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: You might as well explain what makes her overpowered, since right now any adc or bruiser melts tanks with conquerer, ie, last whisper, and all the other penetration that exists. Her w only does 14% of your max hp every proc. So with rageblade and 2 attack speed then every second she does just below 15% of your max hp, about a 7th to 8th of your hp. She's perfectly balanced. Just stun her, buy a thornmail, one shot her first, catch her off gaurd, wait out the ult/bait out the ult, use a sweeper, or just don't let her farm in general. Most games vayne doesn't end up doing much when i see her.
"ONLY 14% OF YOUR MAX HP EVERY PROC" Yes the thing is ive played the game long enough to understand how to beat her, but it was never this hard.
: Go lethal tempo rageblade gargoyle/tank vayne and tell me there is still a god.
just seeing her now makes me believe he died a long time ago
: I mean it is Rageblade. And it isn't Rageblades overall concept it is in particular the idea of Phantom Hits. Phantom Hits has been in league since Sated Devourer and not once has it felt healthy or well balanced. Riot needs to give up on the dumb mechanic so on-hit builds can be balanced without that awful mechanic breaking on-hit effects and items.
I started playing around season 2 and still have nightmares about feral flare.
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NiamhNyx (NA)
: Funny enough, this system changes nothing for me, cause I play one role only. Support :P So I'll probably never understand how screwed the system is.
LOL i mean im glad i off role jungle otherwise i would probably kms myself. Good to see you doing God's work and shielding people when they need it <3
NiamhNyx (NA)
: If you dont have the mid placments finished, it wont get and splash is what i understand from the system.
mid placements were done as well. literally just a r%%%%%ed system lmfao.
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: ༼ つ ◕\_◕ ༽つ C9 TAKE MY ENERGY ༼ つ ◕\_◕ ༽つ
༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ C9 TAKE MY ENERGY ༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ
: Why does this feel like a bad clickbait add
> [{quoted}](name=Cherrycheetos,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=ueEYJEgU,comment-id=0013,timestamp=2018-10-17T10:48:38.509+0000) > > Why does this feel like a bad clickbait add NIGHTBLUE3 1000 AP NUNU ONE SHOT THIS ZED RAGED OUT MY MOM CUT MY DICK OFF AFTER THIS GAME
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: I don't think the cog is supposed to be visible yet. > This feature is being rolled out slowly region by region to ensure there's no impact on backend services. Unfortunately due to a bug and some last minute changes in messaging, it shows the cog momentarily when the feature is disabled. But that was for EUW/EUNE servers, I don't know if it's already enabled on NA.
> [{quoted}](name=DerMangoJoghurt,realm=EUW,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=X9kEWVEx,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-05-08T17:03:25.485+0000) > > I don&#x27;t think the cog is supposed to be visible yet. > > But that was for EUW/EUNE servers, I don&#x27;t know if it&#x27;s already enabled on NA. ah i see thanks alot fam!
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Tf 420 (NA)
: you will get banned tomorrow
> [{quoted}](name=Tf 420,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=o1pdiKKL,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-04-14T17:38:40.677+0000) > > you will get banned tomorrow DDDDD:
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: My suggestion is to go here: upvote and bump the post so it gets more attention. Then get on the phone with charter, insist on talking to a tier 2 technician and ask them to open a ticket pertaining to the routing of our traffic.
I do have Charter as well weird. Im going to try to reinstall one more time and see if that brings any luck. Thanks for the suggestion though friend!
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Hrd2H1t (NA)
: NA, because Tyler1 lives here
: A guy is trolling on tyler 1 game
He was banned
: You are complaining that Annie is too powerful? She has less issues overall than a lot of champions, but she is a super low-range mage.
im not saying she is the most overpowered champion in the game, im saying that the way her kit is truly promotes a very low risk high reward playstyle and mostly Riot has tried to change that about champions. I find problems with her abilities over all, mainly her ult. If all they changed was her ult then i think she would be a more healthy champion overall.
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Kur0i (NA)
: Whenever I'm sad I play duskblade lethality dark harvest jungle garen
just send a ticket to riot they might have banned it to keep it from causing any more damage
: MMR Boosting
There have been a ton of people getting banned for it recently. I got banned today because to what i beleive i kept switching places to play like my dorm and home. Best thing to do is send riot a ticket but not much has been done for anyone.
: I must be wrong. Riot must have just recently changed their punishment on boosting. Earlier, players caught boosting got permanently banned.
Ive seen players get perms instantly and typically its challenger players boosting people to diamond because thats considered "high level of play".
: No. If you were caught for boosting, you would be permanently banned. You were banned for verbal toxicity or in low cases, inting.
my account literally got banned today for 2 weeks for boosting so ur just straight wrong lmfao
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: Some guy in my game said Yasuo takes no skill
i mean he is right. Yas is very easy and if you think differently you are more than likely bronze.
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: Why the Blood Moon game mode is the best game mode to be made
love the butt hurt braindead tank players that downvoted this lolol
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: "Essentially this is how it works, when you buy champions that information is stored on our servers (that way you can change computers and still have all your champions). If you see that blank window where you champions should be, it means your network is trying to access the database of which champs it needs to show you. If your network isn't able to get a solid connection with our servers, it won't be able to get any of that info and won't show you anything at all!" ^ Riot just gave me this answer on this post So basically its not gonna get solved :P Just hope your things connects to there database i guess. I get 30 ping in game and live right next to chicago and have done everything on the connection list. Whatever tho
I have like 40 constant ping so it shouldnt be connection. I literally figured out a way to do it and did it again today by mistake. I had chosen to play Riven, however, someone on the other team banned her. When it asked me to select a champion I clicked the pull up arrow then it just dissapeared. Didnt disconnect or anything lol. Pretty sure its an actual bug that they really dont care about because its not affecting that many people. Hopefully a top streamer will get hit by it then they will realize it is a problem xddd.
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: If they kept it the way it was where it did 80% of enemy AP as well as the original scaling along side the "every spell that hits enemy champ gives AP" mechanic it would be even worse. The execute mechanic, as much as you don't want to hear it, was a nerf.
Fair enough, I just hate being all fine and happy and getting caught in a giant stun and hit by a q and r and goodbye Rengar with a spirit visage and merc's lol.
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: Nah b, you did it for that dank border like the rest of us
: 2016 ranked season ends soon
I got to gold for a Maokai skin?
Statikk (NA)
: Next Class Update - the Assassins
As long as Diana isnt touched go for it
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: ***
Krytoric (NA)
: ***
i like how this kid says stay mad. Im not even close to being mad. Like i said i wasnt a big fan of tyler and only watched him every now and again. But i could see in that time that he wasnt as toxic as people said he was. I can bring up other players as well, like kaceytron and nicktron who afk and flame all the time in chat. You are just another example of an immature kid blinded by Riots all mighty protective shield and thats all you will ever be. Im not going to associate with people who try to defend a company who is in the wrong. Stay wrong.
: The League Community's Reaction to Tyler 1's Ban Shows How Much it Needs to Grow.
I wasn't even that much of a tyler1 fan but i did watch his stream after i saw qtpie and dominate talking about how he was actually not a bad guy. He stopped going afk feeding and trolling and the only problem he had was he couldnt keep his mouth under control. And for that i think its sad that Riot even has to ban people for being toxic in a game because they put a mute feature in to begin with. They are trying to create a perfect game where everyone is nice and in this world that's just not gonna happen. You kids get so butt hurt saying "oh he told me to go kms im gonna report him because that could affect someone." No that's not gonna affect someone and if it truly does then they need to be on suicide watch in a psych ward, not playing league. You guys are insanely immature and cant handle a guy who was trying to change and it just goes to show again Riot didnt make the right decision and will eventually realize that. Its kind of like the Dunkey ban, all he did was talk shit to someone and Riot banned his account, while only for two weeks he brought up great point of saying "the game isnt fun and makes people mad." and its true. They know people have a negative reaction to the game but play it anyway because its addicting. And they use that to their advantage to abuse power as much as they can. They treat people like pre-preschoolers saying "oh dont use curse words or you get a chan ban and if you keep on flaming people we are gonna take away your account that has over 3k hours and $1000" spent on it. It truly is sad to see a company do that because i dont know of another game company that really does the things Riot does. There is a reason the League community is seen as a load of immature kids, not because of the flaming players, but because of they people that don't know how to properly deal with someone being mean to them and therefor they tattle on the players and Riot has to come to the rescue to make sure everyone is happy.
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