: Ah, that might be it. I have no idea. Why doesn't he post, again?
: He can't play Karma if he doesn't have her, even if he's hacked. What?
: You'll have to have your friend write in to player support or post here.
i just looked up his account and there is 3 games as karma that are obviously not him. hes never played karma. so im guessing he got hacked?
TheDonar (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Hyde Ephynytion,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=4yXjcjgJ,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-07-25T16:52:49.198+0000) > > lol no. im not toxic. i dont even know if you can get banned for toxic at lvl 11. you dont even know enough about the game to get salty at that point. I dunno, man. By level 11 I had slept with every person's mom playing the game. Acts which I informed them of in chat. /s
: I'm guessing that he is suspected of account sharing on the 2 recent Karma games. No one goes from being a total noob commonly receiving scores like 1/10/4 to suddenly 18/3/11 and 25/5/5 on Karma then right back to the crap scores on Garen. Sharing your account or letting anyone play on your account is instantly bannable with no warning meaning the ban is justified. As for not having an explanation, I'm not sure.
: In that case then your friend's best course of action would be to submit a support ticket here: http://support.riotgames.com/ Riot support will manually review the account to determine why they were banned and if there was a mistake. 1. It's possible that the account was only locked (and not actually banned) due to being accessed somewhere else or otherwise stolen (Riot has a zero tolerance policy for account sharing too). 2. A 'friend' of mine - whom I no longer speak to - once modified the code for his game to change how much IP he earned from games. This was caught and he was instantly banned. So it's not just restricted to RP hacking.
he tried to submit a ticket but they dont send him verification. does that mean its been comprimised?
Zielmann (NA)
: He should still be able to submit a ticket. It's possible the account was locked due to suspicious activity or a chargeback. Only a ticket to support will get to the bottom of it. After he submits it, make sure he waits patiently. It can take a bit of time to get a response. And make sure he doesn't continue adding comments to the ticket, because that only puts it back to the bottom of their queue.
wait patiently for the email? becasue it seems like the email linked with the account isnt getting through. when he tries to login to the support ticket link it asks for verification, but then he doesnt recieve the email verification.
: By friend you mean your alt account that you were insanely toxic on? Honestly who are you even lying to.. the internet???? lol
lol no. im not toxic. i dont even know if you can get banned for toxic at lvl 11. you dont even know enough about the game to get salty at that point.
: It's not possible to be banned without receiving some explanation as to why. Usually it will be with a reform card in-client after they log in. For other offenses they may receive an email notification.
thats what i thought too. but when he logs in it just says "player has been banned." no reform card or chat logs. i just want a rioter to look it over and see if there was a mistake. the only reason that you can get banned for other than toxic is theft of rp. but he has no skins or rp bought champs.
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: Inquire about a ban by submitting a support ticket: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us
it wont work. the confirmation email hasnt been sent. he tried 3 times.
: I'm happy to hear that you took steps to improve yourself. However, permanent accounts which are not banned in error are not unbanned.
so how do i find out if someone has been banned in error. i have a friend who got prema'd with any warning. hes only lvl 11 so not like hes had time to be toxic.

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