KoKoboto (NA)
: I said Ryze felt like Invoker from his rework. When they gave him a teleport and with the way his lore works I'm like: "Well this guy probably knows a TON of spells" Then when I said he seems like Invoker I got downvoted into oblivion.
You know what would be cool? With the theme of Ryze being this ancient mage that knows all of these spells, and in the spirit of Invoker, AND a unique theme, make his ultimate switch between four different Spell books. Each spellbook would have three different spells. And you unlock more spellbooks at different levels. I’m just brainstorming, but let’s say Fire, Arcane, Space, and Lightning. Your ult works on a charge system. Just an initial brainstorm, but I’ve always wanted that traditional wizard vibe.
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: Lethality offers a much earlier power spike than crit. With games snowballing so hard a lot of ADC mains feel like they have to sacrifice their late game power to at least be relevant in the mid game. Whenever I play ADC and I go crit I feel useless for the first 30 minutes of the game. With lethality I can come online and actually deal decent damage in the mid game.
Can't say I really agree with you. When I farm well, I usually feel relevant by mid game, with exceptions like perhaps Vayne. But Lucian, Jhin, and Caitlyn manage to be relevant by mid game.
Jbels (NA)
: The problem is crit. Crit is not consistent, and is expensive. It also doesn't start doing a lot of damage until after 3-4 items. People want to win games consistently. Armor pen gives you a consistent stat that becomes more powerful as time goes on, allowing you to in some cases do nothing but build lethality and AD, or Lethality and Crit, since the crit is just bonus damage to what your lethality already gives you
People only started building lethality on ADC's when it just recently got buffed. Scarra just said in his patch rundown that lethality is way too strong and too prevalent right now, which I totally agree with.
: That was not the purpose of lethality. Lethality was intended to prevent people from snowballing too hard in the flat pen arms race (e.g. players always having more arm pen than the opponent had base armour due to level differences), but lethalitys pen scaling off the targets level limits that somewhat. The actual tuning of lethality is still a bit up and down, but I'm pretty sure riot is perfectly fine with adcs building lethality, so long as it has trade offs with crit builds (e.g. crit should be better late, especially versus armoured opponents).
The moment lethality was released, every ADC except Miss Fortune went back to building crit items. Whatever your thoughts on crit, I do think it's healthy for the game for different classes of characters to have different items. As it stands, ADC's, assassins, and more-or-less bruisers are all building the exact same items.
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: Her Q is powerful enough to warrant worked ground. Unless you want to reduce it to 3 hits or drastically increase the CD, worked ground has to stay. Her Q is far too overloaded with damage to not be held back by something. The issue lies with her E/W's balancing.
It's a dodgeable skill shot.... that can be blocked... and is short range. It isn't *that* strong that you can only use it in the same spot once every two minutes.
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Aeszarck (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=I Be Rad,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1bunGEHs,comment-id=0015,timestamp=2016-07-02T21:04:35.788+0000) > > I totally understand these changes, and I think are much needed. I also clearly understand how power budget works. > That being said... worked ground isn't the way to establish that. No other champion in the game Zones themselves, and whether or not it's "balanced" it doesn't feel good. You feel more punished than rewarded. > > Overall, I think it's steps in the right direction, but *something* has to happen to Q. No champion zones him or herself, but there are champions that self-cc themselves. Graves and Jhin reload, and Rumble silences himself when he overheats.
That certainly falls more into "windows of power" moments. Taliyah has "areas of power", which can be manipulated far more. And besides that, the tradeoff for having those areas where she's less powerful still don't feel worth it. Small MS increase isn't worth the gutted damage.
: Taliyah changes for 6.14
I totally understand these changes, and I think are much needed. I also clearly understand how power budget works. That being said... worked ground isn't the way to establish that. No other champion in the game Zones themselves, and whether or not it's "balanced" it doesn't feel good. You feel more punished than rewarded. Overall, I think it's steps in the right direction, but *something* has to happen to Q.
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: When You're The Only One Who Doesn't Own Overwatch
Whoever said that balance in OW is worse than League, you're just utterly wrong. The balance is great. I knew I was impressed when Tracer, who has three blinks and an Ekko ultimate on an 11 second CD felt balanced. Yeah, she's mobile out the ass. But she can be one shot by both snipers, about eight heroes kill her with ONE headshot, and she truly can only focus one enemy at a time, disregarding the occasional multi man ult. Overwatch's balance is worlds away from League. #Gold2InLeague #Level35InOverwatch
: Attn Rocksurfers: Seismic shove changes in internal testing
....other nerfs? To compensate? I really think you guys should be looking at other buffs for her. These W changes are a step in the right direction. Now we just need some way for Worked Ground to not feel like you're zoning yourself and then maybe we have almost a cohesive, fun, balanced champion.
: >Here's some consistent, pretty good damage The damage on Q is insane. (MAXIMUM MAGIC DAMAGE: 180 / 240 / 300 / 360 / 420 (+ 120% AP)) After Rylai's it becomes much more difficult to dodge it too. It simply would not be allowed to have the damage without the restriction on it. >NO idea at all why it isn't cast like Viktor's laser, but there are dozens of threads on just that topic. The short answer it was an experiment. >E: Here's an AoE ability that does a little bit of damage, BUT it's short ranged, and only reaches max potential if someone is displaced through it. Same as here Q. It does silly amounts of damage in the best case scenario, but that is only allowed to exist because it's not guaranteed. > But it really feels like you released her gutted. She's sitting around 53% win rate on this patch in plat+. I wouldn't call that gutting http://champion.gg/champion/Taliyah >But my greatest issue in the games I've played with her, is that she requires SO MUCH skill just to do so little. This is needed to be fair in a PvP game. In a PvE game it's fine to have a more skilled champ be stronger. But in PvP it's not acceptable to make a champ stronger just because they require more skill. Imagine a world where Azir is 3x as strong as he is now simply because he takes more skill : Most games would have Azir if that happened. Not only would that be boring to see him every game, it'll feel shitty going against him knowing, 'oh! I picked a champ that does not require as much skill so I will lose'. It makes the game winning or losing entirely in the hands of the people playing Azir. If he wins, it's because Azir, if he loses it's because Azir messed up. It devalues the game for everybody _other_ than Azir.
I get where you're coming from, especially about win rate. However, I think it's important to look at more than just numbers when it comes to a kit. Yeah her Q does potentially a lot of damage, but it's a one chance thing because of the worked ground mechanic. It's also a tricky skillshot. I'm not saying it's impossible to hit, but it's reliability is certainly gated. And Azir is a bad example, as someone that has a ton of games on Azir... He's very high skill, but you feel adequately rewarded for displaying that skill. The bottom line is that what other champion in the game prevents themselves from doing damage? No other champion seemingly punishes themselves for using an ability (outside the realm of range and CD, of course.) From my own experiences, unless I'm really really fed, Taliyah's combo won't one-shot an ADC. So not only is it lacking damage, it's also fairly tricky to hit the full combo. Now wait, it's damage isn't reliable, it has some tricky skillshots that any ADC that isn't Varus will dodge... You're ALSO telling me that all the abilities require me to be in the ADC's AA range whilst I'm performing said whacky combo? AND without any hard CC? You can't possibly justify that to me. I'll play some more games to get more opinion, but as someone who's been playing a lot of mid lane with a lot of champs... She punishes herself without getting the rewards for said punishments.
I Be Rad (NA)
: @Riot, You guys REALLY missed the ball with Taliyah.
First of all, all of you guys' responses are very valid and helpful. But my greatest issue in the games I've played with her, is that she requires SO MUCH skill just to do so little. Like, just for me to have even a bats chance in hell to 1v1 an even ADC, I have to have some Xerath-level (who is my main) skillshot ability, but do it right up in their faces in AA range. anyone else that's played Taliyah, you ever get that feeling in your gut when you jump off the wall into your cornered enemies and think "Oh shit, I'm probably gonna die here." She shouldn't feel like that. When I'm playing Xerath, or Cassiopeia, or Orianna, Twisted Fate, Syndra... I feel awesome when it's just me and the ADC. Lol. Bring that ass here boy. But as Taliyah... If I don't play 100% perfectly, then I don't even have a chance of killing the ADC... or whoever I've separated from the team. It feels awful, and I'm very surprised she even got through playtesting.
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Dedrius (NA)
: That would honestly be pretty broken. She can already shove in waves extremely fast and with her passive she roams very well, this would put her over the top in lane and teamfights.
its short range and can be blocked by minions. And the damage does less for each subsequent Q thrown. It's currently severely held back by the Worked Earth mechanic. You cannot tell me that Taliyah, who is a rather mediocre champion, needs this many restrictions whilst Yasuo, Zed, Ekko, and Azir have the kits that they do. Taliyah is the only champion who is ultimately punished for using abilities, and it feels terrible.
: > [{quoted}](name=I Be Rad,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=O80As0gM,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-06-12T18:03:33.111+0000) > > I just really wish the Worked Earth mechanic didn't exist. I feel like she wouldn't even be broken without it... feels like I'm punishing myself everytime I use Q. Because that would be toxic and unhealthy amounts of poke,with 45% CDR after your 5 rocks are thrown the Q is already up again Its a game health lever without it she wouldn't be broken/OP she'd just become frustrating as hell
But I feel that's still a healthy trade off for a non damage ult, a conditional damage and skillshot E, and a low damage, tricky skillshot like W. That's definitely a healthy tradeoff.
: Designers of Taliyah, ...
I just really wish the Worked Earth mechanic didn't exist. I feel like she wouldn't even be broken without it... feels like I'm punishing myself everytime I use Q.
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: Taliyah Should Be Able To Use Passive In Combat
I just don't get in her creation why Riot felt it necessary to add so many restrictions. Even without them, I don't think she'd be overpowered. "Let's make her ride a rock! Wait, no, let's just make it only near walls AND only out of combat." "Let's let her throw rocks! ...wait, but only throw one when she's standing where she threw five last time!" "Let's give her a rock trap! Lay it down, control enemy movement! ....wait, it only does damage if they dash or are pushed through it!" "A GIANT FREAKIN WALL! Wait... it has to be a delay, and have a two minute cooldown. It's way more effective than a Fizz or Zed ult." The kit always feels like you're punishing yourself.
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I Be Rad (NA)
: I'm really not gonna understand the people complaining about Hextech Crafting.
So what I'm seeing is that people are upset because Riot gives the option to buy chests and keys. Which I kind of find irrelevant. I'm seeing things like, "Riot baits you into buying more by giving you some for free." There is a LOT of entitlement in this playerbase. It's free stuff, and you aren't entitled to get anything from it. It's random. Opening chests is random. The things you roll for are random... and_** FREE**_.
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: Looking for people to Dynamic queue with (non-salt/toxic) high gold+
Hey man! Gold mid laner also trying to climb back to plat! Give me an add!
: Gold IV Adc main looking for support for duo or a serious team
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: Hello fellow Azirer! About Azir's build, here's what I usually build on him: {{item:3020}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3157}} * Replace {{item:3157}} with {{item:3001}} when you are against ap About not going OOM, you have to really think of Azir's q as a repositioning tool for soldiers, rather than a poke ability. In lane, the ideal poke combo would be W on top of your enemy laner and auto once. He'll run out of your soldier's range and this is when you Q to him and auto twice while he is slowed by your Q. The combo in short would be: W-Auto-Q-Auto-Auto-Thunderlord's decree procs Most of the time, you won't be in range to W right on top of your enemy if he is ranged, then simply W-Q-Auto-Auto would work too. This ensures 3 attacks and therefore will still proc thunderlord's decree. In an ideal trade, you want to make sure you always proc thunderlord's because it contributes a lot of damage. Another thing is that you cannot realistically spam Azir's Q, since it does cost a lot of mana and should only be used when you are sure that you can pull off the combo i mentioned above by landing the Q and two autos. Poking your opponent is essential, but you have to remember that every cs = 4 mana from {{item:1056}} and of course also some gold. There is also blue buff to consider, but it will only be given to you a few mins into the game and even at D2, some junglers do not give blue to mid for whatever reason, so you shouldn't depend on it every game. A straight-forward suggestion would be to get double {{item:1056}} , since the mana regen and the passive are not unique and therefore will stack to give you a lot of mana back. People say that getting {{item:3027}} would help, but I feel like it would delay Azir's late game god status even more and you will have no attack speed and no CDR early game without rushing {{item:3115}}, and what would be the point of having mana if your abilities don't have impact?
Thanks so much. That's very helpful. What I was doing before was rushing Morellos into Nashors for early 45% CDR. But I was noticing that with rushing Nashors into Rylais, my damage was so much better, but I can't W as often as I used to. I even tried tear builds...
I Be Rad (NA)
: Question about Azir and mana
Bump! Looking for help!
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: Still trying to get my keys for "free stuff", may break down and buy keys for "free stuff". Open 100+ boxes to get 1 rare gem when you need 10 and dumped a ton of money already for "free stuff". Punishing Solo players for "free stuff". Yea why can people possibly be complaining about hextech crafting.
Man, it isn't supposed to just drown you in mounds of RP worth of stuff. It's a little nudge, a gift, a rare privilege, where you might occasionally get the chance to get something nice.... For FREE. Riot didn't have to do this at all.
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Aír (NA)
: Can we create a warning box before someone bans a champ your team wants to play?
Jo0o (NA)
: Hey Riot, honestly, thanks for the hextech restrictions for non-reformed players. It's a great move.
There are some truly salty people who have clearly been punished for being toxic lol.
: https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-YNpC6RyX2WQ/Vt9K4_A_oII/AAAAAAAAMCs/cU8K3dI1LKg/s320/ordermelee.jpg https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-qBT8mAhZ80w/Vt9K5Xp8bGI/AAAAAAAAMC4/gUdtnKcTAhc/s320/orderseige.jpg https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-_R_jzrRhPQ4/Vt9K5GdL5lI/AAAAAAAAMCw/QkG_IiV8pu4/s320/orderranged.jpg https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-dCKXBLizwEo/Vt9K5rICmlI/AAAAAAAAMC8/8SfmIKAQa2k/s320/ordersuper.jpg Can confirm this. Even Draven becomes Draven https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-mMuIkxRyrPo/Vt9HjCW9yxI/AAAAAAAAMCE/GA2OOgPANAU/s640/draventurn.jpg # #LeagueofDraven #Draaaaaaaaaaavveennnnn
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: If Flash becomes a built-in summoner spell, like Recall
I just don't understand people that are saying it would break the game. When one champion is dominating the meta, everyone complains. When a summoner dominated the meta for every single season, everyone is ok with that???
: Honestly, I'd be more interested to see what would happen if flash was just removed completely. Think about it. With no escape, champions _designed and balanced around not having an escape_ would actually have to play like it. Safe mages wouldn't be able to shove under tower and get one free escape from the jungler, for one.
I am totally for this. It would NOT break mobile champs, because immobile champs would have to be buffed to compensate. I'm all for these changes if say, Brand can melt your face off before you can dash anyway. I really think it would go a long way to reinforcing champions fantasy's. Like, now I could go Barrier and Heal against Assassins, or Barrier and Exhaust.
I Be Rad (NA)
: @Riot possibly, Heimerdinger's turrets and DFT
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Axxlon (NA)
: Homeguard is a fun mechanic, but crowded out the decision space on boot enchantments pretty heavily.
This. So much this. Have my upvote. Just remove flash, buff immobile mages as necessary.
Dr Poro (EUW)
: Please nerf boots. They're OP because everyone buys them. Some things are bought/taken by everyone but it's okay because the game balance is based around it. If you suddenly just remove flash or boots, the meta would shift in unpredictable ways and certain champs/strategies could get insane winrates before they get gutted.
> [{quoted}](name=Dr Poro,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EMwOzcuu,comment-id=00210001,timestamp=2015-10-19T10:14:55.838+0000) > > Please nerf boots. They're OP because everyone buys them. Some things are bought/taken by everyone but it's okay because the game balance is based around it. If you suddenly just remove flash or boots, the meta would shift in unpredictable ways and certain champs/strategies could get insane winrates before they get gutted. You totally don't get it. There are multiple kinds of boots, and they're balanced in that different champs take different boots. Mages can take Lucidity or Sorc, and can even *justify* Swifties. There's diversity, balance, and multiple choices. That doesn't exist with summoners. Which is the entire point. When to buy boots also has strategic value. It's not a free "Oh sh*t" button like flash. Flash just had too much usefulness in one spell. Gap closer, escape, re-positioning, dodging skill shots... There should at least be something comparable. TP comes close. But what about the other summoners...? It would be healthy for players to strategically choose BOTH of their summoners, just as players can choose which boots to buy.
: <---used teleport back in season1 before it was popular. Flash needs a change. they dont like champions being 100% pick rate why allow summoner spell that is prolly taken 75% of the time?
: Everyone needs to win too. Is that bad design? *waits for Flash squad to upvote ridiculous question*
This is completely flawed logic. The two aren't really even comparable. My argument is that flash is so OP that -most- of the time, you're at a disadvantage by not using it. And yes, it's been balanced around for years, but I don't think ONE summoner spell should be balanced around. I think it would be an incredibly healthy paradigm shift of champions had some more room in their power budgets because flash didn't need to be compensated for.
: Teleport is Being Looked At Because it's Popular
I can't believe people are actually in here defending Flash. If everyone needs it, I think that's just bad design - period.
Marthian (NA)
: Make immobile champions have more power. That's literally the biggest reason it cannot be removed ever. If Flash was removed, immobile champions would, for the most part, become irrelevant thanks to mobility.
If Flash were removed, then some immobile champions could have the opportunity to have power shifted to different places.
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