: Masters ADC/MID Smurf LF Other smurfs Unranked lvl 30
One smurf carrying every game is stressful af... Having 5 smurfs that play at a high elo is just so much easier to climb and go on a 30 win streak. Dynamic Que makes this happen. Smurfs now don't need to DUO and carry 3 scrubs...they now can group up with 5 smurfs and carry each other so much easier and so much quicker than before. Your question is more like...why do things the easier way while you can just do it the harder way?
: Riot should do an in-client survey to all accounts asking about DQ vs SQ and share the results.
Then people will flock to making new emails and accounts just to vote for it. They'd have to make for only lvl 30 accounts...but then people can buy botted lvl 30 accounts online and be able to vote that way multiple times. The poll will just be inaccurate... What about people who have 28 accounts? That's 28 votes against DQ for just one person.
GTHell (NA)
: I'm sure me and the other people really want the system change. I'm doing this for free. I can't stand the people who being paid and do nothing at all!
I know people who do this too, just to poke fun and get ONE reaction from somebody and then click that report button. The mod is trying to put some words here to try and wield his non existent power. He has the powers as other forum mods... If they ban your account just make a new email and account and you're right back on the boards. Happy trolling!
: The system isn't perfect. When a player like you is intentionally avoiding being punished while baiting others into being toxic, obviously it's going to be hard for it to catch you automatically. That other player is still responsible for their own behavior so it's working fine in that regard, but self-reports for intentionally avoiding the system help a lot. Thank you for your report.
Seems like this is self defense to the fact that the system is flawed and corrupt. You say the system isn't perfect? That makes no sense...no system can be perfect...obviously. The system isn't even on par, again, it's corrupt and easily manipulated. Sad to say but Riot is a billion dollar company and they can't even make a legitimate report system. The report system is literally laughable compared to other games'.
: Do you think the current My Shop has anything to do with all the player discontent?
Yeah it's said that if you purchase from the shop you get more fair games. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: its already damaged the Esports environment
I can see that. It's why they have to make an announcement at the end of this miserable season to get things cleared up and back to the way it was...with a few tweaks to role selection.
Hotonis (NA)
: The State of League
It feels empty because there is no such thing as a ladder or competitiveness...aka Ranked. It's just a cluster** of randoms and boosted players and dynamic groups who climb easier than solos. DQ was meant for casuals to play with friends. They are trying to appeal for the new generation and kids. But the thing they don't see is the new player experience is MUCH worse than this dynamic Q problem. New players are decreasing rapidly...NA as a whole doesn't have a big player base hence why there problems with match making in high elo. There are just not enough challenger or master players for there to be Challenger only games...like there are on other servers. So DQ is just putting challenger 500 lp players with Diamond 2 0 lp players...because that's all they can find for them. It doesn't really help either than a lot of high elo players stopped playing ranked to begin with when DQ came out and ruined everything. There is no incentive for people to improve anymore, there is no real 'goal' for players to get to...why would anyone wanna work hard to get to Diamond with a premade only to learn that you're going to most likely play against players who are 1500 LP on top of you? I play for fun now, I don't give a damn about winning or losing anymore. Nor do I care about learning or improving. There is no real RANKED LADDER anymore to climb to and feel proud about it. Silvers now can easily obtain Plat Elo by dynamic que...do they really feel like they achieved something great? I highly doubt it. They are most likely just pushing the limit of DQ to see how far they can really get away with it. It's not fun anymore. New players are leveling up to level 15 and leaving the game. It's awful for new players and it's awful for veterans now. Hence why SoloQ will return come this season end or next preseason: More about my thought on that at http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/Hs6bcjAP-solo-q-you-say-do-not-worry
: Went 23/2/12 with Leblanc and only got S- . Not complaining, just curious about how rating works.
CS plays a big factor. I've seen junglers go 14/0/8 in games and end up with an A+ or S- due to them only farming 50 cs in 30 min. If he farmed 150+ cs and got 8/3/10 let's say, he probably woulda got an S.
: >Give them a year or two Yeah, not gonna happen. This is 2016 my friend, there are a lot of fish in the pond. I stopped buying RP months ago, and haven't played League in weeks. Happy in overwatch now. --- TL;DR: In this age, and with such a big market full of powerful players, why should I wait a year for my fun?
You don't have to wait. You can play other games if you want. If they revent a year from now a lot of people would come back (the ones that quit) and get back onto the solo ladder. Some might stick around and play this anyways since they find it still fun on other modes. If you don't come back it's not a bad thing. I'm talking about players who are going to be sticking to this game through this time period of shambles.
Rozair (NA)
: tank anything thats not suposed to tank is broken af right now
People are now calling a champ that gets 1-2 tank items...a tank. Makes no sense. I guess you can call an adc a tank if they got a randuins in their build. {{item:3812}} {{item:3139}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3009}} {{item:3143}} I guess if I build an ADC this way i'll be considered an op tank.
Dealth (NA)
: Nothing will actually happen to their game. People will keep complaining on the boards like they have been since the dawn of time. No one will actually quit because of Dynamic Queue, and people who claim they are will probably return after a couple of days.
It's nothing about people leaving or joining this game. It's about the state that this game is in now. They will do something about it. Going back to the SoloQ system but updating it a bit isn't far-fetched. The road they're going down in now is not ideal for the game they created. There is little competition on a COMPETITIVE game. Rankings are now fluctuated and not real. High elo players don't even enjoy it much either...with terrible match making and tons of unfair games. And now high elo can only que up with 1-2 other people...like WHAT??? Makes no damn sense. I'm certain SoloQ will come back. And that the competitive 5v5 ranked will be back too. I know it.
Snow Tea (NA)
: I hope soloq coming back is inevitable for riot.
Agreed. This game is known more for it's competitiveness than any game I've known. Them not having a legitimate ladder this season has killed THAT competitiveness that made this game the #1 game out there. As I mentioned...some people don't even WANT to climb anymore from the EXTREME mess that is going on in high elo. To be honest...does anyone climbing look forward to what is yet to come when they reach Diamond? Do you really wanna play against masters and challengers...being in diamond? Is that even fair for you? Yes you learn something from losing (in the elo you're in) and get better...but you learn absolutely nothing when you get smashed by players who are 2000 LP ahead of you. That's what made this game great. People were competing and improving to move up the ladder. Almost everyone wanted to reach Plat/Diamond as a goal. Now...not so much. I personally would probably get to Plat 5 then stop playing. Lets not even talk about 3-5 man premades now...
: season 7? L00000L, i give it a month before they revert dynamic queue
Like I mentioned. As much as they'd like to put back the old system. I'm certain they will wait for the end of a failed season to bring it back...when MMRs are reset and what not. The off season is the best window to make an announce... The ladder this season is a mess. You see silver border players in some ranked games sometimes. Them going back to solo Q this season just wouldn't work because this season is already ruined...and they know it. They need a clean fresh season. Plus there's only what like 5 months left anyways? It will fly by I hope!
: Riot broke this formerly awesome game. They got way too big way too fast and literally destroyed the integrity of the game all while making their "cash grabbing" extremely evident.
Just wait for preseason 7 or 8. It has only been 6 months since DQ came out and they are working really hard to make it work. It just won't. It will never work. They will soon see it and revert back to solo Q. They are not ignorant and prideful or let's say...delusional. 6 months in and it's getting really ugly already...imagine how things will look like at the end of this season. LoL will be known around the world to be the most destroyed game if this keeps up. Riot WILL do something about it which is more likely to go back to SoloQ but have changes to it with role selection and possibly the choice of voice communication during games. It's just a matter of time.
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Dehitay (NA)
: Riot is punishing solo players with heavier LP losses in dynamic queue
100% false. I've gained 27 lp playing solo winning a game and lost 15-16 lp when losing a game. I've had premades on my team on some of those wins...I still win 27 lp and lose 15. There wont ever be suddenly a change to losing 20 lp per loss and winning 16 lp per win... UNLESS i start tilting and losing 5 games in a row every few wins. Stop spewing false information just because you hate DQ.
: Lol, im a casual player and I do not like dynamic queue. If I want to play a game and not have to take the game too seriously I will play normals. But there are times I will play ranked too, to test out how well I am with the given team. I have only started playing rank about 2 months ago since I was able to reach the champion requirement (yes, lol). And so far, my opinion about it, I think rank right now is pretty much trash. And for the reasons many people have stated before, the queue time, premades, and mostly due to the fact you will get ranked depending if you lose or win a match, not by your individual skill.
This is a team game. Obviously your rank is depending on losing or winning. If it were about individual performance, people will just want to do 'good' for themselves and not for the team (on a team based game). In SoloQ a team could easily have curse voice and whatnot to talk to one another. That would still make it unfair to the other team who are most likely 5 more SOLO players that weren't doing the whole Curse voice thing. I remember people posting their curse link in chat for people to join if they wanted. What's not to say the people who wanted to WIN pressed that link and helped out in one way or another. People never wanted to communicate in SoloQ...it was garbage. You were LUCKY to get people to group and had to yell in chat for 10 minutes to 'CAN YOU GROUP PLEASE?' 'PLZ GROUP OR WE LOSE'...and people just not even responding to you. SoloQ was more toxic than DQ ever has been. It was also the WRONG way of showing how good you are in the game (aside from the problem of smurfs and boosting...WHICH WAS ALWAYS AROUND regardless of DQ).
: im honestly this close to trolling every fucking game i play
Time to make OrangeRaven?{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: If Fizz Is Allowed To Become Untargetable Every 4 Seconds....
: Masters smurf LF other smurfs add me in game (Pref D3+)
SrbLud (NA)
: It's easy to ddos in LoL if you know what you're doing. Most of those who acctually do it won't tell you they're gonna do it. Those who say the'll ddos you are just wannabe script kidies.
So you're saying the easiest way to get to challenger is to DDoS their carries? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: D5 - Will be hitting lvl 30 soon (grinding on AI) - Looking for other smurfs to do placements with.
What? I'm looking for other smurfs to play with so I don't get afks/trolls in my placements. I'm certain every smurf who wants to climb a lot easier plays with other smurfs.
: D5 - Will be hitting lvl 30 soon (grinding on AI) - Looking for other smurfs to do placements with.
: Looking for smurfs
You are where you belong.
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Athina (NA)
: The mute button isn't an excuse to be an asshole.
Riot should make the 'mute' feature to where if you mute someone, it's like they've muted you too. That way someone can just mute everyone in the game and let their anger out without getting banned. It reminds me of CoD when you mute someone it's not that you don't hear them, but that they can't hear you too.
: Holy shit there is just so much salt. You win some you lose some. GG have fun playing something else.
Though i agree with you 100%. 90% of the community just doesn't get that. YOU WIN SOME, YOU LOSE SOME. Every kid that plays this game wants to have a 90% win rate because if they don't they get salty and troll and become toxic. I don't blame him for leaving this game. It has the most toxic community in all of gaming (from my experience). The only way I've enjoyed playing this game is to MUTE ALL when the game starts and pretend nobody is chatting at all. I just don't wanna hear it. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: Is there even a penalty for unsportsman like conduct?
Be specific? Saying '?' in chat and flashing your emote after an ass whooping is acceptable. No you can't report that.
: My chat logs that brought me from zero to instant perma-ban, in my personal opinion, Riot was wrong.
: Jesus fucking Christ I've opened several Hextech chests and only got skin shards.
buneter (NA)
: Got permabanned
You're toxic. Make a new account now and stop typing please.
: Sexy Girl LF for DUO
Strong possibility you're just a dude who's looking to get a laugh out of someone {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Rioter Comments
: "Safe Space" League Of Legends I guess is the new game. Its perfectly ok to give 4 people on your team a loss, but not allowed to "hurt your feelings" and say that you are feeding.
Just don't type. I tell people this so many times. Don't chat at all during a game. Play and if anyone is being toxic or feeding and griefing... mute and report after the game. You will never get a restriction or ban this way. Better for you.
: Chat ban system is broken, makes competitve ranked "Safe Zones"
You deserved it. Keep chatting that way and you'll be looking at a 2 week ban soon.
: Whats Riot's stance on people revealing spoilers in game?
I got a good laugh out of this {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
westy2701 (EUW)
: I got a 2 week ban atleast 2 months ago and i still havent been able to use hextech crafting?
Hierros (NA)
: Latino Champions
I think {{champion:17}} is latino...
Jamaree (NA)
: Trading skins and champions is never going to be a thing because of punishments, they don't want player close to being banned trading all their stuff to a new account before the current one gets banned. On that note, nice bias poll you got there.
Trading in hextech? Just the shards? Even if you trade shards to your new account you'll need lots of essence and $$$ to buy chests and get essence. And that you can only trade champ/skin shards for another champ/skin shard with the same equal essence value.
: Nearly 600k points with Sion and you slap me in the face with this new "mastery" system
Mastery doesn't mean anything dude quit crying about it. Someone can have half as much mastery points as you and have a lvl 7 mastery on Sion. Ummmm ok? Who cares? No one really.
: Well...Guess I'm never playing League again
: Why Cloud Drake does NOT need a buff
Everytime there's a could drake during my games...neither team go for it. I feel like it gives little to nothing and people don't want to be caught out and be behind in a game due to risking taking a cloud drake lol.
: How do you know they were bots?
Same problem here. They run heal/ghost and say things like 'WTF' 'Push' randomly during the game and just run down the lanes and continuously feed. I get an average of 3 bots per game. If you play late at night you will get 4 bots and you'll have to 1v5 win the game.
: No CDR? I hope you don't need your ult. Either that or you're running a 20-30% CDR page.
I usually prefer the 2nd...10% cdr glyphs
: You shouldn't build both Cinderhulk and Sunfire Cape. They share a unique passive, so the magic damage auras don't stack.
: RoA Amumu jungle: yes or no?
I wouldn't. I'd go cinderhulk/ekko into {{item:3116}} or {{item:3068}} or {{item:3151}} ...depending on the situation really and how well I'm doing with farming/ganks. A full build amumu would look like this for me... {{item:1409}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3102}} {{item:3075}} {{item:3111}} {{item:1410}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3001}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3047}} {{item:3060}}
: > [{quoted}](name=I Am Legxndary,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=whfxMo2I,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-05-28T19:01:04.966+0000) > > I've always been a solo player. > > I enjoy playing this game just as much as I've enjoyed it over the years. I'm not picky nor do I care much about wins/losses. > > At the end of the day this is just a game and life will go on I promise you. > > Have fun. This game will get you NO WHERE in life. One does not simply PLAY League of Legends.
: League now hell for solo players?
I've always been a solo player. I enjoy playing this game just as much as I've enjoyed it over the years. I'm not picky nor do I care much about wins/losses. At the end of the day this is just a game and life will go on I promise you. Have fun. This game will get you NO WHERE in life.
Caítlyn (NA)
: If Riot doesnt like point and click CC
Why does {{champion:1}} have a point and click stun even after the rework?? There will be some champions that have point and click abilities, deal with it.
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