: I guess it depends on the character and the theme. Who the heck knows, there might be a Heart Seeker Quinn in the future for all I can guess :P My gut though is that she'd get something a bit more conservative or "badass".
Speaking about Heart Seekers, where's my new Vayne skin ? :( Vayne needs some love !
ahtee (NA)
: seems like a cool concept to me. upvoted. I especially like the tumble effect you suggested
I know, right ?! :) 3rd silver bolt could be a pen, etc. Many ideas come to my mind with such a concept. Also, Vayne is somehow elegant, I can totally imagine her in a formal suit. And she wears glasses which are the ultimate accessory for a sexy secretary.
: She has 4 skins...there are others that need it more than her.
Typical speech. :p Ofc there is some priorities, but making a new skin for Vayne who has been forgotten for ages won't prevent Riot from making skins for champions who crave for one like Rumble, Diana etc. Blitz just had his 15754th skin. He didn't really need it, but Riot Blitz is great so I have no objection. 4 skins isn't that much compared to some champions (hi Annie, 8 skins already) and most ADC. I think that Vayne deserves a cool skin as well.
Dr Muno (NA)
: Love the idea and great work on the art. Heartseeker {{champion:67}} resembles what you are describing too. One of my personal favorites.
The art doesn't belong to me. I'd like to credit the artist but I can't find them. Heartseeker is great but Office would be an instabuy for me no matter what.
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