: League is like a bad relationship I keep coming back to.
Then don't come back. I check the board because it's funny to watch the train wreck, but I've been league-install-free for years now. There are better games out there. Games that will treat you with the respect you deserve, rather than belittling you and ruining your life. (Abandoning the metaphor, these days there are even several MOBAs that are good, whereas once League was the only decently designed one. Even the OG has gotten enough redesigns that it's good again.)
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: Upcoming Jungle Changes for 8.10
I'm trying to picture any viable game plan other than a 5v5 level 1 team fight over scuttler, and I don't see it.
: You might make a separate post about supports in gameplay, but since I main supp, I'll take a stab. >In the past few years, though, things have not just decayed from lack of attention, but have fallen apart as a matter of design. The game punishes players not just for playing the support position, but for playing with the support mindset. Trinkets, once a nuanced and well polished vision strategy game, are insultingly simple and haven't been improved in years. The support position itself has always been required to either be an AP mage (read: not really a support) or super-far-back-line walking potion (read: yawntown) for years now. The trinkets were made so supports were not the sole folks responsible for warding. Previously, you had to have sight stone or buy wards. Players that valued their vision bought them. I don't know how you could update trinkets, but that might be a good question for [Ask Riot](https://ask.leagueoflegends.com/hc/en-us/requests/new). There are loads of support options. The support with the highest winrate right now? In-yer-face Leona bopping you in the nose with her shield. >The most obvious error, and probably the biggest single reason for the current disaster, is that players' ability to generate in-game resources is now tied to your ability to be, yourself, the big star player. Anyone who focuses on being a team player, by taking time and risk to place wards, or to rescue someone in trouble, or to be the bait for a winning teamfight, or to walk away from a tower to give local gold to the team's hyper carry, loses any hope of getting an S rank, and therefore loses the ability to get anything they didn't already have for winning. Giving turret gold is your decision, and really relates to the needs of the team, and your respective power spikes. That said, you're not obligated to give gold to teammates. If you see a kill, it's better to take it than risk losing it. >Additionally, the quantity of rewards you can get is a function of how many unique champions there are of your preferred playstyle - if you want to play a mid-lane assassin, you have more than 20 options, whereas someone who wants to be a support enchanter gets... 5 loot crates per year. In perhaps the least surprising turn of events ever, the players whose idea of a good time in League was calling good shots and taking one for the team have left in favor of games that actually reward them for doing so... myself included. 5 support champions? I've gotten many loot crates from support champs: Nami, Bard, Soraka, Leona, Thresh, Braum, Tahm, Brand, Velkoz, Malzahar, Nautilus, Taric, Blitzcrank, Morgana, Janna, Sona, Alistar, Cho'Gath, Galio, Karma, Lulu, and Sion. Of these, I'd consider Sion and Cho'Gath to be off meta, and support Malz was absurd at the beginning of season 7. I have been working on getting an S with Lux, but it is quite difficult, as it is with Veigar and Zilean. And I just lost a game to a ~~fucking~~ skilled Shaco support w/o flash. Of course, I was the jungler, and I think not ganking a 2-carry lane every time doomed us.
> The trinkets were made so supports were not the sole folks responsible for warding. Previously, you had to have sight stone or buy wards. I guess I should be clearer - I meant that trinkets were once good, but then got gutted. After their initial release, Riot was constantly tinkering with the trinkets for years. Then they suddenly reversed all their progress and replaced it with a 2 trinket system. Aside from one balance patch one week later, the cornerstone of the vision game has been left abandoned as a shadow of its former glory.
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Xavanic (NA)
: Dirty change riot
Can you do something about the thing where I get bumped out of my Support primary selection, with the person replacing me being someone who was autofilled into that position? It's pretty much an instant game loss every time that happens.
: Yeah, I think that the new system feeling different or worse is good feedback which we are watching carefully. But I'm also seeing this perception that the new system is giving you less currency - and that's not true. It's difficult to have a conversation about how the system feels when not everyone has the right facts.
If your _game_ is making people feel worse about getting more stuff, you're obviously doing it wrong.
Meteora (NA)
: Every game seems one-sided .. no really like EVERY game.
The old Rune pages were designed to encourage (or even force) the player to split their power between attack, defense, and sustain. This meant that a lane that was going poorly still had their armor/MR/mana regen runes to fall back on. The new rune pages severely punish players for failing to go all-in with min/maxing. If you're a mage, assassin, or fighter, you darn well better take two damage branches that synergize with each other, or else the total value of your runes don't get to multiply with each other and you just lose. This means that the vast majority of solo lanes are all-in on damage Compounding the issue is the fact that only half of one rune branch is devoted to survival... and even those options just don't work as a secondary rune page (it's all "increase your defenses by a percentage of your defenses," worthless to a control mage or late game marksman). There is no way to be a min/maxed tank because there isn't a second rune branch that assists a tank, and no good way to survive a lane that you anticipate not-winning. In short, every lane is forced to go all-in, and after that one mandated fight is done, the lane is unsalvageable for the loser. It's not fun for anybody.
: its been this way for over a year, going back to dominion days, even longer than that. "practice a new character without going to a PVP game and ruining things for other real players." Its normals. you aren't ruining anything, in reality that is what normals are for. You are being way too considerate towards people who cant comprehend that you have to play a champ competitively against humans to even really learn the champ. You only get down a few basic mechanics in bots but you aren't really learning the champ as well as you do against other humans.
I've regularly played vs bots to test champions every year from season 1 till now, and I have never seen a single bot on the human side until this year. Now, I can't find a single game that doesn't have at least 2.
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: Can't ban a champion ?
In that screenshot, it appears that your client has scrolled down on the champion list. The champion list often can erroneously scroll as if every single champion were listed, with the entire rest of the list being empty. Try dragging that scroll bar you see up to the top. And Riot should get on fixing that, btw.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 3 part II
Re: Lissandra One thing that really stands out to me about Lissandra is that her champion spotlight claims right in the description that she is a "mana-efficient mage", when in reality, she is in my experience the single champion most likely to have to recall due to being out of mana.
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Porocles (NA)
: Bugsplats usually happen when drivers or bad game files fail to render, so it sounds like the installation didn't run properly for your updated client. Some functions aren't available yet like repairs or the [hextech repair tool](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/224826367), so a [reinstall ](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/202539040-Reinstalling-League-of-Legends) would be necessary in this case. Let me know if you have any questions!
Can I reinstall the new client alone without disturbing the core game files (since those are evidently working fine)? I'd rather not have to do a 13GB download or whatever it is these days to get back to using the buggier and slower new client.
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: Upcoming Kog'Maw Changes
And so, yet another one of the Preseason 6 changes gets ditched. We're running out of changes and additions that were made to the game at that time that haven't either been outright reverted or nerfed into irrelevance. How long until we get a look at the Trinket system again? After spending so many years building on and improving the trinket system, the decision to completely ditch everything and try something simpler and more fundamentally broken has been my biggest complaint about the preseason changes since day 1. The current system has big problems with the core design, not just the balance.
: The update is literally on the front page. The only problem is that I don't know how to get to it other than the frontpage.
The existence of a correct guide doesn't excuse the official "game info" links pointing to an incorrect one.
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: I have made a terrible RP mistake :(
I'll try! For anyone curious, here's the picture I made: [http://imgur.com/a/uETMD](http://imgur.com/a/uETMD)
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: I think the closest two allies. Because last time I see a Lux use it, the heal effects are halved and applies to the first two allies hit.
That doesn't sound right. The way Lux's shield works is very different from Soraka's ultimate (people get shielded one at a time as they get hit by the bola), so I doubt it's a good comparison for this case.
: Holy crap! Yorick winrate with 50+ game played is insane!
This sort of thing is pretty common among the least popular champions, actually. The only people who play Yorick more than like 3 times before giving up are those who super dedicated to him, compared to his opponents who might not have played against a Yorick in the past year.
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: what the hell are these queue times.
Try queuing as Support. Most of the time, you'll get a match in less than a second.
: Dynamic Queue matchmaking update
What I really want is a check box that says "Don't match me with a pre-made." I'm not talking about the enemy team, I'm talking about MY team. Trying to work with a premade group of 3 or 4 is a hair pulling exercise in frustration every single time for me, and the fact that I can no longer opt out of that horrible experience is the biggest reason I have a hard time justifying playing this game this year.
: Attn Rocksurfers: Seismic shove changes in internal testing
The current W paradigm is absolute garbage; almost anything would be better. Why it wasn't a Viktor laser targeting style to begin with is baffling to me.
Sørén (NA)
: Evelynn free week champion portrait cut out
I came here intending to make a thread for this myself. The camera guy apparently has Donald Trump's sensibilities, focusing on this woman's breasts and legs and not even noticing that her face is missing.
Meddler (NA)
: We feel Soraka's too strong at present. The GW change should help reduce that somewhat, estimation is not enough though. Under other circumstances we'd potentially wait and see what's needed post 6.9 like we're doing with champs the QSS changes may affect. Belief is though that the Athene's changes will be a noticeable buff to her however so we're looking at some nerfs as a result. Reintroducing some form of GW interaction with Wish is an option if GW starts shutting her down too hard in 6.9.
The GW removal on Wish was always stupid, and I suggest buffing Soraka in other ways (or, just reverting nerfs) if GW shuts her down too hard. I think that building Athene's on a support is awfully optimistic. Even ardent censor is pretty much unbuildable.
: > I DO NOT DESERVE THIS BAN IM A VERY NICE PERSON AND I ALWAYS SUPPORT MY TEAM-MATES! > Satan with brest: im stealing all ur kills Satan with brest: ur not plat 3 Satan with brest: no way I read the chat logs, and they are not supporting your team. While these chat logs alone may not have been enough for a perma ban, they are enough when your previous punishments are taken into account. In the period of about a month and a half you received a 10-game chat restriction, a 25-game chat-restriction, a 14-day ban, and finally a perma-ban. In your 14-day ban email you were warned that further unsportsmanlike conduct would result in a perma-ban.
I suppose it is appropriate that RiotTantrum would be in charge of responding to this one.
: Can any twitch players plz answer this?
There are various ways someone can figure out where you must be, even if you aren't visible. Most abilities will make a sound effect and a splat particle when they hit, so skill shots and area effect spells are both good at spotting you. Some abilities specifically provide vision of you, like Lee Sin's resonating strike, and these work even if you are stealthed.
Meddler (NA)
: More CDR on existing items mainly. We'll be making moderate sized changes to the six core mages listed (Vlad, Malz etc). We'll be making smaller mini rework/big balance patch level changes to around half a dozen others. For mages not listed we either won't be making adjustments to them mid-season or adjustments will be pretty small (standard balance patch style tuning of a number or two). Yeah, mana + AP especially's something we're looking at, with a potential shift of mana items more towards mages and MP5 items more towards supports. Likely one new end tier item, more focus on components and stat changes. No current plans for Haunting Guise from what I can recall, it's deliberately somewhat niche (flat MPEN + AP can end up as mandatory on a lot of champions).
There's actually a very big problem with items right now where items that generate MP5 are unbuildable on supports. This is a side effect of what you did to compensate for the removal of mana potions - the increase in base mana regen on supports meant that, as a mage-y support, once you've completed your gold generation item, you've already obtained all the MP5 you'll ever need. So, all the gold (which is hard to come by as a support!) that you spend on mana generation on an item you otherwise would want, is completely wasted. There's been so many games that I've wanted the effects of Ardent Censer or Mikael's or maybe even the grievous wounds on Morellonomicon and am left disappointed because I cannot buy them anymore, not _despite_ the fact that they generate mana, but _because_ of it.
: I am profoundly disappointed that the word "vision" didn't even show up in an official post about the state of the game. The vision game is much less interesting than it was before this season, with much less play and counterplay involved for all players. My opinion is that this is the core cause of a lot of this season's game health issues. In seasons 4 and 5, the trinkets were constantly being adjusted to make sure that core game component was as good as it could be and constantly improving, but for some reason, this season the whole vision system has just been left unattended.
I suppose I should add an explicit question to this. WHY has the trinket system been left basically untouched after the season's start? Is the consensus at Riot that you have already achieved perfection, or is the vision game something you don't think is important enough to try to improve, or what? As a support player who enjoys thinking of League primarily as a strategy game, the complete silence on the issue is frightening to me.
: [DISCUSSION] State of the Season
I am profoundly disappointed that the word "vision" didn't even show up in an official post about the state of the game. The vision game is much less interesting than it was before this season, with much less play and counterplay involved for all players. My opinion is that this is the core cause of a lot of this season's game health issues. In seasons 4 and 5, the trinkets were constantly being adjusted to make sure that core game component was as good as it could be and constantly improving, but for some reason, this season the whole vision system has just been left unattended.
: State of the Season: Coming up on mid-season
I am profoundly disappointed that the word "vision" didn't even show up in this post. The vision game is much less interesting than it was before this season, with much less play and counterplay involved for all players. This has contributed a lot to the game health issues. And whereas in previous seasons, the trinkets were tweaked virtually every patch to make sure that core game component was as good as it could be and constantly improving, this season it's just been left to rot.
Guardman (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Gentleman Gustaf,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=NjddhxGg,comment-id=00200001,timestamp=2016-04-05T23:59:06.919+0000) > > The reason her ultimate makes opponents untargetable as opposed to merely knocking them up is simple: Poppy's identity as a peeler is reliant more on keeping carries alive, not on comboing champions to death. I know you guys see Poppy as a tank/peeler, but as one of the people that still plays current Poppy as an assassin like the old Poppy the E range reduction hurts really hard. When Poppy first came out with the low E range assassin Poppy was almost unusable because there were too few ambush spots that you could stun from and you were really telegraphed. The range increase fixed this as it opened up a ton of ambush spots and wasn't as telegraphed. But this subsequent range reduction is enough that she is for all intents and purposes back in the same space as when she first was released. Also as an aside, one of the things I would really like as an assassin Poppy player is to lower the knock-up time for her ult so that when used at point blank range right after hitting her Q it would have them become targetable again in time so that they can be hit with the second part of Q.
"Tank assassin" is a thing they tried for a while, and Riot quickly found that it was a bad idea. Don't expect them to support you as you try to make it happen again.
: Champion Update: Taric, the Shield of Valoran
Apparently, someone told Taric's shoulders that "you must construct additional pylons".
: Upcoming Event Finder Tool Changes
I suspect that the framework needed to run a mixed tournament will inherently mean the framework COULD run an online-only tournament. While I definitely understand why you might not want online-only tournaments to generate prizes, explicitly removing support for organizing those tournaments seems like an unnecessary downgrade of your service.
: it would be very easy to make it so the AFKer/s do not get it counted as "Loss prevented"
It never occurred to me that the afk-er might have gotten loss prevented in the first place. The (incredibly obvious) problem is that it allows one fall guy to negate losses for the rest of the team, and no amount of additional punishment for the one afk-er will ever avoid that. Even if you disabled the feature in premades, it would create a solo queue culture where someone (...probably the suport, given how things go around here) is expected to quit the game any time the rest of the team falls behind.
: UPVOTE if you agree you should get "LOSS PREVENTED" if you have an AFK ruin your game.
Downvoted because this idea is so obviously abusable. Riot has definitely heard this idea before, and is definitely smart enough not to implement it.
kitae (NA)
: We purposefully set the key and chest limit the same, if you earn your free chests and keys and you're done - cool
Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!?!? That makes no sense, is not documented, and means I have no reason to spend RP on chests like I had originally planned. Now all those skin sales I skipped in favor of saving for chests has been a waste :( Please document your game.
Xonra (NA)
: There really needs to be an incentive tied directly to support in ranked because there is more incentive to queue up as anything but support unless you want to play support. I know Riot seems very against that idea, but it worked wonders in so many other games I've played with things like dungeon queues (it really isn't that far off of a comparison now). In WoW, no one liked tanking and secondly healing, and you could sit in queue forever. They started giving direct insensitive and the queues were cut in half PERMANENTLY within a week, and have only gotten better (this coming from a long time Wow player). Tie it to the hextech crafting, give a bit more IP, doesn't have to be anything ridiculous, because a little goes a long way, and letting the issue sit and get worse (which it is) is going a long way in the other direction right now.
Along these lines, the recent release of Hextech Loot has been a big problem for support. Requing S rank performances to get full rewards for playing means that players (such as myself) who ordinarily prefer to set up the team for success at their own expense, are discouraged from continuing to play that way. Instead, you have to do nonsense like AP Leona or just not play support at all. I stopped playing support for a week to get enough games on carries to grab 3 loot crates, and I know that I'm going to have to do that again in a couple weeks.
: For play around plants, we mainly mean the kind of decisions Zyra makes--what she thinks about while playing. It's a broad goal, to be sure, because there's lots of ways we could accomplish it -- we want a Zyra that does mainly the same things as live with extra plant stuff in there. Take the basic combo case of, "I want to E+Q this guy with 1 plant of each type and then ult". There's side stuff in there is about maybe casting E from brush, or hitting extra people with E, where the R is centered, etc. We'd like there to be bits about getting more from your plants because of doing X differently, or getting extra plants because of doing Y, that type of thing. As for burst, yep. We definitely want it to be something she's good at. Not sure on exact numbers, they're subject to balance etc.
I think you should reconsider the "burst" part. If your damage comes out in one big combo, then it really doesn't matter whether the damage came from plants or straight from your character. High DPS through plants should definitely be the order of the day rather than just being another ranged assassin.
: Some kind of health scaling as the plants reach lategame is pretty likely. Lane's a different beast than teamfights, as we increase the importance of plants we need to make sure they can exist for a while lategame.
The arbitrary and arcane HP system for the plants was always the most frustrating thing about Zyra - whether you're playing as her or against her. Their ability to survive has been a function of how exactly the enemy's kit is _coded_, rather than representing how much of a commitment the enemy has made to killing them. I suggest completely throwing out the current plant HP system and replacing it with something more modern.
: She gets played both lanes successfully and will continue to--we're committed to keeping her strong in both lanes. Balancing for support is about acknowledging that most Zyra players do play her there. Trying to force her into a new lane isn't part of our goals with the update, but if she ends up mid we'd still be happy with her.
This is blundering into exactly the same problem that ruined Zyra in the first place - the term is "overtuned." If you try to make something strong as both a mid-lane mage and as a support, which have wildly different power curves and team needs, then one or the other is going to be way too strong, which will require a nerf to both. Zyra aficionados want, and have always wanted, her to be a mage. Deliver on that, or feel the anger of the people you're supposedly trying to serve with your redesign efforts.
Rioter Comments
: her Q heals her for less then before it doesn't stack either and its still very slow sure it may work against more immobile match ups but against this current meta its almost a miracle to land it for a reward that's so small i mean yes i can increase the self heal by leveling Q up first but in fast paced team fights its just not going to cut it plus i haven't found it helpful in lane phase since being poked using the Q is a big problem especially against blitz thresh who thrive on people making themselves targets.Also i need to heal my teammate more than myself.
What you describe isn't my experience. I find in most matchups I can land Q more easily than the opposing support can land their skills (starcall isn't blocked by minions, and hits a much wider area than most skillshots. This is especially useful against hook champions, who I have never lost against as new raka), and the 50% slow + the retreating movespeed bonus makes it really hard for them to trade back effectively. If you're unable to hit Q because they're running away, try not to make it too obvious when you're going to use it - if they're always running away when your Q is off cooldown, they're not getting CS, so they have to go in at some point. Landing Q during teamfights is easier now than it was before for the same reason - they have to commit hard engage to actually get on Soraka now that she's a kiting _machine,_ so it's safer to get in range. That said, against teams that are particularly good agianst kiters, she IS weaker because being an extreme-back-line heal potion is worse than it was before. So, just don't pick Soraka in those cases!
: @Riot Soraka.....
Actually, I'm finding this patch's Soraka changes to be a HUGE buff, not a nerf. She's now back to being a lane bully and skirmisher like she was before the support class rework. If you're having trouble, max Q instead of W for as long as the laning phase lasts. Then consider whether you can hit Qs during fights without dying (depends on both enemy and YOUR team comps), and if not, switch to W before finishing Q. Also, don't buy Warmogs or other pure tank items like some Sorakas used to; you need the AP support items like Banner to keep your heal and sustain strong.
: How do I rank up as supp main?
If you think you're notably better of a player than the players you get matched up with, then the path to victory is to go for big plays. Go for those flash initiations, be there when you correctly predict the junglers will be meeting each other, roam and gank when those opportunities are available. This applies to all roles, really. As for how you actually get better once your rank matches your skill, in the support role, communication is key. You are the person most familiar with your team's vision coverage. Ask for a pink ward in an important place, call out where the jungler is when you know that, say not just when dragon is soon to spawn but how exactly you intend to take control of the area (or make sure your team isn't going to halfheartedly contest), let them know when it's time to initiate, and so on. A well coordinated team in solo queue IS possible, and you're the person in the best position to make that happen.
: Riot here are some statistics for you from my games
I was expecting to see some statistics. I was disappointed.
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