game will stay relatively the same income-wise.
I thought it would balance out too but I tried it on the PBE and honestly I'm not a fan, you get 1000 gold out of the exchange including the Gp5 and then you lose tribute, and tribute did provide me with quite a bit of gold after lane phase because it's constantly going while you fight. I average 2500 gold from Tribute in a game so to have that cut to 1000 hurts. It makes support super snowbally because now it's all about who can do the most with 1000 gold.
: Patch 9.23 notes
Why would you remove tribute and spoils of war from the completed support items???? That's seriously going to suck, that's our main gold production; we're now going to reach our first item and then become useless or have to steal CS.
: yo idk why you're getting downvoted because this is truth. Riot is milking the whales while the rest of the playerbase just doesn't care. it seems like only a small minority of player are onto their scummy marketing...
Everybody's "on to it", it's just that nobody cares.
: Over 5k twisted treeline games played, it started because my old pc back in season 1 could only play TT so it became my go to, and then started that way Inwas thrilled whenever it got revamped and supported for a few months. I have played ranked TT every season and the community was super close. This mode is the only reason I played league and spent 300$ or more on content in the game. And too see it not be supported and now removed will likely cause me to no longer play league of legends. But what's 300$ to a conglomerate like Riot games, Iif the mode was supported with balancing and content update and missions etc I think the mode could thrive. And having surrender vote times lowered to 10 minutes could have given a face paced action packed game mode for more casual players. But instead let's just remove it, and give an emote.
The only reason I didn't play it more was because of the promise that they'd eventually fix the insane bot problem but then they just removed it. Damn shame.
: another person bringing up rank. This game is a joke lol. How many brain cells did you lose when u got dropped? Darius scales very hard and can easily wipe the floor with champions such as poppy, Maokai, and Kayle early game. He consists of a grab and excessive bleed dmg while being tanky and can execute and re-use his ult. It’s not even a feeding or not. You can’t compete, and even if u do well in not feeding him, you can’t compete for cs against Darius while in lane phase unless u go a broken champion like him.
Darius really doesn't scale, he's a snowball. If he doesn't get ahead early then he'll drop off and be useless, however his kit is front-loaded for the early game to make that possible. He's kinda like a reverse of Kayle or other hyper-carries who have weak early games in exchange for obscene late game power. There are tons of champs you can learn to counter him, or just learn him for some bronze freelo.
: Knowing a racial profile and being racist have nothing to do with each other.
He's talking about being a victim though, that implies a certain level of intent on the part of the other person.
Doom0986 (NA)
: It's really not a akali shroud. As soon as you walk in it you see everyone as it's camouflage
Yeah and if I'm reading right it doesn't actually make them invisible like other camouflage. While in the shroud they get a "wraith form" that just obscures so you don't know who's running at you exactly until you get close.
: ***
It's too bad the forum's report function appears broken yet again.
: ***
Says the silver that thinks he's different.
: Lane Bullies destroying scaling champs in lane is bad? You're delusional. Edit: You're Bronze 2 talking about balance like you know the game.
Rank doesn't mean they can't understand the strategy or statistics behind the game. Some people simply don't have the obscene amount of time required to climb. I spend most of my time on the road so I rarely get to play, but I still know all the numbers and stats for relevant champs because I like to read up while I'm flying or riding etc.
: Bro, youre playing league. How tf would people even know your race?
lob5ter (NA)
: Hi riot, this is a nice patch and i cannot wait for the new season. However, the honnor system needs a major update. I keep getting harassed by racist people. It is very frustrating that my reports do not matter considering the verbal abuse that i get. I hope riot would support victims a lot more to provide a hate-free environnement. Lets end racism together. Fk twelve
Holy shit man you aren't a "victim" just because someone said something you don't like. Grow a vag and toughen up. People can't harass you about your race unless you're saying something to broadcast your race and make it an issue.
: I've been honor level 5 every season except maybe this one because of how little I played. Honor 4, 2nd tier right now, 2 weeks to go XD
Good for you, but the number of games it takes just isn't reasonable for most working people.
: What I’m tryna say is that I DONT want her to be excessively strong on her first release.
Check her numbers mate, she's really not bad at all. The unlimited scaling on her range is iffy but that's not too bad and is still easy to fix, and even if they add a cap to it her numbers besides that are perfectly fine for a support.
: ***
a 57% winrate for a one-trick really isn't impressive at all dude, you really shouldn't be bragging about it. You should just stop throwing rocks around in that glass house of your's.
: ***
Yeah because rank has so much to do with marketing practices. Come on dude there's no reason to be a twat.
: Bummer, cus I'm not paying for 1350+ skins anymore.
I agree, the switch in marketing targets lost me.
Laristal (NA)
: The Karma nerf makes me really sad, she was my number one pick for support. Granted I'm not a great player but she allowed me to have consistant games as a bronze support player. The poke to the enemy was good, without that poke her ability to get the enemy in range to get kills is gone. From One Trick Pony Karma, to never play again. Bleh, honestly just because Riot doesn't want to see Karma in pro play. Sad just sad.
Just use Lux at this point, she can do everything Karma can do but better, especially now that Karma's Q has a shit AP ratio which was the last thing she had better than Lux.
Madly (NA)
: Please nerf this man {{champion:555}} .
Learn Lulu, she counters the fuck out of him in almost every way. She also fucks the other assassins just as hard. Her ult cancels his on a shorter CD and isn't affected by G-wounds since it grants max health instead of healing. It can instantly stop his ult chain and knock him up. Her Polymorph can further fuck his day and her E grants true sight so it prevents his passive from activating and it lets you stick your Q and passive damage to him despite his speed or a flash. Lissandra can give him a hard time too if you need to deal with him in a solo lane. He definitely could use a nerf but he's not so strong that you can't beat him if you take the right champs.
: if only and its not like they dont see play either soo im confused on WHY no new skin haha
They've said in the past it's because it's harder to find a cool new concept to apply to the Grim Reapers as well as some others, especially since they don't want to do small model overhaul skins anymore which is really the kind of skin that fits Kindred best but Riot doesn't want to do 520/750 skins anymore. I just really want a Deep Sea Vel'Koz; he hasn't gotten a new skin since season 5 and he's fairly consistent in play rate.
: Patch 9.19 notes
Wow that Yuumi nerf feels a bit excessive. Why would you pick her over any other enchanter? Hell even before this nerf I think just about every other enchanter was better than her for most situations and comps.
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