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: Teamfight Tactics
This looks very fun until the Ultimate champion becomes unkillable and ruins the rest of the game.
: Qiyanna is Annies hair on Karmas face and body, with Warrior Sivirs weapon and a BS kit
I don't think the way she looks will be an issue when she instakills you with perma-stealth
: It is almost impossible to level your honor up after a ban.
I wrote some of this wrong, by "calling feeders trash" I mean that I called intentional feeders. People that would go ad nunu and run around bot until they died etc. Not that I should be calling them trash at all but it makes me seem more toxic than I actually am. Usually I don't even type during a game, if my team feeds I keep farming and team fighting till we lose then go next.
rujitra (NA)
: >I have called feeders trash since then I will admit You have still been toxic, as such, you have not regained honor. I do not understand how this is confusing. Honor is not for people who don't tell people "to go die or called them any racial slurs or homophobic things etc" - honor is for people who are honorable meaning not flaming at all - not just avoiding severe things.
By "since then" I mean like a couple games out of a hundred. It's not that it's hard to be honorable, it's just that it takes way too much time for anybody to get their honor back. I play an abnormal amount of league, like more than the average player, maybe 3 games per day everyday. I just think it's unfair in General.
: It's insane to me that Diamond was so much easier to get than climbing out of silver.
Love how one "bro" can start a nuclear holocaust on any message board lol.
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I eat foreskin

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