: Cancel Rift "Rivals" for NA vs EU....... or
Weexazys (NA)
: They should make RR a youtube/twitch showdown, makes it more casual, still allows Riot to make the big bucks and keeps it interesting. EU Streamers/Youtubers vs NA Streamers/Youtubers.
I mean that's an idea but All-Stars was kinda 70% streamers and going forward All-Stars will more than likely be the same and other International events. I know for a fact I wouldn't watch streamer vs streamer because I have very little respect for such compared to pros.
FoxV (NA)
: Maybe NA and EU should have a 8 on 8 best of 3 where each team will play based on their ranked counterpart Haha stupid idea now that i think about it
No idea is "stupid". I will say you need to explain it to me like I'm a 5 year old tho. lol
OHminus (NA)
: LCS power rankings (opinion)
1. Team Liquid 15-3 I agree that Broxah should help Jensen more so than Xmithie has and overall will be just plain and simple, better. Team Liquid would have to either be taking the first half of the split haphazardly for them to fall of the top 1-2 pedestal. 2. Team Solomid 14-5(Tie-Breaker) I actually love TSM's roster! The only problem(besides chemistry and Dardoch's obvious behavior issues) is Bjergsen, Biofrost and Kobbe all play for late game and mainly passive players - Dardoch and BB will need to carry them in the early game but that could get exploited if Dardoch gives BB the good ole' ( Reignover - Huni treatment) and teams will soon find ways to counter that. 3. Cloud 9 13-6( Tie-Breaker) This one is kinda hard only because this team has no real shotcaller or true carry in the late game. Zven isn't a carry but more so instead a utility ADC and Nisqy is closer to a Fenix level where he'll die randomly to get a kill himself or outplay. If it wasn't for Vulcan on the team I would have placed them much lower. 4. Evil Geniuses 10-8 If Svenskeren can carry C9 with a struggling Sneaky and Nisqy than he should be able to 'carry' EG to the Playoffs. Irean the coach for CLG last split is coaching them so that's a +. Jiizuke tends to be overlooked because he had a bad year in EU but he's still a great talent. Sure I still see EG having a few bad games but I'm still leaning them for Playoffs. 5. FlyQuest 9-9 The roster looks good on paper but I can careless for Santorin and Viper tends to be that rookie that fell off but everyone wants to talk about BB and how he fell off, but not Viper? Wildturtle and Ignar will be an exciting kill lane for FQ and more than likely the true carries on the team. 6. Counter Logic Gaming 8-10 I don't see the hype for Crown within CLG or CLG for that matter! I think Ruin and Wiggily had OK splits that got blown out of proportion only because CLG was complete trash for so long at the time. Let's not forget how many splits CLG got hyped up only to go 7-11. CLG in the spring were average but were suddenly 12-7 in the summer only because the NA level of play went down compared to Spring split and everyone said such. 7. Dignitas 6-12 Wouldn't be surprised if this team leads the LCS with most kills but also most deaths. LOL It's a good roster top to bottom but it is the biggest ? out of the 10 teams currently for me. DIG has the leadership, they have the EXP, the have the talent to win games. Froggen has had like 2 winning splits within a 11 split seasons so sure, he'll put up stats and play passive and do nothing but farm 24/7 but lose and fans will be like ' look at his stats ' . 8. Immortals 6-12 I think Altec is below average, Hakuho had 1 decent split where he and CG eliminated TSM in Playoffs without TSM reaching Finals for the first time ever and got branded as this Thresh god only for him to look decent on such since. Eika can either be a real steal for Immortals or not but I do see IMT being a team that works together and has good synergy but not many wins. 9. 100 Thieves 5-13 Stunt is a good player, Meteos, Ssumday, Cody, the coaching staff is top notch but I honestly think the MID could slow them down and it's not so much all Ry0ma but Soligo also. Ry0ma just like Eika could be really good or really bad and let's say it's the latter, Soligo is the backup mid and my good(0-10) he's garbage. This is a team that has decent academy players for TOP/JNG tho. 10. Golden Guardians 5-13 I do think this team will be a pleasant surprise for a few weeks before falling down the standings. If GG replaces Goldenglue for Ablazeolive( Which I think they will) I'll give a few more wins and even able to fight for playoffs! the problem is the bot lane has to be the worst in the LCS and the jungler is another ? from OCE.
Arammus (EUW)
: id like to add 2 things 1. all stars is very soon after worlds and in pre season. really noone gives a shit 2. they had so many random streamers and youtubers, which 90% i dont know so this made the event even more boring for me and about rift rivals: make it random. put all the teams in a pool and then pull from that. the only reason why na vs eu is still a thing is because the r%%%%%ed casters hype this shit up ALL THE FUCKING TIME even in interviews players say "its not really a thing" "its the casters that hype this up" etc etc. it is so fucking annoying. yeah maybe na ends up facing china and they get absolutely crushed... BUT WHO CARES!? thats still better for na. because they can learn from a region that they almost NEVER play against thats also WORLD CHAMPS! but as we all know riot (and especially na) turn super brainless when it comes to these things and nothing will be done. i mean after worlds many ppl said na's problem is the constant swapping players out for new ones instead of working with the players they got. i thought FINALLY THE WORLD GETS IT! what does na do? half their fucking lcs is alrdy swapped. they dont learn, they dont want to learn, they can hope LoL dies soon before they end up being a wildcard region that even south latin america and japan laugh at.
NA honestly just doesn't take International tournaments(World) seriously. To NA just getting bank $, having a job security playing video games for a living and looking like a rock star is all that matters.......winning within regions isn't on our bucket list. That's the 100% truth! I always wanted All-Stars to be a month or so before Worlds and not after just so the players can relax a bit and get a read on the meta on stage before Worlds starts.
: I would actually like it to be 3 bottom teams from both regions playing against each other. It's something we really never see normally and it would help see how strong the region actually is and not just the top 3. I would even be interested in watching it. They would probably put in more effort than the top teams.
Same here. I think the lower 3 seeded teams would put in a better effort. It would help the lower teams get exposure and have them hopefully be better within their own region.
OHminus (NA)
: There's one thing wrong with your post. LMS doesn't exist anymore... actually yea, NA might have a better chance at a rivalry with a nonexistant region than EU
I know, that's why I had the {{item:3070}}
Yennyyen (NA)
: Worlds 2020
Tedious. The only ways such would be entertaining after awhile is if the bracket stage was like the NFL where it's a Best of 1. However, we are talking about Best of 3's and such would become tedious to watch. Many viewers wouldn't even watch the winners first rounder bracket if they know the losers aren't eliminated to begin with. Worlds needs to not have the Loser bracket or it will eliminate any of the glow and desperation Worlds already has. Many of the League Finals are boring and 1 sided. The only league finals that wasn't a joke was the 2016 finals.
Dimwitt (NA)
: The short if it is this Lets say we have our 4 major regions (LCK,LPL,EU,NA) The 1st seeds always go A-D in group but instead of having the 2nd seed "Drawn" into the remaining set each regional Winner gets to choose where their opposition lands. So in the case of previous years RR EU would get to select which bracket NA 2nd seed goes to. They could feed us to whichever region (with a change including our own).
Ok not as messy as I first thought. The only and possibly last thing is about the other regions(LCK/LPL) would they be ok with NA/EU placing their opponents in a group with them? Or would the LCK/LPL Rift Rivals do the same as you just mentioned with EU vs NA? Let's say NA beat EU last year/this year and place G2 in a group with SKT/RNG/G2 that would get even more hate than this past year where it was random but SKT/RNG/FNC was in the same group. I like your idea don't get me wrong but at the same time I can only see people getting upset.(What else is new within the league community)
Dimwitt (NA)
: I like rift rivals. But i don't like the way it's currently handled. It has no impact and that's the problem. If that event and MSI actually meant something then maybe teams would compete. Don't turn it into amateur hour or all stars lite to solve the problem but make it count for Worlds Bracket positioning. Like the winning region gets to choose where the others land instead of the current draw system.
Would need to elaborate and explain a bit more but I sorta like it. It could get messy and a bit chaotic tho.
Infernape (EUW)
: They should make Rift Rivals a mid year "all star" game, where they're allowed to have fun in the game. Nobody takes it seriously aside from the Koreans/Chinese.
Or just remove it and have NA be a Best of 3 in which it'll give teams another 1-2 week to span out the best of 3's and such or, like I said before, just have such be a break for the players. I've understood having All-Stars AFTER Worlds but at the same time I wanted All-Stars be BEFORE Worlds so any pressure from the players could be normal and relaxed maybe 1-2 weeks before Worlds. It'll give players/teams a scouting of certain patches, it's relaxing and it's for fun just before Worlds and having to be back to being serious. It also doesn't help to have teams be forced to play in an mandatory event that means nothing about 2 weeks before the split ends. Riot, the casters, players, the fans, viewers everyone complains when X team comes back from middle of the split tournaments and not look the same because of such, so 2 weeks before Summer Playoffs for Worlds makes it worse. CLG(2016), TSM(2017), TL(2018) all come back AFTER the Spring Playoffs and went to MSI and overall played fine but once they came back they looked like complete jokes compared to what they performed and were late to certain patches. And that was after the split ended and not in the middle like Rift "Rivals" tends to be. RR is just a waste of time.
: Cancel Rift "Rivals" for NA vs EU....... or
How the hell do I have 65+ upvotes and 2.3K views but no comments? lol
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: All Female Tournament
Let's be honest, 'a lot of guys follow female streamers ' only to see their a$$.
: E-sports and Politics 2020
Are you trying to have some sort of conversation or watch the games? Yes it's nice to have a chit-chat or look at the chat for some sort of interesting and aspiring sayings and such but c'mon.
: So, What Would Be the Best Way to Show Displeasure at the LCS?
I say we storm Area Riot! they can't stop all 3 of us that shows up to Area Riot.
: Can anyone explain how tanks can actually be tanks.
You're literally wasting your time building tank in league these days. Here in 3-4 years above 80% of the community will want the ole' league to return.... similar to say how horror games are somewhat returning to their roots and actually become scary again. As of right now, league is too focused on looking like another generic game... like Call of Duty XIII or something.
Mianta (NA)
: What happens during off-season?
NA buys more talent.....only for such to still get rekt on the International grounds.
: how do you have 5 options in the poll but still have all of them be simultaneously polarizing in all the bad ways{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Because multiple forms of negatives = positive
: If I can give an Example "GoldenGlue" Like this dude isn't even good bruh, but people know his IGN, why? Because LCS Team actually utilize him and now he get pick up as Golden Guardians Starting Mid laner I think from what I heard that is
I think GoldenGlue will actually be the support for the team instead. The only way for such to improve is if LCS goes back to Best of 3's because teams would be more willing to give rookies/non-starting players opportunities if there were more games. Teams won't allow X player to play if there's only 18 games in the split. > I mean let's be honest here. No one gives a shit about Academy because of the main LCS Team performing bad for the region. I mean, you ain't wrong.
Rioter Comments
: the 2 main reasons why NA is doing so bad
One of the main issues is the return of Best of 3's! Teams would be more willing to try out newer players for more games if they had more games to do so. Riot doesn't want Best of 3's to return because of $ issues and views. Similar to what others have stated numerous times is that NA as a region is the retirement home for many LCS players. You think NA is bad currently just wait, just wait when some of these older guards like Meteos(26 years old), _Sneaky_(25 years old), _Froggen_(25 years old), D-Lift(26 years old), Xmithie(28 years old), _Aphromoo_(27 years old), retire and/or are already streaming/retired ATM. Many of our developed talents that we think are ready go from Academy to the LCS and get owned like Soligo from 100 Thieves( played 10 games in the LCS and is currently 0-10 - with a KDA of 15 kills - 25 deaths and 21 assists) in which up to that point had one of the better Academy coaches in _Kelsey Moser_ and an Org that a year prior had it's first Finals in it's inaugural split, an MVP and 3 All-1st team players and Worlds. I mean it's sad when Ssumday and Darshan literally turned the Academy league into their playground. There's so much within the NA LCS that's it really is a who-who argument on what can be done, if anything at this stage of the game.
Saezio (EUNE)
: Broxah is a significant upgrade on Xmithie imo and also kinda the same playstyle. I like him as new tl Jungler. But I think the team needs to play more styles to compete in world stage. Not only through bot lane. It's extremely exploitable by any KR CN or even EU team imo.
I think Broxah is a huge upgrade from Xmithie, Xmithie is a great jungler but he's more around that role player similar to say, Pobelter. AKA - Starter pack Something Broxah does better than Xmithie is that he's aggressive and doesn't wait on his team for that typical and predictable 5v5 super- choreographed fights......... instead he just......does what he wants. NA NEEDS those types of players. Think of Dardoch but 2X better, Eu and more mature. 2018 TL was so organized that when a play failed they tended to just lose outright. 2019 TL got better mechanically( Olleh for CoreJJ and Jensen for Pobelter) but the same issue were there for the most part. 2020 TL will be better but not record within the LCS in my opinion.
: TSM a Legacy of Failure (Inspired by Utree)
TSM against SSW game 4 was competitive to the point where they actually had a great play to get 1-2 inhibs but Amazing {{champion:121}} F'ed it up. WildTurtle's {{champion:236}} running from 2-3 SSW players from the top side of botside to TSM's blue was really funny.
Malpas (NA)
: Where is Ranked ARAM
They aren't. So many people would stop playing their exhausting normal ranked games and in turn, would hurt the important NA LCS that can't seem to do anything on the International stage anyways.
: He'll probably get a little worse now that he's here. NA challenger elo just doesn't take the game as seriously as other regions.
That's my thought also. . No disrespect to Jankos but I think Broxah was not only the best Fnatic player ( 1. Caps - 2. Broxah) but when Caps left Broxah was #1) but he's been the best jungler since he competed in the LEC. From 0-4 at Worlds to making it out of Groups, to making it to the Finals and finally making it out of the "Greatest Group of Death of all-time"....... if there's ever a story-arc that NA does well.......it's now. I actually have high hopes as Team Liquid looks good on paper.....but how many times have we said that before?
: i think downgrading na to a wildcard region would be a good thing. i see it as a punch (not a slap) to the face saying "hey you fucks, your performance is so shit that you get downgraded. NOW STEP THE FUCK UP MONEY DOESNT SOLVE EVERYTHING" but yeah. i used to be na fan. i even used to watch it the most out of all regions because of time reasons. last year i didnt watch a single match of the lcs. should say something lol.
I honestly think NA should only have 2 seeds to represent NA. If the LMS can win Worlds and still only have 2 seeds to represent the LMS.........and yet, NA has 3 every year and be a complete joke is {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: insane that na still didnt learn a thing lol. the lcs mentality in a nutshell: hey we are a team of 5 ppl. oh 2-3 didnt perform well this split, we will instantly kick them out and import some korean/eu talent. oh the talent didnt perform that well the next split, time to kick some more and import more. na has no team synergie, no teambuilding nothing. its literally "throw the best players we can get together and hope they do well" i bet if na could hire faker, rookie doinb caps they would do it and put 4 midlaners into the same team because "they are all the best" and then bench them the next split because the team failed to perform. after worlds i had hopes for na reading that coaches and analysist see the problem in the teams mentality and it hought FINALLY NA GOT IT but nope. nothing changed. oh well.
NA mentality will **NEVER** change, **EVER**. Why work hard when you get the cow for free? NA will never take scrims or solo Q serious enough that it makes our region good for once( 4 fun region). Our top stars will always think they are the best when in reality they would be a sub in EU at best. I can already see the interview from Dash after the 2020 Summer Finals - " Many people hope that NA does well at Worlds........ will we do well at Worlds?" It's the same question year after year with the same results. Sure, Cloud 9 makes it out of groups every so often but that's the same team over 3 per year. It's like being a teacher and the same student is the only one that passes your tests. Are you a good teacher or not? Is NA a major region or not? Should NA only be given 2 teams for Worlds or not? Some say why limit/eliminate one of the NA teams/seeds and only have 2 teams represent NA, how will that help NA at worlds? I honestly think it's overdue for NA to do well and to make it out of groups on the regular basis to instead, punishment. I personally am so tired of NA being complete garbage that I want only 2 teams to represent NA and to have the LCS to be called the Cloud 9 Invitational. We can't keep continuing to just steal talent from other regions because NA has more $ and still suck on the International stage. There are no excuses left and its' been so for the past 3 years.
: I was wondering what TSM would do to address their jungle carousel.
TSM has all of the jugnlers Golden Guardians has all of the supports it seems.
: Will Broxah save NA?
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: NA Please produce something other than trash!!
Azca33 (NA)
: Broxah - A top tier jungler or a EU player looking to NA for retirement?
Xmithie was a good objective jungler but not mechanically barring a decent amount of great mechanics to steal dragons like at MSI 2016 with {{champion:203}} when he was on CLG. Xmithie has been quoted as being a " Tracker" jungler and it's far from the truth with him. He reacts but never initiates. Every game I saw him play on the International stage for the past 3 years has him walking and forth when fights are happening: if you aren't going to help fight.......just literally walk away and do something else but nope, he'll literally just stand like. The thing about NA and NA teams is that we need/trying to have players be carries on their own and have them do their own thing. AKA "Revis Island" is what I call it. Impact was literally left alone when he was on Cloud 9 and he carried them to Finals, Worlds, Quarters etc. Ruin on CLG was the same thing in which CLG left him to do what felt was right and CLG benefited from such. Broxah will more than likely do his usual help D-Lift in lane so he can get his usual ego and such but overall, he'll be an **aggressive** jungler and that's what NA **NEEDS** to be if NA wants to actually grow as a region and that's be aggressive when push comes to show. I will say Broxah leaving EU for NA is just for the $ and nothing else. NA's $ V is too delicious to just walk away from.....here soon NA be EU's little brother ~~BEOCH~~
datfatguy (OCE)
: Are you trying to say that WWE isn’t rigged? lol what that shit’s known for being fake and scripted
: Svenskeren and Zeyzal to Evil Geniuses.
Blaber may be better in the early game and all but overall I honestly think he's a C- player at best. We've been at this fast paced style of League for the last 2-3 years and that's been the span of Blaber's career.....if league EVER(won't) returns to a slower paced game I don't see Blaber being nearly as good as people think of him now. Sneaky and Licorice will both NEED to step up and actually become carries for Cloud 9 if they want to be contenders. Zeyzal is 50/50 considering we've seen enough out of Sneaky to know what X support can and can't get out of him. I will say Diamond their backup support kinda sucks. Svenskeren on the other hand is a huge blow to C9 as he's been with the team for 2 years and experience and chemistry goes a long way for teams in general. Svenskeren is only 23 and has loads of experience for EG but also, he's also now an NA resident! Evil G's roster could be lethal with 2 potential import slots. The interesting thing about Cloud 9's jungle situation is if Reignover returns or not. Cloud 9 already took a hit with Jensen but now Sven and Zeyzal.......... Talks is EG will be a Cloud 9 2.0 with Kumo(Top), Svenskeren(Jungle), Deftly(ADC) and Zeyzal(Support) but Froggen returning to his ole' org.
17171 (EUW)
: Lets sum up the final and get a look at why it seemed rigged.
Next you are going to tell me the NBA, NHL, NFL and WWE are rigged of sorts? You acting like $ makes the world go round or something. LOL
: But 3 - 1 = 2 G2 The script is G2 the entire time.
What about the music video "Rise _Phoenix_ FunPlus **Phoenix**?
: I Have Been to the Future (Spoilers Beware)
Dumb! Everyone knows G2 will sub out their whole roster for a full roster of NA players just so NA can take pride at reaching past the semifinals for the first time.
Saezio (EUNE)
: Should Jakeylove have been suspended based on previous cases?
Inting and AFK is ok but if you say ANYTHING.... your a$$ is GRASS
MakJuice (NA)
If G2 wins Worlds NA fans will be like ' The West won' LOL
: Korea and NA
G2 and EU are carrying the West(NA) on their backs.
WinDoos (EUNE)
: (unpopular opinion) Sneaky perfectly explains why NA can't compete
Look at TSM 2016 and NA in general at a point that NA was in my opinion the most competitive it ever was up to that point. 2017 was also competitive with Best of 3's and what not. 2016 TSM spent close to a year( 2016 Spring they had to fight just to make the Playoffs 9-9 and even then they had to face 3 Seed Cloud 9, 1 Seed Immortals and eventually the 2 Seed CLG). So even in Spring they more than likely practiced hard. That Summer TSM literally didn't stream and was again, at the time the best NA team "ever".......they went 3-3 and eliminated in the group stage......D-Lift the most veteran player at the time in North America was so exhausted he literally took a split off(his intention until he came back and joined TL for some games). NA players can't handle what the Asian teams put themselves through to win. NA can't compete... after 10 years I think it's a telltale bet to say NA just doesn't have what it takes. D-Lift was also still streaming 2 days before his Worlds match started and didn't really seem all that interested. So yes, it's an NA situation and not just a single player(Sneaky) but again, you can't fix something that doesn't want to be fixed. The NA players don't give a flying f$ck about winning Worlds! It's all about making quick $ and even foreign players know such and how desperate NA is( Arrow, Huni, Reignover, Impact, PowerofEvil, Crown) they didn't come over to help NA( NA honestly need them as much as it sucks) NA will never compete with the rest of the world GET OVER IT!
: Can we change NA soloq culture by rejecting hate speech
Quáx (NA)
: Whats been going on this year with EU and NA's fanbase
Just ignore them..........? That was difficult
: It's getting annoying af to see nothing but Xayah & Kai'Sa in literally every game in Worlds
Riot is in a pickle to feed the masses of female (E-Girls) of/for female skins. Have you noticed everything is female based for the past year!? Cinematics have lately just been the 'Power of Females' Ever since Rito got into trouble with the farting in faces and such it's been so. To ask Riot to nerf {{champion:145}} {{champion:498}} is to: 1. Be sexist 2. Riot doesn't nerf damage! LOL If anything they'll just "nerf" them by buffing them in some way. -7 AD at levels 1-2 but +90 at level 5 will most likely be done by Rito.
MakJuice (NA)
: If Invictus Gaming wins it all again, what does that mean to NA and Team Liquid?
In a seriousness TL was in a tough group but frankly we've been saying ' Oh well X NA team is in a difficult group' year after year after year and at some point we gotta say "You're locked in here with me" instead of the other way around. Every group can looked at difficult from an NA point of view because we(NA) are just an inch away from LMS/Wildcard tier. I agree 100% with what Chompy said in his post. We sent the "Back to back to back to back" LCS Champions and the "Best team NA has ever sent to Worlds" with an All-Star level talent and we got the average D-Lift special 3 wins..... no excuses.
Jewemy (NA)
: Worlds Format Ideas
I think changing the name of the schedule would honestly help NA(the only "major" region that needs help at this point) have week one but change ~~week two~~ to **week one*** Also, give all NA teams a 1-0 record right from the start.
Saezio (EUNE)
: Who was more glad with the group results? (poll)
I think NA is happier so holiday break could be longer.
: Legit question: Why? Time after time we as a region have failed when our brothers in the EU have succeeded. At this point I know that whatever I watch at the LCS is just child's play compared to areas like Korea or China where at least it feels like there's competition there. I've been giving NA a chance for so long, but I'm just tired of it all. I won't even leave a "Hope LCS does better next year" cuz at this point we all know they won't. They haven't proved it yet to be worth that wishful thinking.
There's honestly numerous reasons on why NA just can't get over the hill: 1.) Talent NA doesn't have the #'s to find and scout players like these other regions do. 2.) It's not a "career" or "Sport" Playing videogames around older people is frowned upon. D-Lift's parents(RIP his mother) didn't want him to playgames as a career because they didn't think it was one. 2-3 years ago) they changed their mind on the amtter because he was making money and had a stable career. As long as you are making $ and it's a stable career to many Asian families they'll let you do such as a career. For European it's more of less the same thing. Here in the States tho, you gotta follow the status quo or be looked down upon. Drop the "Redbulls" and "Monsters" pick up a good ole' BEER and tackle some guy while wearing short-shorts and dont' forget to slap your "B" every now and then.....Now that's a "REAL SPORT" right THEREE' American is fixed on it's own Monopoly of sports, system and propaganda. _If you don't support the military for justice(oil) invading other countries, watching sports(Football/Basketball) and eating to fill NA belly YOU ARE A TERRORIST_ Anything that's "different" or goes against the normal way of life in America is going against America and we just can't have that. 3.) It's easier to stream Don't really need to elaborate. 4.) We buy talent This goes with #1 but looking at it with another glimpse is that NA tends to pick up players that helps NA in the short term but not long term. Team Liquid's coach Cain for example, his English has improved but notto the point where the best NA team that has "Ever produced" can understand him without a translator...for 2 years now. Having players that not only has the mechanics but you can actually understand them goes a long way in my opinion. Anyone can literally buy talent but team chemistry is much better. Look at EU and how many of the teams that had Korean imports did well and all but compared to the all European teams it was better for the players all to be around the C+ tier but understand each other compared to having a overall B- tier as a team but carried by those Korean members. 5.) Being strict - Respect There's a reason why many Asian teams are better than Western teams(NA) they actually have schedules. Yes, NA has scrim blocks and X block and Mon-Sun blocks etc etc "It’s not the hours you put in your work that counts, it’s the work you put in the hours". – Sam Ewing CLG had Montecristo as a coach in 2014 and there was rumors/stories in Link's "donezo manifesto" that when Monte would be talking(Via Skype) the players wouldn't even be listening but instead be on the internet, playing games etc. Team Liquid back in Season 6/7(Dardoch) would disrespect their coach(Loco) to the point where Piglet( The Korean player) disliked Loco but found it to be wrong and overall rude to disrespect their coach. After each LCS loss do you think the players and team sit down and actually watch and study their material to learn from such? I don't. Nope, they more than likely just play solo Q and that's really about it. And my god, I honestly believe solo Q is overrated. Solo Q is important but not THAT important. Isn't solo Q like 2-3 patches BEHIND or AHEAD of the meta/patch that is being played on the LCS stage? 6.) This one is tough because $ and views plays a factor into such but that would be returning to a **Best of** instead of a BO1 format. " Switch to bo3’s and increase broadcast days per week to 4. More games on stage = more valuable stage experience for players. This also allows teams to take more risks on giving rookies time to develop on stage. - MonteCristo Twitter feed. ' oh but the players fatigue' OK! So they can't play 2-3 games on stage minimum (4 games ) - max( 6 games) a week but they can play 20 or so solo Q games per day? _K_ Developing rookies in the Academy stage is OK but if **meh** is facing **meh**how are they going to develop or get better with that talent level? With Best of 3's it allows teams to sub in their role players to try different strategies and such. Hard to do so when it's a short (season) of 18 games and starting off 0-4 is pretty much a death sentence AKA 100 Thieves. 7.) Erase this Spring/Summer splits and combine them! Whatever record you and your team ended with at the end of the (Spring split -14-18 games) is what you start out with at the start of the ( Summer split). No clean slates, no team that kinda overperforms in the spring but sucks in the summer but still be able to make Worlds because of ( Points) AKA FlyQuest. ** Cut some wires of the safety net and the players will focus more on not falling off. ** The Winner of the ~~Split~~ **Season** is the #1st Seed - The Runner up is the #2nd Seed The winner between the 3rd place matchup is the #3rd Seed for NA - OR have a group of the final 4 teams similar to Worlds. Either way, the whole NA ~~Splits~~ is dumb because it semi rewards teams that are good for half of the time of the year and not the whole year. These are just some reasons and solutions and such but personally **at this time** I don't care.
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