: I wouldn't mind +1 early ward, but I just don't see that happening, ever. Specially considering that in higher elos it would really mess up some very early game junglers. Meanwhile, one of the good things my support Orianna offers is a decent amount of vision with Her Ball. I'm able to put the ward faraway from the lane and still manage to ward our lane's bush or the river's bush with the help of Her reliabe pet, The Ball.
Yea, I found it much easier with zilien support. I can bomb from a nice range to check bushes, and I get the trinket cooldown rune to help (which it does). Zilien is really bad for some matchups though, and the trinket cooldown isn't very good on some champs. I just hope Riot puts some thought into vision. It's getting ugly bot lane.
: You can kill two birds with one stone by warding over the wall near the blast cone; assuming you're ranged or that you have a marksmen bot lane, you can pop the blast cone from river, preventing a jungler from popping over the wall into the brush. This ward also alerts you that the jungler is in the area and is pathing toward river and dragon.
This is still luck of the draw, you are hoping they take that path to dragon, keep in mind they can blast cone into dragon pit. I need a ward that sees the dragon, I simply don't have the wards to do it and keep my lane safe.
: Couple things, one, increasing ward range for supports is not gonna happen. There is a risk involved in going to ward alone, keeping track of where the other team might be is important, and is part of the general skill set to being a player, not just a support Second, as to your frustration over dragon, couple recommendations, one is to help your jungle secure bottom scuttle crab, it gets your jungler more gold & xp, and will help you maintain dragon vision. Another tip would be to watch some pro games and see how they use their early wards, might help you with some clever placement that will both cover your lane and an early dragon attempt.
I agree with you, but I'm low gold, a lot of junglers just hug whatever lane they are duo with. Many don't do bot scuddle, or it's just to risky because of what champs we/they have. Leaving the adc alone to do it will often induce rage. This has been happening to me for a long long time. Half the time I cant even get my team to take free dragons/barons even when they are free, like 3 enemy dead, 2 top, lets drag, no one comes, or they take so long it's no longer safe and if we die I get harassed. Like I said above, I usually pink tri bush, and then I have to trinket river bush so they cant blast cone or wall jump in undetected, leaving us blind to dragon. It's just a really ugly choice I have to make constantly. Then there is the issue of scryers cone letting them kill my wards, or they kill my pink and just sit there. It leaves us blind and hugging tower. I have so many games with jungle camping me, or 4 man ganks (that often just kill you even if you see it coming and retreat to tower) after they clear your vision the first time, you are blind for a long time. It doesn't feel good. I want to ward, but I simply don't have access to what I need to keep the vision I need, especially early. I actually miss being able to just buy regular wards (even though it was a huge gold sink for support).
: Fun Fact - Very few champions can get to the river bush without first passing by the dragon pit or the bottom side tribush next to the dragon pit. Therefore, if you place a ward in the general area where the crab's speed shrine usually pops ups, that wards the dragon pit, wards that entrance from the upper side jungle that leads to the blue buff there, and it will give you plenty of warning for any junglers who may be trucking down the river for a bot lane gank. As I implied above, that will just leave the lower side tribush vulnerable, but very rarely do jungles actively gank from that bush, even if they control the side of the map it's on.
Any champ can use blast cone to jump the wall into your bush, and lets list a few champs that can wall jump or ult in, not to mention move at hyper speed where ward doesn't give you enough time (rammus + hecarim) Common jungle Champs that jump walls Lee sin, graves, nidalee, shyvana, aatrox, camille, gragas, jarvan, jax, khazix, kindred, shaco, zac, sejauni Mid laners that wall jump Zed, le blanc, ari, aeron sol, akali, kassadin, talon, ziggs There are adc champs that wall jump corki, ez, tristana, lucian Supports pyke,bard, rakan then my favorite champs that cloak and your wards mean nothing Twitch, Evelyn, shaco Then there are semi global champs that can show up like Twisted fate, pantheon, galio, nocturne Then there is hextech flash, which i admit is rare, but aids when used well Please give me more wards, pretty please.
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: {{item:2055}}
I generally put this guy in my tri bush, and then I only have a trinket to ward river. Keep in mind supports are poor, often on my first back I barely have enough to get my first upgrade on support item. I buy a lot of pinks, believe me. I am the top warder in 90% of my games. In long games, I often have warding equivalent to the ENTIRE other team. The issue with pinks is you are super poor, and you often have to make choices like do i get boots or a pink. Then they kill your pink and you have nothing.
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: Heimerdinger Changes for 7.10 (Request for Comment)
This kills heimer support. I realize Im the only one who vares about this. Also, he's barely ever played and only good against melee'. His turrets have no health, mages just clear them. Bye heimer, it was fun while it lasted. 42


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