: Holy crap, a freaking Ontario university student may have found a way to stop cancer progression
Well, Marijuana/Cannabis or what ever you'd wish to call it has been proven too actually aid in the treatment of cancer; as presented by studies from the National Cancer Institute. I'm not saying people should go out and start smoking, but cigarettes, which are proven too be far more harmful are legal. The only reason it was banned in the first place was because hemp itself was used with almost everyday stuff like rope, twine, cloth, even paper. Ships carried hemp in bulk, even the oils from pressed seeds could be used in paint and so on. Enter Lodging companies, major cigarette companies, etc that see the versatility and ban it, releasing false propaganda about the plant itself. And again, not saying that people should start going out and smoking marijuana, but if you smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol while stating that it's so "bad" for you/etc; you're a hypocrite.


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