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My bad was hoping to see if someone else who has encountered him has had the same problem wont do it again
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: Dude I really have ZERO FUCKING CLUE how the chat restrict system works
Had same thing just not with death threats. yet i was the one who got banned while they had been throwing threats at me and name calling and racist slurs but i said STFU and bitch but apparently, for telling the other team he said "kys" "i am going to kill you" i get banned for "ZT" which they say was telling the other team to report him on waht he told me like RIOT wtf man??? does your reporting system not work or something? and of course they only got a small punishment of 2 week
: Horseshit.
good to know i checked your account and saw mostly negative comments please dont comment if you dont have something helpful/nice to say.
: Horseshit.
good to know someone is being a child wont take any advice from you and will just block you aswell
: > (TC) Help me kill this %%%%%% - talking to warwick This is either a 6-letter racial slur starting with N, or a 6-letter homophobic slur starting with F. Why are you surprised here?
i was not using that word having the intention to be homophobic i wanted to burn him as if he were sticks/firewood
: 1st game off my ban lets have some fun...or get permabanned...
So guys i think it was unfair especially on my 13 week i did not mean to any intention use the word %%%0t as gay or homophobic as i believe in some gay rights and ive seen what gay ppl go through but my other "bad word" was r3tar.D and i wasnt really toxic my team reported me for my score and started insulting me for that.
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: Are Flamers ruining Normal's and Aram's?
Flamers are ruining the game in general i used to flame alot more than i do today but when i get mad and am not having a good day i get mad and will insult without noticing what i am doing to my reputation. Such as today i was banned for having a "bad score" and was permabanned for it. These people are ruining the game and making me sick i just wish riot would take this into consideration and ban people who are alot more toxic than me but i end up getting banned for it.
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