: Talk Nerdy To Me. (Favorite books? Looking for recommendations)
Stay away from anything by Sarah J Maas. She's terrible.
: ***
uh.. re-read this.. cuz you missed the point, heavily. MY HONOR went UP to LEVEL 1 FROM honor level 0 AFTER I RAGE QUIT a game.
Lamim (NA)
: I'm checkpoint 2 of 3 before honor lvl2, possible to get lvl 2 before season end?
I mean.. play a TON of games between now and the end of the season, and be SUPER nice to everyone. best case scenario is you get it, but it is unlikely.
: End of Ranked
im curious to the answer as well
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: Free skin for helping me pick my off-season champion! (details in post)
Katarina has insane outplay potential, and no one ever plays her. shes also never banned. Theres a really good subreddit for her OTPs too. so you'd always have a good source of information.
: Free skin for solving this puzzle. (#2)
{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} FUCK THIS.
Lil Venz (EUW)
: Unplayable at times
0 issues with this. frames usually sit around 180 uncapped. But I keep them capped at 120 to avoid jitters. Similar set up, just a slightly better graphics card. Would recommend running the repair tool, or just completely reinstalling. Also check what other programs you have running in the task manager because something is eating your resources up.
: I broke up with my girl today but it wasn't all bad...
Everything you post is cringeworthy and annoying. literally every time I see your name, I expect a terrible, unfunny joke begging for attention.
: Riot can we please get more emotes on the wheel? Here I even designed it for you.
Maybe the button in the middle should just be a vertical line. Dunno if I like the southwest to northeast vibe. Would prefer just a left or a right. Maybe even just leave the middle button as one emote. instead of splitting it into 2. Still a great idea though, take my upvote.
: i would submit a support ticket to address it.
yeah I was hoping to avoid the 24 hour minimum wait.. I don't want to play until this is settled tho
Xidphel (NA)
: Does your time zone match up with Riot's?
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Seen (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=I Jungle to much,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=xYb5zNMw,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-12-13T08:39:12.052+0000) > > 1. Smurfing has nothing to do with this. > > 2. its not smurfing when my main is silver 5. (Which I said in the OP "My main is low silver") > > 3. Im not sure whats relevant about the screencap of my board history? Because even a bronze player can dominate a new player. So it's fine for you to ruin the games of other players by leveling multiple alts, but someone can't do the same because they're higher elo? Hypocrisy at its finest.
Riot fully supports having multiple accounts. If I want to make an account where I only jungle, then I'm fully within my rights to do so. A diamond player in a silver elo game is a bug in the matchmaking system, not a matter of smurfing. I can tell you're not worth trying to reason with, you're quick to argue for no apparent reason. Won't give you the attention you're begging for:P
Seen (NA)
: stop smurfing. https://imgur.com/3oid933
1. Smurfing has nothing to do with this. 2. its not smurfing when my main is silver 5. (Which I said in the OP "My main is low silver") 3. Im not sure whats relevant about the screencap of my board history?
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: Perfection. (First idea for PolyCount writing contest. FEEDBACK please:D
This is actually really good. I think you need to work on some of the timing though! It seems like we're hopping between past tense and present tense. I may just be reading it wrong though. If no one else mentions the tense thing, then just ignore my comment ^.^ Do you play Viktor?
Minaxie (EUW)
: Chat restrictions? GOOD ONE! I got 14 days ban insta and lose my rewards over word kys! Very good system when other people flame me nonstop no penalty, i say 1 word 14days ban, no warnings no chat restricts, sure legit system.
Yes. You told someone to end their life over a video game. That is extremely toxic, and extremely childish. Grow up and learn your lesson.
Áery (NA)
: It's been happening for nearly a year, Riot doesn't care much about ARAM.
I havent noticed it on my main account. Only when Im leveling up alternates.
: > [{quoted}](name=Shroom Merchant,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=RAlRRhL7,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2017-09-20T20:47:56.356+0000) > > you said your done with lol so riot helped u out Actually I meant I was done with league for a few days. I didn't actually mean to be done forever.
You can make a new account without any repurcussions aside from losing this one. With how many punishments you've had, this was probably just the final straw. Urgot was an ass probably, but it isnt your place to call him on it. When you make a new account play aram, its actually alot of fun playing against all the bots. (Just went 39-2-27 as poppy because there were 4 bots on the enemy team)
: I got permabanned for no reason.
Once you get banned for 14 days, you're on thin ice. If you say ANYTHING negative, you will get banned. Your warnings were chat restrictions 10 games, 25 games, a 14 day suspension, and you still chose to be toxic which means you're incapable of reforming, so your account is permabanned. Post the chat logs.
Raberuji (NA)
: Neat way to dodge an ARAM
: rank
You have to excel at whatever role you play the champion in. Lee sin jungle, you'll have to do better than MOST of the other players using Lee Sin in jungle... However, if you take LEE SIN support, you only have to beat the players using Lee Sin as Support, which is far less. Another few rules I've come to learn *none of these are actual rules, but they feel like they work more often then not.* If you're a jungler, end the game with at least 100 farm *usually I get ahead early game, then use the last few minutes of the game to farm empty lanes* Have a good KDA. Buy/use a ton of wards (buy the pink wards, and use your trinket wards as often as possible) If you can heal/shield, do that as much as possible, even in times where it seems pointless (shielding jungler from camps or adcs from minion waves) Using these I've been able to get mastery 7 on J4 Lee Sin Kha Zix Blitzcrank Lux Amumu Diana Ekko, and Kayn. Good Luck.
Zaryelle (NA)
: They're worse than new players they don't even use skills sometimes they'll just dive. The later at night I play the more bots I see.
I had a gangplank that did nothing but hit R and place barrels. He would never eat an orange, he would never shoot the barrels. I think I saw one or 2 q's. Enemy had a jhin that would ult, then cancel it without shooting.
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FireDrizzle (EUNE)
: Tell me I need to carry harder

I Jungle to much

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