: My Permaban
Welp i guess this thread was pointless, i just was desperate. Sorry for wasting time i just was really hoping that i could get it back.
: You get a second and a third chance _before_ the ban, way too late now. Maybe this should be a lesson on how there actually are consequences for your actions sooner or later.
yeah i guess im still the same stupid kid
Arammus (EUW)
: sorry to tell you but a permaban is permanent unless it was given out by mistake. also these are the boards, 99% here are players like you and me, we cant do anything. while im not here to question if your angry parents/friends is you being honest or not, maybe you should talk with your parents and tell your friend that he can fuck off i have over 40 ps2 games, most of them prob costed me 50-60€. and i never played 35 of them ever again. its not a waste of money. i enjoyed them a lot. but technically they are also "gone"
yeah i guess its just upsetting that because of my stupidity and childishness now i dont get to see how far i got with that account, it really sucks haha
rujitra (NA)
: What do you call the chat restrictions and the 14 day ban? How many "second" chances do you get?
yeah i guess ur right lol im pretty dumb
: > [{quoted}](name=ICE SpinnAttack,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=zjfs0TWJ,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-12-04T01:49:56.420+0000) > > ive already gotten screamed at and slapped by my friend who bought me some skins on that account. As for your permaban, you definitely got more than a second chance from Riot, usually the game starts you with chat restrictions and then goes to 14 day and then eventually you get slammed with a permaban, in fact you had 4 chances to reform yourself but you obviously failed. _**--Edited by Moderation--**_
its not that i spent their money without consent its just that theyre pissed that the money is gone forever. but i get what you mean... it really is my fault and i shoudlnt have been so childish.
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