: > [{quoted}](name=usul1202,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=s5d2VwfI,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2019-05-21T18:12:16.614+0000) > > Well, zero tolerence bot is different from the IFS, which analyzes full chat logs. You can see tons of punishments from that all over the boards. Troll detection could for sure be better, but that's also approaching a line of "punish more trolls, but also get more false positives", which is a line riot doesn't like to toe. (for better or worse) > > Support tickets aren't bad for reporting, although riot will never disclose another accounts details such as punishments. Riot does not have to disclose anything. We can all see the result not occurring on op.gg. Intentional feeding is a mandatory 14 day ban. Them playing days, weeks, later is clear that nothing happened.
Got a "support" last night that tried to hold the lobby hostage by saying they were going top no matter what. And they did, leaching xp, feeding kills, talking about how poorly the AD and Top did even though they were the one's that had caused the disadvantage. Yet I (the top laner) get chat restricted for threatening to report and being negative (whilst far from toxic) towards the hostage taker. They keep playing and doing the same thing, others get punished for reacting to it.
: These logs aren't especially bad imo, but the constant threat to report is technically against the rules. I'm sorry that happened to you though, I know it's frustrating. You can try to send a ticket in and paste your logs there.
Again, I'm threatining to report someone that got assigned support and would not do anything but sit top and take farm. Other than telling them I'm going to report them what am I to do?
: I told you that you weren't going to understand. And you don't.
You're right. I don't understand. And you're explanation does little to aide that matter. We just have to give in to dumb people because they're dumb or else we get punished. Again, if that's the way RITO is going to do things, and then allow streamers and "influencers" to behave and talk in game the way they do....dying game.
: I know you're going to come back with, "He started it," but I'll give it a go. >IAmAfeedlordAMA: no IAmAfeedlordAMA: if you can't play other lanes, don't play ranked IAmAfeedlordAMA: enjoy the report IAmAfeedlordAMA: we're in bronze IAmAfeedlordAMA: we're all used to losing IAmAfeedlordAMA: exactly IAmAfeedlordAMA: you just give us an obvious reason to report IAmAfeedlordAMA: pretty easy IAmAfeedlordAMA: and i'm telling you nicely IAmAfeedlordAMA: i queued top, i got top IAmAfeedlordAMA: i'm going top IAmAfeedlordAMA: you're going to be mad when you get that 2 week ban IAmAfeedlordAMA: :D IAmAfeedlordAMA: 2 accounts to play in bronze... IAmAfeedlordAMA: lol You were negative from champ select onward. The right move here, unfortunately, would have been to dodge. You definitely didn't get punished for just this one game, though. More likely reported over several games since your 10-game chat restriction. Please, please, before you get a 2-week suspension, stop arguing with idiots. They're idiots, they don't know they're idiots, and nothing you say is going to convince them to stop being idiots.
That's negativity? Responding to them telling us he's going top no matter what with what i said, telling him he's going to get reports for doing so? I mean, if that's the way league's going to punish things then sure, but it's evident to me that whatever it is they're doing isn't catching the right people. I'm being punished while dude holds a lobby hostage in ranked play. I didn't use profanity, I didn't wish death on anyone or their family, I didn't use "trigger" words. I didn't agree with my 10 game ban either, but I rode it out and was ok with it. Stuff happens, but if what you quoted is what you think got me a 25 game chat restriction, YIKES! edit: sorry, i did use 1 curse word. maybe that's what did it. a 25 game chat restriction for using "damn" in game chat. Why should I be the one to dodge? Why should I sacrifice my game because "I can't play support, I'm going top"
usul1202 (NA)
: Should the zero tolerence policy be renamed?
Is "go drink bleach" and/or "go jump off a bridge" part of their ZT policy? I reported someone for using such language and I myself ended up with a ban.
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: We are in construction mode, should be up soon.
Awesome news, so am I to assume that should mean improved latency and packet loss in addition to the server move?
: NA Server Roadmap Update: NA Server Move on 8/25
Is there any update to an AT&T peering agreement?


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