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: Kindred Cancer ass fucking kit that should have never been made. Having range as a component for infinite scale is riot's absolute dumbest decision. Having an adc even semi viable in the jungle has never been healthy (see twitch, graves, etc), and tailor making an adc to thrive in the jungle while still fulfilling the team's role as ADC is supreme garbage design. I used to not ban her because she was literally 1% PR and her numbers were bad enough to mask the ludicrousness of her kit, but she saw a string of buffs and a relatively mild nerf that has her back on my ban radar.
You should try maining her. I bet you'll do well.. most of the times I think a champ is op, I play it and im amazing
: I just wish it wasn't so laggy. Not sure if it's just my connection or whatever, but every time I play it my ping spikes massively even when I had been playing SR before with no issues.
That happens to me too come to think of it. Yeah it's really annoying.
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