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: For some reason, EVERY SINGLE BRAUM PLAYER I meet is toxic. Doesn't matter what team. I find that so weird.
Toxic Braum players should be banned from playing Braum
: > [{quoted}](name=Subject 5,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=xiiTF9cJ,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2017-06-16T05:21:35.793+0000)Where can I find some information about Nagakabouros? That's sounds interesting :o [Here you go!]( The big takeaway is this bit: _Aol Sol is, at best, a demi-god-- he serves only one reality and exists on only one realm. He mocks humans because they are as small to him as mites to us. BUT comparing him to Nagakabouros is like comparing a dung beetle to the theory of relativity. _ In short, Aurelion Sol gets his giant cosmic space-dragon butt handed to him by a tentacle god that transcends reality as we know it.
What I love most in that thread was that he was subtly referring to Rakani think, as being someone who would pass, and thinking about it, he would probably.
Luminier (NA)
: Bloodborne is the fucking shit and I was really sad they didn't announce Bloodborne 2 or a spiritual successor to it.
I was disappointed too, but I trust Miyazaki to make great games so I'm willing to wait. Plus I still have to beat the Chalices and play through DS3, so I got plenty on my plate to keep me satisfied until then.
: Yes, it's a Bloodborne reference. It's my favourite game. (And Gascoigne is such a cool boss)
Man, it's so cool to find fellow hunters here. And I agree Gascoigne is awesome, though I'd say Ludwig is my favorite.
: Janna X RubicK needs to be called out? I don't understand boards politics
Anyone who spreads misinformation and acts discourteously needs to be called out. It just so happened that this time it was Rubick.
Meddler (NA)
: Janna X RubicK: "I make things up and then present them as quotes" Let's start with a look at the post you're referring to: Relevant section: > [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=haWf2QnU,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-06-13T15:56:37.452+0000) > > ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- > > **Support Starting Items** > > We've been looking at the starting support items now that they've been out for a while. Conclusion is that the Coin line is underperforming, so we'll be doing some more work on it. That will likely involve improvements both to the tier1 and tier 2 versions as well as the tier 3 upgrades (probably both Talisman and Eye of the Oasis). > > Possible the Frost Queen's is also too strong, what we'll likely do is buff coin first though then reassess whether that's actually the case or not. > > ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Key things in there just to spell it out even more explicitly: * We've identified Coin is weak and will be buffing it, probably at all three upgrade tiers. * Frost Queen's might also be too strong. We'll look at that again after buffing Coin. Coin being weak doesn't mean Frost Queen's can't also be overpowered. Calling this thread out in particular because I think it's sad to see this sort of attitude on Boards, especially in a somewhat upvoted thread. The feeling any words you write will be deliberately misinterpreted, or warped, is something I've heard a number of Rioters call out over the years as one of the reasons they don't want to post anymore.
The next skin I buy is in honor of you. That savagery brought a tear to my eye it was so beautiful.
: This is gold. It's kinda like when he said "Riot won't change Yasuo because low elo people are too bad learning to fight against him" and then next patch they officially confirmed looking into his kit due to the significant rise in banrate. It's nice to see him getting called out on his stuff.
I agree with you, and I love your name and the game it's referencing. Unless it's not a Bloodborne reference, in which case I still love it, but was bamboozled.
: Horde vs Alliance, Jedi vs Sith, Lissandra vs Ashe. Calling it now, Yasuo wins
Oh my dear, dear Mira, you misunderstand gravely. Yasuo may have edgy teenagers, but Riven has a weapon that the Alliance and the Jedi never could touch. She has the power of THICC.
: Two reasons you should pick Order and not Chaos
As David Draiman, lead singer of Disturbed once said "get down with the THICCness"
: First off, who the fuck is saying GP mid is better than Top GP? Don't even dare to tell me Tobias. I also disagree that this is the best playsyle against Fiora for GP. Place a keg on your own Melee creeps, hug that keg, farm and poke the Fiora If she Q's to you you auto your Keg, shank her with your passive, run away and Q her for the Thunderlords proc. Post level 6, make sure to have 2 safety kegs that aren't connected, because she will parry one most likely. As for the Fiora, the guy propably just shoved the lane in all game, didn't even attempt to set up a freeze or anything. Just a bad player who doesn't know how toplane works lol It's always a great feeling to see that ''a player has been punished'' pop up.
Is there some issue that the Gangplank main community has with Tobias? Not trying to insinuate anything, but that comment in particular piqued my interest.
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: We need a Gentleman Twitch in case you want to play a clean version.
Wait hear me out. Gentleman Twitch (1820RP): his VO changes to reflect his newfound obsession with cleanliness. Now fires soap with his crossbow. His Passive is a cleaning substance that burns skin. His W is a vial of it. Riot pls.
: That cant be. Theres not enough eyes.
Grant us eyes, grant us eyes.
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: True, but Sombra does what she wans
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: Finally set up a Stream! Watch me try climbing to Masters with Mordekaiser ADC!
Well, this is an interesting turn of events. I will definitely tune in if I can catch it.
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: Chilling in the forums is pretty fun tbh. ###### Can't say the same to the game sometimes.
I haven't played a game in two weeks yet I still come here daily. Sometimes this is genuinely more fun than the game itself
: Learn the alphabet, League of Legends style!
Wait half of this shit isn't even in the game anymore... Man I miss Purple Smite...made shitty junglers like me seem not as shitty.
: New Classes/Subclasses List
Sooo...Rengar isn't an assassin anymore, after the changes he received as part of the Assassin class update. The fuck?
: who said i'm going to change anything? i have done this thread to reply to those who create endless yasuo threads and i tell them you suck, and if you wish to stay trash at the game instead of evolving it's your wish i'm here to send the message of the truth, and did my job
> who said i'm going to change anything? You did, when you said this: "but from now we're going to do one thing and you will all stop posting one yasuo thread per minute because this is starting to make board as boring as vampire diaries" How can that be interpreted in any way other than you thinking that what you said is going to change something?
: I'm going to destroy the ENTIRE board with a single thread
"but from now we're going to do one thing and you will all stop posting one yasuo thread per minute because this is starting to make board as boring as vampire diaries" No, we're not, because no one gives a fuck about your opinion, and people are going to continue to post what they want to post, regardless of one condescending douchelord's tirade against them. You're not gonna change anything. No one's forcing you to read the Yasuo posts, you chose to get angry at their "ignorance" of your own volition. I could post the most logical counterargument to your point ever conceived and I doubt it would change your mind, but please don't be so arrogant as to actually assume you're 15 minutes of bitching and belittling is going to change how people feel.
: Manners cost nothing. There are two types of upset. There is getting upset at a rude post and raging incoherently in return, and there is being upset at a post and trying to convince the creator of the error in their ways to try and fill the world with more thoughtful people. I prefer to be the second type of person when confronted with something rude or thoughtless.
You know, you're absolutely right, and I appreciate that perspective. Have a good one, chap.
: So I am just going to point out the one big flaw I have with your whole argument, and it is your point in response to this: "stfu, i don't ban yasuo because he's broken, but because he's unfun to play again" >just fuck off, this entire sentence does not make any sense >at least 80% of this champion roster is unfun to play against, no one is going to help you to destroy the nexus except your entire team and yourself you don't ban yasuo because he's unfun, you ban yasuo because you just don't know how to deal with him and then instead of trying to find out a way you ban him and call him unfun because you refuse to learn the game See, I DO enjoy playing against most champions. Just because you have an idea of what is fun doesn't mean that is how everyone else perceives fun. I enjoy getting to interact and play around another person, regardless of who wins or who has the advantage. I challenge your statement of "80% of the roster is unfun to play against" with this statement. "For me every champion is fun to play against." I negate your point and your entire argument because you didn't stop to think that others might have other ideas of fun than you. Now I ban Lee Sin a lot. Not because I don't enjoy fighting Lee Sin, but because I find that I have MORE fun when the jg diversity gets shaken up a bit, when I get time to interact with my laner without having to constantly worry that Lee will jump out and 100-0 me. I enjoy playing against Lee just like how I enjoy playing against other champions. I DON'T enjoy the frequency in which Lee stops me from getting to play against other champions due to his powerful ganking presence. I enjoy 1v1's against my laner and the jungler. I also enjoy when multiple people get into fights and they break out. I don't enjoy how Lee forces me to play as though I am in a 1v2 because I feel like it removes my agency as a player. --------------------------------------------------------------------- So yes, I can and will ban whomever I choose. Not because I hate them, or can't play against them, but because I am a real person capable of thought and I ban based around my preferences, not yours or anyone else's. How about you get off your high horse and realize that what I and others choose to ban doesn't make us bad at the game. We ban who we want to for our reasons, and since YOU DON'T KNOW what those reasons are, you are in no position to judge us. I will ban Yasuo, or Lee, or Aatrox if I feel it will make the game more fun for the people in it. Sometimes that means banning OP champs. Sometimes that means banning champs my teammates aren't comfortable fighting. Other times I ban champs because they are bad matchups for my allies, or because they counter our comp. I get your reaction to the mentioned thread, however if someone doesn't enjoy playing vs a champ then they should ban them. They have their ban and you will have yours. Treating people like children because of a decision they made, when you know nothing about why they choose to make that decision, just makes you seem like a child. Sorry if I came off as rude, but saying people who ban Yasuo automatically suck isn't any better than the people you revile. Stop being a hypocrite and take a moment to think about why people might actually ban him. I can think of 3 very good reasons off the top of my head, one of which is the reason I used to ban him. If you can show enough reasoning to guess one of them then I might lend what you say a bit more credit instead of dismissing the rest of your post as easily as you dismissed over 400 people.
> Sorry if I came off as rude, but saying people who ban Yasuo automatically suck isn't any better than the people you revile. I mean, his entire post was overtly condescending and belittling, so I don't think you have to be that sorry.
: i'm not a hypocrite you tell me that i'm wrong and you INDEED find yasuo unfun and you ban him because of that yet do you know the amount of thread that are upvoted to oblivion just by listing yasuo+why he has this+he's so broken? statistically you may find yasuo unfun, but if so much threads upvoted are made it means that the most of board indeed finds him broken and this thread is dedicated to them
You know just as easily as you say that Yasuo isn't broken and that anyone who bans him sucks, Apdo, who is widely considered to be an equal of Faker says that he is "straight up broken". Maybe he's wrong and your right, but maybe it's the other way around, so maybe before talking down to hundreds of people, consider that you don't know what the fuck you're talking about anymore than anyone else does? Anyway, like Gems said, you don't control what I find fun and not, and I can say with absolute certainty that my enjoyment of the game decreases significantly when Yasuo is in the game in a way that no other champion in this game can replicate. As an aside, you didn't "destroy the boards" you probably just made people think, "wow this guy's an asshole" or say "hmm" to themselves.
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abdul569 (EUW)
: I blame the mexicans for that
: Yeah, I haven't seen you for a while weather update -10 bans -gifs don't work -I can't play league till I finish my folklore project and those are the main focuses of the boards for the last 8 hours
> -gifs don't work
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: Darkbeast {{champion:31}}
: - Aurelion Seath/Scaleless {{champion:136}} - Pontiff {{champion:35}}vahn - Knight {{champion:38}}torias - Devourer of Gods {{champion:96}} - Great Grey Wolf {{champion:19}} - Gravelord {{champion:30}}/{{champion:83}} - Dark Sun {{champion:110}} - {{champion:106}} of the Boreal Valley - {{champion:55}} of the Boreal Valley - Slave Knight {{champion:266}} - Father of the Abyss {{champion:62}} Some feel a little repetitive with the Champion's thematic or skins they already have, but I would like to see some Soulsborne-esque content in this game.
Dragonslayer {{champion:5}}....oh wait.... Executioner {{champion:6}}...that's better Also Xin's champion 5 and Urgot's champion 6...this was meant to be
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abdul569 (EUW)
: It's confirmed. We finally unveil Swain's mysterious past!
So...Phreak is in charge of naming missions I guess?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 16
Meddler, in regards to Ahri Q, have you thought about hitting the movespeed it gives at all? Possibly making it only apply if it hits a champion or something along those lines?
: she is BAE{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
Hey, she's taken, don't break the Bro Code.
Neamean (NA)
: Damn this joke is RAW.
But wait...attack moving would cancel his ulti and the voidlings wouldn't make up for tha--oh I get it...
: > [{quoted}](name=Melledoneus,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=E8lWHiLn,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-05-11T21:15:45.664+0000) > > We used to be able to counterbuild. Now we don't even have that anymore. Ya seems awfully biased? I won't mind if you go bashing Fiora for having a passive&ulti that deals % max hp true damage that scales of AD. But the life of a actual marks man/woman is not easy ya know? Bullied by supports, reliant on supports, needing more gold than any other class and also targeted more than any other. Also the most useless when behind. And at the moment if a single marksman get's OP (recent and current ones {{champion:202}} &{{champion:236}} ) people will immediately flame the hell outa marksmen mains and tell us we suck for we play an OP class ._. Completely ignoring any and all difficulties of the botlane, you tanks and bruisers seem to think it's a literal paradise down there? ADC buffs? Are you even aware? Sometime ago Riot raised the bonus pen on last whisper by 15% a literally massive buff. Which means the words of adc's being helped contained a truth....but overlooking the reasons for it. Because any and all armor users were dumpstering marksmen, a diver with 1 damage item and 1 tank item could 1v2 most AD users at the time. A tank with 2-3 armor items could stand still and watch and a marksman die from thornmail. Then last whisper made it better but it was far from easy, however snowballing AD champs in general, especially Assassins became OP with it. So to help marksmen who still were failing more often than not that insane botrk buff came through. And last whisper was nerfed. What did you tanks register? "OMG MARKSMEN OP, HEALING FOR TONS AND KILLING US IN 1 SEC, RIOT NERF DAT SHIT" ' That´s about the summary of the tanks complaining about marksmen, our items cost on average 600-700 gold more, we need serveral together to get much effectiveness out of them and a single mistake can cost us our lane or a teamfight. That is a marksmen. oh and we lost out most 1v1's against supports too. Get your shit together. You state that Marksmen were improved like it was Riot acting like a bunch of sugar daddies for the role? Deliberately ignoring the fact that all those buffs were meant to just push Marksmen into being frigging viable after having been trash? I won't accept any claim that the "ADC in 2k17" meme didn't exist ._. It was hella real and it was frigging miserable. To the point where people played mages bot because they did the marksmen's job better then the marksmen themselves....and you claim that there has been a show of favoritism? Bullshit, utter and pure bullshit. I am open for discussion but please do choose your words, sugarcoating things and making the botlane look like a paradise will do nothing but provoke the hell outa myself and others who stuck down botlane ever since the mage update and until now.
: ***
Important Disclaimer: I know nothing and all of this is just one idiot's opinion, proceed with caution. ^The first thing I said.
: Moses never had cancer.
Well...we don't know that for a fact.
Crewx (NA)
: I like the class updates, I'll be honest. But I believe it has to do with the fact that I don't necessarily expect them to succeed on the first iteration. I like them because it's an avenue for Riot to get creative and update and iterate, and more importantly, **EXPERIMENT**. It lets them try new things with the champions and try to make outdated ones more unique and true to their fantasy. I LOVE seeing what these people can imagine up and put in the game. It doesn't always work, and they likely require more iteration to become truly successful. For example, Riot learned that removing the attack speed cap from Kog'Maw probably wasn't the best way to go about making him more unique. There will always be people who say, "Just leave it the way it is and never change it," and there's no getting around those people. But the mentality of 'if it isn't broken, don't fix it' breeds staleness. I myself write a lot of character concepts for different games in my spare time, and I always have the itch to go back and rewrite some stuff, so I can't imagine how bad that itch must be when they're playable characters in an actual game. It's partially for game health, partially for polish, and partially, and perhaps most importantly, a learning experience for both Riot and for the players, and that's why I like the class updates.
I definitely understand the dangers of falling into the "if it isn't broken" mentality, but I think there's a better way to go about it. Why not add change incrementally instead of a great many changes all at once? I failed to illustrate a lot of my points in my original post clearly, but part of my issue with these updates is how jarring they are. If I were to represent it graphically, I would say it's like a plateau that suddenly shoots off steeply in a different direction, and in my opinion it should be more like a linear trend. Or maybe a staircase, if that makes any sense.
Arduno (NA)
: Vel got reworked? What was changed??? wut???
In the Mage Update his passive was changed to deal 50% of his AP as True Damage once stacked and mark a target so that his Ulti would deal 100% True Damage.
: {{champion:19}} ?
Warwick was a full VGU. In my opinion, full VGU's are the best work that Riot does by a landslide. Class updates and full VGU's are two separate things however.
: I agree with you but you misinterpreted the Zac quote. They said he's in the best spot [comparatively]. If someone is dying of AIDS and then there's someone without a leg, from the two, the one missing leg is in the best spot, but not a good one. Being in the best spot compared to few champs isn't explicitly good spot. They also were talking specifically unique skillset and rewarding mastery curve.
Ah, so I did. I will edit that in the near future. Good looking out friendo.
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Penns (EUW)
: What exactly do people expect from assassins?
Only thing I expect from them is to not build tank and somehow be more annoying
: Annnnnd the boards are back to complaining about lee
I'm pretty sure Yasuo should replace Teemo at this point.
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