: Why is Yasuo ulti always up?
Oh look, it's another "No one gave a shit until my winrate passed 53%" episode. Bugs broke him, not his kit.
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: League less lonely: launching Clubs
Is it possible to change the tag after you've made it? Or do you have to disband the entire group to get another crack at it?
kebslol (NA)
: This is totally sucking up. They need to do more, not less.
Its a game they provide free of charge, they don't owe you anything; You are complaining about getting free stuff, my god man.
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: I can play those champs in dynamic que, its just the pressure of ranked kills me.
Work on not seeing ranked as such a huge deal; I used to get the hibby jeebies when queuing up for ranked too, but as you realize that not every game is winnable you can start to developed a chiller outlook on ranked and it becomes easier
: Lmao, not a single comment on this post said he sucks, they are all advice or saying how much his team sucks
"Im sorry but you have to realize that you just belong there" and blaming your team is the absolute worst thing you could ever possibly do, so the majority of comments saying that isnt helping either
: I feel useless in game, what do I do?
Listen to me man, all these people telling you you're just bad in the comments aren't trying to help you. If you seriously want to improve, add me and ill spectate your games and jot down some pointers if you want. Just from looking at your match history I think you should focus on easy champions (I would NEVER touch nidalee because I know I wont be able to use her to her maximum potential at all, you should avoid nidalee, ahri, riven, thresh, etc) and learn the importance of itemizing, your yi game you didnt have a jungle item, which makes your clears terrible and sets you behind in gold and XP. TL;DR: Work on building the basic knowledge of what wins games (talk to me if you want to learn); learn how to itemize and farm; play easy champs, by no means am I an amazing player, but I can help you get out of bronze if you're willing.
: Which abilities feel the absolute worst to misuse?
I'm pretty surprised no one has called out {{champion:61}} 's ult, when you break the distance tether and ult the nothing around yourself it makes me want to commit honorable count dooku (seppuku).
Swerzz (NA)
: My problem with the whole "AP mids vs Assassins" issue is this.
Assassin's mid and late game team fights are a lot more risky than mage's; if an assassin isnt supposed to put pressure on mages during laning phase who are they supposed to beat in lane? Bruisers and tanks? They don't. Are they supposed to work in bot with a support? they dont. other assassins are always a skill match up; the whole game is rock paper scissors and its ridiculous when people get upset that they chose paper into scissors and lose. Could you imagine if assassins didn't exist and mages had an easy pass into their late game where they shit on the entire enemy teams health bars? Why should a class with massive amounts of utility and AOE damage beat champions specifically made to kill a single target? /rant/
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: Wait a few weeks and you should be able to get exactly what you are asking for. If you have any other concerns or questions about the way placements work your answers are probably contained somewhere in this thread: http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/E9nkYATc-psa-regarding-ranked-placement-and-seedings-for-all-who-are-confused Best of luck on the Rift mate!
Don't know who downvoted you or why, but this cleared some things up, ty
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D3v1115h (NA)
: The Climb to Diamond
You can HMU, (Those are capitol i's) Im plat 4 and ill be back on in about 9 hours, gonna sleep for now
: We want 42 back :c
Im gonna go ahead and upvote this....... HAHAHHAHAHHAHA
umpire (NA)
: Looking for G+ players that are willing to grow as a team
I Exodus I (Those are i's) and I main jg and mid
: 10$ RP Christmas Giveaway :D
Pikachu, Why, Bracelet
: Merry Fucking Christmas Riot
What is the point of this thread? You managed to prove them right with the title, let alone the first sentence, or the paragraph beneath it... The real "immature children" are the people who are unable to control their emotions while playing a game; I hope that you learn not to take yourself or others so seriously and come back to league, see you on the rift.
Fowus (NA)
: Hey is Amumu worth it?
I carried myself from bronze 3 to gold 3 with amumu, but that was back in the tank meta so..... I personally love him and he's pretty simple <3
: Is Yasuo supposed to be a Late Game Hyper Carry or Early Game Lane Bully?
He is neither, for anyone with experience in lane against him his early harass costs him more than what he gains, and unless your entire team clusters in tight groups, his ult is basically an ability he doesn't have, the anti-yasuo circle jerk threads always make me kek because its never been an issue to lane against a yasuo for me after the 8th time or so; that being said, the keystone mastery is absurd in general, and pushes him over the edge with the free life steal, without it he is balanced imo. Inb4 Hurr Durr I shouldnt have to change the way I lane to deal with a champ (seriously, dont stand in your minions and he doesn't get the free dashes) inb4 His windwall is stupid broken, why can I not just whip all my skillshots out at once, blow my ult without thinking, and be successful inb4 "Lol funny how yasuo mains defend their freelo" ; not a yasuo main
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Axxlon (NA)
: Everyone who plays LoL needs to read this.
Did you know: Teammates getting harassed are often already 0/7, so it doesnt matter if they start to preform worse Kappa Kind of......
: ADC and AP have Gravious wound
Give Gromp buff grievous wounds so tanks have something to do against ranged attackers while also gating it with the gromp respawn timer.
: Spell thief has +25/100/150% mana regen from +25/50/50% mana regen Sona uses this, Janna uses this, Lulu uses this. They put more mana regen into spell thief to compensate for missing mana pots for supports.
Did you just say Janna uses spell thief's edge?
Saviikse (NA)
: How Will Junglers Fair With The Health Potion Price Increase?
Meddler (NA)
: Some gameplay work in progress, general gameplay thoughts (10/20/2015)
At first I read the title "Sona gameplay work in progress..." and got really excited, because I thought she was finally being looked at after being beaten senseless with the nerf bat, and when I found out it wasn't about sona, I cried a little {{item:3070}} {{champion:37}} {{item:3070}}
Ralanr (NA)
: A message to the balance team: Bring an umbrella and an air freshener. You will need it.
inb4 no one gets that you are warning them of a shit storm lol
dakm102 (NA)
: C9 Spirit bomb Post
༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ C9 take my energy༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ
: Balls secures a Pentakill in unexpected win against Fnatic
༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ C9 take my energy༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ
darkdill (NA)
: Pick 4 League Ladies you would want in your harem
{{champion:1}} .................................... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
: cute asian girls looking for the d
40 year old neckbeard male detected
: Cloud9 downs IG to take lead in Group B
༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ C9 take my energy༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ
: > [{quoted}](name=Jelly Mac,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=4lkmw1lm,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2015-10-03T02:25:57.202+0000) > You're right. > > Death Lotus: Now charms all nearby enemies for 0.25 seconds upon cast. your* right ftfy
>Be Sythraell >Be in the seventh grade >Use the internet >Learn what a grammar nazi is >Decide to be one >Try >Attempt to correct grammar that is already is correct >Fail miserably >Give everyone many keks Gj m8
: What do YOU guys wish your mid laner did?
I wish my midlaners wouldnt play olaf....
: People are complaining about things Veigar could do for many years now.
I've always hated veigar because even if you aren't building AP his ult still one shots you through your {{item:3111}} (talking about early game of course )
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: Nidalee to Lee Sin to Amumu to Sejuani Seriously? They are already well used junglers, and are strong in their own rights. The only one I will give you is Fiddlesticks; that guy hardly exists in the season 5 jungle
I'll admit I've seen lee alot, just that he never wins the games im in, haven't seen a nidalee in at least a month though, and I haven't seen an amumu (outside of myself) or a sej since the fall of cinderhulk. While it doesn't work so well I've also seen a jungle {{champion:238}} and {{champion:91}} , and the bug champ I cant remember the name of so I cant find him in the picture things, im just saying, life without dev, is good <3
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Archon X (NA)
: the more the merrier, it's a support party in here :D quick PSA: if you get {{item:3158}} make sure you sell them once you have 40% cdr from other sources, otherwise they're useless.
I get the CDR boots because my AP janna builds are more focused around AP than CDR/ auras, so im usually lacking in that state by maybe 5%, but yeah, over buying CDR is a big nono lol
Archon X (NA)
: great question My standard Janna build: Start {{item:3301}} {{item:2003}} {{item:2004}} {{item:3340}} If backing with 800 gold, {{item:2049}} {{item:3341}} if backing with less than 800, {{item:3096}} next back get which one you missed, I personally like to finish {{item:3069}} before getting boots because Janna's W provides great ms and I like the cdr, mana regen, and the active on Talisman is fantastic for escapes and engages. I always build {{item:3117}} third I like going full utility Janna, so I like to get {{item:3504}} for the great AS buff, which synergizes great with her E, which at level 9 (so 5 levels in E) gives a base 50 AD for 6 seconds. OP. Next I get {{item:3050}}, honestly I'd get it before Ardent if the enemy team is really AD heavy just for the armor. Last item is for funsies, so I pretty much go {{item:3089}} In lane, the Q is used for interrupting enemies during trades or especially for disrupting a gank and disengaging. If you spam it you're going to run out of mana. It's more optimal to focus on casting E on either yourself or your adc (usually the adc) to ensure they win trades. Q just doesn't do enough damage to justify it as a poke, which is why I personally don't go for {{item:3303}} on Janna, unlike other AP supports, even if I will eventually sell it for a {{item:3069}}
Hey man, nice to see another Janna main representing supports on the forums :P, not discrediting anything about what you said, just thought I would throw in my usual build path on janna up here for peeps to take a look at. Skill Max Sequence: Against heavy engage champs ({{champion:89}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:111}} ) or a heavy gank jungler: R>E>Q>W. I do this because the E shield and bonus ad helps with harass negation and lets your adc play more aggressively/ farm easier ( I always max E, never met some one who doesnt). and max Q second for the cooldown reduction on it, to peel the engagers off your adc. Against mobile adc's/passive supports I might max W second (point and click cc for those pesky {{champion:429}} players) because im not as concerned as a I would be with peeling if they had an aggressive supp. I go 0/9/21 in scenarios in which I feel I wont be the focus of aggression (when I feel Ill be used more for disengage instead of peel) and sometimes I go 0/21/9 if my team is slippery to the point where the enemy focusing me is a real possibility. My start is always: {{item:3301}} {{item:2010}} X3 and {{item:3340}} My first back is always: {{item:2049}} {{item:3341}} {{item:2043}} and however many pots I can buy, if you don't have enough gold, buy either boots or a ruby crystal, always prioritize sight stone. and from here is where the build differentiates Submarine Tank Janna: {{item:3069}} {{item:2049}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3110}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3341}} and a filler item, usually left open for pink ward, I like this build because with my runes and masteries I'm usually close to max CDR, I have a ton of aura's for team fights, and I have enough survive-ability to stay in the fight and consistently disrupt the enemy without worrying about dying, if its super late game i usually pick up {{item:3060}} because aura's are strong and the active helps with map pressure (the most important thing late game) More of an AP Janna for those huge shields: {{item:3069}} {{item:1334}} {{item:3050}} {{item:3504}} {{item:3110}} and the filler/pink ward again, I usually only build more AP if its super snowballed in our favor and I can rely on my team to carry me even if I start dying sooner in team fights, prefer the submarine tank janna build more.
: Bronze Five to Silver Five. Advice please.
: Stop complaining that Rengar one shots adcs
The double infinity edge rengar made me kek
: > [{quoted}](name=Support Tactics,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=xpqzXa1j,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-09-28T17:04:50.323+0000) > > You forget Janna you forget kog trist kali Tristana and Kog'maw are only picked when Vayne and Jinx are already picked or banned. Kalista has a very low play rate compared to the other aforementioned ADC's Janna is literally the only support you can play outside of the tanks and even then you better have badass reaction time.
: Positive play icon unlocked
I don't have it, but I dont remember a chat restriction in the last year or so (reformation op) can a rioter look into this and tell me why?
: Riot please, add a RANGE INDICATOR for when Azir can attack with his soldiers.
Albion (OCE)
: Kassadin needs help.
Let us please, never bring kassawin back to full form...
: All of you saying Darius doesn't need a heal
Cancer in lane doesn't deserve to be cancer in team fights imo
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