I saw the "Final Game" too after game 2...................... when the series was 1-1 and had no reason to have "Final" when both teams needed 2 more wins............ LCK during the regular split tends to have "Match XXX" telling people what match they are on and for Afreeca vs KZD "Final" was showing that this was indeed the final game of the Spring Split. " Its as if it was fixed", "rigged", "Scripted win" many people tend to say this and if it wasn't for the NBA/NFL being caught fixing/cheating certain games/in the past also they too would say the same thing more often like when LAL/BOS faced off exactly when BOS got a decent team in 08 after a 20 year absence. Or GSW/CLE for 3 years in a row after a 1-1 stalemate. It's sarcasm from the casters. For NA saying such it's because fans think it's rigged but with little "proof" so why not just "act" like it is for entertainment value. Hai said it often, Doublelift etc. IS the pro scene LCS" League in general"? IDK, it wouldn't surprise me tho.
: > [{quoted}](name=III BAKURYU III ,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=p0bAfv52,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2018-04-09T04:51:13.439+0000) > > Saw a great team win NA LCS only to most likely get curbed stomped within the next upcoming weeks by true teams at MSI most likely. > Once NA - Always NA Who peed in your cheerios?
Oh buddy, the bowl still has pee stains from the last 7 years.
: Liquid Smooth: TL sweeps 100
Saw a great team win NA LCS only to most likely get curbed stomped within the next upcoming weeks by true teams at MSI most likely. Once NA - Always NA
: Potential Strength Uneven in Playoffs (Fox>100T?)
There are always evidence or small glances that X team is, in fact, better than X team but the overall and end justifies the means of whom beat whom. Are Echo Fox better than 100 in my opinion NO but that's just my opinion. Both teams went 1-1 in the regular season so it's a toss-up. Some teams are a bit better all around from every position, while some are top-jungle heavy so the tendencies can hurt any given team at any time. The easy answer would be if Echo Fox were indeed better than 100 than EF would have had a better regular split + made it further than they did in the Playoffs and made it to the Finals. 100 did all 3 in which is a clear indication that they are, in fact, the better team.
: Poll: Who has the best casters NA or EU
The Eu casters have the let's say "Main Character"/"The Face" of the casters in QuickShot as well as Deficio who at times tells his reasonings on why A.) is bad and B.) is good etc in games and at International Tournaments he gets kinda laughed at mainly by Kobe and Jatt who honestly are kinda stupid when it comes to actual game knowledge on the pro level(like me). While NA kinda has the equal to Quickshot with Riv but has Phreak who can be a bit annoying at times. Overall, gotta go with NA casters only because I find Deficio's voice to be annoying with the majority of the other EU casters as well. Each week mainly 2017 Eu seemed to have gotten so many low views that they would do some stupid stuff like Deficio eating on a weeny, Quickshot smacking his ass, dressing up each week, + having that garbage PTL segments. So EU casters are kinda like the News where it's pretty boring and stupid at times but it can be informational, while NA tends to be the MTV where it's fun and interesting but isn't good for you for longer periods of time.
: LoL World Cup
$ + time = endless possiblities
: Whats happening to the old teams?
One would also think that even tho the "old guards" are falling or having meh splits, their main prize or quest isn't so much about winning splits/Spring(Yes, winning spring etc are important in the overall goal) but more so to get better for the Summer for the potential to win Worlds. The older teams(SKT 5th, RNG 3rd/5th overall, CLG 7th, C9 5th, TSM 3rd/5th overall) all know it takes time when having A+ or even 1-2 of the best players on such rosters for everyone to gel. I like to think of the recent collapses from some of these teams as an example of the NBA with the Miami Heat where they had a stacked roster with talent(LBJ, DW, CB) but it took them a while to actually get things going. TSM has always patted themselves on the back for making it to every NA Finals but in the long run it never really seemed to matter on the International stage because they had "talent" to sweep their way to the finals every single split. It's not until you realize you can learn more from defeat by trying something new that you can actually improve, oppose to doing the same thing that wins you games off easier opponents. Take C9 for example, they aren't in every NA Finals and yet even in harder Groups, they tend to do better than TSM at every Worlds. Spring splits aren't necessarily the end all be all - YES, Spring split is still important but it's more so as a training ground for teams when also considering that this past offseason was the largest shake-up in League history with player movements onto new regions, teams and orgs.
: They're not banning it out now because she is down a bit right now. Near the bottom of the list in fact. And Bjerg has several other champs you don't really want to see him on either that are higher powered for pro play. at the moment. Swain is broken at the pro level.
All I'm saying besides the Syndra pick is why don't teams just ban out any and all available mids that BJergsen can play like Syndra, Swain, Ori etc? We all know Bjergsen is the catalyst to TSM and once he feels the pressure he and TSM tend to fall. However, my post seems to be avoided as CG beat TSM in the playoffs I believe without banning Syndra but he did play her in the final game as he tends to always do when TSM is in holes.
: Who is better? Rekkles or Doublelift
If we're talking about pure 1v1 it's Doublelift 9 times out of 10. If we're talking about International success/success, in general, it's Rekkles If we're talking about career stats it's Rekkles. Rekkles has played in some many 40+ min games in his career, while D-Lift tends to play in some if not the shortest average game time on whatever team he's on. D-Lift has always been too focused on CS and you would fully understand if you watch his games as long as I have(6 years) as well as in his solo Q games his jungler would gank and literally give him free kills but he's unresponsive until he kills every, EVERY single minion before attacking the enemies. Double is also way too aggressive in ways that make 0 sense, you could watch games from 2013-14 and even at Worlds 2016 where even with leads he feels the need to 1v5 - die and cost his team games from doing such actions. Rekkles early in his career was given side lane after side lane of cs similar to Bjergsen for TSM to scale up and that style of play even cost Fnatic wins back in the day in which teams like Alliance and SK were better than Fnatic until Rekkles/Fnatic changed players(Huni/Reignover/Febiven). Double was also given a decent amount of resources but he was crucified for doing so even when Fnatic/CLG had similar Wins/loses early 2013-14 Long story short I'm going with Rekkles. If this was a thread maybe 2 years ago before Fnatic went from 0-4 to actually make it out of groups against teams on the regular that were in holes at tournaments only to bounce back from losing records to winning records while Double has been matched up vs teams that get curved stomped by pretty much every region/at Worlds I would go with Doublelift but the history and overall performance is in the pudding.
Zohan789 (NA)
: Same reason they don't ban Wymul Ziggs dude, it's just too good
: I would argue he's not underrated because he often didn't give his full effort. Dyrus was one of those players who personified the "Baylife Boys" TSM who didn't scrim and prepare seriously. If you aren't giving full effort for most of your career and not trying to grow, improve, and push yourself, being overlooked is fair because people will see and note that lack of effort. He had one of the longest runs on a top NA team, but like I said below, when I can easily name 5 other comparable or better NA tops, I don't think Dyrus gets an easy pass in top ten.
Agree. As I stated if Dyrus did in fact actually tried while being on the most successful NA if not arguably Western teams(more so as a name brand) I would place him at #10 easily without any hesitating or making a list of some kind but instead, I only placed him at #10 out of respect for the retired player vs other players as you mention(Darshan, Impact etc) that aren't retired as of yet. Once the days come that players such as Darshan, Impact, Ssumday, Huni, Balls etc leave the scene(retire) I will gladly place them higher than Dyrus in which making a case of top 20 best top would even be a stretch in most cases without diving deeper.
: Was Dyrus one of the best top laners of all time?
I'll go on record and say he's the most underrated player in NA history and if I had to make a list of the top 10 greatest top laners in League of Legends history I would place him in the top 10. The problem isn't about skill for Dyrus as we've all seen Dyrus do some incredible things in his career but more so being "uninterested" in games and overall, his career. I CAN'T find where I saw/heard/read but I remember Dyrus himself stating that he didn't actually try until around 2014 Summer in which he kinda wasted a decent chunk of his career 2011-2013/2014 being very unresponsive. Dyrus being left on an island isn't really something new for top laners and there seems to be another league player that gets left on an island countless times and yet, he tends to make huge plays from being on the disadvantaged side of things(Soaz) So, the argument about being left alone to be a + in an argument in his favor isn't being noted. However, the system he's been in for his whole LCS career does bring some light to his side. Long story short, if Dyrus was actually responsive in his career and instead of being monotone and agreeing to everything Bjergsen/Regi has to say 24/7 and had some backbone and tried, then yeah, I'd place him higher but as of right now he's around 10th and that's only because of his name value honestly for me.
: TSM got destroyed. Can we just disband them now? We need to never send them to worlds ever again.
You acting like they "choke" at Worlds every year or something. You remember um..............um.... 2014 Yeah, see didn't see that coming, did you? Did you? 2016 Bjergsen had a really bad cough or something and 2017 he had to use the bathroom against MFS so he had no choice but to INT in 20 mins so he could use the bathroom. Sorry, he's human- when you gotta go you gotta go! But this is the year and TSM needs our energy now more than ever! Give them your energy!
dakm102 (NA)
: I can feel it. I am glad they are out as well =D. interested to see if there is actually a change in the style of bjergsen (and consequently the team since tbh the style of bjergsen often reflects the team) or if they will just try it again the same way and then even if they make it to worlds they will make the same mistakes
If you're asking if Bjergsen will "change" his style of play I'll tell you the answer right now - NO! He's been that passive/ stays even mid for 7-8 years now and it's not going to change. Not only that but the game has also changed from previous years. No longer are players getting those 4.4-5.0 kills per game(aggressive) but really instead it's around the 3.3-3.7 kills per game in much passive play.
: I like TSM, but letting thresh go through for 3 games in a row was the equivalent of inting imo. Game 2: Hakuho's Thresh participated in 15/17 kills Game 3: Hakuho's Thresh participated in 12/13 kills (Deathless) Game 4: Hakuho's Thresh participated in 10/16 kills TSM banned Rakan all 4 games for some reason and Zven played Ezreal 0/3 possible games. Zven literally picked what champion Apollo just beat him with each game too. If anything, TSM lost because of their bad pick/bans and Zven/Mithy being more or less useless.
You saying it was the coaching staff's fault that TSM lost.............................they have a Korean coach! Koreans are too smart and powerful compared us, Western mortals. Bjergsen is a god! Sure Bjergsen plays passively only because he has no time to fight against weaklings. Zven-Mithy 4 straight Eu Final Championships(That region that always gets further than NA). There is no real evidence other than WE cost TSM the Finals and now some other team has no choice but to represent NA at MSI! Last 7 years TSM was just playing with the competition they weren't really trying until now! They were bound for greatness and this was the year(not the last 7) but NOW they are gone because of us. RIP TSM
Rioter Comments
: I think I know what the answer is but, has Rush gotten a chance to play yet on KT?
: No problem. This was a problem that used to get to me all the time when I first got into the competitive scene. Back with the original C9 roster & Balls then legendary Rumble which was undefeated for almost 2 years.
Indeed. Like I said it's just a bit confusing when realistically teams can't ban out all OP champions so players will get 50% of the OP champions, to begin with as well as leaving open their bread and butter champions. The way I see it Ban Option A(50% OP champions) it still leaves open Option B(50% OP champions as well as their mains), when you could ban Option C(their mains) and it would still leave them with one or the other A-B options anyways. You feel me? You bring up Balls and his Rumble and it's interesting to note that when he did in fact finally lost on his Rumble that was historically great he never was the same. Sure he declined as the splits continued in his career but once he did in fact lost, he pretty much disappeared in the scene altogether.
: I think it's just that non-OP mids aren't exactly viewed as ban-worthy. As a comparison I'm going to use Jensen & his Ori (I know he hardly played it this split, but it's a great comparison since no-one seems to ban it away from him & he dominates almost every time he picks it). Bjergsen/Syndra: [GAMES] 59 [WIN-RATE] 71.2%(42/17) [KDA] 5.65 [CS] 349.56 Jensen/Oriana: [GAMES] 49 [WIN-RATE] 71.4%(35/14) [KDA] 8.41 [CS] 332.96 As you can see the stats are similar but no team dares ban these picks since if you ban them you likely end up giving away OP picks that will likely have more say in how the game progresses than the Syndra/Ori pick would.
I suppose it's a pick your poison in regards to either having Jensen/BJergsen play their signature champions or giving up OP picks. I just get annoyed when teams are facing TSM who at times are either behind the 8 ball(vs Samsung Galaxy potentially being 0-2 if they lost to SSG in 2016), against Dignitas in which Bjergsen played Syndra constantly in the 2014 Playoffs, as well as picking her often the last few weeks in which boosted TSM from a garbage tier team to 3rd place that teams don't just ban her away. He's shown to be a master on such champion and when against heavy lane dominate players or down 0-1 in series he tends to pick her and the enemy team tends to just lose. Off point but I expect Bjergsen to pick her against Febiven in the Playoffs, especially if TSM go down 0-1 in the series and the enemy team will be none the wiser. Overall, I get what you mean and thank you for the comment/answer to such puzzling question of mine.
Raiyza (NA)
: Its because teams can work around the Syndra pick. They arent losing games because of the champion against TSM, but rather TSM has shown that they can revolve around whatever champion bjergsen picks.
Can teams actually "work" around such pick cause Bjergsen has a great KDA as well as winning % on such champion.
MrSorcress (EUNE)
: Who will advance to the LCK playoff?
I suppose we'll find out once the season is over.
Bangie (NA)
: Best worlds team
Top Looper Jng Meteos Mid Faker Adc Uzi Sup Aphromoo Meteos and Aphromoo right now are showing their synergy with an already 2 Korean players(Ssumday(Top) and Ryu(Mid) and while Looper and Faker's English and vice versa for Meteos/Aphromoo isn't great it's not too far-fetched that the Jungle and Support positions are really just the "go in and die to make a play/do whatever it takes to keep the carries alive" pretty much the meat shields of such team. Looper because while he didn't have a great NA career he's still in my top 5 greatest top lane players in league history. Doesn't hurt also in having one of the most potent TP skills, as well as no communication barrier for Faker, in which just adds another role/player to be a meat-shield for Faker whenever he calls on such plays. Uzi, pretty simple here honestly. He's arguably the greatest ADC players in history. When thinking best players in such roles Faker for mid comes to mind, Mata for Support comes to mind and Uzi for ADC comes to mind.
: 2018 NA LCS Spring Split Awards
: NA LCS Stats Breakdown Week 9
Last week was awesome! 5 extra Tie-Breakers with the usual games was something to behold.
: I was watching those games with my brother while discussing some other stuff in general. And we came to the conclusion: we have no freaking idea. It's bizarre how the moment the likes of Huhi and Aurelion Sol win it becomes a target reminder but then you get Bjerg with Syndra and it's like "we can beat this." Not to grieve; it was just really astonishing how many times it was let through based on his mastery. Of course it's still Syndra vs Sol: common meta pick vs uncommon pocket pick. Hard to discuss or debate that.
I just thought teams would ban nothing but Bjergsen's picks. I'm talking about nothing but 5 mid bans(Ori-Gone, Syndra-Gone, Azir-Gone etc) and while it may hurt such team banning meta picks I would gladly sacrifice my chance at playing such picks if that means the "best mid laner" doesn't get his hands on such picks himself. Banning non-stop mids would make Bjergsen pick X champion as early as possible in fear of having no picks himself in which would eliminate any potential "flex" picks for Hauntzer etc.
: You can't ban out Bjergsen. The guy simply has too many champions. Better to just focus on banning out OPs or champs that counter a team comp than focusing on any individual member on the squad.
But Syndra is TSM's team comp considering he plays such champion a decent amount. I understand banning such champs such as Ryze and Azir but what's so hard banning those such champions with the Syndra? Maybe you can't ban out Bjergsen but you can literally set up a 5 mid champion bans to weaken TSM, in which will make TSM a bit vulnerable considering when Bjergsen doesn't feel comfortable TSM tends to just get smacked easily(mainly INT tournaments) but still.
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: Why did they sub in demonte when they had the 3rd best mid laner fenix?
To see if Fenix was the problem as far as Echo Fox's recent 2-4 record with him. While it wasn't necessary 100% his fault but after the TSM game, Fenix literally got the "Space Jam Monstar treatment" as he lost his mind 1v2 numerous times in such game with Fiora. Right now, Echo Fox is trying out their roster to see what sticks since Fenix, Adrian and Huni tend to come up short when it comes to NA Playoffs/when the season comes to a close especially Huni when he typically loses 2X more games in the second half of the split oppose to the first half within NA. Fenix's penta kill was like 4 years ago and recently he lost on his Azir 3 weeks back in which he didn't look impressive. Inero I believe is the EF's coach so I suppose he's the reason for the picks in the game.
: 2018 NA LCS Spring Split Awards
Do players get some sort of bonus for these awards?
: I thought CG Solo was a rookie as well?
I believe he played 2-4 games last year.
Bilizver (EUNE)
: I'm fairly new to watching LCS so i have some questions
I would be surprised if teams that are already eliminated play something fun instead of the "try-hard" mentality but honestly I doubt it. There are 2(splits) in each region, right now we are nearing the Playoffs for the Spring Split and once the playoffs are done the representatives of each region makes an appearance at MSI for the 4-X place(cause we all know all 3 LCK teams will be either Winner A, Winner B etc). Once ~~Korea wins MSI~~ Once MSI is done the Summer Split starts and similar to how the Spring split with Playoffs and finally Worlds. After Worlds, we have the All-Star in which it's honestly kinda boring to me personally but it's decent to watch for a buzz.
: What IS It With This Season And Absurd Comebacks?
One has to remember that pro players play pretty passive for the most part. Most games don't actually heat up until around the 20 min mark and even if X team gets a lead pro players are "now" realizing to just play passive till the 35-40 min mark and hope for the best in 1 team fight to win the game. Why worry about Macro and micro etc when you can just play super scared/passive(Jin Air Style) and have a 50/50 near the mid/late game. Another factor is that it's the Spring Split in which it's been one of the biggest shakeups as far as rosters, teams etc in a while, if not the biggest shakeup in the LCS history. So, with that being said it's hard to close out games when you are playing with 2-4 new players on your team and vice versa for the enemy team. Riot is also "somewhat" trying to fix their sins with how the game was in the past say 1 or so years ago where once a team gets a lead(no matter how large) that team basically won.
theTyger (NA)
: Well said. I remember one season where due to some weird MMR issues, going on a 9 game winning streak didn't even get me to promos. I think I was in Silver 5 at the time. I think context is important. At that time it was preseason, I'd been playing a lot of new stuff, I was still relatively new to the game, and I think I'd accidently dropped my MMR by a huge margin. But, because I was in Silver, it wasn't enough to drop me back down to Bronze. I also tend to wonder if Riot's MMR system secretly also watches for things like actions per minute or percentage of hit skill shots or something. ie Going on an amazing win rate doesn't start auto-jumping you through divisions, but if you have a high win rate and a certain number of APM or something, then you get auto-jumped. The issue I have with Zirene is that he is a Riot employee, and a very public facing one. Riot's TOS are supposed to help keep the game fair and fun for everyone. Facing off against an opponent way better than you isn't fair or fun. But, with the TOS you have some agency when this happens. If someone seems like they're smurfing, like I said, I take screenshots of the game and their op.gg and I submit a ticket. And I have seen results from doing this. But I still run into people doing this. And when an on air broadcaster openly admits to doing something that would almost certainly require him to break the TOS, to me it just tells everyone that it's totally ok to do. And that's not ok.
I stated in the past especially in promos the only thing that matters is "CS" per minute mainly but a bit per game too(per game is harder because long games play a factor). Let's be frank "winning" doesn't matter cause you can win 9/10 and still get placed low elo, losing vice versa obviously, kills don't matter cause anyone can pick Katarina or Akali every game and same can be said about roles and kill participation in which it's not hard to just fight, fight, fight 24/7. I'm still banking on "CS" is the end-all-be-all when it comes to MMR personally when it comes to promos and a small margin when it comes to games after + winning doesn't hurt but only AFTER your promo games. Something pros ALWAYS stated and still do is "high elo players worry about CS more than anything" and we see that from casters in the LCS games where Bjergsen is down 2 cs and the casters go absolute apeshit for minutes on how he's down 2 cs to his opponent. Anyone wanting to get in a decent division/rank 1. Get to at least Silver in year one and have a winning % above 46% 2. Year two -during your promo games worry about CS per min and per game but also try to win games too and the other things also(Kill participation, kills etc) " I also tend to wonder if Riot's MMR system secretly also watches for things like actions per minute or percentage of hit skill shots or something. ie Going on an amazing win rate doesn't start auto-jumping you through divisions, but if you have a high win rate and a certain number of APM or something, then you get auto-jumped" - Not sure about the APM because if that's the case tanks/top and support and jungler players are screwed. The one thing that saves support players with my topic above is how well their adc can "CS" and how well such support keeps the adc alive. Junglers it's the same but with how well they can "cs" in the jungle and counter jungle/objectives also. " The issue I have with Zirene is that he is a Riot employee, and a very public facing one. Riot's TOS are supposed to help keep the game fair and fun for everyone. Facing off against an opponent way better than you isn't fair or fun. But, with the TOS you have some agency when this happens. If someone seems like they're smurfing, like I said, I take screenshots of the game and their op.gg and I submit a ticket. And I have seen results from doing this. But I still run into people doing this. And when an on air broadcaster openly admits to doing something that would almost certainly require him to break the TOS, to me it just tells everyone that it's totally ok to do. And that's not ok." - I understand and know exactly what you mean and I agree 100% on the merits of Zireane being a Riot Employee is a huge disservice to the community. That part I'm not disagreeing with you.
: How did 100T beat GGS and OPT | Match Recaps
100 beat GGS because GGS are GGS. 100 beat Optic cause POE wasn't facing Bjergsen.
theTyger (NA)
: You make a good point and I greatly appreciate your well thought out response. However, here's what Zirene seems to indicate. His statements suggest he has repeatedly played in Silver for as long as a month at a time with the stated purpose of, "crushing kids." Here's the thing, Diamond players who start new accounts don't typically end up in Silver during placements. And even if they do, they don't spend a month there. The MMR system figures out they don't belong there pretty quick and they end up skipping divisions. That is, unless, they purposely lose matches, go afk, etc. The point is, there should be no legitimate way for a Diamond player to repeatedly end up in Silver, to say nothing of them being there for a solid month. As far as joining the military goes, really do your homework before signing any paperwork. Doing recruiting duty can very literally make or BREAK your career, so a lot of recruiters can get a bit unscrupulous. At least that's the way it was when I was in. So be very careful. Also, I don't know if it's still possible, but you used to be able to visit bases with your delayed entry card. If you can, try to visit a base and talk to people who are doing the job you want to do. They can provide a lot of insight to what's it's really like. The good, bad, and the ugly. Best of luck to you. :)
Matter of fact my father and mother were in the military so I always get told and still do today the skinny on what to do and what not to do etc. I appreciate you for being generous and informational with your response to me possibly joining in the near future. Yeah, I've been told to never take the words from the recruiters' words as gospel and always come to the meeting with tons of questions before joining such as GI bill, benefits, etc. My point in which when I reread my own response kinda came off as rude per se which wasn't my intention! "Here's the thing, Diamond players who start new accounts don't typically end up in Silver during placements. And even if they do, they don't spend a month there. The MMR system figures out they don't belong there pretty quick and they end up skipping divisions. That is, unless, they purposely lose matches, go afk, etc." - Great point, as far as "The MMR system figures out they don't belong there pretty quick and they end up skipping divisions" - Now, IDK if the players that I encountered did, in fact, stay in Silver or moved up but I personally got frustrated starting a new season with my placements or just random games in ranked facing against players that were Diamond a year ago or decayed or lost or got boosted who knows!? However, the ranked system is flawed in which I think 70% of players will agree that it pretty much sucks; facing Gold players if you're in Bronze or Silver makes 0 sense( Can't get to Gold but I can face them?). I won about 18 games in a row 2 years ago and never got the option to "skip a division" when I was in Silver 3/4, now imagine not going on an 18 game winning streak but instead, you lose a game here and there. The MMR system is not a very good standard because (Not 100% sure) but it's been quoted by numerous players and maybe Riot themselves the MMR system doesn't matter in the slightest. My point being is if it's not Zireane it's someone else whos losing games on purpose because if you're Plat-Gold-Diamond and you know for a fact you're not going pro you might as well decay on purpose to say Silver if your Diamond and "destroy kids" because why not, it's funnier and you win more games. It's very similar to say Halo back in the day where you lose 20 games on purpose only to say "boost" from the depth and win 40 games within a short span of time. IDK what to tell you, sir.
: No one has mentioned this yet, but the ggs vs tsm match is the first day on a new patch for competitive. An upset is absolutely possible. I personally am hoping for tsm/clg to qualify, but it's much more likely to be tsm/tl.
Another patch already!?! I honestly didn't think about a new patch possibly swaying the outcome of the game. Good reconnaissance!
theTyger (NA)
: When even the casters are breaking Riot's TOS...
What's stopping let's say Challenger, Diamond, plat etc type of players from creating a new account and having to play from the bottom up? Long story short, we all will get those "smurfs" in our games from time to time. With your and I quote - "I am not a good player. I have never, even briefly, been higher than Silver 2 and I've never finished a season higher than Silver 3. I'll never be a pro player and I'll be lucky to ever hit something as lowly as Gold." Means that even with or without these setbacks your limits have been reached and you will most likely stay in Silver for the rest of our gaming career. Counter-argument would be "I want to have fun" really has 1 simple answer - normals. " I was serving in the military before, during, and after 9/11. I was overseas protecting American interests abroad literally before you hit middle school" First I want to say Thank you, good sir, for serving the military(I'm possibly joining myself here soon) but that really has no weight in the world of video games. Simpler terms, no one really cares. Hell, look at the economy and what we do and for our own veterans of this world/country.......nothing.
: I just wanted to know what the odds of seeing CLG (8/9) vs TSM (9/8) like that would be such a intense match
Low, to say the least, 25-30% and that's being generous. "Technically" CLG are already eliminated. CLG would have to beat Optic in which last time they lost to Optic Gaming and hope Hai since leaving C9 can beat TSM in which he's only won what 3 out of the last 12 meetings or so.
: GGS vs TSM does GGS even have a chance?
When Hai was on C9 during 2014-2016 C9 got the better of TSM in the early stages of their rivalry but the wins became less and less as the splits continued 2013 Summer - 2014 Spring C9 eliminated TSM in the Finals twice with an impressive 6-0 record but since 2014 Spring TSM has eliminated C9(2014 Summer Finals, 2015 Spring Finals, 2016 Spring Split) all with Hai. In short, I highly doubt GGS can beat TSM with TSM coming off what 5-6 impressive wins against the top 5 teams in NA at the right time, they're hot while GGS are just bad. Hai is great and all but the dude sucks in lane plain and simple as always has and that's a big problem because it's not like Hai has a Meteos one of the highest KDA players in the LCS, or a Balls that can carry the early game with early ganks and kills with the help of Meteos or a very consistent ADC Sneaky to bail him out in the early game. Instead, Hai relies on 4 teammates that 2 are arguably CS caliber at best(Lourlo/Matt). Think about it like this Golden Guardians are like the Lakers with Hai being(Kobe) during the time when he had Smush and Kwame as teammates and instead of shooting he passed constantly trying to help his teammates knowing they will most likely miss anyway. That's Hai and the GGS in a nutshell. I'm expecting a TSM victory at around the 31 min mark with a 17-6 kills advantage for TSM and Hai being at around I would say 2 kills - 4 deaths and 2 assists at best.
: NA LCS Stats Breakdown Week 8
While TL is talented top from the bottom with its roster, however, the fact that the team just can't do much with either lead and/or just in the mid game really hurts their chances at getting to worlds. We've seen teams that if the can't get a decent lead then they tend to get exposed(LMQ 2014, CLG 2015, TSM 2016, IMT 2017) resulting in a 9-16 from all four of the previously stated teams at worlds. Can TL make it to Worlds? IDK, but let's hope the team can actually improve and not be plagued with symptoms of either losing in short fashion and not learning much from doing so(IMT 2016) but the history of the core of players representing TL such as Doublelift and Xmithie who both tend to just fall flat more times than not when games are close and down to the wire in their history/previous splits.
MrHaZeYo (NA)
: ya, but outside of the 1 Eve game, Sven has only been on tanks for C9, it's still a learn experience. Its also been seen that Lic isn't that great on tanks yet either. It seems like C9 are using these last few weeks to test things out, rather then try to just win with the same ole style. 1st and 2nd aren't that much different when the 3rd-6th teams are all basically even in skill level. You could argue TSM and TL are better then 100T and CG, and the skill difference between TSM and TL really isn't that big imo. I'd rather experiment now then later.
And what better way than 2-3 weeks before the playoffs start where losing here or there isn't really a bad thing but more so a good thing. Not only will that give C9 more strategies to beat teams(maybe not now or this split but down the road) but it will also humble C9 who is #2 and makes them stay hungry.
MrHaZeYo (NA)
: I honestly feel like C9 is just experimenting with different comps. I mean vs TSM we put Sven on Kha lol. We'll see what happens in a couple weeks.
Exactly. C9 might have won that game but it's more important to them I feel like to try to win when it actually matters most. IDK about pick ban stage but Sven on Kha has always served him well, especially when it was one of the champions that beat TSM at Worlds 2014.
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: CLG's chances don't look good. Even if they win both their games all TSM or TL have to do is win a single game to get into playoffs and they're playing the bottom 2 teams. At least they're doing better.
True that! Sucks that CLG are finally reaching their "potential" now better than never I suppose but nevertheless, the true goal is still in mind and that's Worlds. If CLG can keep this squad together for the start of Summer Split I would bank CLG will make it to Worlds. It's also a bit saddening as I had CLG #3 before the split started and watching them crash and burn from their own mistakes more so than from teams that they are facing is depressing.
: Friggin' CheatSM
Something that has bothered me for a while now is the headsets the players use not the brand of such but more so a possibility of cheating. Wouldn't it be easy to "cheat" either by having your headset somewhat off of one ear and/or to have your mic muted for both outcomes, so you can hear the commentators? I'm not saying pros are doing such but there has been a certain type of cheating such as going on sites to look up players' runes/masteries in the past from players as they play solo Q, as well as players more than likely having another stream to another streamer(pro player) so they can see where X player/s are at. Players do that in soloQ I can only imagine what they would/could do for pro play.
: Another thread, but nvm, I don't see how does a misplaced post has anything doing with the point of this conversation. But referring to your post, yes, I could prove it, but I wont, since that would make the whole account to be pointless, since spoonfeeding names to Riot, wouldn't make anything better, just ppl who defens Riot could use that account as an example of banned inters (what Riot actually didn't manage to chatch on by own). If you want the name of that account as proof, I wont give it to you. So if that's the only way you would take me serious, then this conversation is kinda over.
" I still fail to see the point of contributing to the problem by trolling, it doesn't make the game any more fun to troll" - I don't know trolling seems like the only option in league if you're stuck in bronze and realistically have no "drive" to actually try anymore to get out etc. This can also be true for other divisions/tiers also like Silver etc. Do people love to s$ittalk? - Yes. Well, why not s$ittalk and lose on purpose on merits that not only can you s$ittalk to a minimum but also have 4 other players that you can kinda drag down with you/your level and play "gOD" of sorts with their league experience. " Some Men Just Want To Watch The World Burn" - Alfred, DarkKnight I'm not saying that I do such things but just trying to see such points from a troll perspective. I also do agree with you that Riot is trying to fix such problems but it's much harder than what people realize.
: > [{quoted}](name=III BAKURYU III ,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=q0NKAasb,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-02-21T19:53:51.746+0000) > > One would think to start back in whatever division/tier you left off would help fix 70% of such problems with the rank system. > > I always thought after your 10 placement games there would be some kind of computer initiating process that would calculate what type of player you are NOT(Garbage= bronze, ok =silver etc) but your playstyle for example: if you're more of a passive laner but great teamfighter or a player that has on average lengthy games(40+) but admirable stats to show that you're not a pushover like 3.5-2.0-5.9-302cs per game), jungler control objective player, then you would also get placed with such players that fit your own style. > > Oh, you are mad because players in your games don't ward well, too bad cause in your placements you yourself didn't ward either. Oh, you are mad because of your teammates only farm and nothing else well, you should have been more active in your placement games to considering you went 0-0-0-400 cs per game on average. > Long story short after your 10 placement games there really should be a day-2 day for Riot/league/computer/Skynet to really take the time to calculate what type of player you are in average(kills-deaths-assists-warding-tower objective, dragons, barons, game lengths etc) I don't know if it is possible really, but that is a fascinating idea, even though I don't know how it could pan out
We're getting there in a sense with the (missions) that Riot has for us to complete and while it's not perfect it's somewhat a start. However, people would be more interested in completing a task such as "Get 200 cs in X game", "Ward 20 times" etc oppose to winning or helping their teammates. More people would be off doing and completing their tasks. However, I would argue winning really has nothing to do with rank if the outcome is relatively going to be the same. { Riot are grading us with "multiple choice"/Right or wrong style of ranked, where instead they should be grading us with "paragraph" type of grading.} schools do the same sometimes for questions that don't really have or might have 1 answer but their main intention is to see what type of person you are and how you come up with such answer/s / "show your work" to some degree. Something is better than nothing at all considering we're in the 21st century and Riot's best scanning of one skill is to have X person placed 3-4 divisions lower; like what's the point in even playing the 10 games if I know there will be a 75-85% chance of being placed much lower than where I started? The only benefactors of ranked are those who never played ranked before and get lucky getting placed in Gold/high Silver vs those who climbed to such ranks multiple times in the past only to start at the bottom.
: 10 thoughts going into Week 8 -- "If you’re ever trying to speedrun something and you screw up early, you just restart. What you see when TL loses is just the unfortunate downside to their NA LCS speedruns."
: Much appreciated response and opinions. I haven't really done one of these since like...Azubu Chat was a thing during a night of LCK. To go into it further, I do have a means to evaluate teams based on a trajectory they play at. Cases like Team Liquid are pretty true to end and I do have them on a slightly downward trajectory at the moment. That means they need some standout performance to really pull themselves into my conversation for a top spot. Last week it's like they did that vs 100T and it was taken right back by CLG. To me, they can play right but god damn they can't play it consistently and convincingly enough. As for Splyce, they're like one of my bubble teams at the moment. One of those teams I want to look at for another week along with other teams just above them. I mentioned that #20 spot is a fight between WE, MSF, and 100T (which tells you 21 and 22 are the two I hadn't chosen). I have Splyce at 23 and could very well see them looking more convincing than the five teams ahead of them. As for the elephant in the room in SKT, I know I'm a bit harsh when it comes to where to put them. Fanbases will see Faker, Bang, and Wolf able to pop off at any point. But to be a great team, you need an entire team able to play the part effectively. That's just not what I'm seeing in the mixed bag from the jungle or top lane. If they reach playoffs, good. Worlds, all the same. But reaching those accolades don't suddenly give you top marks for me. The way you play always has a shed of doubt if you make one. It happened for Samsung...twice. As for the question on game length: that was actually a less than considered metric to factor in. But seeing how a good half of the teams in the study of 44 (the 8 from LMS aren't included) have played to a stall, I started to consider teams who would actually take proactive risks more than those who would play to the point because they as the team could not act on their power or played to that point intentionally. Honestly, an 18-0 team that plays 50+ min games would absolutely look pretty bad and looks even worse in bo3 or bo5 regular season and that goes for any team in any region. I'm someone who doesn't really like teams that _have_ to wait for the mistake or stall to the late game.
No problem dude! Oh, I see SKT near the bottom too as it was clear when SKT faced KZD and got 2-0 easily. Another factor of SKT being desperate is when Faker himself flashes to try to get a kill near a tower 1v3(1v2 known to him). Bang and Wolf just haven't really been impressive as they once were and that's scary when the best team( minus top/jungle right now) for the past 3 years SKT are getting destroyed by 4-5 other teams within the LCK in which really says " It's once again Worlds for Korea" Not that it was ever going anywhere any who. I'm not a 100% "history always repeats itself" type of person but the thing that makes me think SKT could be fine is really certain players and teams' history of choking when it matters for example: KT Rolster and King-Zone have players that for the past 2 years have lack of a better word chocked. KT, especially with Deft, seems to really underperform against teams that they have no real business to lose against but seems to lose to the much inferior teams. We've seen it when he was on Edward Gaming(during worlds against the top "16 teams in the World so giving some justification for him) but still. And when the chips are on the line Pray/Gorilla have fallen short more times than not against even western teams(Cloud 9 back in 2014 for Gorilla and 2016 against CLG for Pray). I say game lengths because certain teams from regions have been in the top 3 in game lengths especially in the LCS where the top winningest team has the longest game lengths. 2017 NA Spring Split Cloud 9 had the most wins and were in the longest average game time. 2017 EU Spring G2 Esports had the most wins and were in the 2nd longest average game time. 2017 NA Summer Team Solomid had the most wins and were in the 3rd longest average game time. 2017 EU Summer Fnatic had the most wins and were in the longest average game time. And that's just in 2017. Samsung Galaxy last year played in average 39-40 min games and won the World Championship as well as G2 winning EU while being one of those slow teams and historically while TSM hasn't done much on International stage, they have been to every NA Finals as being another slow team. From 2015 Spring - 2018 Spring( 7 total splits) we've seen Korea finish #1 in regions' top length between NA/EU/LPL and if they weren't #1 they were #2(three times). While NA/EU have finished in the bottom 2( North America 4 times while Europe finished in such rank 5 times) I say that because Korea within the past 3 years has finished #1 in game length(38.57 mins per game) on average. I look at teams that can play in long games but have good team stats such as defense against tower taking, dragons gave up etc while being in such long and draining games. Whats the saying go " If you win a game too fast you don't learn much but if you lose in a "year-long game" you've learned to defend for a year" or "You've learned a year's worth of ......................" something like that. You get what I mean!?!
: Quick Notes: Breaking Ties
A year ago the LCS had a "Best of 3" for a whole season but when it comes to tie-breakers the "Best of 3" is " 3 games can be too many" - K Also, we're talking about pros who play 20+ games of solo Q a day but can't play 4-5 more games to determine a clear winner and to wrap up their season? But hey, throw in best of 3's/ 2's, rift rivals, some crappy Katowice tournaments, IEM things, MSI, Seasons, playoffs, Finals and finally, Worlds but stamina is too much of a factor for the pros? While I get the "Bye" part in which 3 or more teams are tied with the avg game time but I personally would choose the "Who beat whom" more so than the average game time mainly because some teams are a bit more strategic and take their time in winning games while others are too fast for their own good. 2017 NA Spring Split Cloud 9 had the most wins and were in the longest average game time. 2017 EU Spring G2 Esports had the most wins and were in the 2nd longest average game time. 2017 NA Summer Team Solomid had the most wins and were in the 3rd longest average game time. 2017 EU Summer Fnatic had the most wins and were in the longest average game time. Hell, back in 2014 Team Complexity would have constant 50+ min games in which I think like 3-4 of their games are in the top 20 longest games in pro history and yet, they would consistently beat the top teams. EU LCS " they are going to play all the additional games". Wow, NA needs to stop "Copy and pasting" what Korea does and first start off with EU, especially since EU tends to actually get further than NA at Worlds each and every year. While EU did have some of the weirdest scheduling in the past(2 divisions, best of 2) the fact remains that at least the changes they made actually had some weight to such/results. Why aren't articles like this released near the start of the season so fans, experts, and theory crafters can actually take more than 3 WEEKS to figure out? "Going to the moon on X date but I'm sending out blueprints on how to build the spaceship" type of feel going on right now.
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