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: I am from China. Tell you the truth, OMG is so strong !!! If someone ranks OMG before EDG, I wouldn't be surprised. As the article said, they have No.1 top and No.1 mid, even compare to faker, I can still say mid of OMG is great. But the JG is not. This is the biggest issue OMG faces. That JG was NO.1 in S3, but was not that good recently. As for SUP, OMG got the SUP called "Nuoxia" on bench who is ranked No.1 in China sever. A sup get Top 1 in rank, and this guy usually duo rank with Deft in korean sever!!! I am not sure if he will play in S4, but he is really in the S4 players list of OMG. Obviously, OMG is the top 5 in the world. By the way, I don't argue that someone ranked samsung at No.1 and No.2, becaue they are. Najin? It's a joke. I rank it out of top 5.
OMG and SHRC are the most over hyped teams coming into the championship
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: Best support outside of Korea? Umm.. Fzzf, Zero and Mor would like to talk to you about it. (Mor is a bit questionable. But that dude preforms for LMQ.) )
mor wasnt eve the best support in na
: Uzi is like the Doublelife of China? rofl bro, are you serious? One of them just got second place in S3 while the other got kicked out from group stage two years in a row, and barely lost their promotion game yesterday, well i got to say GJ doublelife, thx for getting CLG back LOL.#Turecarry
He was referring to play styles, but ok i guess you can ignore that part.
: Power Rankings - Week 30
Wait, if strc lost their series, why did they move up a whole 3 spots?


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