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: as expected, ARAM accounts are ruining ARURF
It is not the fact that the accounts are ruining urf. It is just frustrating to have a shitty champion against say ezreal.
: "We don't want people playing the same 12 champions in URF"
The thing is part of the community wanted the game mode to be random. The other part was not complaining about it because they were too busy playing it. Personally, I do not enjoy the random mode because if you get a bad champion against a good one the game is already over and not fun. Atleast in the old urf customs could be done to mess around on bad champions.
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: Why 4-5 man premades are still matched with pure solo teams?
Am I the only one to not really dislike dynamic que? It hasn't been a problem to me, and allows me to play ranked with my friends.
: > The first of the two solutions is you get a free dodge after a certain amount of ranked games played. Although it is still possible to be matched with a troll you will have the opportunity to escape them every once and a while . Some people say that this system could be abused by people who got out picked by the enemy team, and that would cause ranked games to take longer to start. However, this would still be better than the alternative. Think of it as the lesser of two evils in what is ranked champion select. Definitely doable, but how many ranked games are we talking? It would have to be a relatively large number to prevent abuse of the system. Let's say... 15? For most active players that may be one per week or so. Which... I'm not sure that's all that different from the current system of losing 3 lp with no MMR loss and being locked out for a few minutes. I know trolls are no fun, but I just don't know this will really change things much. In fact the lockout may be a good thing--it's happened more than once that someone dodges and then someone else immediately gets back into queue and ends up teamed with the troll again. > A second solution would be a vote to dodge. This could be similar to surrender vote in champion select by making it so when four people vote to dodge the champion select would end. This solution usually gets countered by the same points as the last one, but it would take 4 out of 5 of the people willing to dodge for it to end, and that is much less likely of happening than one person abusing the system. I like the idea behind this, but I worry it would become a "Get Out of Jail Free" Card whenever a team loses champ select--i.e., all those times you look at your team comp in despair compared to the other team's comp. Champ selection is an important part of the game (otherwise, why not just do blind pick?), and I'm not sure giving a team a free pass to dodge whenever they don't like how it went would be the best idea.
Thanks for the reply. (New to the boards so don't know how to quote your post like you did mine, sorry) I'm not completely sure on the number of the games you would have to play, but 15 doesnt sound too bad. While yes, the dodging penalties aren't too detrimental when done once or twice, but sadly there are numerous games that the trolling occurs so the penalties will start to add up. That solution could help alleviate some of them. While yes, it is possible some teams could use this to escape the game, but let's be honest, there are so many players with the "never give up" attitude (not that it is a bad attitude to have). It would only take two of them to believe they can win for the vote to fail. Also it's not like the other team would be harmed, as they would get a small compensation for their time. Additionally, if a team is so convinced that they got out picked in champion select that they vote to dodge it would save them a lot of grief in that game because with the negative attitude they would lose anyway.
: they need to do anything about it , anything >.>
Yeah, it has honestly gotten really bad...
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