: I'm curious, what would you want for an Illaoi skin?
Omega Red Illaoi Dunkmaster Illaoi Pool Party Illaoi Mango picker Illaoi
Helmight (NA)
: As far as I was aware, OP wanted Malphite's passive to make him permanently CC immune. That's a fair bit different from Malzahar's 1.5 seconds of invulnerability.
It could work like Aurelion Sol's E passive before where moving makes you gain the immunity :) Nothing can stop a moving mountain
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: When NUNU hits a VGU, What kind of thing do you want to stay/remove with the live NUNU?
Change the passive; Visionary doesn't really make sense. A cool passive would be Nunu chucking snowballs at random champions/minion in addition to Nunu's melee autoattacks. Keep the Q and R having good ratios. These don't necessarily have to be retained as Ult and basic skills but they realy are fun and simple aspects to the champion that makes him easy to pick up and understand. I would do away with Consume and maybe work Bloodboil into another skill as a passive. Consume feels weird since it really dampens Nunu's character with that of Willump. Are you playing as the yeti or as the kid with the yeti? What we keep lorewise: Nunu is Avarosan.
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: I am the only one who thinks Riot should make more skins in which champions are from other places?
Bilgewater Draven Corsair Caitlyn Starboard Xayah and Poopdeck Rakan Hextech Jhin Hextech Ornn Chembaron Gangplank Hextech Lissandra Arctic Ops Jhin Yuki Onna Evelynn Tundra Gnar
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: {{champion:44}}
He's the aspect of the stars...
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Snapsi (EUW)
: I really REGRET buying omega squad Veigar
On the good side: Veigar is up for a VGU eventually. These will surely not be missed then.
Reav3 (NA)
: Chaotic Evil
I think Urgot's view of a Zaun ruled by Anarchy and Darwinian conditions isn't just evil, it could also be viewed as neutral. Would love to see more personalities that would support him (Jinx comes to mind) as well as those who can and will put up a fight.
: I feel like we should kill two(three?) birds with one stone, and finally make a noxian support, an old crone type lady, a little bit sassy, but good natured at heart. A noxian support would finally make a full Noxus team possible, ignoring "not exactly supports but it works" supports like Sion or Swain. It would also give us what you are asking for, the good hearted noxian, one that isn't about brutality or power. And it would finally give us an old lady champion. Zilean needs a counterpart in the old person squad.
I like this. A lot of people are thinking it wouldn't work because of how Noxus is, but what they don't get is that Noxus itself is an idea. Strength is strength regardless of how one attains it. Be it latent potential, cultivated talent or product of hard work, this type of character would surely see it in all Noxians. The skew would be this: "Noxians are not weak, if they choose not to be! I can make you strong! What do you require?" She could be a member of the Black Rose or even be a General in Darkwill's army before Swain schemed his way to the top. She could show disdain for those who choose not to improve themselves but be the world to those who strive their best. {{summoner:1}} #Mother~~Russia~~Noxus
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: Can we have a new champ that uses her hair as skills
Emeralda Kasim from Xenogears pulled this off best :D
: you would have to wait a while since the next ultimate skin is for a top laner
wouldn't you like this though?
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: Please Riot, keep Swain aged and with a malfunctioning leg!
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Solideus (EUNE)
: Imo, the crux then is that Rakan doesn't have high damage potential, not that he is lacking skill expression. If Rakan's mechanics won't do, then the edgelord-fans will simply NEVER accept the support position, because supports don't deal a lot of damage. Rakan is ABSOLUTELY the support-analogue to Yasuo and Zed. The things he can do if mastered is staggering! https://youtu.be/XAmQmeyDA9g?t=1m45s
Mechanics-wise, that is indeed the case. However, it doesn't reflect in how his kit works. Edgy kids want to achieve certain specific uses of kits that are telegraphed as a measure of their skill. Rakan's kit doesn't have that satisfaction that they want. It's not about dealing damage, it's about hiw these types want to show others they know how to play champs perceived to take skill.
Solideus (EUNE)
: Just give Rakan an Edgelord-y skin and we're set!
Rakan's kit doesn't really give the player that same sense of accomplishment that Yasuo's does for example. Grand Entrance feels like its doing what's suppsedly is already quite a lot. However, edgelords fail to see it as the same as a knock-up through some hamfisted mechanic that takes more micromanaging to use. This is why I don't Consider Rakan as "Edgy" enough. His lore with Xayah also relegates them as "those two that a lot of couples who duo queue use". This makes Rakan just half of a whole. We need someone with enough Edgy appeal on his/her own.
Arakadia (NA)
: I don't think it's just edgy kids who don't play support. All kinds of people do.
I'm generalizing that edgy kids like to play as edgy champs. An edgy support would likely get them to play the role more. It's not about Type A not playing B but getting at least a chunk of that playerbase to try it based on an observable trend.
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: Varus' Bow being a Darkin weapon.
What if his Darkin isn't the bow? Remember: Varus was a good marksman even before he got corrupted. What if his Darkin was in some other form like the Tendrils he flings out? Maybe his bow was just malformed by the Darkin power in the pit. Until we get an update on Lore entries, this will continue to bug a lot of people off. {{champion:110}}
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: How Riot should approach Mordekaiser's eventual VGU
I think moving Children if the Grave to his Passive would be nice. I agree with a lot that he needs to retain the single smash with Q but it must reflect Nightfall's fantasy of decimating hordes of things like Sauron; getting hit by that should really be felt both visually and practically. His Shield could be reworked into something else. I wouldn't recommend it working like Galio's since that would make it less unique. A more telegraphed version that really solidifies his juggernaut-ness would be nice (disregarding CC is good but will most likely find problems with wombo-combo comps). Perhaps a soft CC aura like Omniknight's Degen Aura could work, imagine Morde emanating his evil which makes it difficult to escape him or he can just appear behind you like Reaper in OW. His Siphon of Destruction doesn't really convince me and I see it as being one to be massively changed (I'd like it if they kept the name though). I want the fantasy of death and destruction resulting to his sustenance be brought to the fore (We know Spell Vamp isn't really healthy, so perhaps MR and Armor gain instead?). Point is: he should become beefier the more things suffer and die in his wake, making him scarier the more he gets what he foes best. A new Ult would be glorious and I'd want Riot to deliver fully on the idea of total domination. Something that feels like hatred and evil exploding on your enemies. I envision Morde as this unstoppable mass of destruction strolling towards me, getting bigger and bigger as it runs through more and more things. An evil entity whose presence becomes all-consuming once he's face-to-face with you. Once he's in that ranged, there's just no choice but to try to escape as he saps the life away from you with the chaos of it all drowning you until you are left as nothing but a husk.
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: > Passive: A very brief interval that lets you dodge autoattacks when you activate your abilities. Very annoying against AA heavy champions, but sounds interesting. > Abilities that would work differently depending on what abilities were used/cast before them. Well there already shades of this ingame {{champion:13}} (shield mechanic), so I guess it could happen. > Laser autoattacks, they get stronger with time but are easily avoidable. From the sound of it it's like {{champion:43}} W ? Or how would it work ? > Redirecting skillshots using portals. Skillshots are balanced around range, speed and size. All three things could be ignored depending on how the portal works. I'd say only make the champions abilities interact with the portal (like {{champion:126}} E) > Camouflage for allies (a very slippery slope) Broken. Champions are balanced around their invisibility, if they don't have it to begin with don't add it. Imagine a Juggernaut suddenly jumping in your face. > Ability theft. (Maybe only non-Ultimates) Abilties sometimes are less/more powerfull, because they are balanced around being part of the champions kit. Messing with that probably ends with Chaos. > New resources that rely on Jungle plants. Resource is a bit much. Maybe a passive where the champion collects ingredients for his potions/hexes from the plants/monsters. > A real flexible champion whose stat growths vary with how they start (items, summoner spells, runes and masteries) makes for an all-rounder character with infinite potential in all roles. For Balance sake he would need to be supbar in any role you'd be able to choose, because he would need to be balanced around his potential. And that doesn't sound fun to play with nor against. > A passive that would allow autoattacks to push back enemies by half a teemo without interrupting them. Considering AA heavy champions usually want their enemies to stay close, this sounds counterproductive. Stick to Condemn. > An ultimate that would instantly CD all of an ally's skills. {{champion:26}} W ? Being able to cast that on allies would be OP considering that without buying CD items Full AP/AD champions would still be able to spam skills. > A delayed bomb that would act like a mini-Monsoon. Maybe as part of a combat medic kit? That said it sounds really basic. > Homing entangling traps (like Maokai's sapling but they root you instead of damage, they should also be invisible to enemies) {{champion:51}} W ? > A champion who cannot do basic attacks How does he farm ? Keep the AA. >scales his Defensive stats with Offensive stats {{champion:8}} {{champion:3}} ? > A global ult that would displace opponent's and allies alike. Doom Bots {{champion:13}} R 4.20 ? Doesn't sound very balanced.
Laser Auto-attack would work like Velkoz ult when you press A on a target area it deals damage ticks that increase over time scaling on attackspeed. Camo on allies could last for only 1 second. This is could also not be Kha'zix type of invisibility but more like Evelynn's (for vision evasion purposes only) The Passive that knocks back enemies with each hit is a good peel mechanic on a support right? It would be hella annoying to try and dive a Marksman with that type of support. CD on all skills or even just the Ultimate could work as an Ultimate. It makes decision making very important and timing to be everything that's needed for team fights. It might be unfair in concept but might not perform all that well if balanced correctly (ungodly cooldown and ridiculous Mana cost) The Homing Traps work like Cait's traps but these are invisible and home in on targets like Maokai's Saplings. A Champ who cannot do basic attacks has to rely on his Q to last hit (it could be a short cooldown skill that serves as his main farming tool, replacing his autoattacks, it would require ridiculously stable keyboards though lol) Vladimir would be the closes but imagine his Health, Armor and Magic Resist increasing with each AD item he gets. Global ult that displaces would be like a global Monsoon that knocksback or pushes forward champions wherever they are.
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Tohob (NA)
: for the amount of "turn everything into a skillshot" going around league, i'm amazed panth spears are still targeted. they look and feel like they should be a skillshot, yet he wasn't the first champion they did this to?
If they turned it to a Skill SHot, it'll just be Nidalee's spear again -.-
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: By design, the promo is not 1 to 1 with his lore (like the jynx video). The thinking by promo team was limiting it to lore champs wouldnt be as interesting visually. BUT Jhin is aware of those champs and this is how he would like to "work"with them. (He has been planning some performances for years) That said, Jhin does have a very, very strong connection to Zed in lore and i think he is going to shine some light on post invasion Ionia.
I made a post review of the teasers. I mean they were very well made but the approach felt like it lacked more context about what Jhin was about and that ended up leaving a lot of people with "What was that supposed to be about this masked dude?" I saw Gypsy's interview and it made me more connected to Jhin than any of the teasers did. Hope some of you could look up some critiques of the teaser and why some of us found it as weak in terms of establishing character~ cheerio
: I actually agree with this perfect, so story line wise, we know he was a rival of shens father, and was sent to prison by shens father, we know a majority of his past has to do with shens father. Yet for some reason everything in the trailers focused on people who wern't even from Ioania. Hell you didn't even make it clear he was a hitman in the trailers, nor do we even know how he escaped from his prison. I get you wanted to put us inside his head, but instead you made it seem like some angel was descending upon us, a good way to have done this is to have done it like the sion rework trailer, where his literal splash art is through the eyes of the victem hes killing, when we saw the sion trailer we KNEW who he was we KNEW he was a bad ass. And we were given a bad ass.
Thanks, I really think Jhin has very good potential. It's just that the way the teasers were handled were a bit too choppy and messy that it didn't really cement a character to connect with.
GreenLore (EUW)
: I also think the teasers failed a bit to make clear that all of this only happens in Jhins head,thus creating hype for things that aren't really part of his character. Imagine if the Pyro trailer only showed us the world how the pyro sees it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUhOnX8qt3I It would have created a whole different effect. That being said,I think him not lookin really ionian fits his character very well. He seems to be disappointed in Ionia,he thinks ionia is being held back by its own traditions,he would prefer to see it advance like other city states. Also he doesn't he combine 2 guns?I don't think he has a third one.
> [{quoted}](name=GreenLore,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=rEEvmaJ7,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-01-16T10:50:04.159+0000) > Also he doesn't he combine 2 guns?I don't think he has a third one. The Third part is the bulky Hextech accelerator on his shoulder which does really seem to be accelerating anything nor does it really connect with the combine guns. (look closer at the LoLking model viewer.
: The teasers make no sense at all :/
My exact thoughts when he was finally revealed. Like: So how were those linked to this guy again? *scratches head*
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Ralanr (NA)
: Weapons I'd like to see in league.
-A gigantic spoon -A gatling gun -A rake -A vacuum cleaner/leafblower
: Champion update: Poppy, Keeper of the Hammer
Just make sure her lore's not too far off from her original lore.
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: Who The Five New PROJECT's Are Based On Hints
: > [{quoted}](name=DoflamingoGT,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=E745nAEe,comment-id=004b,timestamp=2015-08-07T09:39:20.849+0000) > > what happened Someone set us up the retcon.
http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/IOlRZWyi-i-enjoyed-burning-tides-but-im-surprised-to-see-i-have-not-played-since-i-got-everything-eventwisehttp://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/IOlRZWyi-i-enjoyed-burning-tides-but-im-surprised-to-see-i-have-not-played-since-i-got-everything-eventwise I will leave this here CT...
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: @Jaredan Burning Tides, Storytelling, You did most right except for....
Jaredan (NA)
: > 1. There are 126 champions currently in League of Legends, each with a need for a unique, long format background story (or lore). Currently, we have _four_ of these expanded stories, all of whom were directly tied to Bilgewater mega event and delivered after _years_ of pain and agony from the fans (starting with the Karma rework and end of the Journals of Justice in 2012). > * Narrative had promised that these stories would not _necessarily_ need to be tied directly to a Freljord/Shurima event, a promise that has not yet been fufilled. The team is also finalizing the format and future bios could use a very different format than the beyond adequate one seen already. Not yet, but in the process of being so. We've made a team to do it, including a newly joined individual, and we're currently in process on a few of them. > 2. **Burning Tides** has been awesome, so far... but what happens at the end? Are we going to get the same sort of B.S. cliffhanger ending we got during Freljord and Shurima? Are we going to get some resolution to this conflict or will the story simply be left unfinished to never be touched again while Narrative just pats themselves on the back and moves on to the next project? The main story of Burning Tides: The Reckoning is the conflict between TF and Graves. That conflict is resolved (as far as it can be with those two) bu the end of the story. There will be things that we've included as hooks for further stories. Yes, we've been bad at paying these things off before. We mean to change that. > 3. I do like that this tale has been told mostly through text, with a skin tie-in as well, but was this by design after years of lore fans demanding more words or was it because Riot's working on the new annual cinematic and all the animators at Riot are too busy on that project to help with this one? We had a number of options on how we could have told the story. Due to a variety of reasons, almost all of the options that we had would have meant telling a shorter, more contained story. We decided to press for the entire story as we envisioned it and we got backing from Events and senior Riot leadership to do so. That meant prose. > 4. There is a huge inconsistency within the department on how they handle these bios already. When Ekko was released, the team said that they didn't believe that it was necessary to have champions closely tied to other champs in their bios (Ekko x Vi or Jinx). Yet, Miss Fortune's new bio has her _entire_ story built around gaining revenge against Gangplank for her family's massacre (which conflicts with her in-game voice over but that's more on ChampUp being cheap and lazy than on Narrative). Heaven help Riot when a new Narrative Lead comes in and wants MF to be more "wench" than "warrior." I'd emphasize the "necessarily" aspect of that statement. For MF it makes sense, for other Champs it won't, and we'll make that decision on a case by case basis. There is a Champ coming up whose background will most likely be tied to another Champ, it's just that we don't want it to be a necessity for new characters. > 5. This lore team clearly does "grim-dark" really well, as seen through their changes with Miss Fortune's story. But... can they do whimsical? Can they do heroic? Can they do horrific? Can they do noble? Can they do any of the other emotions that these champions engender besides "grim-dark?" We'll have to wait and see, won't we? We will. > 6. We don't know what our collective reaction will be when Narrative botches one of these new format bios (and odds are they will). We also don't know what Jaredan and the rest of Narrative will do in response. Are they really willing to go back to the drawing board and fix what they got wrong? Are they going to pull the "we think we're right and we need to move on to other stories, so your thoughts don't matter anymore" card some at ChampUp have been using? We just don't know, do we? Yep, we'll likely make mistakes. We'll do our best to rectify them. We're not going to refuse to change things for fear of being seen to be wrong. However, individuals asserting that we are wrong doesn't mean we will always agree with them.
> [{quoted}](name=Jaredan,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=Qlu7f0e5,comment-id=00240000,timestamp=2015-08-02T16:34:30.789+0000) > Yep, we'll likely make mistakes. We'll do our best to rectify them. We're not going to refuse to change things for fear of being seen to be wrong. However, individuals asserting that we are wrong doesn't mean we will always agree with them. In line with this, after the backlash of the Lore wipeout, has there been a second congregation of sorts within narrative about the decision yet the final say was to keep the Retcon anyways? A little bit of honesty would really be appreciated. And last note: if the above were true, please give us some points that were given as to that decision. So far Burning Tides has been one of the best Lore releases ever. it was rich, engaging, and overall satisfying. That said, were there things that you were not 100% satisfied with on your delivery?
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