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: I knew he reminded me of someone...
wtf never noticed that haha. actually makes me want go to buy the skin right now {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: whats up Intrepid I got a nice cup of coffee and a snack and sat down to read this... I loved the read as usual and I hope that more people on the boards looks at this in a mature way and they don't just talk about how shitty riot has been lately with the game balance anyway keep up the good posts my dude,I'll continue to be a fan of your threads
I appreciate that, I'm glad you enjoy them. Thanks for your support!
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: You want us to shut up about Orange essence??
Honestly, a good suggestion.. and if a week is too long, even 2-3 days would suffice. I really don't see the harm in doing this temporarily, other than Riot maybe looking bad but it would probably solve a lot of complaints and at least one issue would be taken care of for now and we can move on to something else.
: Orange essence is a fucking joke.
I'll admit, I do enjoy the gambling aspect of the Hextech chests, which has led me to purchase them frequently with RP. I like to try to play as many champions as I can, so the 'loot boxes' are fun for me because any good skin I get, I just start playing that champion a lot. Anyway, I think we all understand the "business" part of this decision, however I wish I could see some charts because I don't imagine they were losing THAT much revenue.. especially with all the other sources of income I'm sure they receive from things like eSports and social media (to name a couple). In regards to the current value of the orange essence right now, I'll agree with the OP and say that I haven't purchased a single chest since the change. If it cannot be reverted to the original state, at least raise the disenchant numbers some. As of right now, the chests are very underwhelming and I don't see myself buying anymore anytime soon.
: I wish i could upvote you, but the level of this account is too low =( Very good post!
Haha, I appreciate the sentiment.. all that matters to me is you decided to take time out of your day to read it =)
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: does anyone else find nasus to be overbearing to handle right now?
Why is Nasus so strong right now and not being taken care of, you ask?
: Option to sort boards with the category "Worst"?
lol I would enjoy that as well, however then you will get a bunch of troll and shitposts from people trying to be the at the top of the "Worst" list
Altiverse (EUNE)
: I love everything about Riot, but please don't ruin the game.
Riot has a hard time admitting when they mess up, and always take a longggg time to revert it back to how it was. However, I can appreciate the kind words at the beginning of this post, and it wasn't just a hate thread.
: Thank you for your post.
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Meteora (NA)
I also enjoy trying to get mastery 7 for every champion, and it is actually expensive now. Depressing really, because when I don't want to be competitive in ranked, I like to go for mastery tokens and now I can't even enjoy doing that anymore. The amount I play this game has drastically gone down
: And the grand prize for hitting level 40 is...
lol and it's a prize for hitting level 40... Everyone who plays, even casually .. will eventually get to level 40, this isn't even really an accomplishment.
: New Runes Changed My Life. I'm no longer addicted to League
lol whether you want to admit it or not, this is definitely passive aggressive.. but, I do agree with what you're saying, it's honestly really nice to not feel glued to the game anymore. My first time ever feeling like a casual league gamer since starting the game back in season 3, and it's actually pretty refreshing!
: I'll be honest,I don't have much time so I just read the TLDR. agree with 1,2,3,5 .I think that 4 will be fixed since it's preseason but I won't deny that I've also noticed a lot more damage coming from everyone. even though this post seems long,I'm glad someone put everything on one post to clean it up a bit.I definitely plan to read the entire thing after work!
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