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Darkrown (EUNE)
: Emerald Taliyah
Yo, if you're the same guy from the Reddit post, hit us up with that ArtStation link so the people can see just how talented you are.
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: LOL seems like someone just lost a ranked game to [insert topic of OP]
Jesus, I almost fell for a bait on my own shitpost. Gives me conniptions.
: stop appropriating my language {{champion:223}}
Bitch, call me tumblr cuz imma appropriate all of your memes and kill them slowly. And there's nothing you can do to stop me, Medium Jefferson.
: You made quite a few valid points. However, on the third line, when you said "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE", I was quite confused. It's pretty contradictory to what you said in line 7, "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE". Also, when you mentioned "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" in the 9th line, you lost me. Did you mean "EEEEEEEEEE"? Or perhaps "EEEE"?
I see, my apologies let me see if I can clarify some things. In the third line when you read "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" what I was actually trying to convey is "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" which should resolve the contradiction in line 7. In regards to the 9th line, that was actually a typo, what I meant was "EEEE," followed by "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE." I hope that clears things up.
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: world that's why i love when low elo complains about high elo balance
Jesus, can you stop being obnoxious for twenty seconds? 7.17 isn't even a world's patch, that's 7.18.
: since u read it, can i get a tl; dr version of what voli does in lore?
Basically, Volibear is Ornn's brother and fought with him over a piece of armor. The result caused a volcano to erupt and kill the Hearthbloods, who were Ornn's followers. Suffice to say Ornn got pissed.
: I want them to keep a version of his W and his R. Other than that idc what they do because I know it will be epic. Also hoping for a Voli Bio + Color story update when Orrn gets his.
I also hope he keeps some element of those abilities too, but I'd like his R to be a bit...not terrible. I truly think it may actually be the worst ultimate in the game.
: YoRick and Mortykaiser?
I turned myself into a Poro-Snak Mortykaiser!!! I'M PORO-SNAK YO-RICKKKKKKKKK!!!
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: This is why it would never work. Oh, you want to play Shaco top? Nope, fuck you, kicked. Want to try Jhin mid? Nope, fuck you, kicked. And on and on.
Yeah pretty sure this is why Team Builder was eventually removed.
: Official Pentakill Music Video
Some say MM is still jizzing himself. Highlight of the vid was Yorick punching the hat to make it his size. Also Jesus Mordekaiser is a giant, with abs for days.
: Just because I am in bronze does not mean I cannot give good advice.
In before the mods reassign this post to M&G in order to maintain the thinly-veiled illusion that there is any real difference between the two.
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: Your top 3 '' wtf why did rito make him ? '' champions ?
{{champion:105}} - Troll pole is the most toxic, insufferable ability in the game, and playing against him feels like a level check. Is he 6? If no: you're fine. If Yes: if he has ulti, you're dead. {{champion:80}}- Because not being able to leave tower range is fun as fuck. And being dove anyway because he can oppress you into tower and then kill you under it consequence-free is even more fun. {{champion:23}} -Because losing a trade cuz of RNG at level 2 is fun as fuck. And babysitting him so he can't splitpush you to death is even more fun, and him doing it anyway is the most fun of all.
: I was more going for the teleport behind the enemy and they are instantly dead with no time to react.
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: What's the story of your Summoner Name?
I thought it sounded funny and it was an homage to that patch with the Buff-Krugs-Level 3 gank at 2:30 that put bot lanes on suicide watch. I didn't account for the fact that now if I play badly I get bombarded with the oh so hilarious "More like I Feed (Champion that I fed)" or "You feed way more than Krugs."
Sharjo (EUW)
: Pentakill is Back
I would be really happy if they gave Sona a "voice" for Tear of the Goddess. That would be fucking awesome.
: Oh, neat, female vocals!
Whoever this singer is has an amazing voice.
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: Why would riot care what champs go into pro play. That makes no sense. Do they get something is X champion is played in pro play? I dont see how or Why.
Diversity which keeps viewers interested. If the same 20 champions are juggled around, it gets boring and viewers become uninterested which hurts Riot as a business.
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: I thought he was more bisexual. His ult basically lets him come in any champion he wants.
I think that makes him a little more than bisexual...{{champion:161}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:136}} get the idea.
: If you hover Kayn in ranked today, I am going to ban him.
Riot doesn't ban new champions from ranked because they use ranked data to determine how the champion is performing, particularly in high MMR games. Normals don't provide that due to the non-competitive nature of them. Riot wants to observe, as quickly as possible, how the champion is performing in his/her/its intended role, and possibly in off-roles in games that are--for the most part--taken seriously.
: {{champion:7}} Everyone of you, as dead as the last. Is he referring to Noxian command, the Black Rose, or possible multiple LeBlancs?
I believe that in lore, LeBlanc is a title passed down to the leaders of the Black Rose. So our in-game LeBlanc is simply the current titleholder, and LeBlanc probably isn't her real name.
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: The dog sold the joke even harder.
Lyseth (NA)
: Link to reveal?
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Sharjo (EUW)
: Champion Reveal: Urgot the Dreadnaught
This is amazing, I LOVE LEAGUE OF LEGENDS.
: Victorian Horror Talon
That skin is Bloodborne as fuck, therefore I fully support it. As long as you don't put a cage on his head.
: Do any other Jungle Mains just HATE doing Krugs?
Rexxiee (NA)
: New champ is going to be camille all over again.
Ok, but Camille is fundamentally flawed champion with way too much in her kit to ever be balanced. Kayn has to choose between being an assassin or a bruiser. As an assassin he has no hard CC and no % health damage, and sustain on his E only. As a bruiser he has limited CC, % health damage, and sustain in exchange for damage. I really don't think it's going to be that bad.
: [NEW CHAMPION] Kayn & mentioning the Darkin Rhaast
A champion with an actual scythe that they use as a weapon, just as I thought I was finally done with this game....I'm trapped in League forever aren't I?
: Hottest champion in League
I thought I saw through the bamboozle, but then you pulled the legendary double bamboozle. Well done, have an upvote.
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: For some reason, EVERY SINGLE BRAUM PLAYER I meet is toxic. Doesn't matter what team. I find that so weird.
Toxic Braum players should be banned from playing Braum
: > [{quoted}](name=Subject 5,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=xiiTF9cJ,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2017-06-16T05:21:35.793+0000)Where can I find some information about Nagakabouros? That's sounds interesting :o [Here you go!]( The big takeaway is this bit: _Aol Sol is, at best, a demi-god-- he serves only one reality and exists on only one realm. He mocks humans because they are as small to him as mites to us. BUT comparing him to Nagakabouros is like comparing a dung beetle to the theory of relativity. _ In short, Aurelion Sol gets his giant cosmic space-dragon butt handed to him by a tentacle god that transcends reality as we know it.
What I love most in that thread was that he was subtly referring to Rakani think, as being someone who would pass, and thinking about it, he would probably.
Luminier (NA)
: Bloodborne is the fucking shit and I was really sad they didn't announce Bloodborne 2 or a spiritual successor to it.
I was disappointed too, but I trust Miyazaki to make great games so I'm willing to wait. Plus I still have to beat the Chalices and play through DS3, so I got plenty on my plate to keep me satisfied until then.
: Yes, it's a Bloodborne reference. It's my favourite game. (And Gascoigne is such a cool boss)
Man, it's so cool to find fellow hunters here. And I agree Gascoigne is awesome, though I'd say Ludwig is my favorite.
: Janna X RubicK needs to be called out? I don't understand boards politics
Anyone who spreads misinformation and acts discourteously needs to be called out. It just so happened that this time it was Rubick.
Meddler (NA)
: Janna X RubicK: "I make things up and then present them as quotes" Let's start with a look at the post you're referring to: Relevant section: > [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=haWf2QnU,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-06-13T15:56:37.452+0000) > > ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- > > **Support Starting Items** > > We've been looking at the starting support items now that they've been out for a while. Conclusion is that the Coin line is underperforming, so we'll be doing some more work on it. That will likely involve improvements both to the tier1 and tier 2 versions as well as the tier 3 upgrades (probably both Talisman and Eye of the Oasis). > > Possible the Frost Queen's is also too strong, what we'll likely do is buff coin first though then reassess whether that's actually the case or not. > > ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Key things in there just to spell it out even more explicitly: * We've identified Coin is weak and will be buffing it, probably at all three upgrade tiers. * Frost Queen's might also be too strong. We'll look at that again after buffing Coin. Coin being weak doesn't mean Frost Queen's can't also be overpowered. Calling this thread out in particular because I think it's sad to see this sort of attitude on Boards, especially in a somewhat upvoted thread. The feeling any words you write will be deliberately misinterpreted, or warped, is something I've heard a number of Rioters call out over the years as one of the reasons they don't want to post anymore.
The next skin I buy is in honor of you. That savagery brought a tear to my eye it was so beautiful.
: This is gold. It's kinda like when he said "Riot won't change Yasuo because low elo people are too bad learning to fight against him" and then next patch they officially confirmed looking into his kit due to the significant rise in banrate. It's nice to see him getting called out on his stuff.
I agree with you, and I love your name and the game it's referencing. Unless it's not a Bloodborne reference, in which case I still love it, but was bamboozled.
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