rujitra (NA)
: Making veiled (and direct) insults at people is not civil.
Can you stick to one reasoning instead of bouncing around trying to sound like you know something
rujitra (NA)
: Your comment was deleted for violating the rules because you insulted others. The rule isn't veiled or obscured, it's clearly stated in the universal boards rules.
What you said is not the reasoning I was given, therefore you are just saying nonsense. "Facilitate Civil Discussion- When you choose to participate in a discussion with the rest of the playerbase, always try to be respectful and receptive to another player's point of view. Also, be mindful of how you present your point of view. If a player feels strongly on a subject, don't get caught up trying to have the last word."
rujitra (NA)
: You insulted people directly (calling them "white knights", and you also indirectly insulted someone as unable to read. That's why it would have been deleted.
Did you even read the whole thing? Obviously not, your comment is off topic and makes no sense to the relevancy to the post.
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: Sorry, your "freedom of expression" stops when it tramples on other people's freedom to enjoy the game ESPECIALLY when there are defined rules in place that you had to agree to before you can play that very specifically said you cannot do that. You are more than welcome to express your feelings, just not in insulting, harassing, threatening ways (as per the rules you agreed to). You can speak your mind, just be at the very least neutral about it. Now before you come back with the other supposedly inters and trolls (by the way, you do not have the authority to make the call whether or not they are inters or trolls, only Rito is authorized to do that) trampled on your freedom to enjoy the game, that's what the "report" part is for. Just like when you trampled on theirs, they reported you.
How was any of this relevant to my comment?
: I never told you or anyone to behave like an emotionless robot. So please, stop repeating that like some sort of robot.
Can you read before replying and disregarding other peoples feelings? That kind of practice is terrible customer support. Saying "Mute and report" just makes it look like your saying "your feelings are invalid just report" as if the OP has no right to express how they feel. Saying "Just Mute and Report" makes you sound like a robot.
: > if i could show you THEIR chat log, maybe youd be able to see things a bit better I think that might help answer *why* you said what you said, but that doesn't really answer whether your behavior should be permissible in League. Toxic players make clear in their chat that they're either willing to work with the rest of their team or they're gonna continue being negative. If your teammates reach that point in the game, then it's best to just mute and report them in the post game.
I love how people default to "mute and report" as if we humans don't have emotion. We all can't be emotionless robots like "Punishment" bot that just looks for key phrases and not what actually goes in the game.
: This is a life thing, not just a League thing. First, that's a poor excuse. Is anyone trying to control your emotions? No. But you need to be able to control your **reactions** to your emotions. You are absolutely allowed to be angry, upset, and aggravated at situations, but lashing out at people is **not** good, no matter what's going on, especially in a video game where you **don't have to defend yourself because they're irrelevant strangers**.
Can't have it both ways, can be reported for reacting. Can be reported for doing nothing. System is flawed.
: I, but really, *you*, don't need others' logs to see what was inappropriate about your behavior. Are you going to see these same guys in the next game? Next day? Next month? Highly unlikely. You're the only constant in your games; therefore, you should be focusing on what you said and whether or not it's acceptable. Having others call you a feeder, that you don't know how to play your champion, and that you're going to be reported isn't helpful to anyone in the game, regardless of their performance. If you're trying your best, even more so. If you'd been intentionally feeding, then this chat isn't changing that fact. Report the player, and move onto the next game. > Old tribunal system would let you judge better. You've had other players review your chat. If you still feel that you've been incorrectly punished, submit a support ticket, but I don't think the system erred in this instance.
Darn, I wish I can be the emotionless robot you want me to be. Do you make life choices with less then have the needed details provided? Are you aware the old tribunal system provided the whole chat log + game details? Just looks to me you are responding blindly.
: But why do you have to **flame back** and contribute to derailing the game for all the people who weren't flaming you? Dude, ignore people who are assholes. Focus on the good people.
Because it human to react to being flamed, I'm not a emotionless robot.
: > Game 1 In-Game HuskyRedz: ? HuskyRedz: ? HuskyRedz: can you use your wards? HuskyRedz: ward score 0 ez HuskyRedz: gg HuskyRedz: I hate filling HuskyRedz: I don't think ez knows how to do anything... HuskyRedz: misses his q on binded enemys You started derailing the game from the **very first things you typed** and then continued on and on and on. Nothing you said was constructive.
Because "Punishment" bot only shows 1 side of the conversation. But it's w/e, people like you just blindly judge anyway like "Punishment" bot. From the get go I got flamed for picking lux by my adc and mid. But you know, bot is not optimized to show the full details, just what it wants to show.
: People make threads on here all the time about getting banned for feeding. So it works. It just takes time. Thousands of reports to sort through and there are plenty of people who genuinely did just have a bad game, but got reported anyway. It's hard for an automated system to be able to tell - and probably even harder manually, because there are just so many reports to go through that people wouldn't receive punishments until months later.
Yet CS:GO does not have this problem. Riot just wants people to pad numbers and pay for more skins.
: That's the thing. Someone can int however the hell they want, as long as they don't make it too obvious and they don't say a single word, Riot's always and forever going to be like "its plausible to say that this player is genuinely unknowledgeable about the game and thus we shall overlook it".
While they expect the other players to be emotionless robots and not react to a throw.
Luisitaaa (EUW)
: too focused on the profit rather than on the player. even if they claim theyre a player focused company...
They too busy trying to sweep sexist practice under the rug.
Luisitaaa (EUW)
: I see many people complaining about these punishments and how theyre assigned without too much insight but no one seems to care. Even discussed it with the rioter that replied to my ticket and they said its not perfect... but i mean sure... you only see what you got banned for. you dont see what the others said. cool stuff bro.
Its because Trolls don't care and the white knights think they are always mightier then thou. Riot support lacks the same thing as solo que, the "Support." Anyone who brings up that the "Punishment" bot is still learning or things get by. Look at CS:GO, its a community driven punishment program. If the old tribunal was a problem, we have a brownie point system implemented...but its only used for PBE access. why not bring back the tribunal and put a level cap like PBE access? OH WAIT, we won't because a sexist company won't have numbers padded by the amount of trolls making new less numbers to show to Chinese investors = less money.
Julevi (EUW)
: Please inform yourself a bit more before making claims about Riot. Riot tried a punishment system many years ago where players could review cases - you knew how many problems they encountered? There weren't enough participants so some punishments were handed out MONTHS after they actually happened. Others were only greedy for the rewards and did not sacrifice enough of their time and didn't have the will to take a closer look so they simply agreed without any further thoughts. I don't wanna hijack the thread anymore, feel free to open an own thread where we could discuss this topic freely.
You insulting my intelligence on the forums by insinuating I did not know about the the old system, that is against TOS, you should be reported and have the robot ban you.
Luisitaaa (EUW)
: Permabanned after retaliating for being flamed and trolled by my premade
Nah the community thinks were all emotionless robots that won't react to being flamed or trolled. Yet we have a robot dishing out bans like its candy.
Julevi (EUW)
: Riot explained the system various times and besides that it's obvious how things like that work (not only Riot uses programs like that, a lot of chatrooms/games for children/other videogames have similar systems). Inting is indeed harder to detect - I guess Riot uses heatmap, death/minute ratio and other variables to value it as punish-worthy or not. Encountering an inter sucks and should be reported in-game and maybe at support. Another problem we see here is that a lot of players report people for nothing and therefore the system can't always receive complete trustworthy data from us.
Its just riot saying, make more account to pad our numbers. Scummy practice. CS:GO does not have a program, it uses the community and it works. Just more evidence that riot does not care about the player base or its customer support...just that cash money and number padding.
Julevi (EUW)
: The system got fed with information of the tribunal time and is currently learning. Depending on the report reason you ticked it scans the chatlog after the categorie and tries to review it the best it can. If there is nothing punishable (registered, there are always things which fly under the radar) or the written stuff is not intense enough/frequent enough to trigger a punishment the review is closed and nothing will happen.
And you know this, did you work on the program? Or is this speculations? From what you describe, its a bare bones parrot program that just looks for key words and not what actually happens in game. A person could int, say nothing, and the program won't catch them.
Julevi (EUW)
: It's not an insta-punishment - punishments get handed out when the system or a support member finds rule breaking content.
Nope its instant, how does riot know its punishable if its automated? Is it a human who reads it, no? Then its insta punish.
pwnsrus (NA)
100% agree. They just don't care anymore, riot support is not there like there the game itself. They need someone to fill the support role cuz they can't do it.
: I like how a player can get away with inting as long as he doesn't say a word the entire game.
Nah, Riot has no time to read reports. Its just receive report...insta punish. Game is going to die since they don't care about the playerbase anymore and would rather have an automated punish program.
Julevi (EUW)
: I assume that you received a 25-games chatrestriction before therefore a ban is the next punishment step for on-going negative behaviour. Massreports have no power as 1 report = 9 reports. They implemented an automated system as real people could not even get close to reviewing all the cases in a decent time.
So one report does this? So Riot encourages making other accounts just to "buff" the number of players? How does match making give me a lvl 30 account on my team, while enemy team is full of 100+ in ranked? This is just dumb.
Julevi (EUW)
: What does your punishment history looks like, is the chatlog for a 14-day-ban or a permanent one?
14 day suspension, looks like its time to retire this game anyway. System is automated and just punishes people who gets mass reported. Chat log is the only reason why I'm suspended. But its w/e game is bound to die since they can't even bother to look at reports themselves.
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