: Jax build paths (no trolls please)
Just type " Jax build paths" into google and you will find what you seek
: TSM is starting to come off as a bunch of celebrities
They have no balls honestly. Every International tournament they play safe and super passive, until it's too late and they eventually lose from that style. Bjergsen goes even(which is great but in the end it's just another " OH, I didn't die to make a play happen and look at my nice KDA etc etc, so I can't be blamed for losing) D-Lift needs to retire, once he started to get pwn in the lane phase(One of his key "strengths" it was over. Sven dies 300 times each game and BioFrost looks like a freaking 4-5 split rookie, can't believe TSM passed up on like 4-5 better supports for him(Madlife, Piccaboo, Ignar) for someone that isn't even near a level of skill from say Lustboy.
: Travis Gafford's theory on IMT's departure.
Riot are trying to eliminate any teams that does better than TSM at Worlds, so TSM don't look so inept.
: > [{quoted}](name=III BAKURYU III ,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=sdK1q5uE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-10-17T13:53:28.458+0000) > > For C9 on the other hand they once again had to rely on SKT beating teams for them to make it to the bracket stage, while WE earned a spot themselves. Simply not true. C9 won 3 games and EDG won 2. If EDG could have beaten C9 or AHQ week 1, they might have made it out. But they didn’t. They couldn’t close against AHQ and they got absolutely demolished and obliterated by C9. Surely to happen again in a tie breaker when C9 bans the Cait. Next time they should win more games. Don’t come at me with that Garbo.
IN which if SKT lost to EDG C9 would have been in a tie-breaker and 2014 lost, 2015 lost tie-breaker C9 are bad when it comes to tie-breakers within Worlds, that's not "Garbo" that's fact.
: Not saying C9 will win, but to say that they got carried to the bracket stage is complete nonsense, C9 won more games than EDG, end of story. As far as past performances go, the teams C9 has had to play in the bracket stage since the new worlds format are usually one of the top two Korean teams, WE is probably a top four or five team. WE is no Samsung Blue. WE is no 2016 Samsung.
Didn't say they got carried, all I said was that they relied on SKT once again on making it to the bracket stage which is 100% accurate. Even if SKT lost to EDG, C9 would be in a tie-breaker and if 2017 have shown us anything it's NA are trash when it comes to tie-breakers and C9 are no exception to that losing tie-breakers in 2014 and 2015, maybe 2017 would have been a 3rd times the charm situation.
: C9 WILL Beat WE
Cut from the same cloth C9 and WE are. They both were in the play-in stage just to be apart of Worlds. They both started off meh within the tournament and both got better as time went on, especially for team WE. For C9 on the other hand they once again had to rely on SKT beating teams for them to make it to the bracket stage, while WE earned a spot themselves. Do I think C9 CAN beat WE? YES Do I think C9 WILL beat WE? IDK, I mean, It's worlds and each year it's reallly the same. If you seen 2013 Worlds you already saw 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 looking just about the same.
Womp123 (NA)
: Time for TSM to Shake up Their Roster
I honestly just don't see Bjergsen changing the way he plays, he plays passive(nothing Froggen like), he plays safe and goes even. The whole "Syndra press R" is a meme but it's not too far from the truth. He tends to only get going(kills/on a roll) during teamfights or getting camped(Solomid) for. The Syndra is a pocket pick that more times than not, he picks when up against better teams, its what you could say, his safe pick. 0-4 is his record I believe on Zed and LB combined at Worlds I also just haven't really seen him do much of anything with such champions that he's given, is he given meh champions to work with I suppose but the fact is he doesn't make plays or take risks, he simply just goes even every game, and that's not a knock on him at all, as going even against top talent is very impressive but he's the best player in the West and he doesn't seem to actually know what to do or how to use such skill. Let's be honest here for a minute, if Parth said play X champion, I'm pretty sure Bjergsen can say just about anything to his liking, as He, Parth and Regi all know Bjergsen is TSM and without him..... Sven ok, maybe he can leave but the only problem is he's the only aggressive player on TSM and while Hauntzer has his moments he's not going to be able to be aggressive if he needs time to scale. Hauntzer the whole Jayce pick was stupid, and I believe that's two years in a row where he picked it in elimination games at Worlds and lost on it. NA tops should honestly just stick to tank champions because they can't actually create pressure off winning their lane and they can't seem to get early leads to win games from it, especially if Bjergsen and D-Lift are on the team as carries or the primary carries. Overall, TSM do need to shake things up with either A. Bjergsen leaves. I would rather both Bjergsen to leave and find another team and for TSM to get a mid that if the team does lose, at least he does something to create wins, other than just going even every game and losing anyways. B. D-Lift leaves/. We've seen what having girlfriends does to players(makes them worse) to the point where they don't spend enough time to the game that they intend to win Worlds playing. Sven and D-lift leaves/. D-Lift was a huge reason on why TSM lost in 16 and 17(Victor mid lane that cost TSM the baron). C. Svenskeren leaves/. The problem is the whole EU jng(Bjergsen has had 3 junglers since being in the league(Svenskeren, Amazing and Santorin) all 3 Eu for the connection with BJergsen, if Svenskeren leaves I do see the roster at that point really losing both Sven and Bjerg Overall, Biofrost is safe and so is Hauntzer 100% in my opinion. D-Lift will most likely retire and that tall dude(Rallez) will more than likely take his place, Sven will most likely stay on the team as a Blank/Bengi role until they find someone as a replacement(Reignover most likely).
: Forgive Me For I Have Sinned
GoatPope (NA)
: TSM would do so much better if they played to their strengths instead of copying LCK
"Copy paste" what Korea does, each and every game/year, both in the NA LCS and at Worlds. It's not getting old anytime soon tho
: How can you expect Bjergsen to carry when Riot has gutted every single carry except from ADC? The game revolves around marksmen. Other lanes barely have any impact in team fights. A mage can't even touch an ADC these days. It's better to play it safe when getting fed as a mid laner doesn't even matter.
Carry doesn't always mean getting 5-10 kills, look at POE with his Ryze ult to pick off DL. Sometimes a mid needs to be the one that engages, instead NA are too settled with this Tank go in for 40 mins and I "might" follow up. While other regions aren't scared to engage with carries to have the enemy team bite to spring the trap.
: Every year I have a bet with a friend since 2013 who thinks TSM is the greatest thing of all time. Since 2013. Today I collect my fifth prize betting they won't get to the world finals. Ah, I do love a stubborn friend. Hope SKT has excellent designs for next year, as usual! Fan of SKT since 2013, not a fair weather fan, and this whole TSM mania is also amusing because many people I know who are TSM fans are in bronze. Joke writes itself.
Today I collect my fifth prize betting they won't get to the (world finals). Your friend thought TSM/NA could get to a World Final? Jesus, what an awful bet on their part, not even fair.
: Want to know why NA never does well at worlds?
In short "Copy paste" what Korea does 24/7
: now will people finally stop cheering for TSM? haha
~~TSM TSM TSM ~~ TeamS$itmid TeamS$itmid TeamS$itmid
: I guess only some of knew all NA were *F* since DAY 1
Lol, so far NA(2014-2017/Cont) are what 24-12 in the first week, followed up by 8-30 in the second week. What a joke
: What happened to NA at worlds?
The Monstars are to blame !
: DoubleLift taking another break Announcement
: Oh TSM bringing back Turtle
For the 90th time TSM bringing back Turtle
: TSM had the easiest group they have ever been placed in in their International Career.
I just don't get TSM/Bjergsen 2014 Spring he was a monster getting like 7 kills per game and the team was built around him and his dmg as a carry, ever since that split TSM have adopted this protect the ADC comp, Bjergsen doesn't have that "GO" instinct about him anymore, like I said multiple times in the past he goes even in lane each and every worlds.....EVEN, doesn't win just even, he doesn't even try to make a play happen until it's too late, way too passive and scared to make 1-2 plays happen without his EU jungler(Amazing/Santorin/Svenskeren) to camp him(solomid pun). Hauntzer stop playing Jayce ! You're not Khan ! You're not Pawn ! You're an NA player ! play some big ass tank and just peel you YDB! What is the 2 years in a row you've played Jayce in elimination games? Doublelift retire dude ! Honestly, isn't kinda funny the split CLG threw your ass out they actually DID something on the International stage and seemed to have gone back to the old CLG before you joined, before the losing started.
: C9 is NA's last hope to save face
NO, copy paste Korea is the only answer !
: Now that Team SoloMid failed to make it out of worlds yet again...
Western Faker - What a joke ! Febiven, Caps, POE, Ryu are all closer to Faker than Bjegsen
: Stop Giving NA So Many Undeserved Spots in Worlds!
Why even give NA a spot to begin with ? We already know they/we are garbage and always lose, other than C9 but even so, NA as a region suck. S1 - Had a year to understand the game before the Koreans/Asian teams(EU won Worlds), it was an EU vs NA Worlds and yet, NA gets pounded, wasn't even a NA team in the finals. S2 - An Azubu Frost player looked at the map for 3 secs.(LMS Won Worlds), at the time and possibly still is the greatest upset in League history. S3 Was this the year that Dyrus s$it talked potential Samsung White with " Group A is easier than Group B" or something with Sjokz saying " You just hit on Ozone/SSW" Dyrus - "Everybody" Oh, who that backfired in the future for TSM( Twice 2014/2016) S4 NA actually did something GJ S5 Fnatic and OG made EU proud with actually winning their group. #represent when the tournament is in your region(maybe next year NA can do the same) S6 NOPE, the Koreans, the Asians, Eu and even IWC teams came into NA and pillaged the lands, took our group, our women, our elo etc. S7 Different year with the same s$it.
Maszii (EUW)
: A reason not to root for C9
They would just wear a hat
: NA > EU... EU > NA... You’re Missing the Point
Meh, but let's cause LCK > NA +Eu combined so.....
: Go for it C9! Europe is cheering for you!
Meh, hury up and get eliminated so we have an actual decent playoffs instead of a ass pounding sweep in QT's
arans (NA)
: god kid you are such a loser.
: Well there's still C9.
I salute them as they are the only NA team worth a damn, however, I personally want ALL NA teams to be eliminated just to stick it to them. Remember that video package something like " All 3 NA teams can make it out of groups" well, I want that to be somewhat true, make it out by being eliminated.
: Lol it's sad and funny at the same time.
While fan base for TSM is high, I just don't see how anyone can support TSM anymore, or NA honestly.
: > [{quoted}](name=III BAKURYU III ,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=g8HzB527,comment-id=0001000100000000,timestamp=2017-10-14T09:07:15.616+0000) > > Nah man, Russia teams like Gambit Gaming eliminated SSW Worlds 2013. Albus Nox eliminated CLG and G2 and EU has a trophy/ring, multiple semi-Finals. > NA has RR that's about it Yo i'm really surprised CLG/Dig didn't make it to worlds they looked really good.
DIG is DIG, second half of splits they sink faster than the Titanic and for CLG, they lost so much objective focus. CLG 2016 had fewer kills and fought much less than the 2017 but more so much better objective wise. Think about that, 2016 CLG had like on average 3-4 less kills but were better than the kill/offense focus 2017.
: > [{quoted}](name=III BAKURYU III ,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=g8HzB527,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2017-10-14T09:01:19.191+0000) > > People said that because TSM were in the group. Kappa Were they like from Russia or somewhere around Europe?
Nah man, Russia teams like Gambit Gaming eliminated SSW Worlds 2013. Albus Nox eliminated CLG and G2 and EU has a trophy/ring, multiple semi-Finals. NA has RR that's about it
: People said TSM has the most easiest groups and can advance then I see c9 getting the hardest group lawl they are doing ok!
People said that because TSM were in the group. Kappa
: Could be a good thing...
The problem is TSM keeps on winning NA in which A. They get cocky and B. The tend to just copy paste what Korea does, even tho at Worlds, it's not about who you can rip off from but more so how can you create your own meta and style. It's like they sneaked into SKT's room, stole their book of plays and instead of actually knowing what the plays in the book mean, they just "cliff note" and expected not to get countered.
: I’ve been raged on in the past for this, but these kinds of performances from TSM at international events shows that their regional success is tainted. Especially when other NA teams perform better than them. I’ve continually pointed out the fact that C9 is better than TSM... funny how they outperform them at worlds every year, but always lose during the split... (Frog drinking coffee meme)
Indeed, it really seems that for NA teams getting decent top laners is the answer or just a quick fix in roster rotation to plug up the holes, instead of actually working with a team with communication and hard work. The only reason TSM keeps on winning NA is mainly because the NA mid talent just isn't good and like I said before, teams just try to get 1-2 Koreans or any form of talent to subdue NA's poor talent pool. I can't wait to see if this whole franchising bits NA/Riot in the arse when half of the community stops watching NA/ or league in general. I know I'm done watching and playing league.
Rioter Comments
: Maybe we should have sent P1, lol.
~~TSM TSM TSM TSM~~ P1 P1 P1 !
MysterQ (NA)
: Even with 5Koreans, NA still would not advance.
Damn it, You won't let me dream will you ! You just gotta keep laying down the factdown huh ?
Rioter Comments
: The sad reality of worlds.
Why try towin worlds, when you can exit early and stream instead ?
: I would laugh at that normally but its really a shame that NA is having the worst luck and while I dont consider myself a true fan of NA it would be nice if ONE NA team could make it out of week 2 :( Heres hoping for C9 at the very least. 😝
I personally hope all 3 NA teams get eliminated honestly, So tired of this flop like a fish 2-1/3-0 leads every year, only for 1 if that NA team to make it out of groups! Like, how many Korean players does NA need, I suppose a full Korean team, cause NA/EU and even a full LPL team(LMQ) can't get this garbage region over the hump and it's sad at this point. RIP NA 2011-Whenever League dies
: Can someone explain to me what is going on?
: I like to be proven Wrong, but TSM is going Home with IMT
: Ya i dont care about clg much personally because ever sense they lost rush hour they are garbage. But imt is equally garbage without reignover and huni. If i had to pick 1-2 teams of na to acomplish anything it wouldnt be either of them
CLG got better without Rush hour/D-Lift/Aphroo, Stixxay was and is a much better fit with CLG than D-Lift ever was. Were a complete joke in NA for years, finally won 1 split, removed Double and instantly became a decent International team, 2nd at MSI, beating the likes of RNG/SKT/G2 but again, losing to IWC teams, had a better record that same year at Worlds oppose to the previous year with Double.
: agreed. Now Eu suddenly think fnatic is good for some reason just because they beat a team that wouldnt have even made it to worlds if c9 took second seed. Only reason they got second was c9 expiramenting swapping out ray and impact costed them a few matches. Clg would most likely have won the gauntlet. Either way its irrelevant seeing as fnatic is just going to get rekt by rng/skt. Pretty sure even c9 will dumpster them. Eu has a history of their best teams getting knocked out by wildcards and g2 is already out. Doubt misfits will do much either. Kabum-alliance AnX-G2 fnatic losing to omg by 1 hit on the nexus. Their most memorable worlds moments honestly is losing to wildcards or losing in spectacular ways like losing to one hit on the nexus.
CLG would have gotten destroyed if they would have played in the play-in stages, we're talking about a team that was pure offense, and not to mention they can't beat IWC teams to save their lives. Getting beat by Pain Gaming, Super Massive and Albus Nox all within 2 years. However, if CLG were in fact in Group B to begin with, Yes, I do think they would have been able to make it out. The fact is, 1 down..... 2 to go for NA
: People should go easy on IMT they only never made quarter on their first time.
" TSM they had 3-4 times at world and never made quarters". - They did tho. To be up 2-1 and pretty much only needing to win 1 game in 4 tries ! And that was against 0-3 FNC and 1-2 GAM, can't wait to see C9 and TSM compete when their groups are much closer in the standings.
XDaelin1 (NA)
: G2 vs FB was the lowest quality game of Competitive i've seen all year.
FNC will most likely shit the bed, but if so I'm sure NA can clean it up for them like IMT did in Groups. 2-1........2-5
: I know i should not take the twitch chat toxic statements into consideration but..
It's been pretty much a factor for the last 7 or so years! LCK - Wins LPL- Consistent EU- The better western region LMS - Surprising wins NA - Sucks The whole LCK > NA etc is pretty much just a fact statement, if you don't like the chat in any stream etc, don't pay attention to it or just close the tab and watch the stream of Worlds etc on youtube.
: > [{quoted}](name=III BAKURYU III ,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=4KHljkdr,comment-id=000100000001,timestamp=2017-10-13T06:39:44.004+0000) > > How about winning play-in stage, winning the series in play-ins to be apart of Worlds, going 0-4 at the start of the tournament, only to win out 4-4 and be the first and only team to start 0-4 and still move on? > That was yesterday Why would you necro this post? Yeah fnc pulled off some crazy stuff yesterday, but that doesnt change the fact they were 0-4. You really think they have a shot against any of the other teams that didnt get in off a crazy fluke?
You're right, I'm sorry.
vodrio12 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=ThePerson76,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=8sLdUq0I,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2017-10-12T11:51:08.149+0000) > > C9 wins worlds this year. 30% chance? XDDD sure
Damn it dude, now is not the time for this type of attitude, instead you should be focused on giving C9 your energy !
: **TSM is most certainly advancing sir.** *oh dear god please advance*
Semalion (NA)
: How do you become an esports player?
Get to challenger Copy paste what Korea does Trash talk Pimpin ain't easy Lose every International event That's the NA way Get to challenger Work hard Create your own meta Work even harder Respect all, fear none Either win or better than NA at International events That's EU/LMS/GPL/LPL/LCK way
MysterQ (NA)
: NA can do better. 0-11 this year.
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