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Arakadia (NA)
: Random boards user thinks he knows business better than a billion dollar international company's professional marketing team. Whats new? A lot of your points are rather silly. Nidalee doesn't need to be paired against an evil doer, because the whole point of Nightbringer is to make them an "evil doer". The whole point of skins is to change the character into something they aren't, and occasionally that means making them a "bad guy". Lee Sin doesn't have to be a Dawnbringer just because he's a "good guy" in the lore. In fact Nightbringer makes more sense and is a direct reference to his Runeterra lore, where he naively sought power, became overly arrogant, and struggles to control the fierceness of the dragon spirit. Beyond that misunderstanding, you aren't really clear what you don't like about the skins. WDYM when you ask why the skins were picked? They were picked for the same reason nearly all skins are picked, to varying degrees, because Riot thought they were cool and would sell money.
I have no problem with the skins, in fact, I love them. However, too many skins are made for a skin line considered a pair. One representing the side of order and the other destruction. Suddenly, 6 champions for a skin line considered a pair, with high quality are advertised. The sugar rush skins look pleasing, for the simple reason, it is new and is not a pair. Meaning it will sell better, because they can do quantities instead of quality. Skins are a main income, and function like a patron, therefore must keep players interested. This means quality for a fair price, and players to buy, which mean satisfying all their players - to the best of their ability - or they won’t pay. I am no business genius, but I know the fundamental parts, while known how not drive customers away. Riot almost screwed themselves on Twitter, tell pros that they need League to be anything, yet League needs them to exist. Telling people (primarily men) to F off in their convention. Sexism scandals, etc. I look like a business guru compared to their business decisions. Luckily, for Riot, the fan base is sorta forgiving, and Riot is quite large. If this was any other game, owned by a single game company, it would be out of business. The player base loyalty is powerful, the convention tested those waters. The fact, that people did not sue Riot after their stupidity and clear US violation off denial of paid service, and # Amendment, should show the player loyalty, even with all the toxic BS. At some point people will legitimately leave, which is happening already slowly but steady. This is not all because of their poor business practices, it’s natural, but it did speed it up. Their new games are not going to cut it either, maybe for the Hearthstone inspired game, but the FPS is competing with COD, Fort, BF, CS Go, and Overwatch. Other damming factors could be Riots terrible record with League at the moment, so yea, best of luck to Riot. For Lee it is more of a personal take on the champion. I happen to be on the side of Lee representing order. His golden skin is f*ing dumb, God Lee exist. I would rather have Vladimir or Karma.
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Horızen (NA)
: What the f*ck is with losers spamming "tryhard"
My question is, why be brother about it? Let a sore loser be a sore loser. Why should their failure to win or learn affect you? If they bother you, mute them, this post and anger is a waist of your, others, and my time. People like the one you described will never learn and will be the person blaming everything else but themselves.
: No not really. Akali has fundamentally one of the most broken kits that League has seen to date. If you've followed the work they've tried doing on her and her continued pro presence then you would understand that. The design of this version of Akali is an absolute disgrace to the old Akali. Think what you want.
?????????????? I know you are an Akali main (your name), but what makes her broken? If you look at old Akali vs new Akali, new Akali is a nerfed version. Old Akali you could throw Q, R, BA and half health a bitch, repeat. New Akali you need to hit your abilities, run out of a circle to get the bonus BA damage, and line up the ult to do anything. Broken, no! Good with a pro, hell yes! I prefer new Akali over old Akali, ‘cause there are no point click half health and actual counter measures to new Akali, thank you very much.
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: Whats the point of removing niche items?
Honestly, why care? It is better they are removed, rather than there, filling up space. I also cannot see any good changes or buffs that will help them and still be the same. They are items that will either be useless or game breaking. Old veterans who played LoL since season 1, will miss the items. It is unfortunate, but it for the better, IMO.
: So Zoe is...
Zoe’s Q 👏🏻 is NOT 👏🏻 Nidalee’s Q. Nothing about Zoe’s Q resembles it, unless you use Q-R, but the combo is fucking predictable, unlike Nidalee Q. I can understand the W, but stop with the Q bullshit. Not only is it weaker close up, but you have time to see Zoe’s Q coming. You got hit, your fault. Adding to my argument, Zoe’s wave clear is shit until level 8 or at your two item purchase. You must land E with a full length Q to one shot, yet not guaranteed. Roaming is risky, and mobile assassins or bruisers are a death sentence for Zoe. I can go on since I have played this champion since her release, till my “retirement” of League. I can also confirm that her Q is nothing like Nidalee. Usual “mages are toxic” bullshit post. There are champions far worse than Zoe, and most of the community agrees. Kai’sa, Aatrox, Riven, etc. Stop complaining.
: well, they DID kill his dad and many innocents just now. the truth is that with Demacia's culture, it would be a HORRIBLE idea not to crackdown on mages when something like the rebellion happened. could you imagine the uproar? J4 is not being a bigot, he is reacting both like a human being and as someone trying to keep the country stable (the comic even makes it a point its Sylas' fault this is happening)
Yet, he has faced far worse than Sylas, the death of his father, and people. He knows what is at stake in battle, he is a well-trained soldier, who has seen death by the plenty, and a Dragon. He is a successful general, signalling of competence, logic, and strong strategist. Him then magically becoming a bigot is rather odd, since Syvanna saved him, the dragon, a creature that can only be described as magic. He would be going against Syvanna, a magical creature that saved him. This has nothing to do with him being "human", if we follow his lore and his personality, he would understand the hatred, but want to resolve it as peaceful as he can, without destroying his home. The only mages he would kill would be mages like Sylas, but even that would stetting the bar too high, he would try to stop him, but not kill him. He knows Sylas is a Demacian, and may even understand why he fights because he is Demacian. Sylas must be fighting for justice in Jarvans mind. The comic goes against his virtues and ideals. He is a lot smarter, kinder, chiller, and logical that this comic makes him out to be. Not to mention he sound awful a lot like an ENFJ, which can give a better idea of who he may be.
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: again my man you are wrong, the fact that you average 4 cs a minute on riven shows that you dont know what you are doing...
I am not wrong, just our opinions - on how to track skill level - is different. Yet, CS’ing can give an ok look, and I will not deny that, still, it is a stat, just like KDA. The CS minute count goes down the longer the game drags on. I would suggest getting a MBL account, then look at my CS or stats in general - if there are any. It can show everything from early to late, giving you a clear representation of my skill. I am not saying, “I am the best”, I was in silver for a reason. You take care, GLHF.
: Bro i just looked at your, you have no reason to be shit talking me LMFAO. again you are just bad at the game and at riven, the champion is broken
Took you 10 days, what’s up? Also stats are stats, they do not contribute how well someone plays a champion. It tell us how many times we have won or lost with a champion, and there could be vastly different reason for those numbers other than, “good players have high win rate, and bad have low win rate.” Teamwork, elo, personal skill, etc. all contribute to how good you are as a player, which has to be watched, and cannot be state checked unless if you use Mobalynics, - probably spelled it wrong - which does state check our skill overall.
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: the champion is easy to play man, the fact that you cant consistently do well with her is pretty sad. and what you stated showed how little you know about riven and the game in general. if you dont play the game anymore then get off the forums. you dont belong here.
Riven Player Sadistic Trash Talk Mode: On Aw, did I hurt your idy bity feelings. How adorable, you are. But your good for nothing anyway, you will just waist away to the Riven players that are better than you. So I will not waist more time on a lower level player like you who would not stand a chance against me, and knows only hate. Enjoy the rift while you can, if you have any joy. Runt.
Juxin (NA)
: Made a mistake and tried picking a top lane Tank for my team.
You got stuck with Quinn, nahah. How anyone can be bullied by Quinn top is funny to me. She falls off extremely quick at level 4 and at your first tank or damage item. Truly, I am not blaming you for losing to her, but. If you just keep yourself from dying or pushing to her turret, while keeping a steady minion score, your already ahead of her. Trust me, I have played Quinn for far to long for me to take that nonsense seriously. Quinn is by far the most overrated champion from a top perspective, and has nothing against actual or non-top laners. Hence her low pick rate. A good Quinn, ahem, the few Quinn mains that exist, can truly make use of her terrible lackluster kit. A good Quinn is annoying, but that is it. If they win, it is because of their team. I am still hoping for Quinn, but Riot will never fix her or give her the love she truly deserves. She manage to stay strong and relevant, for just a month, after 4 years of being irrelevant. Riot does not care for her, and she has the most interesting theme, which should be modernized, but again, will never happen. A waist of a good idea, great job Riot, as always.
Kelg (NA)
: The single most tilting thing you can see in all of LoL
Honestly, I have never understood the problem. I stopped banning champions because I thought I was limiting myself to the champions I could face. I wanted to learn, and get better at fighting other champions, not because I was cocky. However, I then started to pick champions again because people either got pissed at me in game or, straight up, left in the picking phase because of it. Now I left the game so I do not have to worry about that anymore. Have fun. {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
Tomoe Gozen (EUNE)
: >...when I was a player of League of Legends. So you don't play League anymore? When was the last game you played, exactly? Maybe give Boxbox or Adrian a watch and see just how much excellent players take Riven to new heights, and it's not exactly skill related. Sure, they know her mechanics to the letter but then watch any mediocre player with Riven's play style preference in mind and see the similar success, with less skill involved. Riven isn't exactly a braindead champion per se but her strenghts are numerous and her kit is as versatile as a Swiss army knife. And when a specific meta that suits their major strength comes along but their kits are still versatile and have no major weaknesses, you end up with a champion that can do pretty much anything. I don't think Riven ever had a particular meta but there were points in time where she was inherently strong. And she still is.
Of course, but I am keeping myself away from any league related content, other than the board and music. It has been 6 months, I believe, since I stopped playing. So much must have changed. But the way you described the situation, I will giving in. Thanks for the comment.
: right when i read "not that powerful" and "a past player" i knew everything you were about to say was total BS, sorry dude but you actually have no idea. her toplane stats dont lie, just because you cant player her well doesnt mean she aint broken.
I was not bad with her, getting use to the combos were my problem. I also never dismiss everything by saying “not that powerful”. I stated what I knew of Riven. While at it, others who responded to me were comments much more preferred other than your vulgar comment. Hope you getter better at the game, and fix your attitude.
: I can dismiss everything you say by simply stating this: You arguments are purely anecdotal and lecture. Statistics over a long course of time prove riven to be broken af. End of story/ You arrogant, condescending troll, A normal, reasonable person {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
Well shit! {{sticker:sg-janna}} Arrogant, and condescending, I am not. Since I find my skills inferior to others who play League, and I never made fun of the people complaining about Riven. Because she is annoying as hell to play against, when you have no idea how to deal with her. A reasonable, normal troll that makes sense. Because I wanted to fuck around, deal with it. {{sticker:sg-lulu}} Have fun on the rift, you funny baboon. From your friendly normal troll, HyperTechno {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
: Wow, you HEAVILY dismissed the power of riven and pyke, and heavy exaggerated the power of wu, veig, and shaco. Granted, wu was op before nerfs earlier on this year and last, and granted a good shaco is by no means weak. But total BS the way you described riven as "moderately effective" when played right. More like 100% oppressive and unfair for the enemy team. And as for pyke, yeah he's broken af, don't even waste your breath defending him, it's an insult to our intelligence.
I have played and main-ed Riven when I was a player of League of Legends. To be honest, she is not that powerful. It is more about people complaining more than learning. As a past player, I know for a fact, that knowing how play a champion will be more beneficial to defeat them, rather than to complain about them. Hence why I never feared my main champions Zoe, Quinn, Riven, and Galio, cause I knew how to better them with my familiarity of them. Hashinshin has proven this as factual, the less you know about a champion, the high is the chance you will be beaten by them or beaten playing them. You are not required to play and main the champions you hate, just studying them from text is enough to higher you success rate against them. But rage has had the better of me, and dulled my capability to play League to my full potential, hence I never made it out of Silver. Learning self-control, and you nemesis champion, will improve your gameplay significantly. Finding a main champion to master will improve your gameplay as well as your chances to beat your nemesis champion, even if weak against them. Skill always win against OP. Being OP can give you a head start, but being skilled will always out last the OP, especially if the OP champion does not live up to its rumor, which can cripple the players confidence in the OP champion. Yet, you can take my words as you like. Disagree or agree do not matter to me. You raging troll, HyperTechno {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
: They would need to do a separate animation for every single interaction, AND reduce it from an AoE to a single target. No way.
They would not be required to make it into a single target if Sion slams them to the ground, maybe if it is towards the wall, of course, it may be better there. Even then, I do not see it as a requirement to remove his AoE. If they have to, may I ask why? But if they were to do my idea, there will be a need for separate animations, however, that would be a minor problem for Riot. Anyways, thanks for the comment.
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: Replace "none" ban with "pass" to another teammate
All comes down to preference, my opinion stands as such, there is nothing wrong with picking a "none" during banning, but the individual must deal with the consequence of getting teammates worked up over nothing. Logically, banning one less character does not really change the outcome. You have 100+ champions, 50% of which could beat the person banning or not. Secondly, there is no real point in banning in SoloQ or Normals for that matter. Banning champions will always be a personal opinion in SoloQ, rather than a helpful gesture. The only time or place, where banning is any good, is when a connected or pro team is trying to get an advantage, picking their strongest counters out of the game. Getting mad at those who ban not, is rather inadequate; the made difference is zero and makes the game nor more or less in your favor. Unless if you play as a connected team. Bye. {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
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: Quinn Discussion and Annie Splash Updates
We are 0.1% of the community who is playing her. Quinn will never be loved, and I have given up on trying to make them give her attention. She is also outdated, one-dimensional, boring, and not able to compete with every champion. Riot will never give her love, even though she owns the Symbol of Demacia, who is Valor, stressed in her lore, which should already make her a big deal in Demacian lore, but nah, she has the bird never mind her anyway. Plus, she is the coolest champion concept ever created, with a theme like no other character but not fully developed, and is, pretty likely, the inspiration for Nunu and Willump (rework) and Kled. Quinn deserves so much more but brushed aside because meh, not enough players play her. Even though she has a pretty big fan base from casual to pros, but will not be played cause she is not viable. Just stop talking about Quinn. Riot does not care, I do not care, and no one is going to care. Quinn is dead, just let her rest in peace. I was once a dedicated Quinn main, but face the reality, I and no one will make Quinn better or more attractive, and Riot will never make her name Quinn and Valor again. Set in stone, period. I am sorry if I came out rude, but I have given up on Quinn. If you still want to try, go ahead and be my guest, but Riot will never do such. Bye. T_T
: All those champs that you listed I have played in gold elo soloq (except for anivia) and I find them not difficult at all to carry and win. They are not shit unless mastered because I guarantee I am not a master with any of them as I am a top/jungle main. I would go so far as to say some of them are even easier then other normally seen solo q mid laners.
Your tells me different, though good job on keeping a good score. This season: Cass: 1 game; 0% Azir: 1 game; 0% Vlad: 1 game; 0% Ryze: 2 games; 100% not enough information, not impressed. LeBlank: 3 games; 33% Season 8: 3 mages played most have 0% Season 7: Ryze: 6 games; 100% you have a 95% Wr out of 9 games. Mal: 1 game; 100% So bullshit, you know almost nothing of what it is to play mages. Compared to me: This season: 34 games of Zoe, 59% Wr I got tired of playing League, I quit months ago, Zoe is all I got for this season, also the likelihood of me returning is almost zero. Season 8 161 games of Zoe, 58% Wr 19 games of Lux, 53% Wr 18 games of Twisted Fate, 56% Wr 6 games of Swain, 50% Wr 3 games of Ahir, 67% Wr 2 games of Vlad, 100% Instead of running your mouth about how good you are at one type you did not play, instead, play mid and learn our pain instead of assuming that we are liars and the worst.
: > [{quoted}](name=HyperTechno,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=2fEFiQV6,comment-id=0012,timestamp=2019-05-10T14:11:01.687+0000) > > Here is what I have to say, Shyvana is in no desperate need. Her kit design is quite good, for how old it is, but her passive and VGU needs a slight change to fit this current era. > Maybe adding the fire trail back on to Shyvana's W could serve well for Shyvana players. > > I am in favor of a Quinn rework over Shyvana. Quinn has an unfinished identity, just like Volibear, unlike the other champions that Riot is planning on reworking. With how I reasoned it, you can guess who I picked. > > I think Shyvana is fine. I do not see a need for a Shyvana rework over champions like Volibear, Fiddle, Quinn (though Quinn is not listed), and Mundo. Nocturne is in the same boat as Shyvana, not desperate, but could use small changes to get him back out the woodworks. So here's the problem with band-aids on Shyvana. Shyvana is strong only because shes a stat checker. She has little outplay potential. Her Passive could use the most help, her base kit functions, but her ult is in no way ok. When Gnar/Swain/or Nasus Transforms most players go "WATCH OUT it's Mega Gnar!" When Shyvana ults she gains so HP and remains relatively the same, that's why no one freaks out when they see a non-fed Shyvana ult. All these champions have problem. Shyvana is jsut our choice, kinda like how you see Quinn. A lot of players would say shes "fine" like me, but you obviously have a deeper understanding why she is not. If we are being completely unbiased tho I think we can agree Udyr needs it the most as he suffers from problems all 5 of the champions have.
> [{quoted}](name=AIQ,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=2fEFiQV6,comment-id=00120000,timestamp=2019-05-10T14:28:21.027+0000) > > So here's the problem with band-aids on Shyvana. > > Shyvana is strong only because shes a stat checker. She has little outplay potential. > > Her Passive could use the most help, her base kit functions, but her ult is in no way ok. When Gnar/Swain/or Nasus Transforms most players go "WATCH OUT it's Mega Gnar!" When Shyvana ults she gains so HP and remains relatively the same, that's why no one freaks out when they see a non-fed Shyvana ult. > > All these champions have problem. Shyvana is jsut our choice, kinda like how you see Quinn. A lot of players would say shes "fine" like me, but you obviously have a deeper understanding why she is not. If we are being completely unbiased tho I think we can agree Udyr needs it the most as he suffers from problems all 5 of the champions have. Agreed.
Moody P (NA)
: mid mains up to their nonsense again
Yeah, yeah, blame it all on the mage players. Honestly, most mages that are viable in Solo Queue have some bullshit ability or play style, like Veigar passive and Ultimate or Vladimir in general. Zoe, Syndra, Ryze, Azir, Anivia, and most other mages are god tear shit in solo queue, but good in team oriented teams. That why pro play has them running high. Please try it for yourself. You will fine little success if you play high skill cap mages in Solo Queue, unless if you mastered them. Do I agree with the post overall? Fuck no, I have mained top and Trinity is the least frustrating item. However, I do think some small tweaks are needed to stable out its overall versatility with most bruiser items, because the item combos you can accomplish are insane. Thought most could be changed and I have not played this ridiculous game for more than 3 months.
: Vote for Shyvana!
Here is what I have to say, Shyvana is in no desperate need. Her kit design is quite good, for how old it is, but her passive and VGU needs a slight change to fit this current era. Maybe adding the fire trail back on to Shyvana's W could serve well for Shyvana players. I am in favor of a Quinn rework over Shyvana. Quinn has an unfinished identity, just like Volibear, unlike the other champions that Riot is planning on reworking. With how I reasoned it, you can guess who I picked. I think Shyvana is fine. I do not see a need for a Shyvana rework over champions like Volibear, Fiddle, Quinn (though Quinn is not listed), and Mundo. Nocturne is in the same boat as Shyvana, not desperate, but could use small changes to get him back out the woodworks.
Haziv (EUW)
: Battle Academia Jayce Voice
The man who voiced Laxus (David Patrick Seitz) from Fairy Tail would make a good voice actor. Jayce would be the asshole anyways, because he looks like one.
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Moody P (NA)
: Hey guys Darius here
Now Darius' Passive gives him True Damage and Missing Health damage, increased per blood stack. The Q is now a passive, first level in and he will spin like URF Garen dealing % max health damage, and his Q will not interrupt his other abilities. His E goes to 1250 units, and his W now stuns for 3 seconds instead of slowing. Oh oh, here is the best part, his Ult has no cooldown or cost, and is global. That should put him back into the meta and should put Ranged champions to shame.
Terozu (NA)
: Yas is not overpowered, he's just extremely annoying to lane against.
: Dark Souls is a TERRIBLE example. Cause its HARD not FRUSTRATING. Big difference.
What you mean, I and many of my friends agree that it is hard but frustrating too. Dark Souls also fits the description of frustrating quite well. If you look up the definition. Not saying your wrong, but the definition of frustrating would agree with my statement.
IAmTheLego (EUNE)
: Yasuo is known to be one of the most frustrating champions to play against. Probably even worse if he's on your team. CT himself recently said that frustration is necessary for this game in order for us to learn how to play against. Which is complete bs and wrong in so many ways. He's easy counter, but frustrating to play against doesn't mean you don't know how to play against. Even a stomped, feeding, 0/20 Yasuo can be unfun to play against.
People love Dark Souls, and it is frustrating. So I can see where CT is coming from. But I will agree, there is a line of healthy frustration and toxic. I do not think Yasuo is toxic though, but it could just be me.
: 1. Excessive use of both insults and no-no words. 2. Thinks that CertainlyT's champions are a challenge, not a hassle or broken. 3. Believes that breaking the game is exciting rather than frustrating at best. 4. Claims that >60% of League's entire playerbase are boring and dumb. I would expect nothing less from a fan of CertainlyT. He should be shipped off to a PvE project and have his creations reworked.
1) Do not be butt hurt over the truth. 2) Facts. 3) Yes, and most would agree. 4) 60%? Evidence please. Not really a fan, but I embrace his creativity and challenges. Second off all, he is not the one who releasing his champions strong, that is the balancing team. This may sound counterproductive, but releasing a champion OP in the beginning is the best way to make the champion balanced over time. Because you can find things to fix with ease, while releasing them weak can lead them to be overburffed and never be balanced correctly. Akali was actually underpowered on her release, which left her in the mess she is now, also because the balancing team is full of idiots.
: Facts are facts.
If they get one champion wrong (Zed), then no, they are not factual. It just means he does not care to research and would rather comment by emotional hatred for a designer with a 80% success rate. Zoe, Yasuo, Darius, and cannot remember them all, did have lot of fuzz, but overall had a huge positive success within the communities. CT’s know how to keep a game interesting. You know Dark Souls? If you do, you should know the rewarding feeling you get when you defeat an enemy you hate because you worked hard, but now you know how to defeat the boss over and over again, with little failure. That is CT’s champions. Hard to play against, if against a good one, but rewarding to defeat. Also, I kinda lost my temper on this moron because I have seen those braised comments or post too often, after the PAX incident, also because he mentioned Zed which is what all CT haters would add in to make him somehow even worse. Zed it not even that hard to play against, same for Yas. Anyway, bye.
: Not really, it is CertainlyT design champion which alway happen to be a pain in the ass to play against. He alway design his champ to be fun for the user and painful to unfun for his opponents. {{champion:412}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:157}} he have all working on those
You squabbling chicken, ZED IS NOT CT’S FUCKING CHAMPION. How many fucking times is this needed to be said? Second off all, CT want to give the player base a challenge, not an unfun champion. Which he explicitly explained in his interview. By the way, challenging the player base is good. It enables new mechanics, that yes, breaks the game, but brings excitement. He is the only fucking person who gives a shit about this boring ass community. The once that cry about his champions being unfair, and needs reworks are fucking boring simpletons. It unfair to say, but true nonetheless.
Vyniadus (NA)
: Just revert the Vayne buff already
They will not, they need the cash cow alive for her next skin that is coming soon.
Scryble (NA)
: If you speed it up you can see them calling each other trash at .000001 seconds per word
Eminem at Super Saiyan 3 mod, word battle now intensifies.
: [Concept rework]Fiddlesticks,the cursed one.
I like, you put some good work into it. +1
: In my opinion zoe was a mistake. We took out old nidalee because there was just too much power in her q. Now we got zoe who can do the same thing with her q ability while even permstunning her opponent. Doesnt make sense and its stupid that such a champion even exists.
Mistake. No. Need compensation. Yes. She is strong in a few areas, which is easily fixable. I would do the Zoe E nerf, but then give her something in exchange. What it should be is kinda hard, because the only thing I can think of is a damage buff. They could give some of her MS back on her W as an exchange, because her bobble is her only escape, and the nerf will affect her, heavily. There is a huge difference between Zoe Q-R-Q and Old Nidalee Q. 1) Zoe must be in range, which can lead to overextension issues for Zoe if the enemy Jungler is not a clown. 2) Zoe does not have a transformation that can catch an enemy with the second line of burst if the Q did not kill. 3) Zoe's Q-R-Q is safe, but if miss calculated can lead to a missed kill. 4) The Q is easier to predict. 5) The Q and E can easily be blocked by unwanted minions. 6) Though strong, the E is hard to land, use, and can easily be negated by mear basic wave management or dodging. 7) The Q is Zoe's only damage. But hey, we have different likings, and I may be biased because I am a Zoe main. GL HF {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
Infernape (EUW)
: The nerf is more aimed at competitive play. She has a high pick/ban presence there.
> [{quoted}](name=Infernape,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=U15kai3X,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-03-12T23:06:50.370+0000) > > The nerf is more aimed at competitive play. She has a high pick/ban presence there. This is why I would love them to leave the competitive scene or at least not give as much focus towards it. In truth, yes, they make more money, but in the long run, they will end up ruining themselves. Not every person in this game is competitive, and that is the base they hurt the most and should be the largest % of the community. However, Riot can live without the LCS, but they cannot live without a fan base. Most players watching the LCS is from the fan base, losing it would mean a huge loss in LCS ticket sale and viewership, which will hurt Riot, YouTubers, Streamers, and Pros. All for the sake of a little extra cash. Honestly, I would just wish they made the LCS separate from Solo Q. LCS is its own server and can change how Riot now see fit, while the Solo Queue server is unchanged. It will make people a lot happier because they are not affected by 0.1% of players, they have more freedom to balance the LCS, and it will really test LCS players skills and knowledge, which can lead to more interesting picks, comps, and plays. It can also make a wanted champion in Solo or LCS less of a threat to buff or nerf. Also, by the way, here is you +1 for the reminder of why I hate pro play. GL HF {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
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: Can we rework Darius already?
I like you thought process man. I would love it.
: quinn needs a full rework, her kit is difficult to balance and frustrating to play against. when shes either r, e auto q auto and your dead or shes useless, there is no middle ground.
That is why I am working on my Quinn rework concept with all I got. I am about to release my final version, so I would love to see what you think when it comes out. You can also look at my two past post.
: > [{quoted}](name=HyperTechno,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=EUnxdxNR,comment-id=0005000000020000000000000000,timestamp=2019-03-11T15:18:21.027+0000) > > 1) You do not understand. When you have something like E into W, Q-E-W, or Q-R-Q-E it is a combo. > > 2) No, I do not play Vlad. My champion pool is rather diverse, Zoe, Galio, Quinn, Twisted Fate, Fiora, and Riven. I am planning on getting Kayle, Syndra, Neeko, and maybe Vladimir into my champion pool. When you used to be a Top lane main then go to main both Mid and Top you get a rather diverse champion pool like mine. > > 3) But it does not really matter, his WR is decent from Diamond and getting better going down. It just goes to show most people within Diamond and down are noobs for letting him have a 50% win rate. Right? > > Already you are trying to troll me with the counter picks. > > Ahri: Mal can fuck over an Ahri with ease, just takes basic wave mechanics and wop-ti-do. Let the waves push in, farm as much as you can until Lvl 6 and spam the come gank mid every time you have ult up. > Syndra: Trash, and has nothing going for her, plus she also does absolutely nothing towards him or any champion for that matter. A quick search can also show Mal with a 64% Wr against her. So if you lost to a Syndra, well, good job. > Talon: Same case as Ahri. > Lux: Same case as Ahri, just with more dodging. > Orianna: Same case as Ahri, just with more dodging. > > One true counter, which is also proven in numbers, is Twisted Fate. > > But most of his counters are out of meta or have not fully returned: Corki, Taliyah, Twisted Fate, Ziggs, Akali, Galio, Kayle, and some few more. The only actual meta picks against him is Zilean, Ekko, Anivia, and Morgana. > > I like using Vladimir Emote as a greeting or friendly ending. > > GL HF > > {{sticker:vlad-salute}} Syndra has got nothing going for her and is trash..... which is why she is the most picked mid in the latest LCS besides Zoe. Goodbye, troll.
Ok, 16% pick rate, with a 36% Wr. Yeah, wow, so much going for her. By the way, Zoe has a 7.6% pick rate, with a 48% Wr. You ok there? {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
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