: It is supposed to be a punishment. If you got to 20 minutes LPQ, you would had to afk a lot in your leniency games. Then get 5 minutes LPQ off of it. Then afk a few more times. Then get 10 minutes LPQ. Then afk even more times. Then finally arrive at 20 minutes LPQ. That's a lot of games you ruined, intentional or unintentional. Rito is not going to make it barely a convenience for you. Where's the justice for other players who lost their time and LP because of you (you being the general discussion term)? afk is already being punished with less severity than flamer/troll/inter/etc. as it is due to the nature of potential unavoidable emergencies and the lack of methods to differentiate between an intentional and unintentional afk just from player disconnecting from the game. You want to make afk punishment to mean even less severe than someone who runs it down mid or mouthing off to their teammates?
Nobody is gonna stop a 20 min queue with 1 min left if they need to take a dump. I think there needs a pause button for queues just in case something last minute happens during queue.
Kei143 (NA)
: Oh got a 20 minute queue. Going to use a delayed macro on my programmable mouse and click pause 19:59 mins into the queue before going to sleep. Such an easy way to get abused.
The boards is not a place for your toxic behaviour.
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: Fiddlesticks [ REWORK CONCEPT]
He should be melee as well.
Amozaven (NA)
: What would you say are the top three or four teamfight/carry junglers? Tier lists are tier lists, but the issue with picking a main is picking something that isn't perma-banned.
I heard Hecarim is really good right now for jungle. I don't know what's in the meta right now besides that.
: LeBlanc is still bullshit
Just wait til morde comes out. He is worse.
Amozaven (NA)
: How to even Pick a Main
You decide what you want to do in the game which you've done already. Find champs that do that the best. You want to play jungle or adc. I strongly recommend jungle over adc but it's up to you. You want to teamfight and macro play. Find out who the BEST junglers are that fit your criteria for teamfighting. Same goes for adc. Pick one champ and play only them. If you get bored keep playing that champ. I get bored playing trynd all the time. Once you form the habbit of picking them it will get easier to just play them. After you have your champ I strongly recommend finding a challenger and only a challenger no exceptions, that one tricks or at least plays that champ and watch and learn from them.
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SeanGoku (EUW)
: Current minion block is horrible
I've been killed by minion block. I guess their on the enemy team now. My own minions.
Potats (EUNE)
: Matchmaking
I had to fight diamonds. I got banned after cus they whooped my ass made me go 1/17 and I got full man reported for "inting".
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: 10 Game Chat Restriction
I have similar chat logs from my perm ban. I was informed that this is indeed extreme inflamitory behaviour. "Get fucked" -Riot PS. enjoy the restriction you deserved it. Perhaps next time treat them as a special snowflake?
: Or it's not and you just assume it is. I've reported ppl before and it tells me when one of my reports has helped a player be punished. Not sure what problem you are having.
If he got no instan feedback notification then they weren't punished.
TheGrot (NA)
: I would be shocked if this type of behavior went unpunished
Don't make me laugh I've seen much worse from players who consider themselves the paragon of behaviour. I have trolled game and got someone like you banned and nothing happened to me.
: Rate my comms toxic on a scale of 1-10
10 is most toxic and 1 is least.
: I recently got a 14 day suspension. I felt the need to come here and explain my frustration. I will be as nice and straight forward as I can so as to avoid any sort of wrath from admins or higher ups, but I will voice my opinion and my opinion will be heard. I've had my account since season 1. I've not spent much money on frivolous things so I have no unnatural fear of losing the account over a monetary sum, that is a type of leverage RIOT, as a company, does not have over me. I have, however, earned many gifts from friends and family alike, and my skin collection has grown rather impressive over the 9 years LoL has been up and running as a dominate eSports phenom. I'm an old guy (33yrs) and I absolutely relish what I consider to be my life's passion getting such limelight. League of Legends on a world stage? Along side games like Counter-Strike and Starcraft? I never thought I'd see a day like our current times, at least in the video game world. I'm so happy and honored to be a part of it albeit behind the curtains. I've raged before, I've said some mean things, I've said some racist things. I don't and never will mean any of it. This game is not just competitive... It's hyper competitive. It's frustrating from my point of view to carry a game just to lose and get banned for it because I said something. The literal threat of perma-bannishment from a game I've been part of for 9 years is now a real possibility. From what I can figure out about the current system, I've got 3 months of "clean games" (a rather obscure term) before I drop a tier in penalty. I might even be wrong about that. I might just have this threat hanging over my head for the rest of time. I cannot accept this. Not in a country, in a region and in a life where freedom of speech means so much to me. Even if you say mean and racist things in America you have the freedom to do so. It is 100% an exercise of freedom and free will. Riot denies us this based on the logistics of capitalism and the rights they own to the platform. It doesn't matter if I'm American or not, it doesn't matter if I play on NA server exclusively or not. They own your account under the guise of free to play and then sell you stuff that's not even owned by you. Their legality is air tight, trust me I've looked. I cant be a part of this anymore. I feel repressed, suppressed and violated. I do not agree with the banning system at all, it shouldn't even exist in such a rudimentary form. Anyone can be a tribunal member, any racist or bigoted person out there, can log in and decide the fate of people and the games they play. A game does not need this type of control and it never will. People can and will always say mean and hurtful things, denying them that freedom on your platform, only hurts us all. There's a mute button in game and that's the solution here but for some reason, and I can only see dollar signs, RIOT has decided to implement their own system to ban accounts. It's just not right and anyone reading this don't listen to bots that are sure to show up and try to bring me down by posting their own counter views and logic. They're pretty much paid to say and do what they say and do. No on in the company is going to agree with me that's completely true. They're going to show up and say all the normal things harpies harp about. "its our game we can implement whatever rules we want." blah blah blah so on and so forth you've all heard it before, you all know the drill. Personally I'm done with this game. I'd rather quit now while my account is still there. At least I can brag about having an OG account. "But Jim, why don't you play on it anymore, and rep all that swag? why not sell it to me!? I'll pay you thousands!!!" "well, it's simple eddy, they threatened to ban me unless I changed as a person so now I'm on strike until this archaic system that panders to crybabies is replaced with a new system! One that only bans bots and cheaters. Because when it's all said and done with I don't care if someone's toxic or decides to INT the game because guess what? We're all people and that's how the cookie crumbles sometimes. The people that instigate such a ban worthy reaction should get the ban hammer too. Need I bring up that mute button again? Only my two cents. Heading over to DOTA 2 now for my MOBA needs. I'll be seeing you guys once League of Legends updates its privacy policy. (Also if RIOT would get off their lazy keisters they could program into the game something that stars out bad words for everyone, thus rendering banning for mean and hateful words irrelevant... Oh right they have that in the game already... What? You can disable it? Weird... Oh? There's a mute button too? How counter intuitive of you RIOT it's almost like you want to ban people so you can make more money. You're game is on it's last leg when you start to ban your customer base. Do you know how many people would come back to LoL if you wiped the ban list? Wow, it's almost like you'd make a TON of money! But don't do that because, you know, I told you to do it.)
*Thought I needed to That is not a feeling it is a thought.
: very true but it happens in over half the games i play in, the same thing happened to me. I had never been reported or banned before for foul language. But when my support teemo inted down bot lane in my promos it felt like it had to be said as the system riot has in place right now is very biased as inters dont ever get banned but if i type (kys) to anyone not even the full word i got a 14 day ban
*Thought that That's not a feeling, it's a thought.
Lumpf (NA)
: 14 - Day Ban: First Offense
rujitra (NA)
: Even from just the kill map it's obvious you ran into the enemy team to die intentionally at least a few times. Don't lie, please.
I had less hp than an adc because I built no defense and got camped because I of my build. After losing fb battle and getting camped twice velkoz could already one shot me when I would walk back to lane. I actually have items built and if I wanted to int there would be no point to build items. Don't claim to know what happened in my game cus u don't.
Gixia (NA)
: Is toxicity on the rise?
Everyone is toxic even you, I bet I could troll you and even get you banned.
: My account has been accessed by somebody else who has caused me to gain a ban and Im panicking
: Do something about trolls
: I was banned for quoting a player
Granark (NA)
: Constant Mastery Point Bullying
Get a gf and a job then they will stop. Or tell them you play old school runescape.
rujitra (NA)
: Feel free to log into that account and post a link to the game it happened in, or better yet a replay of the game if you have one.
https://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/2828854230/218356011?tab=overview I tried trynd crit shen build and died all game because I wasn't tanky then got full man report and banned.
rujitra (NA)
: No, you haven't. Period. Unless while trying something new you decided to intentionally feed.
Why do you think what you say can change what happened? I got banned on an alt account for playing crit shen. I got full man reported.
rujitra (NA)
: 1. Players are allowed to ban whoever they want. 2. Players are allowed to play whatever they want. 3. You do not get to attempt to force/coax players into playing what **you** want by dodging/threatening to dodge. 4. There is no enforced meta, nor is there enforced champion classes for roles. 5. You do not get "free dodges" because Riot will not encourage you to waste other players' time and harass them into doing your bidding.
> [{quoted}](name=rujitra,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=QAEZn08m,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-05-24T01:41:05.751+0000) > 4. There is no enforced meta, nor is there enforced champion classes for roles. Yeah no, I've been banned for trying something new. Probably edit this one out.
: Wow. This is one of the most mildest chat logs I ever saw here.
Nice Try (NA)
: Thank you for the memories Riot Games Im sorry i couldnt improve and be less toxic. (Please Read)
Surprised you haven't gotten downvoted to hell yet. Bro you'll get banned for saying anything just make another account. I literaly got perm banned for going afk in a match to take my dogs outside.
: how long does it take to get your honor unlocked?
Half a year. Or 2 days if you have your friend log in and boost your honor.
Zardo (NA)
: Toxic people in normal games- what makes you tick?
Who cares what a stranger thinks or says about you?
rujitra (NA)
: That is not how the system works. The system does not care about number of reports, nor how many games someone is reported in.
I got banned because I kept getting reported for inting when I was trying my best.
: 14 Day Suspension for a First Time Offense
Get used to being banned this game is rated E.
R3DJ1V3 (NA)
: Do you get penalized for leaving seconds before the game ends?
I don't get penalized for leaving a game for 1 minute.
: Understand the champ before you get mad at the person playing them
I can flame if I understand the champ their playing?
ZimZim (EUW)
: Perma Banned, Bottom 0.006% Self Pity Post. My Chain Of Thoughts, Looking for Criticism and Help.
If it makes u feel better that 0.006% number has never changed since riot typed it. It was more than that even 2 years ago. Moderator agreed with me too the number hasn't changed.
: *checks boards and sees bans for inting/griefing/trollung* Yup, obviously they do nothing. All those cases are fake. Look the system is slow and needs improvement, no one is gonna truly disagree with that. That is because gameplay isn't as easy to program something to auto detect with enough accuracy that innocent players won't get flagged/punished too. Which means manual reviews have to be done and lets face it; too many people report for trolling/griefing when someone actually isn't. Leading to the system to get clogged. "Then use the playerbase!" Great idea! Except even the player base can be divided on if something was griefing/trolling or not. Want an example? Getting one anyways. The "inting" Sion strategy when all Sion did was split push basically. There are players who loathe that strategy and would vote punish and others who would not.
They aren't fake I trolled someone and got them banned. And then I never got penalized for that game.
Tribunal will make things worse. Imagine if literaly anyone could be a court judge.
: Riot needs to be more aggressive with banning accounts
Bro I still have troll accounts that haven't been banned, riot doesn't care, they just like numbers. I've gotten someone banned after a game I trolled them in.. you think riot cares? If they did I would have been banned after that game.
: Increase in toxic behavior?
That's not toxic lol have you played dota2??
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