: Broken Ranked System
The system isn't broken. It's exactly how they want it. They like that their low elo players cannot climb. They can't have new blood playing in professional play. That's why they removed solo carry. That's why they nerf Damage carries at any position any time they become anything other than the worst characters in the game. That's why they brought back the bounty system which punishes snowballing super hard. That's why they've removed all diversity of strategy in the game. You can't split push anymore. You can't try strange builds and not expect to lose. You can't play just one or two champions anymore. You have to play whatever counters you laner. If you don't then you will get counter picked and lose. The 95% majority of games are over at the same time Champion select is over. I understand we like to think that people in power and in big organizations like Riot games care about the people who buy their products or play their games but they don't. The people at Riot Games care about pro play and their pocket books and That is it. So, my suggestion to anyone posting on these boards or even just playing this game is to stop acting like they care. Leave the delusion that they care at all for you or anyone like you behind. Play this game as little as possible. Find another game and enjoy it.
: Pyke has officially taken Yasuos place as my most hated champion.
Honestly, I am amazed more people aren't like you in this regard. Pyke executes some ADC's at level 6 at 3/4 health. Meanwhile, Yasuo has had multiple indirect nerfs and as such is really not even that good anymore. Although I will admit slayers never bothered me. The champions that bother me fall into two categories 1) the ones that don't intend on carrying. They just want to force their laner out of the game at 5 minutes and then be useless for the rest of the game. Like Singed, Heimerdinger, Pantheon, Teemo, etc, or 2) the Champions who are so mind mindbogglingly simple and/or safe that they break the game. Like, Garen, Tristana, etc.
5050BS (NA)
: Because we hate Yasuo and would rather not play then play broken shit.
The first statement is true. The second one is false. Period. End of story. Good night.
: The reason why the meta is trash is because of the community
Agree wholeheartedly. They buffed the fuck out of runes a year and a half ago and keep nerfing Champions. It makes your favorite Champions feel so bad and the game unfun.
datfatguy (OCE)
: Am I seriously the only person having fun with this game
You're literally the only one. Between the bug that kicks people after champion select and Ritos repeated selection of toxic game balance choices there's no fun to be had. Every game is stomp or get stomped and that feels really bad.
: > [{quoted}](name=I rake beat you,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=FMLLUUjh,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2019-08-05T02:38:16.244+0000) > > He also leads League in deaths per game. He needs to be able to CS at a high rate otherwise he would have a 20% win rate. He's already got a 46% win rate. He's an D Tier champion at best, so quit whining. Neither Yasuo nor Tryndamere is at 46% win rate. So not sure who're you're referring to. https://lolalytics.com/ranked/worldwide/platinum/plus/champion/Yasuo/graphs/ Yasuo has 53% - 49.5% win rate between Bronze to Diamond; 26% - 16% pick rate between Bronze to Diamond; 51% - 42% ban rate between Bronze to Diamond. The only thing "46%" about him is his average ban rate across all elos; that's about HALF of the entire playerbase that bans him outright REGARDLESS OF ELO (as demonstrated by the fact his ban rate hovers around 40-50% regardless of elo). A champion with stats as busted as this, high win rate, high pick rate, and high ban rate all at the same time, is anything but "D tier". https://lolalytics.com/ranked/worldwide/platinum/plus/champion/Tryndamere/Top/graphs/ Tryndamere has 51% - 49.5% win rate between Bronze to Gold, and then 49.5% - 50.8% between Gold to Diamond; his pick rate goes from 5.6% - 2.7% between Bronze to Diamond; and 4.7% - 2.2% in ban rate between Bronze to Diamond. The win rate curve-up after Gold can be reasoned by the lower amount of players and the higher presence of mains skewing the stats after Gold elo; the diminished ban rate towards high elo also suggests his lower relevance in high elo. He's probably not busted (at least not anymore) as much as his design itself makes him very painful to play against, but judging by this stats I wouldn't call him D tier outright but idk. ......... "He also leads League in deaths per game." Yasuo leads deaths per game because his broken ass kits encourages and rewards mindless hamming due to having no requirement of any management of any sort in a kit full of boom and synergy and little to no drawback nor tradeoff at all , and he will hard carry the game regardless as long as he can manage to get 2 core items before the end of the game. This creates a situation so every dude and their mother plays Yasuo on autopilot and quite literally, int their way into victory. Hence why despite leading in death count Yasuo still maintains very high win rate (and by extension, across the board some 50% ban rate from low and high elo alike). His design is fundamentally broken, and to an extreme degree. Tryndamere may or may not lead the death per game since he has an ulti to cut some of his would-be-deaths, but even if he does have high death count it's not hard to see why since he splitpushes the entire game and does not much else. It's like Singed and how Singed tends to have high death count at the end of the game; mostly accumulated from the earlier section of the game when they (both Tryndamere and Singed) were both easier to stop and kill during their splitpushing. This is different to Yasuo who usually doesn't start splitpushing until later in the game.
First, that's the stat I saw two days ago on U.GG. Second, If he's so broken then why don't you play him? It's freelo right? The reason why is because he's not. He's a D tier champion at best. Go complain about Morse, Yummi, Riven, and Vayne. They're all leaps and bounds better than Yasuo.
: Yasuo has the highest CS per minutes out of all the champions in league no matter what elo
He also leads League in deaths per game. He needs to be able to CS at a high rate otherwise he would have a 20% win rate. He's already got a 46% win rate. He's an D Tier champion at best, so quit whining.
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: Dota 2 has 2 problems First one being the complexity of the game which is very starter unfriendly and the Second one being that someone by paying can get very ahead in game
Explain. Please. I play DotA 2 and have absolutely no clue what you are talking about.
: Since Season 6 this game is just not about individual skill anymore. Your skill doesnt matter at all
You're right. Your own skill level has absolutely nothing to do with winning anymore. You are 100% at the mercy of your teammates and thus Riots match making system. Which people have been saying for month is so far beyond broken that it's ridiculous.
: Balance: An idea on how scaleable items can help
I like the way you're thinking, however I do not feel this option is a whole hell of a lot better. Honestly they need to just revert all critical strike changes from patch 8.11 (except MAYBE Essence Reaver). Then they need to spice up the items a bit. I would suggest removing Rapidfire Cannon and replacing it with an item made out of a Sheen and a Zeal. maybe bring back an AD & Crit item with 30% critical strike chance (like the old Lord Vann Damn's Pillager). Then maybe a Life Steal & Crit Item and even a Crit & lethality item.
darkdill (NA)
: Lee Sin's ultimate needs to have its initial 0.25 second stun changed to a root
Honestly, I am fine with it the way it is. It is literally a quarter of a second stun. That is such a small duration that you're computer can just barely even receive the command that fast, and that is not even counting on if you can put in the command that quickly. Leave as is, that is my opinion.
: Ashe Needs a Better Starting Item
Honestly I agree. I do not like Blade of the Ruined King period. I wish they would bring back the old Madred's Bloodrazor (or something similar to it). Buff BORK rito pls.
Mc Raton (NA)
: Every Hook champion are meta warping this game on bot lane It's frustrating
I have no sympathy for this argument. Meta changes happen and when they happen it is your job to adjust instead of getting online and complaining about them. I'm glad hook champions are strong because honestly it makes for a fun bot lane. I like when bot lane is not just two people farming for late game and two poor unfortunate souls who are just kind of stuck in lane with these farming players.
: Can i kill minions when my ADC is away?
Last hit's only. Doing anymore than that will just push the lane and could REALLY hurt your ADC and prevent your jungler from helping. It is fine to take the gold that is right there anyway, but if you do anymore than last hit you will mess with any lane control your ADC may have. The only possible exception is when pushing the wave would reset the lane, then it would be OK to push the wave.
: Will Riot ever admit that runes reforged is a complete failure?
I am so happy that I am not the only one who sees this. They dumbed down runes, took away all good defensive choices so now damage is through the roof. Because where their was SOME choice for defense now there is none. Their is no customization, the new runes system has just barely been out for a whole year and we've already figured out what to take on every champion. This whole excursion has been an utter failure. Just revert to old runes already.
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