TheMinez (NA)
: It is correct, it went from 30% to 40%. No bug.
Odd, the patch notes say .6 to .8 ap ratio change. Edit: Patch notes on the website say the same too.
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: 10 thoughts going into Week 3
We should talk about that photo.
: TURBO MODE: The Data Behind Your Spell Spamming
"SUP PLAYAZ" {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: Having issues Patching 6.20? Click Here
This might be the patch, or it could be my recent windows update. My game is running at half the speeds it normally does. On top of that, about 75% of the time it will crash when i alt+tab into a game. It absolutely freezes my computer and I cant do anything (cant ctrl+alt+delete, alt tab, etc.) It only happens on league too. Pls help rito.
: Does your computer buzz and completely hang up? Mine has been doing that, recently updated as well.
Yeah, it completely freezes and I cant do anything on it. It almost always happens when I tab back into the game.
: I have windows 10, I was thinking it was that too, however no other program i run has the same issues
Yup. Same for me (although the only other game I normally play is CS:GO) Does this normally happen to you when you tab back into the game?
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Byrden (NA)
: Swain nerfs? Boot enchants?? Ranked teams??? Faster store cause it's too slow???? (at least for me) :/
they did, took that away, that's what dynamic q is for, computer too slow then.
: Autofill seems like an absolutely awful idea and requires so many more champions, runes and masteries. They should just have people pick 3 roles instead.
Personally I think it would be a good idea if the player had the ability to turn it on or off, or even decide for him/herself when the Autofill would turn on. That way the player could decide what they want to sacrifice. If I had the ability to say, "Eh, its been 15 minutes and I really want to play a game right now, I am willing to give up my guaranteed positions in order to have a faster wait time" or "I don't care how long I wait, I need to mid or Top because I want to play ______ champ" that would be fantastic.
: Dynamic queue and the future of League
Before Mid season- Riot - "Yup, updates to dynamic and solo q are a comin!!" Mid season- Riot- "Yeah, we are going to hold back on the solo q updates for now" Now- Riot- "Yeah, F*ck solo q"
Shoetru (NA)
: I also think that Maokai, Warwick, and Amumu need new splash arts.
Boi, they just got them! All except the tree
: # #Freetyler1
#ReleaseTheMostToxicPlayerNA, yeah, no.
: Patch 6.9 notes
Least favorite change is that my ghost dog isnt here :'(
: Its really bard to wait this long {{champion:432}}
That pun wasn't intentional, it was just a quinncidence {{champion:133}}
: This wait time is taking a zilean years {{champion:26}} im so jhinterested when i can play again {{champion:202}} this wait time is making me so mad i might burst into flames {{champion:63}} says im behind 20k people...the only person i want to be behind is{{champion:201}} the wait time "ez"real{{champion:81}} riot made a grave mistake {{champion:104}} WHAT IN THE HEC IS GOING ON?!?!?!?!{{champion:120}} i would say i will eventually be able to log in but i might jinx it{{champion:222}} this is naut fun waiting {{champion:111}} ill become nocturnal from staying up all night waiting for the servers to come back up{{champion:56}} nu nu nu nu nu nu this cant be happening!{{champion:20}} i bet all the people that dont like league are lafing alot {{champion:2}} why is my wait time ryzing!!! {{champion:13}} im just shacing my head {{champion:35}} if you have the patience to wait then you have talon"t" {{champion:91}} is riot trolling us? {{champion:48}} fate is not in our favor {{champion:4}} looking at the screen this long is making my eyes twitch {{champion:29}} "u"deer the wait time is forever{{champion:77}} URGOT TO BE KIDDING ME{{champion:6}} waiting this long to play will not go in vayne {{champion:67}} there better be a good koz for this {{champion:161}} i think this will take vi hours to resolve or so it seems {{champion:254}} all this waiting might make me explode{{champion:115}} im getting close to the point where i flip my lid!!!{{champion:106}}
Its really bard to wait this long {{champion:432}}


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